Dream State


A slender girl Lita had quite an imagination. A pretty red haired with a perfect ass and pert breasts. She was again caught up in her daydream. The one that repeated itself day after day. She walked through the fog on a warm morning feeling almost invisible with the ocean sounds nearby and the cry of sea birds echoing in the dawn.

She could sense a presence near to her. One that made her tremble and yet aroused. She was wearing a silk nightdress and nothing else and wondered to herself, “Where am I and how did I get here”. She felt rather than saw and heard that there was someone approaching, and a tingle went up her spine and ricocheted across her breasts pinging off her eraser tipped nipples and down to the growing warmth of her pussy. She was excited and wet. Normally it took some doing by a man to get Lita aroused but not in this waking dream. At least she felt awake but guessed that in itself could be a dream. No matter the growing heat of her loins was making her a bit crazy, and she kept walking wondering if the path she was on had a destination.

One step at a time she kept on the path almost blind by the thick fog. Suddenly she came upon a small hut surrounded by jungle plants and lighted by a single torch. The sense of a presence was even stronger now with the added factor of a strong male odor that pulled her forward as if a rope was pulling her. Grabbing the door handle she turned it and opened the door taking a step and tripping and falling forward. Thankfully she had a soft landing into a warm pile of pillows and blankets that had the scent of lavender her favorite smell. This was the last thing she remembered as everything faded to black.

Waking with a start she thought “What happened and where am I?” Followed by a sudden realization she was not alone. The hunger in her loins persisted and Lita had a pleasant curiosity about this. She was so comfortable Büyükesat Escort where she laid, she never wanted to move again except for the heavy male smell that was acting like the strongest of pheromones pulled at her.

Then she heard a deep voice saying, “My dear who are you and what brings you here?” along with a laugh that said this man never asks a question he doesn’t already know the answer to. His deep resonance sent shockwaves through her making her even more intoxicated than his smell had already.

She was wet, horny and crazed with lust if a bit fearful. Finally getting her nerve she asked, “Where are you? Who are you?” and “Please don’t hurt me.” This was something she knew would not happen still…the voice answered, “I am your dream come true, your fondest wish, your greatest fantasy. You will do all I ask of you and later this will all be like a dream you will never forget.”

These words sent thrills through her body, and she could not help pinching her nipple and starting to massage her wetness. With that her own natural odors filled the room and added the to overwhelming sweetness of the room. She heard him inhale deeply and his soft rumble said, “pleasure yourself my dear and give yourself an orgasm as you have never felt before.” She whimpered “Yes, yes I need this, and I obey.” Furiously working on her clitoris with her right hand while her left touched her other parts, lips, nipples and finally her tight anus. A moment later she exploded with what was the most intense orgasm of her life, Heaving and spasming and pulsing wet juices under her.

It took a few moments to unwind from the intensity. Head still spinning but with a new craving and a lust she had never felt before.

In total darkness she heard him say softly, “crawl to my voice and find me.” So, she carefully felt her Çayyolu Escort way through the darkness until she found a toe, then a calf, a thigh and her right hand found his already hard cock. Not just any cock but one perfectly sized just for her large and thick and moist with his pre cum. First, she inhaled it all in and then asked, “Master, may I?” His laugh was her answer, “Ha ha of course my dear this is just an appetizer for us to begin your real dream.” Then with an intensity she had never had before she tasted, squeezed sucked and swallowed what she now considered to be the perfect cock bobbling and sucking while she fondled his massive balls. He was cleanly shaven, and she was in heaven. She still didn’t know if he was white, brown or black as night and did not care as total darkness only allowed her sense of touch, taste and smell all of which had her lusting beyond belief and when she felt his balls tensing, she readied herself for what turned out to me an unbelievable amount of cum which she swallowed greedily amazed by the sweet yet musky flavor.

She knew she had to have more and said, “Master will you fuck me?” His low voice answered, “Yes Lita, I will fuck you, one time slow and gentle, one time hard and fast and one time in your sweet bottom. Would you like that?” To which Lita replied, “I am yours to use as you will.” “Please take me.”

Gently he came to her, She was amazed that after blowing such a large load in her mouth only moments before he was still hard as a rock. Gently he lined His cock up with her wetness and slowly pushed his way in. It took a bit to get it past the halfway mark being the thickest cock she had ever felt. But with only the slightest pain he moved fully inside her and started to gently rock in and out in and out with long slow pulls that made her sigh contentedly. She had never felt Cebeci Escort so full or so loved. He fucked her slowly for a long time finally bringing her to another amazing yet gentle climax then he came in torrents as he finished. She could feel it gushing out of her when he pulled out. He said, “That was slow and gentle.” And she sighed contentedly.

Suddenly, he flipped her over and amazing he was still rock hard. “This is impossible” she thought as he rammed into her from behind pounding her with a fury as if he were the devil himself. On and on he went never seeming to tire bringing her to more orgasms than she could keep track of. His wild lust was fuel for her own and they matched each other in glorious intensity. When he finally came in her again, she was sure this was all a dream. After all she had blown and been fucked twice by a man in total darkness and after all no man could stay that hard and come that much so it had to be a dream didn’t it? At the moment she didn’t care she just glowed in the aftermath thinking he’s finally done. He said, “That was hard and fast.” “Are you ready for what comes next?”

She gasped as her pushed his hard cock into her rear. She had had anal before, but it had never been really enjoyable. He was gentle though and gave her time to adjust and moved with an assuredness that showed skill and caring. Her juices were a natural lube and there was no shortage. As he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts, she responded in a way that frankly amazed her and as the pressure built she begged him for more. He was happy to oblige. She knew she would happily do anything this man ever asked of her as she came again and again and again before he loudly came buckets of cum in her ass. And he said, “Your bottom truly is sweet, may you never forget this night and this dream.” And she fell asleep.

In the morning she awoke in her own bed tired and pleasantly sore with a memory of the night before as if it were a dream slowly fading.

Getting up to get her coffee she received a text from an unknown number. It said “What makes you happiest, real life or your Dreams? Send me your answer to find out how you can live both”

She grinned and started typing.

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