Dream Lover in the cold


Half asleep, with everything but your nose under the king sized down comforter, you struggle to stay warm. It’s been so cold outside your little cocoon, and the world is just something you’ve been wanting to avoid. The cold is not just on the outside, but seems to have penetrated your deepest core.

You drift off again, thinking how wonderful it would be to have someone to keep you company under this blanket, and to thaw your frozen heart.

You seem to wake up again, but now you find yourself surrounded by more heat than you’ve been able to imagine. Strong arms are holding you, and snuggled up to your back is the distinct warmth of a male human body. He senses you waking up, and gently tightens his hug, softly kissing your bare shoulder, as he presses close to you. Your heart quickens as your mind reels. Are you dreaming, or is this real? Regardless, the sensations start to take hold, and you decide to ride the dream, or whatever it is to the end. You snuggle back into him, and feel his already large penis otele gelen escort grow even larger. You slowly turn in his arms and start to ask questions when you feel his finger gently press against your lips, telling you to be quiet. He then starts to kiss you, softly at first, then with more intensity and passion.

His hands have begun to stroke your bare back, running up and down the muscles of your shoulders, your back, and your ass. Gently, but pressing you always against him, against his heat and warmth. He increases the pressure of his kiss, and you open your lips to receive his taste and tongue. Your tongues do a subtle dance, and the kiss deepens.

Your dream lover has awakened more than just you. With this intensity of warmth, his warmth, you feel parts of you begin to thaw. You feel his strength, his heat, and all you want is more. Your body reacts, your breasts pressed against him, nipples already hard and aching. Your juices starting to flow already, pendik escort and your legs parting, wanting attention.

He is not unaware of your need. You feel his hands, firm but gentle, find their way to your pussy. He strokes your lips, parting them with a single finger, reveling in the wetness he finds there. The probing and exploring is driving you crazy with anticipation, and you roll onto your back and pull him on top of you. On your back, your legs spread wide, inviting him to share his heat with the deepest part of you. You’ve been so cold, and as you feel him above you, your heart is racing, and you begin to tremble as you feel the head of his cock slowly part your lips and enter you. Each inch sends a bolt of heat into your center. His penetration is almost painfully slow, but when you feel he can’t go any farther, he goes a little deeper, and suddenly the ice in your soul is melted away. He begins to move inside you, and with each motion your temperature rises. There’s nothing rus escort fast or frantic about what’s happening. You feel heat, energy, warmth flow into you as your dream lover makes slow tender love to you.

As the wave of heat builds, you want it to break over you. As he is moving inside, he kisses your face, your eyes, your ears. Very tenderly, slowly.

You notice him slowing, and he nearly slides his cock all the way out. Then with a soft deep kiss, his cock goes deeper than it has, and you feel him cum deep inside. You react, giving into the orgasm that has been building. You hold onto him with your arms and legs, not wanting the fire inside to leave.

As your heart slows, and you start to catch your breath, your dream lover kisses you softly, and you drift off to sleep again.

In the morning, you wake to the reality again, and get out of bed to start the morning. You remember your strange dream, and notice that something has changed. It’s not nearly so cold for one thing, at least you don’t feel it so completely. You look back at the bed, and notice the usually empty side of your bed looks like someone had slept there, even down to a dent in the pillow.

Last of all, on your dresser is a bright yellow rose, the yellow of sunlight, of warmth, and of the warmer days to come.

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