Dylan’s Desires Ch. 02


“… but mostly because you’re boyishly cute, Jason.” Dylan answered with a giggle.

Boyishly cute? It was a good compliment. One of the best I’ve had since I turned 40, actually. But after a couple of rounds of great sex I was expecting something bigger. Then again, nothing was as expected to this point in our relationship, including having sex, especially great sex, with my first and only employee. I was coming to learn that Dylan’s appetite for sex was insatiable. And at this moment I was learning that I was going to come a lot.

We were driving the 405 to the Valley. Following up on an earlier question, I asked Dylan what else she desired on this trip. “To have as much sex as possible outside of our hotel room,” was her matter-of-fact response.

“You’ve given this a lot of thought?” I asked.

“Thought, but not planning,” was her response.

“Leaving it up to me?”

“No,” she answered. “Leaving it up to luck and impulse.”

“That’s a good enough plan for me,” I said.

There was a short silence and then Dylan asked, “Does it freak you out that I want to have so much sex in so many different ways?” There was no hesitation in my response. “No, I’ve been waiting to meet someone like you.”

It was my honest answer and it seemed to be the right one. Dylan gazed out the window for the next several minutes. She was wearing a satisfied smile.

The client meeting went well. We took a group of folks out for drinks but politely worked our way out of having a business dinner. It was about 7:30 when we excused ourselves and headed to the hotel to check in. Dylan did the honors while I parked the car. The lot was pretty empty. I caught up with her kartal escort in the lobby where she handed me a room key.

“We’re checked in, ” she said. “The bellman is taking our luggage up to the room.”

We were sharing a room this trip. It’s pretty big leap from employee/boss to employee/boss screwing one another and sharing the same room, but it seemed like paying for two would be a waste. With no need to head upstairs right away and Dylan’s desire to fuck outside the hotel room, I suggested we get another drink or dinner.

Dylan suggested that we try the Mezzanine level, that there might be bar up there. I’d stayed at this hotel before. It was your typical small conference-sized hotel. The second floor was all meeting rooms. I followed Dylan up the escalator figuring that she knew that too.

The electronic sign at the top of the escalator told me two things. There weren’t any meetings scheduled for tonight and the schedule for the morning was light. The hotel wasn’t very full. That could make for an interesting evening.

Dylan looked around and then grinned. “Oops. No bar up here,” she laughed.

I took Dylan by the hand and walked her past the main ballroom and around a corner. We tried the doors on a few small meeting rooms but they were locked. “Restroom,” she said. “Boys or girls, you pick.”

That required walking back around the ballroom and past the escalators. We didn’t quite make it thanks to a coatroom along the way. It had one of those doors that swung open halfway up. The bottom was locked but the top wasn’t. I jumped inside and opened the door from there. Dylan stepped in and closed the door behind her.

I kaynarca escort pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her. The intensity of my actions must of startled her and she started to push back. She liked to be in control, but this was one time she wouldn’t have that option. I grabbed her right hand and pinned it to the wall. I leaned in against her with my right shoulder and continued to kiss her. Though she struggled against my weight in an attempt to free herself, her mouth was busily engaged with mine. Her return kisses were deep and passionate.

Using my free hand, I quickly unbuckled my belt and had my pants unbuttoned and open. My cock jutted out from the opening in my boxers. That was good enough for now. I pulled Dylan’s skirt up to find that shaved pussy just waiting for me to penetrate it. I lifted Dylan by her ass while keeping her pressed against the wall. I released her arm to use my other hand to guide my rod between her legs.

Dylan was wet and ready for me but the angle was tricky. I didn’t slip in so easily. She let out a little whimper as I maneuvered between her legs. I pushed harder. She stopped fighting against me and adjusted her hips to give me a better approach. My cock buried inside of her.

At this point Dylan wrapped her arms and legs around me. I was holding half her weight. The rest was a combination of her holding my shoulders and neck and leaning her against the wall. There was little room to pump my cock. I managed short strokes as Dylan wiggled around trying to grind her clit against my pelvis. We finally struck a happy medium with me doing most of the work. It was a great, slow fuck.

Not kozyatağı escort that she wanted to go slow. Dylan’s engines were revving but our position prevented anything faster. That was okay by me. She was experiencing some combination of great pleasure and immense frustration. I made sure to slow things down every time she tried to speed up. Her moans of pleasure were punctuated with sighs of exasperation.

It all added up to a long, intense orgasm. Dylan told me that she was starting to come. Her moans stretched a little longer. They were a little louder. ‘There,” Dylan moaned.” “Right there. Don’t move.”

I stopped pumping her and held on tight. Dylan shifted her weight just a little and moved her hips in and out. Her breathing got very short. She tried to talk. “Oh. I’m coming. I’m going to come. Oooooooooh.” I could feel the cum starting to well up in me again. “Come in me Jason. Come in me.” Her moans took over and the sound of the moment pushed me to my limit.

I tried to hold off but only managed a “grrrr” sounding moan of my own as I exploded inside of her. Dylan continued to come as her pussy got hotter and wetter from my release. She pulled herself closer and kissed me hard as she regained her composure.

“That was fun!” she said in a not-so-quiet voice. I winced a bit. “Don’t be shy,” she said. “No one’s around.”

We started to pull our clothes back together. My boxers were soaked with a combination of Dylan’s juices and my cum. My pants were spared. Dylan’s skirt was only damp in one not very noticeable spot. We agreed to head to the restrooms to clean up a bit and then meet at the restaurant downstairs.

I opened the door to leave and there in front of us was a member of the housekeeping staff. She must have been reaching for the doorknob because her hand was stretched out in front of her. Her face was beet red. She put her eyes down, looking away as she scurried off. The only thing we were left wondering was how much she heard.

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