Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 09

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Eight down, one to go. How could I have known, when this challenge began that the ninth girl would have so profound an effect on my life. I had, for better or worse, looked at the girls in this challenge as just that, a challenge. Like homeruns in baseball or a goal in soccer, just a way of keeping score.

Number nine turned out to be very different. A freshman like me, but from the other end of the state. An art history major, just like every other girl in her circle. Her father was a professional board member, having made a ton of money, sold his company, them spent his time being overpaid to go to meetings around the country a couple of times a year.

Patricia was gorgeous. Blonde, perfect body. It is amazing what happens to a girl when she spends her childhood traveling the world, going to spas, playing sports, and can afford every beauty treatment and product known to man and science. If you could create the perfect woman from scratch in a laboratory, she would turn out looking like Patricia.

That was her trap. She was the spider, spinning a web, and though I didn’t know it, I was the hapless fly.

We had met my first day at school, at one of those mixers the staff put on to force you to meet new people. She lived on the floor beneath me in the dorms and we hit it off. We shared our stories during rush. All nine sororities had been knocking themselves out to get her to join but she finally had to go with Phi Mu, making her the fourth generation to pledge that house.

Even though I had a lot of confidence when it came to girls, I figured that Patricia was out of my league. She was just too gorgeous, too smart, too everything. But with only two days left in the competition, I figured I had nothing to lose but a little pride at what I considered an inevitable rejection.

I saw her eating breakfast at the dining commons and brought my tray over and sat down next to her.

“Hi, Patricia. How are you?”

“Doing well, Joe. You?”

“Not bad. Struggling a bit with one of my classes.”

“Which one?”

I lied. Girls love to play mother to a poor dumb guy. “Art appreciation.”

This peaked her interest. “What’s the problem?”

“I just don’t get it. Throw a pile of numbers in front of me, or a work of literature, and I cosmic love france izle can tell you all about it. But I look at a couple of paintings and I am lost.”

She smiled. “That’s easy. I’d be glad to help you out if you like.”

“Great! I have a test tomorrow, so could we make it tonight?”

“Sure. Do you have a pledge meeting tonight?”

“Yes. You too?”

“Every Wednesday! How about I come over to your house afterwards?”

“Works for me! See you then.”

All day I fretted. I don’t know why. I had made my way through eight of the houses on campus with relative ease, but this one was somehow different. Something about her had captured my soul. If she was a great fuck, I was dead.

I didn’t hear a word in the meeting, so lost was I in thoughts of Patricia. I learned later that I had voted on both sides of two issues, giving my pledge brothers quite a laugh.

Patricia arrived about nine, dressed to kill as usual. She wore black slacks that showed off her legs and ass to maximum effect. Same with her blouse, just transparent enough to show a hint of the color of her bra, which was some shade of blue. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail and, though she could probably afford enough jewelry to put a czarina to shame she only wore simple diamond earrings and a simple pendant necklace.

“Hi, Joe. Let’s get started.”

I took her hand and led her upstairs. I had spread out a couple of art books from the library on the table. After we seated ourselves she began a litany on schools of painting, periods of art, personalities of artists. All I could concentrate on was the smell of her perfume.

“Joe, are you listening?”

“Yeah. It’s just that I have a hard time concentrating when I’m with a pretty girl.”

She giggled at that smooth line. “Well, thanks for the compliment. You don’t really give a damn about the art, do you?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes. A couple of my girlfriends told me about you. You’ve got quite the reputation with the ladies.”

“Good, I hope.”

She reached for my lap, her hand resting on my cock. “They say you’ve got a huge cock and know how to use it.”


“Yes. Care to prove it?”

I felt like a virgin dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle getting his first piece of ass. Or an explorer finding a lost city after a lifetime of work.

Patricia got up and started unbuttoning her blouse. I followed suit, almost tripping as I tried to get out of my shoes. Her blue bra was a work of art, frilly and decorative. Her thong panties were a perfect match.

I went to her and placed my hands on her breasts tentatively. They had a strange feel to them, as if they were too firm.

“You like? They were my sixteenth birthday present.”

I pulled her bra off over her head and dove for those perfect cones. She let out little moans as I licked, sucked and rubbed her tits. She reached into my boxers and withdrew my cock, stroking it lovingly.

She pulled me to the bed, spread her legs and pulled off her thong. She had a trimmed bush covering a beautiful flower. Needing no encouragement I brought my head down and started to eat her pussy. Her hands rubbed my head, her grip increasing as she started to orgasm. Her taste and smell were the best I had ever had, sweet and fragrant, like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

“God! Fuck! Joe, I’m cumming. Don’t stop!”

As her hips bucked wildly I stayed with her, my face covered in her juices as she climaxed. Her thighs locked around my ears as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm.

Once she had calmed, she flipped me onto my back and went for my cock. With great enthusiasm she licked me from asshole to the tip of my cock, making love to my manhood as if her life depended on it. She brought me close several times, but stopped short each time. She was playing me like a finely-tuned piano.

“Fuck me, Joe. I want all of you inside me.”

With that she straddled me and took my cock in hand. Slowly she lowered herself onto me, guiding the head of my penis to her opening. She bounced up and down, slowly working my length into her. Once she had it all in, she let out a sigh of contentment and rode me like a rented mule. I grabbed her tits and sucked them as she did her cowgirl imitation. She was loud and obscene, with a mixture of curses and animal sounds. Our sex damned saint izle parts were a perfect match for each other.

Far too soon I felt myself coming, the semen shooting out of my cock and into her gripping pussy. She didn’t stop for a minute, just changed positions. She lowered her pussy, dripping with my sperm, onto my face and put my slimy cock in her mouth. I never lost my erection as I ate my essence from her and she sucked my cock.

After she had come again, nearly smothering me with her cunt, she got up. “Fuck me doggie-style, Joe. I want more of that great cock of yours!”

Never one to disappoint a lady, I got on my knees behind her and plunged forward. I grabbed her ass and slammed her hard. More grunts and curses from her. She was insatiable and I was loving every minute of it!

I got my fingers wet and inserted one in her ass, driving even wilder if that was possible. She was reaching back to rub her clit and my balls. She knew all the tricks and had me filling her pussy with another load of cream.

We collapsed in each others arms, our mouths meeting with all the fury we could muster, as if we were trying to consume the other.

“All the girls were right, Joe. That was the monster fuck of my young life.”

“Any more fucks like that and I’m going to die young.”

That made her giggle. I lit a couple of cigarettes and handed her one. Our exhaled smoke mingled in the air, as our genitals had just moments before.

I was in heaven. I felt like Patricia and I were the perfect match, sexually and every other way. For the rest of college we were inseparable. Our senior year we even gave up fucking other people. Got engaged. Married right after graduation.

I don’t know which ancient wise man said that you should be careful what you ask for, for you may surely get it. Couldn’t be truer. This woman that I had built up to be the end-all, be-all of life turned out to be the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I’d like to think the drug abuse started after we had our two kids, but I doubt it. I think it was there all along. We started fighting, had the two kids to try and save things, which never works. As the drugs got worse, I started seeking solace in the arms of other women. When I finally could take it no longer I divorced her. Things were so bad that even her parents sided with me.

Last I heard of Patricia she is turning tricks on the streets of San Francisco for fifty bucks a pop. She hasn’t talked to or seen our children in years, not that I care.

But through it all, she was the one who helped me finish the nine sisters challenge and gave me my two beautiful children, Janine and Bobby.

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