Dream Love Returned


Trish Morton lays deeply asleep in her own bed; nude under the covers, and quite comfy.

Most nights (and many days when she wasn’t teaching) since seducing her sleeping children and then having an extended fuck session with both awake, she shared her bed with her daughter, Kristin, and son, Nick; fucking, sucking, and causing each other to cum repeatedly and so hard that all three dropped into heavy slumber, completely exhausted. But occasionally, like tonight, Trish begged off from the family’s nightly lovemaking to catch up on her sleep. However, this is the first night in which she expected all three to sleep in their own beds, equally desiring an uninterrupted sleep.

However, Nick and Kristin, being 18 and 19 respectively and Trish’s children, have other ideas.

Even after sharing each other’s bodies for hours this evening, kissing, licking, caressing, drinking semen and pussy juice, and fucking grasping, greedy holes with fingers, tongues, and Nick’s cock, the teenagers are still needful and desiring the one person who introduced them to this paradise of incest: their mother, Trish. Too, they wish to return the sweet favor she paid them a few weeks ago: seducing her as she sleeps.

So, after giving what they agreed was enough time for Trish to drift off, the kids, naked and trembling with renewed lust, tiptoe to her door. Kristin opens it slowly and carefully, and peeks in. She sees her mother in the low light of the street lamp, streaming through the window: even with the covers over her Trish’s lush form is quite obvious, as is her deep, even breathing.

Nick whispers into Kristin’s ear, “Is she asleep?”

Kristin turns to her beloved, beautiful brother, and murmurs back, “Oh, yeah; out like a light. Do you think we should just let her rest?”

Sister and brother, lovers, gaze solemnly at each other for a few moments, then giggle, whispering at the same time, “Nahhh!”

Kristin then opens the door wide enough to let herself and Nick through, then tiptoe into the room. They pause for a moment when Nick catches her wrist and pulls her to himself. Wrapping their arms about each other and pressing their bodies close, Nick’s still-rigid and precum-dripping prick trapped between them, they kiss and caress for several moments, then part to gaze into each other’s eyes in the dim light.

“God, baby, I am so fucking turned on, I can hardly stand it!” Nick murmurs.

Kristin giggles again, and reaches between them to grasp her brother’s stiff, hot cock. “I couldn’t tell, honey.”

Nick groans, then gasps, “Kris-sis, if you stroke me much right now, you’re going to get a cum bath all over your tummy and tits!”

Kristin bites her lower lip, and whispers, “I know, darling. I just can’t seem to keep my hands off of this sweet thing! I guess we should save some of your delicious cum for Mom, though.” She sighs with exaggerated frustration.

Nick laughs under his breath, and murmurs, “Yeah, and some of yours, too!” And he cups his sister’s soft, swollen, moist cunt in his palm, gently massaging.

Kristin hisses, “Shit! We’d better get started seducing Mom, or I’m going to push you down on the floor and fuck you right here and now!”

Nick laughs softly, and after once more kissing his sister-lover passionately, moves away from her.

The children move to either side of the bed; then Nick slowly and carefully pulls the covers up and off of her their sleeping mother. They both pause for several moments to take in the divine sight before them: Trish’s nude body. Laying on her back, one arm above her head on the pillow, the other on her soft, flat abdomen. Brother and sister gaze at her form: her peaceful face, haloed with her dark hair; her full lips slightly open as she breathes; her heavy, round, dark-nippled breasts gently quivering with her breath and heartbeat; the delicious curves of her tummy and sides flaring out to her hips; the dense, dark triangle of her pubic thatch; her long, full thighs tapering down to graceful calves and long-toed feet. Her skin, they know, is lightly tanned with titillating white triangles over her breasts and pubic mound. Now that the covers have been pulled back, they can smell the rich, heady scent of her ever-moist cunt. Her children-lovers shiver with heightened desire as they look upon her goddess-like form; for them, she is the very essence of love and lust.

Kristin and Nick now carefully climb into the bed with Trish, on either side of her. Stretching out beside her they then take a few moments to make sure they’ve not awakened her, as well as to appreciate the tableau of their naked sibling and lover beside their slumbering mother.

Kristin draws in her breath as she looks at her brother: his handsome face, framed in tousled blonde hair, blue eyes consuming her as her eyes engulf him; his slender, hard-muscled form; his almost-hairless chest, tiny nipples even smaller, being erect in his excitement; his flat, taut abdomen moving fast with his hard breathing; the thick, curly mat of his pubic hair surrounding the crowning glory of his stiff, curved prick, Escort its head roundly swollen, resting lightly on their mother’s hip and dripping precum onto her skin; his narrow hips; his long, slender legs such a lovely contrast to Trish’s full, feminine legs. Kristin admonishes herself to keep control, so as not to press herself to her mother’s side and ride Trish’s hip with her aching, puffy pussy…at least, not yet.

Nick devours the sight of his beautiful sister laying beside their slumbering mother; for the life of him he couldn’t say who was more gorgeous and desirable: Kristin’s face is haloed by her silky, shoulder-length chestnut hair, her jade eyes heavy-lidded with unrestrained need, the lips of her small, full mouth parted as she quietly pants; her girlish, upturned breasts quivering, her plump, pink nipples now tiny, hard points; her flat, narrow tummy curving to gently-flared hips; her plump mound topped with fine, damp hair, now much thicker as she’s let it grow since learning of her new lovers’ preferences for natural, wild pubic lushness; her rounded thighs, laying sweetly atop one another tapering to firm, slender calves and dainty, long-toed feet, the nails painted a bright, fuck-me red. A fresh, thick fall of precum oozed from his prick to land on their mother’s hip as the fevered shaft trembled and swelled even more with his barely-controlled lust for the most important women in his life: his sister and mother; his lovers.

Overcome with love and lust, Nick reaches out over their mother’s sleeping body and whispers to Kristin: “I love you, Kris.”

Kristin smiles, and equally overpowered with love, desire, and pride, she takes her brother’s hand in her own and intertwines her fingers with his. She replies quietly, “I love you too, darling brother.”

Then she gently places his hand on their mother’s cheek. And so, the Morton children begin seducing their slumbering, unaware mother.

They caress her, following each other’s movements. Their fingertips trace their way over Trish’s face; over her forehead, her temples, her cheeks, her soft lips, her chin, and then back up to stroke her soft hair, burying their fingers in it as they do so.

With their caresses, they hear their mother murmur. Unintelligibly at first, just breathy whispers. But as their strokes continue, they make out an occasional word: “Ohhhh… Sooo nice… Love the way… Touch me… So gentle… So sweet… Yessssss…”

The children look up at each other and smile.

Their fingers find their way through Trish’s thick, tousled hair to her throat, sliding down over her shoulders. Their fingertips and nails glide over her upper arms: Kristin caressing the arm over her mother’s head; Nick, the arm resting on her tummy. They feel gooseflesh rising on her skin, and the first, faint trembling; Trish gasps softly as they tickle the crooks of her arms. When their fingertips slide over her underarms, she first hisses then giggles under her breath; as her children have discovered, she is extremely ticklish.

With their feathery touches, Trish becomes more intelligible in her sleeping murmurs: “Ahhhh… Wow, I love that… You know I love it, too… Know me so well, don’t you… Sooo good…” And her body responds, as well: she begins to move, her legs slowly scissoring, her hips thrusting ever so slightly, back arching gently, and her breathing comes more rapidly. Her nipples are already erect, hard points; dark, wrinkled, and high.

Her children continue touching and stroking her. Their fingertips and nails glide over her shoulders and down around the curves of her breasts; at this, Trish gasps and arches her back more. Kristin and Nick caresses flow from the outsides of her breasts, slowly swirling toward her stiff nipples. She’s becoming more agitated, panting and writhing, both arms above her head now, her head itself moving from side to side.

“Mmmmm, yesssss… God, that’s wonderful… Sooo fucking wonderful… Touch me… Touch my tits… Play with my nipples… You know how much I love it when you do that…”

Nick and Kristin too are becoming more aroused as they touch their mother so sensuously. Nick’s iron-hard cock now almost continuously dribbles sticky precum onto his mother’s hip, and it trickles into her pubic thatch and down over her inner thigh. Kristin now presses herself without heed to her mother’s other hip, pushing her puffy, wanting pussy to the soft skin and firm muscle there and pleasuring herself as she pleasures her mother; whenever her hard, tiny nipples brush against her mother’s skin, she trembles with increased desire.

Their fingertips now circle Trish stiff, upthrust nipples; with the first touch to the tight, wrinkled skin, she cries out breathily and arches her back even more. The children lovingly torture her by first caressing, then gently flicking her nipples; Trish grabs hold of the bars of the headboard and hisses, “Oh fucking god, yesssss! Flick them! Pinch them! Twist them! Pull them! Gonna fucking make me cum!”

Her children-lovers already know this, and time their teasing exquisitely: Escort Bayan enough so that their mother is set ablaze with want and need, but not enough to make her climax; they don’t want that…yet.

So, they do flick, and pinch, and twist, and pull her hard nipples, and Trish is beside herself in her dream of escalating ecstasy; she rolls and writhes, arches and twists, grunting and hissing and moaning, uttering filthy entreaties with her nearly unbearable desire: “Shit motherfuck goddamn! Harder! Pinch and twist my fucking nipples harder! Make it hurt, hurt so fucking good! Goddamn it, suck them! Lick them! Bite them!”

And Kristin and Nick, being her children and thus so eager to please, do as she commands: after bringing her nearly to the edge of orgasm by pinching and pulling her nipples even more forcefully, they lower their heads and and take them into their mouths, closing their lips around them and sucking, their talented tongues tracing over the stiff, wrinkled flesh. Trish howls breathily in her sleep and puts her hands on their heads, tightening her fingers in their hair. Her children know how carried away their mother gets in her excesses of ecstasy, so this doesn’t alarm them in the least; in fact, like her, they enjoy the pain of their hair being pulled.

Sucking her nipples deep into their mouth and sucking hard, they flick the hard nuggets of flesh with their tongues, and their mother rises to new heights of uncontrolled need: they must hold onto her as she rolls back and forth, her head thrown back, gasping her joy, her hips off of the bed and thrusting, the scent of her arousal filling the room now, joining that of Kristin’s.

At nearly the same time, the children close their teeth around the nipples that once gushed milk for their sustenance, and their hair is pulled almost more painfully than they can bear…but they don’t stop; they nibble, and lick, and suck, till they sense in her now-unintelligible cries and spasmodic movements her climax approaching. By unspoken agreement, they let her rock-hard nipples slip from their mouths with audible pops.

Trish falls back on the bed, gasping, shivering, her skin now sheened with sweat and her pubic matted with her thick, sticky cream. But she doesn’t complain; apparently she knows that her dream lover or lovers won’t disappoint her…nor will her lovers in reality.

After stretching over her to kiss, Nick and Kristin bend down again, this time to trace their tonguetips down over Trish’s ribs and to her sides. Gazing at each other over their mother’s undulating tummy, they lick up and down her sides; as they do, her gasps turn into giggles, then to laughter. Both children smile as they caress her sweat-salty skin with their tongues.

Her fingers are again in their hair and tightening as their torturous tongues glide over her sides, causing her laughter to mount and her whole body to convulse. Trish laughs with breathy abandon, her body again writhing, trying and failing to escape her tormentors.

“Fuck! You know I’ll piss if you keep tickling me! Oh shit, stop! Goddamn you, you WANT me to piss, don’t you? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shiiiit!”

And as her children desire, Trish is no longer able to hold back: as her body is wracked with helpless laughter from their relentless, feathery licks, she urinates on herself and on the bed; a spray coats her pubic hair, her inner thighs, and the bed before her cunt with clear, fragrant piss. Kristin and Nick watch eagerly as the spray continues; apparently their mother had had a fair bit to drink before bed, even though she used the bathroom before turning in. The gush continues for several seconds before faltering and eventually stopping. Then Trish lays on the bed again, trembling and gasping, muttering “Shit, shit, shit…” under her breath.

The teenagers stop the tickle-torture of their mother, instead gliding their tongues over her tummy, tasting the droplets of urine on her skin before plunging their tongues into her navel and causing her to gasp and arch anew, throwing her head back once more.

Then by unspoken consent their tonguetips glide down, tracing around but not touching her sodden bush; instead, they rise to kneel side-by-side between her legs, gliding their tongues over the satiny skin of her inner thighs, occasionally nipping it with their teeth as they know she likes. Trish hisses and spreads her legs more widely. The children hold her thighs as they kiss and lick and nibble her soft, sweat-, and piss-salty flesh, down to the hollow of her knee which they lick; this again causes Trish to convulse with laughter, and eventually a dribble of urine trickles from between her swollen pussylips down into the cleft of her ass.

Nick and Kristin rise, and knowing each other so well, realize exactly what the other wants. So, they push their mother’s legs up until they rest against her abdomen and breasts; her cunt, densely covered with wiry, droplet-laden hair, is exposed to them. They then lower themselves once more.

They push their faces eagerly into the wet mass of Trish’s pubic thatch. Kissing Bayan Escort it, then tasting it with their tongue, they luxuriate in the matchless, mixed flavor of pussycream and piss. As they lick, then suck, the matted hair, their mother gasps and holds onto her own legs, knowing what is going to happen to her achingly-needful cunt in her delicious dream…and as her children know what they are going to do in their lustful reality.

Kristin and Nick rub their faces as well as their mouths and tongues in their mother’s sodden, fragrant pubic hair, loving the taste of her juices as they savor them before swallowing. They work their way down to her puffy cunt, glistening in the dim light, her stiff, swollen clit peeking out from under its hood of pink flesh. Then they feast on their mother-lover’s pussy.

Laving the soft, hot lips up and down, causing Trish to gasp and push her hips out, wanting more contact with those divine tongues, the children press their mouths to the cunt that bore them and lick. Kristin reaches up to part her mother’s cuntlips with her fingers, and she and her brother gaze into the shadowy recesses of the cunt they love more than any other: they see the glints of light on the thick coating of cream and piss within Trish’s pussy, and their mouths water even more in their desire for it. Thus, they lower their heads once more and pressing their tongues within, take their reward.

Their tongues push as deep as possible within her, tasting her inner lips, then her sugar walls. The teenagers swirl their tongues inside her, gathering up her flowing cream and swallowing it after savoring it. Then they move upward, alternating flicks of their mother’s hard clit with their tonguetips, occasionally taking it into one mouth or the other, sucking it, nibbling it with their teeth, flicking and rolling it with practiced, loving tongues.

As her lovers make love to her in her dream, and her children make love to her in reality, Trish is losing control of herself: writhing, grasping first her breasts and pinching her nipples, then the sheets, and finally the heads of her lovers, her hips thrusting without shame but with unbearable need, her back arching painfully, her head thrown back and moving side-to-side, her face is covered with her sweaty, matted hair. A steady, hissed litany of obscenities pours from her lips:

“Oh fucking shit, yeah! Fuck, no one knows how to eat my pussy like you do! Love the way you fuck me, then lick me! Drink my piss and cream while you eat me! Oh, goddamn, keep doing that! I’m going to fucking cum in your mouth! You’re going to fucking make me cum in your mouth! Yessssss!”

And Trish is as good as her word. As Nick and Kristin continue to lick, suck, and nibble on her painfully-swollen, hypersensitive clit, she comes. She comes hard. She dies the sweet, little death.

Pulling her children’s hair without mercy in order to push their faces deeper into her convulsing cunt, Trish screams a breathy, harsh scream as her body goes rigid, her hips thrust up and her back arches so high that only her shoulders and buttocks remain on the bed. Her legs wave above her and her toes curl. Her nipples become painful as orgasmic sensations flow from them to meet and meld with those flooding from her agonizingly-spasming cunt. As her lovers in both her dreamworld and in the real world don’t stop licking that button of rigid flesh, so Trish continues to cum.


In their ecstasy of pleasure-giving, Nick and Kristin barely notice that their mother is pulling their hair not to bring their faces deeper into her sodden slit, but to pull them out; she is literally crying for them to stop now. But being Trish Morton’s children, they love nothing more than giving her delight…and one of her most exquisite delights is to cum again after a first orgasm. It’s hard on her, agonizing almost past the point of bearing, but they know she’s capable of it…and wants it. So, despite her protestations, they continue to lick her erect, excruciatingly oversensitive clit.

And as they expect, they’re eventually rewarded with their mother once more pulling their hair to thrust their faces back into her saturated canal, and she fucks their faces without caring as she climaxes again. This orgasm is less intense but more drawn out than the first, which makes it even more painfully divine.


And Trish’s cries become a hoarse, extended, wordless gasp. She writhes in a feeble attempt to escape the torturing tongues, but to no avail; those relentless tongues continue to lick her indescribably throbbing clit until it’s her nearly pulling their hair out that lets her children know that she’s had all she can stand…and that amazes her children, themselves nearly insatiable and capable of huge amounts of pleasure. When they finally cease making love to her overwrought clit and commence licking and swallowing her flowing cum, she collapses onto the bed, shivering, gasping, and sobbing, her body wracked with aftershocks.

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