Dreams Come True on Halloween


The night started out like any other get together would, couple of friends sitting around watching scary movies and drinking. Here I am at her house, sitting across from one of the most beautiful women I know. And sitting over there is Kathy with her bowl of jell-o shots. Kathy is about 5’2″, soft long red hair, ice blue eyes…and all the curves of a mature body that you’d want to see. Every chance I get I steal a glance over where Kathy is sitting in her t-shirt and shorts, and trying to keep my erection from being notice.

As the hours go by friends get up and leave till finally it’s late and we’re the only two left. “I guess I better be headin home,” I said as I tried to stand up.

“I don’t think so Mike,” Kathy said to me sternly, “you can barely stand up you’re so drunk.” We stood next to each other, trying to keep each other from falling. “I don’t allow anyone to drive home drunk,” Kathy said.

“Ok, ok…I’ll just crash here on your couch.” About that time Kathy tried to take a step and instead lost balance and fell into me. I grabbed her but being off balance it was enough to knock me over and land us both on the couch. As she lay there on top of me we both began to laugh uncontrollably.

After awhile we both stopped laughing and I knew she had to feel my hard cock against her thigh, but I couldn’t help it. I could feel the warmth of her body pressing against mine. I also couldn’t help staring into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. “You’re staring at me,” Kathy asked.

“Sorry, it’s hard not to, you are a very beautiful woman.” I could see her blush even with only the light from the TV. “I’m glad you’re not seeing that guy anymore, a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman like you deserves better,” I said. She was silent but now she was the one gebze escort staring into my eyes. I took a chance, hoping she wouldn’t pull away or belt me, I lifted my head and kissing her soft lips gently.

And she didn’t pull away or hit me, instead she pressed her lips into mine, returning the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tighter to my body. Our kisses became more passionate and deeper as she slipped her tongue between my lips. It wasn’t long before she broke the embrace and straddled my hips, “Take off your shirt.” She helped me off with my shirt and I help her with her shirt, finding her bra-less underneath. I ran my hands up and down her body, leaning close, taking a hard nipple in my mouth. Soft moans escaped her lips as I gently sucked and licked her while caressing her soft skin.

As I sucked her breast Kathy’s hips started grinding into my pelvis, dry humping my hard cock. That’s when I moved my hand up through her shorts to find the crouch of her panties soaked. I started caressing her pussy lips through her soaked panties. Kathy responded with a loud groan as her body stiffened for a moment, “God, I just came!” With a look of lust in her eyes Kathy pushed me down on the couch and stood up, removing her shorts and cum soaked panties. She stood there as I scanned every inch of her beautiful body. Maybe she doesn’t have a model body, but damn she is the most beautiful woman I’ve met.

I took her hand and pulled her to me, leaning into her I stuck my tongue out and tasted her sweet juices for the first time. God I was in heaven. Apparently so was Kathy as she started moaning again. I pulled her closer and she swung her leg over me and straddled my head. At first I slowly teased her göztepe escort clit with my tongue, circling it, taking my time to memorize every part of this woman. It was driving Kathy crazy as her hips started grinding and her moans got louder and longer. “I can’t take much more of this Mike…it feels so fuckin good. It’s been so long since I’ve been eatin’.” With that I pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy and tongue fucked her while my finger vigorously rubbed her clit. And without any warning she cried out, “GOD DON’T STOP, I’M CUMMING!!” She didn’t have to tell me, I could feel the soft walls of her vagina contracting and taste her sweet cum.

As Kathy came down from her orgasmic bliss she slowly stood up on shaky legs. “I want you inside me Mike, NOW,” she stated with urgency. She didn’t wait for me to get my pants off either; she reached down and unbuckled my belt. In a matter of a few seconds she had me naked and was stroking my erect 7 ½” penis. She dipped her head down and took it in her mouth, giving it a few strokes. She then straddled my hard cock and began lower herself on my shaft.

It was my turn to start moaning as her tight pussy caressed every inch of my hard cock. I was amazed at how tight she was considering she had a child. She started by slowly grinding herself on my cock. I reached up and started massaging her breasts as she threw her head back and started moaning. She was so hot as she began to ride my cock faster. I began pushing my pelvis up to meet her downward thrusts. Faster and faster our bodies moved together, as our moaning and panting got louder and louder. It was then that I felt her vaginal walls contract again and I could feel her cum running down my cock and balls. Kathy rode halkalı escort out the waves of her orgasmic bliss for what seem like hours.

When she finally came down for her orgasmic high she stopped moving and looked down at me. “I want to you to cum inside me,” she said, “but I want to do something naughty.”

I mischievous smile came across her face as I said, “Like what?”

She slowly pulled herself off me with a groan and took my hand, “Follow me.” Kathy led me out into her back yard, “I’ve always wanted to have sex outside.” Kathy turned to me, pulled my head down to hers and we began kissing passionately again. I picked her up and held her in my arms; the cool autumn night had made her nipples even harder.

Kathy ended our sweet embrace and looked into my eyes, “Make love to me Mike. Tonight my body becomes yours and yours becomes mine.” Our mouths rejoin as I carried Kathy over to her picnic table, laid her down gently. Without breaking our embrace I slowly entered her as she wrapped her legs around my hips. It wasn’t long till our bodies moved in rhythm together. I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy, feeling every inch of her surround me. Our moans were muffled as we kissed deeply. Our rhythm picked up, as we were both too far along to go slow.

Soon my rock hard cock was pistoning in and out of her. “Kathy…Kathy!!”

“OHHH, I’m cumming again Mike…GOD, cum with me, inside me NOOOOW!!” As Kathy’s orgasm hit, her pussy contracting around my cock, it sent me over the edge as I drove my cock deep inside her. Both our bodies stiffened as I shot load after load of hot cum, her spasming pussy milking me. The rapture of the moment seemed like an eternity. We were both exhausted and it was several minutes before I could find the strength to move. When we went back in the house we picked up our clothes. I was about to ask for a pillow and blanket when Kathy said, “Are you coming to bed with me?” How could I resist. We went into her bedroom and crawled in bed, snuggling close together. And as I drifted to sleep I wondered if this would be the end or the beginning.

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