Dreamscape 03: The Next Step


Things are starting to change.  Everyday life for Matt and Robyn is becoming less important.  The real time for them is when they meet at the bench and relive their past.  The beginning of their sexual discovery with each other.  After the lustful start the day they met, things slowed down a good bit.  They were taking their time to get to know and enjoy each other’s bodies. It now is two weeks that Robyn and Matthew find themselves in this dream together.  Both understand some things about how it is happening, but are not fully sure to be able to put into words to the other.So while day to day activities do go on for both of them.  Robyn and Matt live for the night. When falling into the dream, both thinking about the other, they find themselves hand in hand on the bench.They take their time just enjoying being together like this.  But after chatting for a bit about this and that, the long-ago story appears before them.  Now they can feel and hear what each was thinking at the time.  Putting all the pieces together in a sensible order.  Understanding fully what was happening between them back then.~~After Matt and Robyn got into a routine of seeing each other, worried about her father finding out, Matt made a suggestion to Robyn.  She should find a girl or two from her classes to befriend, and if they were willing, they could cover for Robyn, saying they were together in the afternoons.The idea made sense to Robyn, and by the end of the second week, she had found the perfect match for them.  Sally, in two of Robyn’s classes, started getting to know her, and within days they were bosom buddies.  Ankara escort What was best was Sally was dating a guy, Steve, in Matthew’s dorm, so they actually became ‘covers’ for each other. Both said they were together after classes, studying, or getting a snack.  They would hurry to the guys’ dorm together, chatting away.  And often hours on the phone.  Sally lived in the women’s dorm and did have tight curfews. That had them scurrying from Matt and Steve’s rooms back to Sally’s dorm and then Robyn on to meet her father.Everything was going so well.  Except the time Robyn and Matt could spend together was so short.  Which added to it taking time for them to move forward in going much further.  A quick handjob was about all that could happen, well, that and the kissing.  But even just that caused them both to be so aroused.Then, together they came up with a plan to give them a nice afternoon window to explore more.~~It was Saturday, at the beginning of October.  The university had its homecoming game.  That added to the time it would last.  They would meet at the game, Robyn, with Sally, and the two of them could sneak back to Matt’s dorm room for three hours of fun before getting back for the final moments.Robyn met Sally early and headed to the stadium.  Matt and Steve, who had gotten to know each other, were soon beside them in the stands.  Robyn, thinking ahead, brought her Brownie camera and had the guys take pictures of her and Sally in the stands cheering.  No one needed to know the pictures were taken before the game started.  She left the camera Ankara escort bayan with Sally to take a few more pictures of the field and scoreboard through the game.This was all agreeable with Sally as Robyn was going to cover for her tonight.  She had signed out of her dorm, saying she was spending the night with Robyn.  But in reality, Steve had gotten a room for them to be together. As the homecoming floats began to enter the field, Matt and Robyn slipped away.  In moments they were back in Matt’s room, safe behind the locked door.  Once there, Matt took Robyn’s face in his hands and slowly, softly, kissed her lips. Then he brushed a lock of her hair off her forehead.“We didn’t come up with this idea until yesterday, and well, I didn’t have the opportunity to get some protection. I meant what I said, we’ll go at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. I want your and our first time to be special for us. Not rushed. Sorry to disappoint you,” Matt explained.“I thought we could do something different than going all the way yet.  Like the next step in our discovery,” Matt went on.“Matt, you’re a kind and understanding guy, thanks for being that way. Now, why are you talking and not undressing me or allowing me to undress you?” Robyn giggled with delight at the prospect.They resumed their sensual and romantic kissing as they undressed each other, their caresses and erotic sounds taking each of them farther down that road. Robyn was wet and drippy, a state she quickly was in when with Matthew. Matt was hard, and precum had dripped a bit.Matt tenderly laid her Escort Ankara on his bed, kissing Robyn deeply, moving his lips and tongue to her neck and down her chest, taking one nipple after the other into his mouth to suck and lick. He had done this many times before, and Robyn always responded with moans of pleasure.But this time, after sucking her tits, Matt ventured down farther, kissed past her stomach, rimming her belly button, while softly blowing on it. Robyn gasped when Matt moved to lick and kiss her mons.Robyn knew about a guy going down on a girl but had never experienced it until now. Oh, this was something new and exciting. Matthew moved to her inner thighs. He kissed and licked them as he slowly moved closer and closer to the prize.He lifted his head and asked, “Is it okay if I go farther, Robyn? I want to taste you so much, but do not want to do something you do not want me to?”Robyn laughed with joy, “Don’t you dare stop now, Matt, I want to feel your tongue on me there so much right now.”That was all Matt needed to hear. He began sucking on Robyn’s labia one at a time, making them swell and redden. Robyn moaned as she felt this, but her body twitched and squirmed, wanting Matt to go farther, get to the prize box now.Spreading her lower lips wide, Matt began running his tongue up and down Robyn’s slit, sticking it deep in her vag to taste her joy juices as they released within her. Then moving back towards her waiting and throbbing clit, he stuck a couple of fingers up in her to play and press against her G-spot.As he licked and teased her clit, Robyn cried out in glee. He sucked on her pearl between running his tongue over and around it.I can’t believe he is doing this to me. It is so wonderful. I don’t want him to stop, but I feel like I am reaching a climax so quickly. I never would have imagined having someone’s lips and tongue on you could be so arousing.

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