Doing Dad’s Girlfriend Ch. 04


I always considered that I had a good life, but over the past few months, I was getting blown away by how much better my life was getting. In that period, I had been seduced by my dad’s much younger girlfriend. Adrianna was only a few years older than me and was a professional dance instructor and choreographer. She also had the body for it and had used it to inadvertently seduce me once when we had gone for a daytrip to the beach.

Much as I thought that was amazing, Adrianna then set me up with her equally hot mother, the oldest woman I have ever slept with. Alexa was a retired dancer and was even more at home with her body and sexuality than was her daughter, and that’s saying a lot. In fact, Alexa had prompted Adrianna to get me into her life, and the sex was glorious.

Not only were mother and daughter very sexual, but they had been sharing their love lives forever. Alexa knew how Adrianna had jacked me off on the beach and how she’d fucked me the first time. I’m sure that Adrianna knew every bit of her mother’s first experience with me, too. Rather than being put off by this, I was entirely turned on. I had now fucked the two hottest women I had ever met, and they wanted to share me! Oh, glory!

The only odd, off-putting feature of my sex life with these two was that Adrianna wanted my help to make my dad (yes, my own father) a better lover and while I was at it, maybe we could do a foursome one night with her mother and my dad.

It took me quite a while to get my head around the idea of fucking one of my lovers alongside my dad as he was serviced by my other lover, his girlfriend. But I did come around. My motivation was very powerful: I could get to keep fucking both Adrianna and her mother and if they could be open about their sexuality, I might as well be open to doing the same. But it was still pretty weird for me.

Once I had made up my mind to help Adrianna with my dad, I called a ‘meeting’ with her and her mother, Alexa. Quite the meeting it turned out to be. The three of us planned that that the four of us would go out for drinks then go back to my place for a giant-screen movie, and a little more. They just wouldn’t tell me what that would be.

“Okay, then what will happen?” I asked mother and daughter.

Alexa replied, “you can just leave that to us.”

“What about getting my dad to go out with us?”

“Leave that to me,” said Adrianna.

“What do you need me to do?”

Alexa replied as opaquely as before: “Just agree when your dad asks you along on this double date.”

At this point, all I knew is that I would be going for drinks with my two lovers… and my dad… on the coming Friday night. Hmmm… I didn’t really know what to make of this so-called plan. Then again, these women had been incredibly inventive with me before so I left it at that.

On Thursday my dad popped in to my apartment adjoining our house. He was a bit more confused that I have seen him, but still he got the point out to me. Could I do him a favour and go on a double date with he and Adrianna. The catch was that her mom would the fourth. He certainly didn’t know I had already met, let alone fucked Adrianna’s mom. He was looking for me to do it as a favour to him.

I tried to play it as the surprised son, but I must have failed because as soon as I had agreed he asked me if I had met Adrianna’s mother.

“Actually, yes. I was having coffee with Adrianna and she introduced me to her mom. I am such a bad liar, but he didn’t question it so that was that.

“In that case, you and I will pick them up at Adrianna’s around 8 pm tomorrow. I’ve arranged a town car so I can have a drink along with the three of you. We set?”

“Got it, dad. You know, it might be fun. Alexa is a very positive person and I bet we all get along great.”

At this point I knew little more than he did about our date and much as I had faith in those two, I was so very curious. We’ll see, I decided.

My dad knocked on my door about half an hour before we needed to be ready and he seemed very nervous. “Do you know anything I don’t?” he quizzed. “Why would Adrianna need us to double date? And with her mother? I think that’s the most shocking part of it, after all she’s older than your mother for God’s sake.”

He was running off at the mouth from being so nervous so I just let him go on. Eventually I contributed one line: “Actually, I find Alexa pretty good looking and I don’t see you having an issue with a much younger woman so why should I care if she’s older than I am?”

“I suppose,” he said, “but it seems a bit strange to me.”

“Just let it go, dad, and have a good time. Don’t forget, you’ll be with Adrianna and she’s gorgeous.”

I continued getting ready and just when the time came for us to leave, it was all go from my end. I was wearing my best cotton slacks with a contrasting blazer and some funky espadrilles that really made the outfit. My dad was more conservative, as always, and was wearing a perfectly fitting suit with just the Rize Escort right tie and matching accoutrements. We looked good, I tell ya.

The plan was to pick up the girls and head to my dad’s club for drinks and appetizers. I popped out of the car and ran the bell to announce our presence. Naturally, they were not ready but promised to be down in 10 minutes. Why was this not surprising? I went back to the car and joined my dad for a short wait. After a half hour of patient waiting, he took a turn to buzz upstairs to remind our dates that we were still waiting. He only had a few minutes to wait, then they walked across the lobby arm in arm.

Both women were dressed to impress. If I had thought Adrianna was hot when I first met her, this was something on an entirely different plane. She was dressed in an elegant suit that was probably raw silk. It was light and perfectly cut. The jacket was styled to be worn open which gave us a great view of the light, nearly translucent blouse she wore and which all but showed her nipples. I felt a gasp coming but bit it off lest my dad notice. Adrianna’s skirt was cut a bit short but conservatively for her. Her long legs were bare, tanned and perfectly muscled. On her feet were high heels worthy of the name at about eight inches which meant she towered over all of us. I’m sure my dad didn’t mind any more than I did.

The view was no less delicious when I focussed on Alexa. She wore similar, very sexy heels to match her daughter’s. And her legs were simply spectacular. She was wearing hose, sheer but glittery to match her top.

Alexa was wearing a tight sequined tube top that held her breasts perfectly. They were pressed together with just enough pillowy spillover to emphasize their generous proportions. Over this she had on a silk cowl-neck layer that only served to draw attention to her shimmery breasts. Instead of the rather formal suit her daughter had on, Alexa had gone in the other direction. She wore a white leather micro-miniskirt that barely cleared her buttocks, already hinting at the treasure beneath.

Looking at them together I was hard pressed to tell they were mother and daughter. I turned to my dad and whispered, “no one will notice us no matter what we do or wear, you know?”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted. We were in agreement.

Being gentlemen, we helped our girls into the car. I am not sure how they managed it, but both Alexa and Adrianna got seated in the low, leather seats of the town car without giving away one extra inch of flesh.

I sat facing Adrianna while Alexa was facing my dad. The air seemed close, percolating with tension. My dad could be so smooth sometimes. He’d already opened a bottle of wine and offered each of them a glass as we drove across town to the club. This car service idea was already looking like the best way to accomplish an evening like this.

The drive took maybe half an hour but by the time we rolled up to the hundred-year-old building that was home to my dad’s club we were all chatting away like the friends we were. I still felt the tension but I was having a good time.

I helped Alexa out of the car as my dad took his girlfriend’s hand to do the same on the other side of the car. With gorgeous Adrianna on his arm, dad led the way into the lobby. I followed closely with my own hot, sexy date.

We spent two hours at the club, enjoyed a wonderful assortment of hors d’oeuvres, tasted several exotic wines and even sampled some rare tequilas. By now we were all a bit intoxicated and it was decided that the time had come for us to go back to my place for the movie. Had I not known better, I would have backed my dad up when he suggested we write off the movie and finish out the night at the club. Good thing the girls were solid on the plan or we might not have convinced my dad to leave.

The ride home was much like the earlier drive but missing the tension as we were much better lubricated. This time my dad and I were seated across from our dates, knees almost touching. I was outright staring at their fabulous legs. Alexa was sitting rather primly with her knees held tightly together. Adrianna’s position was more languid as she leaned back. Hers were stretched to reach between my dad’s feet but still held closed as if she was tempting him to push her feet apart with his to see what was available right in front of him. Naturally, he did not get the hint but I was dying to see a little more of her happy place.

At one point, Adrianna asked my dad something about a building rising above us at a stoplight. I was surprised because it was a rather lame and irrelevant question. Then I noticed Alexa had taken the opportunity to open her knees wider. With her ankles still tightly together, the view I got was masterful: she had nothing on under her leather mini and I could just see the little landing strip above her pouty pussy lips. Before I could enjoy the view properly, she innocently closed her legs again, just as dad and Adrianna turned their attention back into Rize Escort Bayan the car. I caught a little look of deviousness between mother and daughter. No wonder. It was entirely planned for my benefit, and perfectly erotic.

Alexa pretended to do the same thing to get my attention, again over some idiotic local feature. The difference this time was that I knew what was going on and kept one eye looking towards Adrianna who was offering my dad the same view as I had just received. He couldn’t tell that I was looking at his girlfriend’s pussy but he still blanched and gave her a look that said “what the hell are you doing?” She demurely, and slowly, pulled her thighs back together leaving me with a growing erection. It also reminded me of how fabulously sexual these two women were. They were in full control.

We drove on in silence, just listening to the rhythmic thump of the car’s music system. Alexa was looking at me to see if her little show had done anything to me. I realized Adrianna was doing the same: both were staring at my crotch. I casually slid a hand over my crotch pausing just long enough to outline the growing shaft hidden under the fabric. Mother and daughter looked at each other and simultaneously licked their lips.

My dad did not notice this little exchange, and certainly not me touching my cock to tease the girls.

The driver left us at in the turnaround in front of my ‘garage’ apartment. I saw my dad slip a $100 to him as a tip — I like that about my dad: he’s very generous.

We were all talking at the same time, about the club and how stuffy it was. Adrianna complained, weakly, that every man in the place seemed to find a reason to walk by our table. Alexa replied that her daughter had loved every minute of it, and besides, her own bare legs were far more inviting and showy. My dad seemed embarrassed and apologized to the women, saying that it was uncouth for the other men to have stared at them. I interjected my own opinion: “I’m sure Adrianna and Alexa have had to deal with that before and have certainly shot down more than one attempted suitor. Besides, they were with us and the men I noticed were under no doubt who was going home with these girls.”

“You got that right, sweetie,” said Alexa. That seemed to ease my dad’s gentlemanly concerns and we all made it into my apartment. My setup for the media room took advantage both of a giant screen — I bought one of the first 80-inch televisions — and the matching sound system with more speakers than I can remember having installed. The result was that watching a movie here was basically the same as being there in person.

Once we were all settled down with popcorn and cold beers, it was time to run the movie. Adrianna, Alexa and I had debated the choice for a long time, eventually deciding on a mildly frightening recent film. Adrianna had said that my dad was used to her screaming and snuggling up when a scary bit came up; she even admitted faking it on more than one case.

I have a huge leather sofa directly facing the screen which has been known to seat six, snugly. I was on the left with Alexa on my right, then Adrianna and my dad on the far right. The lights auto-dimmed when I fired up the Blu-Ray and hit the sound. With no neighbours close enough to hear, we could use the system to its maximum capacity. I like to play it loud and this was a perfect movie for this system.

We’d been watching the moving for no more than 10 minutes when I felt Alexa’s hand slide over my leg and come to rest on my crotch. What she found was my very soft cock tucked away in my pants. She turned to look at me and gave me a look of ‘what’s going on here?!’ Given the circumstances, my dad was only a few feet away after all, Alexa could be forgiven for being disappointed at my lack of arousal, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She started to rub every part of me within her reach, always coming back to my slowly awakening penis.

What a gamer she was. She unzipped me and slid her left hand into the opening where she cupped my ball sack, raking it with her long nails. That made a difference because I felt a twitch in my cock, but not enough for an erection.

As Alexa played with my balls and cock she made a good show of pretending to watch the movie. She giggled or squealed at all the right moments, but always with her hand in my pants. I saw her glancing over to her daughter several times. When I looked, all I saw were two people, one of which was my father, sitting back watching the movie, just like we were. Ooops! Just like we were. I realized that Adrianna had her hand inside his pants, just like her mom had hers in mine. I could see her arm and shoulder moving slightly in the same way that Alexa’s was. Oh, my God! Adrianna was matching her mom’s activities. Even if it was my dad, I admit to getting turned on by this: having one of my lovers fooling around in front of us.

I was just reaching that conclusion when Adrianna turned her head to look at me directly. Escort Rize She had the dirtiest, most lusty look in her eyes. It gave me a bit of a start, but it also encouraged my cock in Alexa’s hands. Obviously, this was all part of their plan, jacking off father and son at the same time. It still felt weird.

By now, Alexa had generated a fully functional hard-on and was slowly stroking it. When I was as hard as I was going to get, she leaned into me and quietly said, “just play along Thomas. Trust us.”

I grunted a quiet uh-huh and thrust slightly against her hand. She liked that but she let go of my cock. I watched as she slid a finger beneath her short skirt — it was riding up high by now, showing everything but pussy. She pulled her finger out again and put it into my mouth. I sucked hard to get all of her juices off the long middle finger.

She then went back to my crotch, but this time it was to unbuckle my belt and pull me completely free of my pants. I helped a bit by lifting my hips so she could pull them down a bit. Alexa then leaned forward as if to adjust her position, but instead of sitting back, she shifted her hips slightly so that she landed on my lap. She then pulled back the miniskirt to expose her buttocks to me. Then she lifted off me and slid back to position cock now between her thighs, pressing hard against her pussy.

As she had so effectively demonstrated on her patio, she did a controlled rubbing along the hard shaft, getting it all slick with her vaginal fluids. A few moments of this made us both ready —Alexa reached down to my granite-hard cock and guided it into her luscious pussy. Then nothing… just that talented grasping of her cunt.

I had lost pretty much all sense of where I was and what was happening now. Then I remembered! My dad! Adrianna! Oh, my. What could I do?

I was really enjoying the feeling of having Alexa impaled on my cock but I needed to figure out what was going on beside us.

Only a few feet away Adrianna and my dad seemed to be having an argument, but ever so quietly. I could only make it out because of their body language and seeing my dad shake his head no several times. Alexa and I were both watching this, and it was she that resolved the situation. She started fucking me. Loudly. All I had to do was sit back and keep my hips up to give her the access to as much of my meat as she could take.

I kept watching the other two but somehow my dad had yet to notice anything different. That’s when things changed: Alexa let out a wild, hoarse groan signifying that she was having an orgasm. An amazing orgasm judging from her gyrations on my cock. She ripped off her top and her superb tits were loosed from their fabric prison. And she kept fucking me, bouncing up and down as her melons bobbed around in time with her efforts.

I was watching Adrianna and my dad when this started. At the first cry from Alexa, both Adrianna and my dad looked over at us — I swear my dad almost broke his neck he was so quick, and so surprised. What I saw on his face was first confusion, then shock. I think I heard his jaw drop.

Adrianna, on the other hand, seemed to know all about what we were doing and she joined in, saying, “fuck that boy, mom! Ride him hard!”

I could not believe the effect of hearing this goddess encouraging her mother to fuck me… in front of my dad, too!

The movie was in a quiet period so we could hear each other clearly now. I heard Adrianna say to my dad, “c’mon Barry. Don’t you want to fuck me like your son is fucking my mom?”

I have no idea what he said, but she must have been pleased with it because she dropped in front of him on the floor. I was surprised that she’d already gotten his cock out of his pants as Alexa had done mine. And she’d certainly been jacking him off because he was hard.

From her position in front of him, Adrianna pulled off his pants, ripped off, actually. I don’t think he was helping and I am pretty sure he did not know what was going on. Adrianna then did the fastest strip tease possible and was all of a sudden standing naked in front of all our eyes, but focussed on my dad.

I had a great view of her, too. This just encouraged me to start thrusting against Alexa again. We’d been stopped to watch the neighbourly action. Alexa turned to me and said, “fuck me, Thomas. I know my daughter has that effect on you, doesn’t she?”

As we continued our rocking fucking motion, Adrianna was talking total control over her lover. She straddled his lap with those fantastic dancer’s legs. She was still wearing her high heels so there was plenty of room to move her body closer. I watched as she took my dad’s hands and pulled at them until he was holding her ass. Tightly. That’s when he looked over at me. This time, he was still looking shocked and seemed only partly convinced this was really happening. The look on his face was something of a ‘what the hell is going on?’

So I told him. “Dad, the girls told me they wanted to fuck us both tonight, and I thought it was a good idea because I wanted to fuck Alexa so much. Now fuck your girlfriend, dad, she looks hot!” There was no need for him to know I’d already fucked Alexa and was completely familiar with his girlfriend’s delicious pussy. ‘Maybe later,’ I thought.

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