Dreams Ch. 03


For your improved enjoyment, please read the previous chapter before starting this one. This story follows an increasing number of characters; thus, to reduce confusion the reader will find a ‘list of the characters’ at the end of each chapter with approximate ages and how they ‘fit’ into the plot. Enjoy.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of — Chapter 3

The house at Niland Springs was magnificent. Several obvious additions had been made over the years to the original contemporary home. The place was well built and had been maintained by someone that really knew what they were doing. Nothing needed to be done to the house, and even the decorating was simple and tasteful.

The owners, Greg and Linda White, were retiring to the Sun Belt and wanted to cash out of this home so they could afford to buy down south and have some of their capital in more liquid form. The two of them escorted the six of us through the home, pointing out the many niceties of the residence. I think there were a little confused as to why six of us were looking at their home.

There were three master suites and four other bedrooms. Each suite had a bathroom, and four other bathrooms were scattered around the house. The basement housed a huge playroom and separate home theater and exercise rooms. I noted that both Greg and Linda were in great physical shape for their ages. Greg had build a large bar-b-que for outdoor grilling. A pool commanded the backyard, along with a spa, and an expanse of grass that invited play and relaxation. Beyond the grass, a small pond capped off the view. The place was gorgeous.

Each of us loved the house. We whispered our approvals as we went from room to room, and saw all the possibilities for us. We wanted this house; it was perfect for us.

In spite of the cool temperatures, the eight of us sat in the backyard for a while and talked with the Whites about their house, the neighborhood, schools, and things like that. They were a likeable couple that I wished had been in my circle of friends years earlier.

A breeze came up and Linda suggested we move inside for tea. Greg took the guys on a tour of the basement, the utilities, and the five acres the house sat on. Linda took Mar, Beth, and I for an in depth look at the kitchen. I sensed Linda had something on her mind.

After Linda seated us on stools at the kitchen counter and had served tea, she asked us, “Do you six plan to live together? Are you living together now?”

The directness of her question caught us all by surprise.

I blurted out, “Yes, we will live together. No, we don’t live together now. We gather at Tom’s apartment on weekends when we can just be ourselves. It’s the largest place any of us have.”

She bluntly asked, “Do you all have sex together?”

I answered again, “Yes. We’re all in love — with each other. It’s special — very special.”

There was a long silence as Linda digested my reply. I expected a severe judgment and rebuke, particularly from someone in their fifties or early sixties.

Instead, Linda said, “Oh, I wish Greg and I could join with you. Our family has all moved away or they’ve forgotten us. Our son, Tom’s friend, only comes by once every couple of months. We’re still vital, just not to them. I guess we’re paying the price for being busy parents when they were growing up. We both want to find some meaningful … really meaningful and loving relationships.” Tears rolled down each cheek.

On impulse I rose and went to Linda. She was shorter than I am, and that made hugging her an easy task. As my arms embraced her, I felt Beth and Mar join me. Linda started to sob against my chest. I kissed her, and we all hugged her tightly.

We held her for perhaps three or four minutes until she got her sadness under control. She dried her eyes on her apron and scurried us back to our seats. She poured us more tea.

There was a long silence. Greg, Tom, Peter, and Dave stood in the doorway to the kitchen. They’d been listening to the conversation. Greg had tears running down his cheeks too; he moved to his wife and hugged her.

Beth asked softly, “How long have you lived here?”

Linda said in a jerky voice, “Thirty years. We build the original house and all the additions. We put a lot of sweat equity into it.”

Mar said in a low tone of sympathy, “It means a lot to you … you hate to move away?”

“Oh, dear, yes, but we need some of the cash from the sale for our retirement.”

On impulse I said, “What if you became part of our family? What if you could come back to this home — your home — any time you wanted? It’ll be different; I mean we’ll all live here, but we could always make a place for you here — not just to visit but to stay for a long time if you want. Would that be too weird for you?”

Tom nodded to me and smiled. He moved to my side and gave me a hug. Mar moved to his other side and under his arm. Dave and Peter moved to Beth. I thought of the tableau we formed — six lovers.

Greg said aydınlı escort in a low voice, “And you’ll change the house to meet your needs?” I couldn’t tell whether it was a statement or a question.

Tom answered carefully, “Honestly, yes. We’ll eventually do our own decorating, and maybe an addition or dormer over the four-car garage. We might even enlarge our family — children or other people dear to us that join our family — our commune.”

Greg nodded his head vigorously in a positive way. He said, “I want you all to have this place, and I may be kooky, but Linda and I both want to be part of your family. If there’s an initiation, tell us what we have to do. We’ll pull our weight even though we’ll be in Florida a good part of the year. We’ll work something out on the price.” He came and hugged Tom and me, and then each of the others.

I announced, “Welcome to our family — and now we have a home.”


We closed on the house ninety days later. The price was right, we raised enough equity for a significant down payment, and buying the house provoked all kinds of interesting situations for us.

Josh, my brother, became pivotal in our purchase for a while, plus it gave him an excuse to come to the city and make love to his sister — not that he needed an excuse any longer. Through me, Josh also got introduced to and subsequently made love to Beth and Mar. As we explained what we were doing, Josh stated his desire to join the family. The guys liked him and he made a good impression. He was in. He immediately started to take the steps to transfer to the local office of his law firm, something he thought was eminently doable.

Josh worked with us and a local lawyer to set up a limited liability corporation that would buy and own the property. We looked at other forms of ownership, but things got complicated, particularly if we realistically built in the fact that someone might want to withdraw from the family sometime.

Each of us would get an initial share in the corporation based on what we put into the purchase of the house, and semi-annually there’d be an accounting based on the contributions towards the mortgage and maintenance reserves, and the share holdings adjusted accordingly. We’d all be shareholders in the corporation, and, with some fancy tax work, be able to write-off the equivalent of our annual contributions from our income.

Josh got us premium lending rates for the purchase by our corporation. What with real estate prices at a low ebb, we got a good price based on several separate valuations. We over compensated the Whites with shares in the company since they contributed so many extras to go with the house. By agreement, until they figured out how much time they’d be away from the area, they wouldn’t contribute to the routine maintenance or expenses except when they were actually living with us.

We formed a partnership for the actual running of the house and the day-to-day expenses. Everyone contributed an equal amount. I was please that I had left more money than I did when I rented the apartment in the city. We all brought furniture, and at Tom’s insistence we each labeled our pieces with our initials so it could be easily culled out if we dropped out of our circle.

All the real estate, company, partnership, and legal talk took some of the romance out of the new relationships we’d formed. We had long discussions about pre-nups and leaving, and it made the dissolution of the family seem all too real for us. I was glad when all those things got signed and sealed away, and we could get back to living.

Living, love, and romance came back when we moved into the house.

Dave, Mar and I were the first to move in on a beautiful spring day. The Whites hadn’t even moved out, but they had packed most of their things, keeping just enough around for the house to be functional. The garages were full and waiting for the moving vans. They were commuting up and down to Florida’s Gulf Coast too as they bought a new home down there.

All nine of us helped us the three of us move.

We numbered the bedrooms A, B, and C for the master suites, and W, X, Y, and Z for the smaller guest bedrooms, most of which shared bathrooms. The Whites continued to use A for the time being, and Dave, Mar and I moved into B, using a lot of my furniture. Mar put her bed and things in W, and, for now, Dave took Y.

All this made us realize that we had never had a discussion about where we’d sleep — who’d be with whom, how would we actually live together.

Those discussions went on for weeks starting the day the three of us moved in. Event the Whites sat in on some of the discussions that weren’t so much about sex, but the fact that we all wanted to be with each other in various combinations.

Again, I watched the older couple for some sign of rebuke, but there was none. They really did want us to be happy and enjoy their home and seemed to care little that we were having sexual relations bağdat caddesi escort with each other. I thought they might be getting off on the discussions.

Two interesting things happened that changed the dynamic shortly after one of our discussions.

First, Josh came to stay at the house with us just after Mar, Dave, and I had moved in. He was still trying to relocate to the local office. Just before he got home one day, the three of us had been amorous and had started to have sex — two girls on one guy.

Josh walked in on us. We were in the living room in the middle of the carpet with a duvet spread out for comfort. Mar was impaled on Dave’s cock and I was sitting on Dave’s face. I saw him, but was so close to an orgasm I could barely respond. My eyes were just slits as I savored the pleasure Dave was giving me.

Josh said tentatively, “Should I go away and come back, or can anyone join this party?”

I said, “Anyone. Come fuck me. Fuck all of us.”

Mar looked at me with a happy expression on her face. She said to me, “Can he fuck me after he fucks you. I’d love to be closer to Josh.”

Josh was naked in seconds. I dismounted from Dave’s face, and seconds later Josh had his face buried in my pussy as I sat on the sofa with my pussy hanging out over the edge of the cushion. He did have a magic tongue, and in seconds he propelled me right back to that wonderful place Dave had me — about to have an orgasm. I did.

As I came down, I pulled Josh onto the sofa next to me and enveloped his long cock with my mouth. I’d become quite adept at blowjobs — we were all learning from each other. I massaged Josh’s sack as I oscillated up and down on his rigid shaft, slavering over the rod, and even deep throating him every now and then. I had him groaning in seconds.

In front of Josh, not only was his sister giving him the blowjob of his life, but his sister’s best friends were fucking for all they were worth. Mar was stretched out on her back, and Dave knelt in front of her pounding into her pussy with his long stick. Mar’s huge breasts swayed, rotated, and undulated with each stroke Dave took. They were an erotic site and a sex show beyond description.

Mar and Dave came in an explosion of passion, their words of love for one another audible for all. I was touched by their love, but driven in my mission to bring pleasure to my brother.

“Ariel, I’m very near … I can’t hold off if you keep doing that … and Mar and Dave are so sexy … was she serious about her and me … oh fuck … Ariel … I love you.”

Josh exploded his seed into my throat. It was a first. When we’d made love before, he’d always finished in my vagina. He kept repeating, “Oh fuck, Oh Ariel, Oh fuck, Oh Ariel, …” as he discharged jet after jet into my mouth.

When Josh had finally stopped I opened my mouth to show him I had captured all of his juice.

Mar scrambled up from the floor and knee-walked over to me. “Share!” She ordered.

Mar and I kissed. Just like with the liqueurs, I penetrated her mouth with my tongue and jetted some of Josh’s cum into Mar’s mouth. She hummed into me to show she liked what she was getting and tasting. I swallowed some, but we swapped the cum back and forth between us. After a moment, we both swallowed.

“THAT is so hot,” Josh said. “I’ve heard of snowballing but never actually seen it done.”

Dave agreed. He said, “Sorry Josh, I’ve left you sloppy seconds.”

I said, “That pussy may not be so sloppy in a second.” I pushed Mar back and went down on her. A trickle of Dave’s cum was seeping from her vagina. I lapped up the emissions and with Mar’s help she expressed even more into my mouth. When no more was coming out, I moved up and the two of us snowballed Dave’s cum for a while.

When we swallowed and looked up again, both Josh and Dave were hard as rocks.

Mar slithered up Josh’s body, tongue touching every place she could, including his erect cock, until she straddled him. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I met you two years ago. I am so glad you’re going to be part of this family. I hope you have a lot of stamina, because I am going to fuck your ever lovin’ brains out whenever I see you.”

With that, Mar dropped her cunt down on Josh’s cock. Both of them shrieked with joy and sexual pleasure. Mar went to town on him, riding him as hard and as fast as she could. Her breasts were swaying right in Josh’s face; he grabbed hold of one and latched onto the nipple and areola with his mouth.

Dave, ever the lover of unusual sexual positions, started with me in the doggie position, then flipped us onto our sides and came into my pussy from behind. He liked this one, and kept at it for a while. I liked it because I got clitoral stimulation and Josh could look down and see Dave’s cock thrusting in and out of his sister.

None of us lasted long. The sex shows were ‘X’ rated. I came first, in part because I felt a empathetic bahçelievler escort fuck from my brother and Mar, along with Dave’s masterful fuck. Dave, of course, followed. When I cum my vagina goes into spasms that make it hard for my partner to ignore.

Hearing and seeing us beside her, Mar came next. Her vaginal spasms also seemed irresistible to Josh who jetted his semen again, this time into her well used cunt.

There was a long silence as we each savored the afterglows of our orgasms, and then only the words of love and appreciation we cooed to our partners.

I cleaned up Josh’s cock and Mar’s pussy. She cleaned Dave’s rod and my love nest. We didn’t do the cum swap show again, yet I know both Mar and I enjoyed the clean-up process.

The four of us sort of dressed again, got glasses of wine, and then went about fixing dinner.

At one point, I told Josh, “Now you’re an official member of the family. For a while I thought we were going to have some members with limited sexual rights. No one ever said it, I just thought it was going to work out that way.”

Dave reminded me about the Whites: “Won’t they be non-sexual members of the family?”

I thought a minute, shot Mar a sly smile and she returned the same look. I said, “Not if Mar and I have anything to do about it.”


Beth and Peter moved into the house a month after Josh did. Tom was waiting until he sold his condo; Josh had advised him to keep it furnished so that it would show better to prospective buyers.

As the warm weather set in and the daylight hours lengthened, I got in the habit of rising early and getting to work well before the normal start of the workday at nine o’clock. I thought I might have company since the original six of us all worked at the same firm, but after trying the regime only Beth adapted. Thus, she and I carpooled together from the new house to work, sometimes arriving as early as six o’clock. We’d take turns driving — in minimal traffic, I might add — and the other one would nap.

The upside to this was that we could leave work in the early afternoon, and feel like we had a good share of the day to ourselves and anyone else that wanted to join us. Evenings, when everyone got back to the house, were a buzz with dinner and usually some romantic coupling of some sort.

Tom had moved a lot of his personal things to the house and slept over there many days. Mar left some things at his condo. Some nights the two of them would ‘shack up’ at his place for some serious fucking — her term, not mine. None of us minded as long as they were happy.

One warm sunny day after coming home from work, Beth and I took a nude swim in the pool and then started to make love to each other on one of the large loungers around the pool.

We were both taking our time with each other, and certainly not expected anyone else to be around the house at that mid-afternoon hour. I had eaten Beth to one lovely orgasm, and now I was the one stretched out on the lounger as Beth nestled between my legs, her tongue working wonders on my slit and one hand outstretched and clasping my left breast and nipple. I was in a kind of heaven savoring the experience.

Through the slit of my eyes I caught some movement inside the sunroom of the house. I didn’t react but studied the shadows until I understood who was there — it was Linda White — the previous home’s owner.

I guessed she’d been there for some time. Her shorts were around her ankles. One hand was stroking and fondling her slit as she masturbated; the other had tugged her top above her breasts and pushed her bra up so she could pinch and pull at her nipples. She didn’t think we could see her through the mirrored reflections of the glass, yet there she was.

As Beth lapped and licked at my pussy, I spread my legs and pulled them back, giving her total access, and also opening the view to whomever might want to watch from the house.

Beth wormed some fingers into my cunt, turning and twisting her hand as she did so in a way that made me writhe with pleasure into her hand. As that joyful twinge passed I whispered to Beth, “Don’t look at the house, but Linda is watching us. She’s masturbating.”

Beth whispered, “Then we should put on a good show for her.” She smiled up at me and drove her hand into my pussy again, this time sawing in and out of me at almost lightning speed. I arched into her hand.

“Fist me,” I eked out.

Beth drew all the fingers of one hand together and slowly wormed her entire hand inside me. I grabbed her wrist so I could control the slow entry of her hand into my vagina. My other hand rapidly found my clit and started to massage.

Beth pumped her fist in and out of me. I had an orgasm and then stayed right up at that orgasmic peak rather than back down from it. Knowing that we were being watched only heightened the experience.

Finally, the initial surge passed. Beth pulled her hand out of me and lapped at her fingers.

I peeked at the house and Linda’s hand was blur as she brought herself to a peak of arousal. Beth now turned and looked.

Beth said, “We should invite her to join us.”

“I’ll ask,” I replied.

I rose and walked towards the house. Linda’s eyes were closed in those instants and she didn’t see me approach; yet she continued her machinations on her body.

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