Dream Lover Pt. 04


Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read Part One first.


Chapter Six

I’d done recon on Debbie along with Mary and Sandy so I knew her routine didn’t vary much and she often dozed on the couch in front of the TV in the evening before eventually heading off to bed. I also thought that, with her living alone, we might be able to get a bit more creative as I had been able to with Patti. Debbie had some nice curves and some big titties so I was looking forward to spending a little more quality time with her than I’d felt comfortable spending with Mary or Sandy. I’d seen her naked and I’d watched her masturbate a few times so I was there as soon as I had the opportunity, waiting for her to start to doze. Some nights I’d seen her remain dressed until she went up to bed, other times she’d changed into sleepwear to watch TV and on a few occasions she’d sat on the couch wearing a robe with nothing under it. A robe with nothing under it either meant she was horny or dressing that way made her horny because she’d been dressed that way each time I’d seen her masturbate and always right before she went to bed. When I arrived and noticed that this was the attire for the night, I knew it was a good sign but I also knew I’d want to be careful to engage the “dream” as soon as I noticed her dozing.

As with the previous “dreams,” I didn’t plan anything too dramatic and, when Debbie appeared to be on the verge of dozing, I just planted myself beside her on the couch, visible and dressed. When she opened her eyes again, it took a moment before she noticed me then she was not just half-asleep but confused, as well.

“What the fuck,” she mumbled as she tried to figure out what I was doing there while continuing to become more clear-headed.

“I’m here to make you cum,” I said and moved off of the couch to kneel in front of her. Before she could respond and while she was still processing what I’d said, I was opening her robe and exposing her nakedness. Immediately I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while caressing her big tits, although I was tempted to just stare at them. She never said anything else and just moaned softly as I indulged myself even though I knew that this wasn’t going to make her cum. I gradually worked my way south, assuming that I’d have a lot more opportunity to enjoy those beauties. It had definitely become my custom to go down first because it seemed to make the questions and confusion go away as soon as they started feeling pleasure. She spread her legs for me and I admired her neat, dark bush as I approached then ran my tongue along her slit, making her moan even more.

I glanced up, beyond her succulent boobs, and saw a look of sheer passion on her face, which was obviously one of my goals. I slurped up the juices flowing from her slit before slipping a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. She’d never had any kids so I found her pussy to be more snug like Megan’s than like Mary’s or Sandy’s or Patti’s. As much as I was looking forward to fucking her big titties, I was also anxious to slip into her snug, slippery pussy. She was rocking her hips as I devoured her pussy, moaning a bit louder and longer as I continued. I assumed, based on how she’d been dressed, that she was horny or at least a little worked up already when I’d started eating her so I didn’t expect it to require much effort to get her to cum. My intention was not to provide her with a quick orgasm, necessarily, but to provide her with a significant level of pleasure; hopefully more than if she’d made herself cum. Then I was going to find out how adventurous she was feeling.

She ended up reaching down to hold my head as she humped her pussy toward my face so I had to glance up again to see her big boobs squeezed between her arms. There was no way I could leave without slipping my cock between them but there was still more I wanted to do before that. As always, I was savoring the opportunity to be between a pair of unfamiliar thighs, eating a pussy I’d never had a chance to before. My cock was rigid, though, so I was looking forward to freeing it and doing some fucking. As such, I wasn’t trying too hard to draw out the pleasure she was feeling, instead focusing on making it as intense as possible. When she started tensing up and her emily in paris izle moaning turned into more like gasping, I was feeling pretty confident that my licking, sucking and pumping finger were having the intended effect. With a cry, she went from tense to limp and her body started shaking as she was cumming. I continued to devour her pussy, feeling it flooded with even more lubrication, which I knew was going to feel incredible. Her orgasm appeared to be as long and intensely pleasurable as I’d hoped it would be and, only once she’d gone still and let out a sigh, did I raise my head and slip my finger from her pussy into my mouth.

“If this is a dream,” she finally said, “I don’t want to wake up.”

“Where do you keep your aprons?” I asked, which seems like a weird question but I felt like it would be just weird enough for her believe she was dreaming and would make sense for a sex dream. She’d received an apron as a gift and had posted a photo of herself wearing it on social media to thank the giver. Of course I’d made a mildly suggestive comment about it which had built up into an ongoing joke about me having an apron fetish. It made sense that her subconscious would dig this up for a sex dream, especially since it had been a while since we’d joked about it.

I stood up, still fully dressed, and helped her to stand up while leaving her robe behind. She walked to her nearby kitchen and grabbed the apron from the photo, pulling over her head. I tied it behind her then turned her to face me and took her in my arms, kissing her as my hands dropped down to caress her bare, exposed ass. Kissing quickly became making out and my hands soon moved up from her ass, pulled the material covering her tits so that it was between them and they were exposed then started to fondle them. As I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples, it felt as though my cock grew even stiffer so I knew I needed to get it inside her. I ended up stepping back and turning her toward the counter, which she leaned on with her ass pointed toward me. I dropped my shorts and underwear, my rigid cock springing out, then guided it into her hot, snug pussy from behind. We were both moaning as I held her hips and slid my cock in until my hips were pressed against her ass.

I started to slowly fuck her, relishing the feel of her pussy as my cock slid in and out. Once I had a steady rhythm going, I moved my hands up from her hips to cup her swinging tits, hefting their weight in my hands while lightly caressing her hard nipples. She started pushing back so I focused on fondling her tits while she set the pace. I’d give a little thrust each time her ass hit my hips but otherwise just enjoyed the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool. As with each of my other “dreams,” this was going even better than I had expected. Not just that her pussy felt even better than I could have imagined or that her tits were even more incredible than I could have imagined, but that she, like the others I’d visited, was so into it, including the apron thing. I think it might have felt weird or a bit wrong if I was just showing up and trying to fuck them but it really felt like it was mutually beneficial. Maybe that was just me rationalizing but I didn’t really think so.

The longer we were fucking, the harder she was pushing back against my cock and the louder she was moaning. I ended up reluctantly releasing her tits and taking her by the hips again, pushing deeper into her each time she pushed back on me. I was watching her ass jiggle each time my hips tapped against it and thinking about how awesome her tits probably looked as they were swinging. Her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter and felt absolutely incredible though I wasn’t in any danger yet of spewing into it. My intent was to make her cum then fuck those big titties and either cum on them or into her mouth but I certainly wasn’t in any rush to be done fucking her. I savored her pussy right up until she gave one good push back and held there for a moment before she started shaking. She pushed back a few more times as she was cumming and her orgasm appeared to be as long as intense as the one when I’d been eating her.

When she finally went still, aside from breathing heavily, I slipped my erşan kuneri izle cock out of her and had her straighten up. I kissed her briefly, then hopped up onto the counter where she’d just been resting her head. When I leaned down to kiss her again, it was partly to prevent her from immediately sucking my cock and partly to bring her boobs toward my cock. As I squeezed it between them, she realized what I was up to and started moving up and down so that the soft, smooth flesh was sliding against my rigid cock. It felt amazing, which was really saying something given that I’d just been fucking her snug pussy. I wouldn’t have said that one felt better than the other; just that they were both outstanding. We stopped kissing as I leaned back a little while she continued to move up and down. Watching as my cock slid between her tits was pretty hot and I’m sure contributed to the building up of my orgasm.

I would have been content to blow my load all over her succulent tits but after a bit she stepped back, taking her tits away from both my cock and my hands. Fortunately, she lowered her head and engulfed my cock in her hot mouth. As she started sucking me off while pumping the base, I was moaning due to the intense pleasure I was feeling. While I hadn’t been close to cumming when I’d been fucking her, my orgasm had started stirring as I felt and watched her tits against my cock. Now that she was sucking me off, I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy her oral talents for very long. She was definitely skilled and experienced when it came to sucking cock and, though maybe not as good as Patti, she was definitely one of the better cocksuckers whose dreams I had visited. Since she’d already cum twice, I knew that it was my turn to savor the pleasure and just relax until I blew my load.

As with fucking her tits, watching her suck my cock was nearly as pleasurable as feeling her mouth sliding up and down it. The fact that she was wearing an apron and nothing else while she did it definitely added to the experience. While I would love to have enjoyed that blowjob for longer than I was able to, I didn’t try to hold off on blowing my load and it didn’t seem like she was trying to draw it out, either. My cock grew even thicker as my orgasm approached but Debbie never hesitated or paused. She continued bobbing her head up and down, pumping the base, even when I started spewing into her mouth with a moan. She swallowed my load and didn’t raise her head until I was fully spent. She was smiling at me like she was the one who had just cum.

“I love this dream,” she said. Her tits were still hanging out of the apron so I reached out to fondle them while I still had the opportunity.

“You should take some selfies dressed like that,” I said, “and send them to the real me.”

“I might just have to do that,” she replied, “as a reward for inspiring this dream.”

“You know what to wear to inspire another one, I assume,” I said.

“The polka-dot dress,” she replied. I’d mentioned more than once how much I liked her in a certain polka-dot dress she occasionally posted pictures of herself wearing. At least I knew she was paying attention to me.

“Next time you wear that dress,” I told her, “you’ll dream about me fucking you in it.”

“Ooh, I can’t wait,” she replied. We’d see when she woke up how soon it would be before she decided to wear it and take me up on my offer. In the meantime, I hopped down off of the counter and took her in my arms while caressing her bare ass then untied her apron. Stepping back, I fondled her exposed tits a bit more as she removed her apron. Once she’d hung it up, we went back over to the couch with me carrying my shorts and underwear and wondering why I hadn’t just worn pajama bottoms or something. She grabbed her robe and pulled it on as I stepped into my underwear then my shorts. We both sat on the couch again and I was surprised that she immediately looked as though she was ready to fall asleep again. Maybe it was due to the activity or maybe it was just the power of suggestion that this was really a dream but it wasn’t long before she was snoring and I was back in my own bed. As always, there was the temptation to go right back and do it all again with just slight variations but, instead, I remained everyone else burns izle in my bed and rehashed the experience before falling asleep myself.

Chapter Seven

I popped in on Debbie pretty regularly over the following days just to see if she decided to wear the polka-dot dress. While I waited, I was doing reconnaissance on other women, figuring out their routines, determining if husbands had out-of-town trips planned or roommates were out on certain nights, whether they dozed in front of the TV or in bed with a book, etc. I ended up having a good opportunity with Marcie, who I only knew online and had never met in person. She was a cute MILF with a nice body but was terrible when it came to relationships. She happened to be single and living alone at that moment so, once I figured out her routine and had considered my approach, I visited her bedroom one night. It didn’t take much to convince her in her half-conscious state that I was a manifestation of her subconscious there to talk to her about her choices in men and to convince her to focus on herself. I was the embodiment because I was always someone who boosted her ego and never let her down. Of course, I also suggested that she send me nudes to show her appreciation.

Once the talking and convincing was done and she seemed to be in a good place, I did a little “well, as long as I’m here and this is just a dream” thing and we started kissing. I knew that she got involved with a lot of guys who had been douchebags to her so I went along with my custom of making sure it was about her before it was about me. After fondling her tits through her thin nightshirt and making her nipples completely rigid, I dropped my hand down to her thigh and slid it up underneath as she parted her legs. I knew that her pussy was smooth and was definitely looking forward to eating her but I liked the way it felt against my fingers and her pussy was so wet that I first stroked her to an orgasm. Once she’d cum, I raised her nightshirt over her head, revealing her smooth pussy and her succulent tits. They weren’t big like Debbie’s but she didn’t have Debbie’s curves, either. They were probably closer to Patti’s but she wasn’t as petite as Patti so they didn’t appear as big. Either way, as I was caressing them, I thought that they were perfect.

Her nipples were thick and hard and her areolas large so I ended up lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples. From there, I kissed my way further south until I was lying between her spread legs, gazing at her smooth pussy. Once I started licking it, I didn’t want to stop so I ate and fingered her to a few orgasms before deciding that I needed to get my cock inside her. Again, as was becoming my custom, I had her ride me so that I could watch her tits bouncing and see her smooth pussy engulf my cock as I was feeling it. She rode me to a long and intense orgasm then, as was also apparently becoming a custom, she moved down and sucked my cock. I wanted to fuck her tits so she moved up a couple of times and hung them on either side of my cock so that I could squeeze them around it. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I figured I’d just have to make a return visit and straddle her then.

Her cocksucking was outstanding so I had no complaints when she really focused her efforts. She did make an effort to draw out the pleasure she was providing so I savored every minute that my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. When I exploded with a grunt, spurting my load down her throat, she calmly swallowed it down and continued to suck me off. Once I was spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and smiled up at me. She suggested that if I was to visit her dreams regularly she wouldn’t end up in another doomed relationship so I figured I’d keep tabs on her and, if I saw something like that happening, I’d drop in and remind her to treat herself better and show her how she should be treated.

Things went so well with Marcie that I ended up dropping in on another mutual online friend of both of ours. I knew from social media that Selena was at home all day while her husband was at work. Her kids were all grown up so she was alone pretty often. The question was whether she ever napped during the afternoon or slept late in the morning. Selena was thin with small tits and I quickly determined that she was a natural blonde. She didn’t bite on the whole dream thing, though; the first time I appeared to her while she was dozing, she woke up immediately and freaked out so bad that I had to disappear. I tried once more another time and it didn’t go any better so I just settled for seeing her naked and watching her masturbate occasionally.

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