Eating Lunch


My name is Sean Morris, I’m nowhere near what someone would call athletic, I try and work out a couple times a week, but that doesn’t always happen, things come up. Despite having a kinda soft exterior, I’m all male. But unlike most guys, I find myself surrounded by women that look at me as something other than a man, something more towards a “Girlfriend”. All but one. Jennifer Knight.

Jen is one of my friends that from the first day I met her, I wanted her, but we have been friends for years, and so far nothing has happened. Well we kissed a couple times and I felt her up, but nothing overtly sexual. And boy does it suck that nothing has happened. When I met Jen, she had a boyfriend, one that was overbearing and jealous at all times and no matter what anyone told her, she wouldn’t leave him for good.

Its been three years since I met Jen, and I have been waiting for something to happen. I didn’t realize that coming home from school one day would change all that. It was still early, still before noon, and I had already been up for a few hours, but sitting in classes all day makes you really hungry.

I had decided to go home for lunch, something I rarely do seeing as how I live a few miles from campus. When I got home I noticed Jen sitting on my front steps. Boy was she hot.

Standing 5’9″, she was not a small woman, but I find that very sexy on a woman. She is considered a BBW, or a Big Beautiful Woman. She is all curves and soft flesh. Pale skin and dark hair make her one hell of a sight. Especially with what she was wearing today. Black boots, regular work boots, but the rest is what drew my eye: plaid skirt that showed off her curvy legs, black fishnets, and a very low cut top, showing off her massive mounds of her tits. Immediately I started feeling my blood heading south.

God, my imagination was running wild trying to picture what was under the skirt. I had seen quite a few women naked, but as I have noticed, each one is different and each one is beautiful in its own unique way. And try as I might, my imagination just couldn’t come up with a good enough image. All I kept thinking from the moment I saw her on that porch was: I really wish I could see her out of those clothes and telling me to do nasty things to her.

She stood up as I climbed the steps, a smile playing across her face. I love her smile, its cute with the subtle hint of her thinking something dirty.

“Hi, Jen, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, that’s the thing, I kinda have nowhere else to go. I finally did it, I broke up with Jake. For good this time.” the sparkle in her eye faded somewhat when she said that, and I knew it was true.

My heart leapt in my chest. The thing I had been hoping for had finally happened. She had left him and was finally single, maybe now I had a shot with her. Jake had always disliked me, mostly because he knew Jen was attracted to me. Jen and I had come close to cheating, but we stopped it before it started, we didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“I’m so sorry” I lied.

“It’s been a long time coming. He was way too jealous, and he kept trying to tell me who could be my friends and who couldn’t”

“Well that’s jealousy, it does that to people. Makes them act stupid.”

“Why don’t you come in, we can have lunch and talk” I said, taking out my keys. My excitement made my hands shake and it was hard to get the right key into the lock.

Finally getting the door open, I let her go in before me, on the surface looking like a gentleman, but underneath I just wanted to get a good view of her soft beautiful ass. My face flushed slightly, almost not enough blood above the waist to accomplish that.

“You want something to drink?”

“Sure, a soda if you have one” she replied. Her face lit up as she looked at me. My heart soared.

I grabbed two soda’s from the fridge, while trying to collect my thoughts and gain control over my raging hard on. I don’t know why just being around her causes this problem, but unless I got it under control she was surely going to notice it.

Having gained semi control over myself, I took her üsküdar escort the soda. She was leaning back on the couch, her legs crossed. Having her legs like this had caused her skirt to ride up, showing the tops of her fishnets underneath. The smooth skin of her thighs drew my attention away from what she was saying.

“Hello, earth to Sean” she had been waving her hand in front of her trying to catch my attention, my eyes were still on the silky expanse of her thigh.

“Sorry, Jen, what were you saying?”

“I was telling you that I have nowhere to go. I have been living with Jake, and when I broke up with him, he made it very clear that I was never to go near him or his place again, and I was wondering if I could stay here until I could find a place.”

“Sure, I don’t have an extra bed or anything though.”

“Well it looks like you are going to have to share the bed, I don’t bite” she said, as she broke out into a fit of giggles. The thought flashed through my mind, her and me in a full sized bed, not that much room. So that would mean if we wanted to be comfortable, we would have to cuddle.

“Fine by me.”

“I’m going to go make some lunch.” I turn and walk towards the kitchen. Before I reach it I heard her boots on the floorboards. I turn, only to have her arm around my neck and her lips pressed against mine. All that hard won control broke as I felt her soft lips against mine.

I wrapped my arm around her and deepened the kiss. Her tongue flicked across my lip and I opened my mouth, our tongues dancing together. She tasted fantastic, this simple act got me incredibly hard and my dick was straining to be let out.

She broke the kiss. Being taller than her, she had to look up into my eyes.

“Lets go see that bed, right now it’s the only part of the house that I want to see. We can eat later” she whispered, her voice strained with lust.

All I could do was nod. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. The room isn’t all that bright, I hadn’t opened the curtains when I left this morning, now it was perfect. The light wasn’t harsh and it barely lit my room, a very romantic quality.

She laid on the bed and grabbed my hand, pulling me down on top of her. Her breasts smashed in between us, and I could feel the hard points of her nipples. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pulls me down into a kiss. Her hands moved across and down my back, and grabbing the hem of my shirt she pulls it over my head.

I kiss my way over to her ear and suck on the lobe, causing her to moan. Trailing my tongue down the side of her neck I gently suck on the skin just below her jaw. This made her squirm in delight, her hands quickening over my back.

I plant kisses and small licks trailing down to the mass amount of cleavage, her breasts almost spilling out of the low cut top. I nibble on the flesh, her eyes cloud over and her hands trail around my waist, searching for my belt. Sensing that she would not stop until I was naked, I sat up and pulled her up with me.

I reached down and did what she had done to me, I pulled her top over her head. Her bra was a lacy black and barely kept her huge tits in place. The nipples were hard points on them and I swear if she took a deep breath, that bra was going to pop off and release her very large globes. The bra was a front clasp, which made my job that much easier. I reached down and unhooked it, and released the pale fleshy globes of her breasts. Her areolas were big but they were almost the same color as her breasts, so they weren’t that noticeable. Her nipples were small buds of hard flesh on the tips, swollen with lust and excitement.

I kneel down in front of her and take one, then the other into my mouth, sucking and flicking my tongue over it. With each flick of my tongue her breathing got quicker and deeper. My hands kneaded her breasts, pliant but firm beneath me. I was in heaven. But my balls were starting to hurt from so much excitement and not enough release. If I didn’t do something soon, I was going to cum in my pants.

I laid yenibosna escort her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. The pair of panties she had on matched the bra, and through the lace I could almost make out her pussy. I reached down and grabbed the top of the panties. She raised her hips off the bed, looking me in the eye as I pulled them down her legs, slowly revealing the hidden treasure between her legs.

She was shaved, completely smooth. My mouth started to water as soon as I saw her lust-swollen lips. She was wet, and it could be seen glistening on the lips of her sex.

I kneel down again, this time my face between her legs. I lean in close and inhale her scent. Her aroma wasn’t too strong, but it invaded my senses and clouded my mind.

I leaned down and using my hands, I spread her lips, revealing the pink insides. Her opening slightly gaping, her muscles clinching and releasing, over and over. I lean in and slowly lick from her opening up to her hard little clit. Her reaction was violent. She thrashed on the bed, the pleasure intense as my tongue touched her clit. This time I licked from her clit back down to her opening and beyond to her puckered little asshole. She must not have been expecting this, because she gasped and put her hand on my head.

I thought she was going to push me away, but she held my head in place, I started licking and teasing her asshole and her opening. My fingers massaging her lips and, my thumb circling her clit. Her breathing kept getting faster, and in between each gasp she kept repeating three words over and over.

“Oh god, YES!”

I moved my free hand over her body, finally ending up on her right breast. Kneading it and pinching the nipple. I move my head up slightly and lock my lips over her sensitive clit my tongue flicking over it continuously. My fingers, not working her clit anymore, moved down and I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Her ass came up off the bed and she groaned. “FUCK YES!”

I move my fingers in and out of her, getting deeper and faster with each thrust. A sheen of sweat formed on her skin, mingling with the wetness from her excited pussy. Her breathing was becoming ragged and hoarse.

“I’m so close, you’re gonna make me cum!” she almost yelled.

I wasn’t going to stop. Nothing in the world would have caused me to stop at that point. I wanted more than anything to make her cum for me. I could feel the walls of her pussy clinching as I fingered her. Her juices were flowing thicker, lubricating her opening for me. She tasted delicious, sweet almost.

Her back arched and she let out a guttural scream, followed by the words: “I’M CUMMING!!!”

Her juices flowed over my chin, coating me. I was in heaven, her legs clamped around my head and I was trapped between her thick luscious thighs as the orgasm I caused ripped through her body.

The orgasm took its time leaving, her body still slightly shuddering from its effect. She looked at me, her face showing utter content. She reached down and pulled me up to her, drawing me into a kiss.

“My turn.” she said, a smile on her face.

She reached down and unbuckled my belt, then undid my pants.

“Lay down” she said.

Obediently I laid down on the bed, she leaned in for a kiss, then slowly she kissed her way down my chest and stomach. When she got to the top of my jeans, she slid them down my legs, boxers with them. My dick sprang free, pointing at the ceiling. I don’t think I had ever been this hard. My balls felt tight below my dick, I knew that I had to hold on and not cum within the first few strokes. I wanted the sensation of her sucking me to last.

She took my dick in her hand and slowly stroked me from base to head, causing a drop of precum to squeeze its way out of my piss hole. She looks up at me and leans down, gently licking it off. Her eyes never left mine as she did this. The feeling incredible as her tongue slid over the head of my dick.

Without saying a word, she took my dick in her mouth. This caused me to groan. From zeytinburnu escort deep within me it shuddered out of me. The feeling of her mouth on me was indescribable. She took my dick as far as she could into her mouth and licked almost from the base of my shaft up to the head, then slowly swirled her tongue around the tip.

She started to suck in earnest now, her head bobbing up and down on my dick. I was wrong before, this was heaven. She let one hand roam over my body, while the other gently played with my balls. Never too firm, but gently rolling them around in her hand.

My breathing was coming faster and faster as the pleasure rose in me. I felt the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm start. I was wrong, there was no way to stop this orgasm, I was going to cum very soon, and there was no way to stop it.

“God, I’m gonna cum, I’m so close!” I gasped.

She didn’t stop, she actually sped up. Her tongue was now moving all over my shaft as she moved her head up and down on me. She looked up at me and the sight of her, my dick in her mouth, was the final straw. I felt my balls tighten almost painfully, and my orgasm washed over me. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. It felt like I shot a gallon into her mouth. She was ready for it, never missing a beat. She sucked me deep just as I started spraying inside her mouth. And each time I sprayed a stream of cum, she swallowed it.

Finally my orgasm subsided, my body trying to relax. My breathing was still erratic and fast, but I was happy. She didn’t stop sucking me after my orgasm. It almost hurt, but not quite. I could feel my dick start to soften, but her attention got it back to rock hard in less than a minute.

I have always been like that, I can get hard right after having an orgasm pretty quick. It would just take me a longer to cum the second time.

With my dick hard again, she crawled up my body and kissed me. Most guys would be disgusted, but it was my cum I was tasting, I had no problem with it. As we kissed, Jen reached down and took hold of me, and guided me to the right spot. With a sigh she lowered herself down onto me, my dick encased in velvet heat.

After all the years of waiting, I was finally where I wanted to be, inside her. She was tight. Her muscles clamping down around me. She sat up and slowly started moving up and down on me. Her breasts jiggling with each bounce, the ripples going over them. I moved my hands up her soft belly to her hanging breasts. Her moans started coming faster and faster. Mine were too. We were both locked in lust and it was amazing.

She locked eyes with me and ground her hips down, taking me as deep as she could inside her. Her hands moved across my chest balancing her weight on top of me.

“I want you to cum inside me” she moaned

“Yesssss!” I hissed, the pleasure overriding my speech.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body, such bountiful amounts of flesh all for me to play with and love. Looking down I watched as her pussy slid up and down on me. It was so erotic, added with the sensations of her pussy clamping down on my cock with each thrust. I was close, and I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy milking the cum out of my dick.

He was moving faster and faster above me, her movements becoming frantic. With each thrust downward I would meet her with a thrust up. The sounds of wet pussy and hard cock thrusting together filled the room. She was going to cum again, and this time I would join her. We would cum together.

Her fingers dug into my chest, the pain making my orgasm approach faster.

She arched her back above me and moaned.

“Yes, Sean, I’m CUMMING!”

As she came her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, triggering my own orgasm. Ropes of cum shot out of my dick and sprayed the inside of her wet pussy. We rocked together in the throes of our orgasms. Each apart and one at the same time.

Finally she collapsed on top of me and slowly rolled to one side. Our breathing was ragged and we were both covered in sweat and other bodily fluids, but we were happy and sated.

I turned my head and met her eyes, a smile plastered on my face.

“Well, that was by far the best lunch I have ever had!” I said.

She burst out into a fit of laughter. Her body jiggling from it, causing my dick to try and rise again. Glancing down she noticed it, and looking back at my face she smiled.

“I think I’m really going to like living here.”

The end.

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