Doing Sara


Laura was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden there was a pounding on her bedroom door.

“What?!?” she hollered. “I’m trying to sleep!”

Her sister, Sara, came into her room and said “I need to borrow a bathing suit. I’m going to Jill’s hot tub party tonight and my old suit looks rotten on me. Can I borrow one of yours?”

“Sure but your breasts are a little bigger than mine, they may not fit you as well on top.”

“That’s okay, there’s a cute guy from my class going who I’ve been flirting my ass off with. Maybe it’ll push him into paying more attention than me.”

Laura rubbed the sleep from her face and laughed.

“Hey, maybe you’ll get to see what size his dick is when he comes out in his swim suit.”

“Is that all you ever think about? Sex? You just woke up.”

“No, I don’t just think about sex. I think about romance too!”, Laura said with a laugh. “I just seem to be extra horny in the mornings. I might have even taken care of that, if you hadn’t come in.”

Sara was digging through through the drawer full of bathing suits and said over her shoulder. “Well, don’t me stop you. Just keep the moaning to a minimum.”

“Mmm”, Laura moaned, and slipped her hand under the covers, moving it inside her panties. “Feels sooo good.”

Sara just sighed, and fished out a tiny red bikini.

“How about this one?”

“Sure”, Laura said. “But try it on first. You don’t want any surprises when you get to Jill’s place.”

Sarah pulled her nightshirt over her head and started to put the bikini top on. Laura admired her sister’s cute ass, she hadn’t really noticed its curvy shape before.

“Nice butt, sis.”

“Thanks, but I’d rather you skip the compliments on my body while you’re fingering yourself.”

“Why? You scared I might take a notion to fuck you?”

“You’ve had sex with a girl before?”

“Mmm, Kayley and I have fooled around a bit. She gives great head.”

Laura closed her eyes. She drew her knees up and apart under the covers. Sara saw her hand moving a little more quickly now, obviously pleasuring herself.

“Stop it, Laura. That’s disgusting. Wait till I leave.”

Laura looked at her sister with an impish grin. She threw the covers back and turned, so her spread legs faced her sister. She slid a finger over her mound and into her wet slit.

“This isn’t turning you on?”

“Uh, er, no”, Sara stammered, but felt a strong tingling in her own pussy. She turned towards Laura as she pulled on the bikini bottom. Laura looked at her sister’s hairy pussy and kept her finger inside herself.

“Damn”, Sara exclaimed. “Look at this. The bottom is too small, you can see my bush.”

“OR maybe your bush is too hairy.” Laura replied. “Look at mine. This would fit in a tiny thong bottom. In fact it does.” She removed her hand from her pussy and slid her panties to the side. Sara saw she had it all shaved, except for a little triangle above her swollen clit.

“Wow! You don’t leave much hair down there. Your lips are bald. What does it feel like?”

“Come over here and see for yourself”, Laura said with a big smile.

“I don’t mean that, silly. I meant what does it feel like when you put on panties or a bathing suit?”

“It’s awesome, Sara, so smooth. My satin panties keep rubbing against my lips and my clit is always hard. Trouble is, I’m wet most of the time, it makes me so horny.”

“I can imagine. Your clit looks pretty hard right now. Are you gonna make yourself cum?”

“No, first I think we better fix you up. How ’bout I shave that bush for you, or at least trim it for your bikini tonight?”

Sara looked a little hesitant. “Maybe we can just trim it for now, okay?”

“Sure, babe, get me the little scissors out of my manicure kit in the bathroom, while I throw a t-shirt on. My nipples are hard enough from the air in here. Trimming you might make them even harder.”

Sara left the bedroom, and in a minute she was back, scissors in hand.

“Okay, peel off that bikini bottom and lie down on the bed.”

Sara slid the small red material down over her bum and threw it on the chair. She laid down on the bed, her knees at the edge, and her feet on the floor.

“You’re going to have to spread your legs, so I can get in and trim you.”

Sara spread her legs wide, feeling self-conscious. She had gotten turned on by watching Laura masturbate, and her pussy was wet and swollen. She knew Laura would see her hard clit, once she trimmed some hair away.

Laura knelt between Sara’s spread legs and gently fluffed up the dark pubic hair. She felt how wet it was near the girl’s labia.

“Mmm, someone else is a little horny, I see.”

“Maybe a little”, Sara admitted.

“If it’s just a little, why is your clit so hard? Holy fuck, Sara, it’s huge. Your clit looks like a little cock! Is it always this big?”

“No, only when I’m horny, and watch your hands, or it will get bigger.”

Laura started to trim the lush hair from Sara’s pussy, leaving it about half gebze escort an inch long. As she trimmed nearer the lips, she had to push them aside, to avoid nicking the sensitive skin.

Sara moaned slightly. “Do you have to touch me like that?”

“Yes, if I’m going to keep from cutting those puffy lips. If I was being sexual, I would do something like this.” She rubbed her thumb over Sara’s labia, and pushed it into the now-soaked pussy.

“Mmph, oh fuck, that feels nice”, Sara moaned.

“I better finish, before you’re too wet to trim!”

Laura kept going, getting most of the hair off her sister’s pussy, the strong smell of sex distracting her. She unconsciously began to rub her cunt up against Sara’s leg, her juices soaking through the long t-shirt and wetting Sara’s leg. Sara pushed back a bit, as if trying to fuck Laura with her leg.

As she finished trimming, Laura gently brushed all the loose hair from Sara’s pussy.

“I think I better shave the edges, just to make sure the short hairs don’t stick out the side of your bikini. I’ll just do a bit, don’t worry. Stay here, I’ll get the razor and stuff.”

Laura leaned down and quickly flicked her tongue over the end of Sara’s swollen clit, before the girl had a chance to react. She stood up and went to the bathroom, leaving Sara lying there with her legs spread.

When she came back with the razor, shave cream, a bowl of warm water and a face cloth, Sara was quietly lying with her eyes closed, her fingers tracing lazy circles around her clit. Laura set everything on the floor beside the bed and peeled off her t-shirt. Her puffy nipples were swollen and sticking straight out.

“Fuck, babe, you gotta stop doing that, you’re distracting me from my work.”

Sara opened her eyes dreamily and moved her hand from her pussy up to her mouth. She slid the fingers inside and licked them off seductively.

“Mmm, haven’t done that for a few days. I forgot how horny I’ve been lately.”

“Well, I usually finger myself every morning before I get up. Keeps me from getting too horny in class. We had Mr. O’Connor, Kayley’s father, as a substitute teacher last week. He’s gorgeous and looks like he packs quite a weapon.”

“Why?”, Sara asked, “Could you see it?”

“A little bit. He wasn’t hard, but you could see a shadow quite a ways down his pant leg. Besides…” She dipped the face cloth in the bowl of water and rinsed the loose hairs off Sara’s newly-trimmed pussy. As the cloth rubbed across Sara’s swollen clit, she moaned softly.

“Besides what?”

“Well, if I tell you, will you swear to keep it a secret?”

“Sure, especially if it’s a good one!”

“The other night when I stayed over at Kayley’s place, we were looking at some pics of hot older guys on the ‘net. Kayley said none of them were as big as her father.”

“Big? As in cock size?”

“Yeah”, Laura said, squirting a hand full of shaving cream onto her hand. She rubbed it all over Sara’s pussy, leaving the huge clit poking through. “Ha, ha, your clit looks like a periscope, sticking up through the foam.” She rubbed the handle of the razor over the swollen clit, causing Sara to jerk slightly.

“Fuck, Laura, cut that out, you’re gonna make me cum. Tell me about Kayley’s dad.”

“She said she went down to their sauna in the basement one night. He had thought he was home alone and was already in there. When Kayley looked through the small window in the sauna door, she saw her father sitting there naked with his hard cock in his hand. She said it was huge, maybe ten inches long and really thick.”

Sara moaned, and unconsciously spread her legs wide, her huge clit sticking up in the air now. Laura teased around it with the razor, shaving Sara’s puffy labia smooth.

“So what did Kayley do then?”

“She made a bit of noise walking into the sauna. Her father jumped and covered himself with a towel. Kayley said it was like throwing a towel over a bottle of wine; it covered it, but didn’t hide it. She sat down and her father had his eyes closed. She let her towel drop and started playing with herself. She spread her legs and her leg bumped her father’s leg. He opened his eyes and saw what she was doing. He was going to go back upstairs but she stopped him by putting her hand on the huge lump in his towel.

“She reached under the towel and started jacking him off. She said the precum was running down over her hand he was so wet. He was moaning and thrusting his cock into her hand.”

While she told Sara this, Laura was gently sliding the round end of the shaver handle around the huge swollen clit and partially into her pussy. Sara’s pussy was dripping wet and her labia were red and swollen. She moaned gently as her sister teased her pussy. Then Laura slid the shaver down past the swollen lips and teased the now-wet opening to her bum. She slid the end into Sara’s ass slowly and began fucking her with it.

“Fuck me, Laura, that feels so good. I’ve never felt anything down there göztepe escort before. Can you rub my clit a little as you do that?”

“I can do better than that, babe. How’s this?”

With those words, Laura leaned down and flicked her tongue over Sara’s swollen clit. Sara moaned deeply, and thrust her hips up at Laura’s mouth.

“You like me sucking your little cock, don’t you babe?”

Sara managed to moan a definite yes and kept her hips rocking slowly. Laura felt her sister approaching a climax and suddenly sucked the whole clit into her mouth. Sara began thrashing around on the bed, moaning and crying, as Laura had a hard time keeping her sister’s huge clit in her mouth.

“Mmmph, fuck, Laura.. Suck my clit..I’m cumming!!!”

With those words, Sara’s hips froze and her pussy lips began contracting. Little squirts of clear pussy juice began squirting out, hitting Laura on the chin. She moved her mouth of the clit and let the squirts hit her tongue. Laura moaned and started humping Sara’s leg with her swollen pussy, the wet slips sliding up and down Sara’s shin. She started coming herself, and was squirting on Sara’s leg. It seemed this type of orgasm was the same for both girls- wet and intense.

Laura’s orgasm slowly ebbed to a mere throb and she moved up onto the bed beside her sister, Sara lay there panting and Laura leaned over and kissed her. This startled Sara, but she soon recovered and returned the sisterly kiss. She opened her mouth slightly and Laura moved her mouth so Sara was actually licking the cunt juice off Laura’s chin.

“You sure come a lot, baby girl”, Laura said as Sara licked her face clean.

“Look who’s talking- I feel a little puddle on my foot where you were humping my leg. Seems like we both cum the same way.”

“Yeah, we sure do. The first time I noticed I squirted like that was on Luke’s face.”

“What the fuck?” Sara sat up quickly. “What do you mean? You were fucking around with Daddy?”

“Well, he’s not really our daddy. He’s our stepfather. And he’s got a twelve-inch cock. Well, maybe a little longer, depending on where you measure it.”

“You measured his cock?”

“Yeah, I was lying on his lap watching a movie with him one night. The movie was pretty sexy and I could feel his cock growing under my head. I moved his hand onto my back and asked him to massage me, as I was a bit sore after my soccer game. I didn’t have a bra on and when he was caught up in the movie, I turned to face him. He w as a bit slow to react and his hand ended up on top of my breast. I looked into his eyes and felt his cock jump behind me.

“I asked him how big it was and he said he never measured it, so I got up and went to the desk and got a ruler. I knelt down in front of him and pulled his sweat pants down. His cock was so hard it popped up and hit me in the face. Fuck, Sara, you should see his cock! It’s beautiful; long and thick…thick as my wrist. And the precum was dripping down the shaft…mmm, all those thick veins. I slid my hand up the shaft and scooped up some precum and licked my hand off. It was so salty and sweet at the same time. His cock is too thick to get it in my mouth, but…”

“Don’t stop now”, Sara said. She was caressing Laura’s hard nipples, and spread her legs wide, showing Laura how wet she was. Laura slid her hand up Sara’s thigh, and teased her swollen lips. “What happened next?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me”, she moaned as Laura rubbed her still-swollen clit.

“Well, Luke said he could take care of things himself, and leaned forward. Fuck, Sara, that big cock brushed against his cheek! He opened his mouth and the huge head slipped inside!”

“You’re telling me Daddy was sucking his own cock? Fuck me, that is too sexy. Were you turned on?”

“Was I ever. I stood up and pulled my panties off and started fingering myself right in front of him. I slid two fingers into my wet cunt and then held them up to his mouth. He sucked them in and licked all my juices off. Then I asked him if he would lick my clit. He said yes, and kept stroking his cock while I slid my panties off and laid on the couch. He sucked the head of his huge cock back into his mouth as I fingered myself. Then he knelt down and licked my swollen pussy lips, teasing my clit by ignoring it. It was throbbing. Then, while he was eating me, he slid his finger down over my bum and pushed it in.”

“Wow! That’s bad. Did it feel good?”

“Yeah, just like this.” Laura slid her hand down over Sara’s wet pussy and slid her finger into Sara’s ass. “And you say that’s bad. After that, he started tongue-fucking my ass. It felt sooo good, Sara. Then he sucked on my clit, and I came like crazy. I even squirted all over his face. I usually get really wet, but never squirted before.”

“You keeping fingering my ass, and I’m gonna squirt all over your hand!”

Laura knelt back down between Sara’s legs and started licking her sister’s huge clit as she continued to slide halkalı escort her finger in and out of Sara’s bum. Sara was moving her hips up towards Laura’s face, trying to hump her mouth and her hand. Laura slowly slid her finger out of her sister’s bum and slid her tongue down over the swollen slips and onto her anus. Sara gasped and started to feel an earth-shaking orgasm building.

“Fuck my ass, Laura, keep licking. I’m gonna cum!”

Laura kept licking her sister’s bum and felt her juices squirting out of her pussy, onto her face. Laura moved her mouth up and caught the last squirt, and gently sucked Sara’s huge clit into her mouth. The girl kept coming, and slowly her hips stopped gyrating.

“Oh, Laura, that was the best orgasm I ever had. Come here, I want to taste myself on your mouth.”

Laura moved up and lay beside Sara, the two girls slowly French kissing. Sara reached down and slid her hand over Laura’s hard clit.

“You want me to make you come now, babe? I could lick you or fuck you with my new dildo.”

“How about I lend you a hand?”

The girls turned toward the door and there stood Luke, wrapped only in a towel, looking like he had just gotten out of the shower. There was a huge bulge under the towel which both girls were staring at.

“Luke!”, both girls said at the same time. They started to grab for towels, sheets, anything that could cover their nakedness.

“Hey, don’t get dressed for me. How ’bout I make things equal?” With that, Luke dropped the towel and two pairs of eyes moved down his stomach to the huge semi-hard cock just starting to lift off his leg. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to Sara.

“Holy shit, Laura! You sure weren’t exaggerating over the size of this thing. Can I…can I..”

“Touch it?”, Luke said. “Sure, baby, see what it feels like.”

Sara reached over and tentatively put her hand on the swollen cock, and it twitched under her touch. It started to lift of the bed and the huge head began to push its way through the soft, thick foreskin. A large drop of precum was forming at the tip. Laura reached over and quickly scooped it up with her finger and popped it into her mouth.

“Hey!”, Sara protested.

“Don’t worry, sis. There’s plenty more where that came from. Watch.”

Laura squeezed her hand around the base of Luke’s cock as best she could; it wouldn’t go all the way around. She then slid her fist up the shaft and a huge dollop of precum poured out the end. Laura scooped that up with two fingers and held them up to Sara’s mouth. Sara hungrily moaned and sucked her sister’s fingers, getting all the precum off.

Luke moaned, and reached down. His finger teased Sara’s swollen clit and a drop of her juices soaked his finger. He licked it off and reached down to his massive cock, wetting his fingers with his precum.

“Come here, Laura.”, he said.

Laura stood up before her stepfather. He slid his two slippery fingers over her clit and into her pussy, the swollen lips sucking at his hand. He started finger fucking her.

“Fuck, Daddy,, that feels so good. Will you show that special trick to Sara? Where you suck your own cock?”

“You want to see that, baby?”

“Mmm, yes please, Daddy” Sara purred, as Luke slid his two fingers out of Laura’s pussy and into Sara.

Luke looked at Laura who was still fisting the massive prick. She smiled and pushed the head of Luke’s cock toward his open mouth. He bent over slightly and stuck his tongue out, swirling over the swollen head. Sara moaned as he gently bit the edge of the foreskin and pulled it over the huge knob. The girls watched breathlessly as he then slid his mouth down three or four inches, Laura’s hand still gently jacking the massive cock. The precum was oozing out of Luke’s cock and down his lips over Laura’s small hand. Her hand looked tiny compared to the giant cock she was fisting.

Sara sat up, Luke’s fingers popping out of the girl’s tight pussy. She leaned over and took Luke’s swollen balls into her hand. She moaned and said “They feel so nice all smooth and shaved. Who shaved them for you Daddy?”

Luke let his cock slide out of his mouth and licked his lips. “Your sister did, the other night, after I shaved her lips for her. You should have a taste of this.”

He grabbed the monster cock by the base, below Laura’s hand and pushed it toward Sara. Even with both Luke’s and Laura’s hands on it, there was still two or three inches plus the huge purple head sticking out. Sara moaned again, and reached for the enormous tool. She rubbed the wet knob over her face and opened her mouth. Surprising Luke, she managed to slide about six inches into her mouth with ease.

“Wow, babe, no one has ever taken that much of my cock at first, not without a lot of practice. You been sucking some big cocks?”

“No, Daddy, none more than half the size of yours, but my friend, Lloyd, has a really thick cock and about seven inches long. I’ve gotten good at taking him deep throat as soon as he gets that fuck stick out of his pants.”

“Mmm, you’ll have to bring him over some time, Sara, I’d love to suck a cock like that myself. I don’t think I can get much of Daddy’s in my mouth.”

“Well, now’s a good a time as any to try. Come over here and switch places. Besides, I want a taste of those shaved pussy lips.”

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