Down on the Farm 18: Life Afield


Tori woke her in stall, the heifer across the hall mooing in greeting. Giving a nod, the alpha female returned the greeting as the pair stretched the soreness out of their muscles. Down the hall Tori heard others also coming awake.

Ten minutes after most of the heifers were awake a loud buzzer sounded and the stalls opened, letting them wander out of their beds. The farm had become more mechanized, giving the handlers a chance to focus on work that helped the livestock live comfortably rather than just babysitting them.

All of the heifers but Ka were pregnant, some far along that even on all fours they waddled. Tori was just into her fifth month, but starting to show. The heifer not with child roamed the field watching the pregnant ones warily. She knew she didn’t fit in with them, and as they gathered together made her feel more out of place.

The gate to the bull barn opened and the heifers squealed at the thought of seeing the main bull on the farm. It was due to him, and his breeding that lead to the improvements on the farm. Not only from the sale of his calves, but he had left the farm to breed his line into other farm’s heifers.

A disappointed groan washed over the field as Tomo, the secondary bull, emerged from the newly opened barn. While the bull’s cock was nearly as impressive as the primary bull, the secondary didn’t have the command of the heifers as Mika.

Seeing Ka aside in the field, Tomo headed toward her. With Mika not available, it was up to him to impregnate the remaining female. Ka saw the male heading toward her and she circled back to the herd, hoping that the expecting mothers would protect her. The females accepted the breeding female into the middle of the herd, shielding her from the male which caused him to moo angrily.

The herd responded and Tomo stomped a hoof, making a demand. The females looked to Tori, the alpha female for guidance. Tori responded to the male, waiting for his dominance. Scent wafted from the male’s collar, enticing the female.

Finally Tori mooed a submissive response and Tomo sniffed her, nipping at her sensitive nipple and caused her to moan. Seeing the alpha female give in, the herd parted and revealed Ka. As Tomo walked toward the female hiding, the other heifers nuzzled him showing their deference.

Tomo made it to Ka, mooing his command for her to submit. The heifer turned, denying the bull’s commands. Getting more insistent Tomo moved closer, letting the pheromones from his collar waft into her nose.

Shaking her head, Ka felt the special scent that caused her to crave a bull work its way into her acıbadem escort system. Her cunt tingled and her head was filled with thoughts of servicing the bull who spoke to her. Another demand had her trembling as she mooed her acceptance and let the bull circle her.

The bull wasted no time mounting the heifer, getting a cry from the female new to breeding. A bull cock as nearly four times larger than a male, and since she refused he mounted her with no warm-up.

The herd moved away from the mating pair, each of the heifers mooing in desire after getting a whiff of the bull’s collar. They gave the panting female who now only made mooing noises mixed in with the grunting of the bull, they crowded together for support.

Ka screamed as a climax washed over her both from the rough fucking and the fragrance from the bull. She shuddered but was given no reprieve from the bull who stayed buried in her, thrusting twice for every breath. He mooed a dominate moo, hearing the herd answer and Ka scream again in pleasure.

Finally a low guttural moan came from the bull and he shoved her down, face into the dirt. She accepted the treatment better than her last breeding, but the climaxes not quite the same. The bull, as last time, moved toward the other heifers as soon as he was finished with her, seeing who else he could breed.

Three of the heifers, Tori included, had been confirmed with calf, but not showing yet while three of the heifers were large with calf. Tomo came over to see about breeding the females who might still want to be fucked, and was rebuked by Tori, which he expected.

The other two heifers, however, mooed interest in pleasure as Tomo neared them. He could not be rough with them, being with calf, but his cock came with its own set of roughness. Mooing a low, submissive moo, the two heifers waited for Tomo to mount them. Gentler than he had with Ka, Tomo mounted one heifer, hearing her moan and encourage the bull.

Tori watched the herd, wanting to join in and be fucked but missed her bull Mika. They were both Alphas, and she was the prized heifer just as he was the bull.

When breeding was complete the heifers moved toward their barn and back to their stalls. Isiah, Ka and Tori’s handler, came and collected the just bred heifer and moved her in another direction. Tomo’s handler collected him as well, walking in the same direction.

Their destination, since she wasn’t with calf, and he was a bull, was the mill. The strain was more than the farm wanted to put on the pregnant heifers, but the breeding ones and the bulls were akbatı escort different.

Once inside the room with the harnesses Isiah hooked Ka up to the machine and Tomo opposite her. A crack of the cane jolted Ka forward. The motion was familiar to her, it was their exercise when not carrying a calf to keep them in shape and to provide another service on the farm. Sometimes they were grinding grain, other times providing power for batteries in case of power loss.

* * * * * * *

Four hours later the two were halted and given a chance to get their breath. Ka looked at Tomo who was watching her and shook her tail at him. Seeing her tail swish Tomo let out a call to her to come to him. She continued to swish and move around the room.

Cock hardening, Tomo gave chase, demanding with every step. Ka liked the attention and kept away from him. The bull was not like the Alpha, he didn’t command the heifers or currently have the horned helmet that could be used to dominate the females.

Finally the heifer ran out of room and was cornered by the male. She mooed her desire and asked the male to breed her, which he wasted no time in doing. They rutted together, not as violet at Mika, but the pair took far more time than a usual mating.

When Tomo finally nipped at Ka, unloading his load into the female, the two handler entered the room having watched the exchange from outside the room. They separated the two livestock, taking them one at a time out of the room.

* * * * * * *

Tori woke the day after birthing her calf. She was sore and achy, but pleased that the calf had been healthy. Her handler had not let her see the calf, or nuzzle it which was common with the heifers. Attachment was likely to cause problems with the livestock, and Tori had to trust in the fact that the handler she adored would find a good home for her healthy calf.

The doctor used for the birthing was living in the stable now, after the loss of both Mena and her calf, he was present the moment a heifer started birth. Even with the medical personnel, there had been no drugs or anything to ease the birth. Animals birthed all the time naturally, and it was another way to enforce the station of the beings held as livestock.

Normally on the second day the heifer was left alone, but Tori felt her breasts aching. This was not her first calf, and her body was aware what was supposed to be happening. Uncomfortable she paced her stall, letting out distressed moos every so often.

Finally Isiah came to see her and she looked at him with pleading eyes. “Tori? What’s wrong?” aksaray escort The Alpha heifer mooed painfully, trying to sway her breasts back and forth to catch her handler’s attention. “Your breasts?” Tori mooed affirmatively. Understanding his ward Isiah reached forward and felt Tori’s breasts, weighing them in his hands. “They are more full than usual, Tori. I can try and milk you if you want, although it’s usually too early.”

Tori nuzzled her handler trying to give her answer. Nodding at her response he put a lead on her and walked her through the barn toward the milking room. When questioned by the other handlers, he let them see what the problem was, warning the handlers that it might happen to their heifers. They felt Tori’s breasts and agreed that he had decided on the proper course of action.

Once Tori was in the milking room her cunt began to warm. Some of the best time she had on the farm was being milked. She trotted over to the machine, looking back to Isiah to hook her up. Once the cups were hooked up to her breasts she waited with closed eyes for the suction to begin.

Feeling the tug on her nipples Tori sighed followed by a moan as her body started reacting to the sensation she knew was coming. Isiah’s hand rubbed against her ass in a familiar way that Tori had gotten used to.

“I want to fuck you, my good girl.” Isiah came close to asking. “I can’t fuck your cunt as you just had a calf, but I am going to fuck your ass.”

Lost in the pleasure of the moment Tori mooed and nodded rapidly. Before he had been giving her something to rub her cunt on, but it was absent currently. Her handler stepped up on the milking platform and tugged on the plug serving as a tail. Once unseated Tori moaned long as a strong wave washed over her.

“Just wait, Tori.” Isiah promised as he thrust his cock into her ass. It was an explosion of pleasure as Tori cried out from the sensation of being milked and fucked at the same time. “That’s my good girl.”

Isiah lasted until Tori’s breasts were empty before ramming into her a few final times, sending her once more into climax before they paused to catch their breath.

“That’s my good girl.” Isiah praised her as he jumped down from the platform. “I’m glad you liked that, and you were right. Look,” he held up the container that was linked to her breasts. “Milk. Looks like you are scheduled here from now on.” Tori mooed her excitement, nuzzling her handler. “With Mika, they are talking about getting some of the older heifers milking set up in their stalls. I mean that means we have to expand the stalls…you’ll see. Let’s get you back to your stall, and I’ll get you some chocolate.”

Tori settled back into her stall, her breasts lighter and her cunt tingling, a square of chocolate melting under her gag. Ka looked just as content across the hallway from her. The Alpha mooed a greeting which was returned.

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