Doctor’s Dream part 3

Doctor’s Dream part 3
The sound of running water prompts me to open my eyes. Jessica is in the shower.

I sit up and glance down at my naked body. I don’t know how long I dozed off for; but my cock is still wet. It hangs half-engorged over the front edge of Jessica’s bedroom chair. The carpet between my feet is slick with spit. I stand slowly, feeling somewhat drunk from the margaritas and my recent climax in Jessica’s mouth.

I walk across the room and knock on the frame of the open bathroom door.

“Mind if I rinse off too?” I ask, loudly enough to be heard above the hiss of running water.

“Sure,” Jessica answers. “Climb in.”

I peel back the curtain and step into the warm fog of Jessica’s shower. We immediately embark on a new round of passionate kissing.

Fifteen minutes later, having thoroughly soaped, scrubbed, lathered and caressed each other beneath the hot rain, we step from the clawfoot tub and begin toweling off.

Before getting even halfway dry, however, the towels fall away and we find ourselves horizontal across the width of Jessica’s queen-size bed, giggling like k**s. Clean and warm, we press our naked bodies together. Our mouths and tongues dance, desperately conveying our mutual excitement. My hands wander Jessica’s nubile body, squeezing her curves and teasing her little crevices. Jessica clutches my head with one hand, pinning her mouth tightly against mine while her other hand wanders from my chest to my stomach and then down to my crotch.

I drag her up onto the pillows atop the bed and lay upon her like a blanket. After a minute more of groping and kissing, I start working my way down her body: sucking on her slender neck, then her mountainous breasts and their swollen nipples, then down further across her taut tummy until my hungry mouth at last feasts upon her daintily waxed mons pubis. Jessica’s fingers tangle themselves into my hair as I start to caress her pink clitoris and labia with my tongue and lips. I suction the hairless folds of her sex into my mouth, rolling and squeezing them between my lips. My tongue dives deep into her little trench, then flicks this way and that across her rapidly engorging clit. I settle myself down between her open thighs, lying prone so that my hands are free to roam her body. As I bury my face into her crotch, I palm her soft breasts. They are almost too large, overflowing beyond the breadth my hands. Looking up from between her thighs, I marvel at the depth of cleavage I can create by squashing them together.

Jessica begins to moan loudly, unembarrassed within the comfort and privacy of her parents’ empty home. As her ascent toward orgasm gains speed, her slender thighs alternately squeeze my head, blocking out all sound, or fling themselves wide apart to thrust her slippery groin against my face. I nod my chin rhythmically, dragging my tongue across her clit and labia in an endless loop that accelerates the tempo of her panting moans.

Eventually I withdraw one hand from her chest and press its longest finger into her young pussy. Jessica squeals like a groupie. The interior of her narrow cunt is slick and warm. Its fleshy walls drag against the strokes of my penetrating finger with delightful tension. As I continue to slurp and lick at her clit I work a second finger up into her, turning and curling them both in search of that little interior button that hides beneath her pubic bone.

Jessica’s thigh muscles begin to twitch. Her fingernails dig into my scalp. The lavish attention being paid to her clit is having its desired effect. My buried fingers find and then rub the little lump of her g-spot as my mouth continues its relentless ministrations upon her clit. After only a few more seconds of this, the narrow orifice of her cunt pulses with contractions and Jessica erupts in a short, sharp orgasm that warms her skin to a peachy glow.

She pushes me away for a moment as the sensations get overly intense, but soon pulls my face back down onto her sopping crotch. I repeat every rhythmic input over again and add one more: Instead of just kneading the girth of her right breast with my free hand, I pinch its raised ruby-red nipple and lift straight up — letting the weight of her massive tit distend her areola. Then with a gentle side-to-side shake, I wobble the suspended cone of her boob by its outstretched nipple.

“Ohh… God!” Jessica whispers in reaction to this new treatment. She raises her hand to her other breast and mimics the technique. I continue my busy oral rhythm down at her clit, but occasionally glance upward to watch the twin teepees of her boobs oscillating as they dangle from her now thumb-sized nipples.

Over the course of the next two minutes Jessica’s skin coats itself in a sweaty sheen. Her vocalizations ascend in both octave and frequency. When she suddenly erupts, it is in a longer and more convulsive orgasm that drenches the bed sheet below my chin. Her pussy quakes around my two embedded fingers as she cries out repeatedly. I pump my fingers within her until she pushes me away again, clearly over-stimulated.

I raise myself up onto one knee and wipe some of the wetness from my face. Jessica’s voice trails off to a soft whimper. She rolls onto her right side and curls into a fetal position, hiding her freshly-tortured nipples beneath her hands. She lies there with her eyes closed. I notice her little round buttocks are now shiny wet. Clear liquid trickles out from her pussy and slides down across the lower curve of her bottom.

Resisting the urge to plunge my cock directly into her, I lift my gaze to the bedside table. I recognize a black vinyl sack adorned with a familiar pink logo — it’s from Carol’s shop. I crawl across the bed to retrieve it. Peering inside I see enough sex-toys to keep us busy for days. Jessica opens her drowsy eyes and watches me withdraw the vibrating egg, the anal beads, the bottle of lube and a medium-sized dildo.

I crawl back to my position near her butt and arrange the toys beside her. The little egg-shaped vibrator is the type that activates with a quick shake, after which it runs for a minute at a time. Its hollow plastic shell contains a heavy vibrating ball that rolls around, knocking and clacking against the outer surface. If you keep moving it regularly, the vibration never stops. I wake it up with a flick of my wrist and then drag its buzzing shape along the smooth skin of Jessica’s folded legs. She remains curled on her side but smiles as I tickle the backs of her knees and thighs with the wandering egg. With my free hand I push her legs higher up toward her chest until the glossy pink mound of her pussy protrudes blatantly from between her inner thighs. Then I slowly begin to circle her ass with the vibrating egg.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for more yet,” Jessica whispers dreamily as the egg wanders closer to her sex.

“Just relax,” I say. “I’ll do it softly.”

With that I gently trace the buzzing egg between her ass cheeks until it hums between them, snug against her tiny anus. Her eyes widen dramatically.

“Mm, mm, oh…!” Jessica stammers as I hold the egg against her.

I slide the egg further down, dragging it over her perineum and outer labia and then up to the little pink nub of her clit.

“God that feels good. Oh… God!” she whines.

I slide a hand between her shins and swing her topmost leg up and over my head in an arc, rolling her onto her back until she is again splay-legged in front of me. Still working the buzzing egg against her pussy I drop my face back into her lap and resume my ministrations.

Jessica begins to hum and pant as I suck on her swollen clit and slide the vibrating egg up and down the pink valley between her outer labia. I can taste the tangy juices of her cunt all over my tongue. I wander the little egg down toward her perineum and hold it there, just beneath the entrance of her vaginal canal. Then, ever so slowly, I start to press it inwards. The pink petals of her inner labia are wet and weeping. Their slippery, butter-like juice soon envelopes the egg, making it more difficult to control. Despite this copious lubricant, she is so tight that it actually requires a bit of pressure from my thumb to insert the egg up to its widest point.

Jessica gasps as the vibrating toy stretches her little opening. I chase the egg with my thumb, burying the whole thing inside of her. Its vibrations now buzz steadily within her while I work on her clit and outer labia with my mouth. Her moans become almost worried-sounding as I grind my face in circles on her clit while the little buzzing egg works its magic on her interior.

We pass another minute like this before the egg quits humming. Carefully, I insert my index finger into her, hook it around the little egg and draw it out. It emerges slowly at first, and then pops from her pussy with a moist gasp trailing a line of her clear juice. I ignite its vibration once more and prepare to re-insert it, but Jessica softly whispers, “No… Please just fuck me.”

I lift my head from between her skinny thighs and look at her face. Her eyes are barely half open and her long hair is tangled messily around her head. Her breath is ragged, panting in and out through pouted lips. She is cradling her sprawled-out tits, scissoring their cherry-sized nipples between her fingers.

I wipe the dew from my face and ask, “What?”

“Fuck me,” she whispers again. “Please… please, just fuck me.” A ruddy flush blooms across her neck and cheekbones.

Wordlessly I rise up onto my knees and shuffle forward between her splayed legs until my cock overshadows her pubic mound. I stare down at her miniature waist and girlish hips while stroking the length of my cock above her. Seeing myself superimposed on her tiny pelvis like this makes me wonder for a moment whether this is such a good idea after all. My shaft obscures everything up to her navel from view. But then Jessica surprises me by drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping an arm tightly around them, rolling her pelvis up toward me. She crosses her ankles to one side and lets her little feet flutter in the air between us. She stares up at me expectantly.

I run a finger down the back of one of her tautly-drawn thighs and study the glistening, hairless mound of her pale cunt. I can feel the thudding pulse of new blood rushing into my cock, filling its chambers. I position a hand on her shiny butt and use my thumb to pry its round swell away from her waiting pussy. This opens a tiny gap between the bright pink petals of her inner labia. I bump my cockhead against this moist orifice, marveling again at the size difference between us. My organ looks much bigger than it should, almost impossibly wide in front of such a tender entrance. I smear the tip of my cock up and down in the buttery wetness of her little outer folds.

Jessica reaches down to her opposite butt cheek and tugs it aside, inviting me into her pouting cunt. Instead of diving in, I reach over her with my free hand and grab her crossed ankles. I lean forward and press her skinny legs all the way down until her shins land on the pillow beside her face. Her ass and tailbone lift involuntarily high up off the mattress and the air is forced from her lungs in a worried “huuh” as her toes disappear into the gap between mattress and headboard. Now I can feel the warm mouth of her pussy pressing hard up against the root of my penis. The stretched vee of her inverted ass embraces my dangling ball sack.

Her eyes widen at the defenselessness of her new jackknifed posture. I bring one foot up to support some of my weight and then start smearing the underside of my cock all over her waiting pussy. The honey-like viscosity of her juice clings to my cock, creating drippy threads between us every time I pull away. She whines, begging impatiently to be penetrated, and wiggles her inverted ass up against my balls. I drag the length of my shaft back and forth across her slippery exterior and then rhythmically beat my cockhead down upon her clit. This produces a soft but satisfying sound: smack, smack, smack.

“Nn-Hmm… please!” Jessica whines with a shallow breath. Her nubile young body squirms under the leveraged weight that pins her feet way back over her head. The wriggling of her ass merely taunts me. I keep swinging my heavy head down onto her wet opening.

Smack, smack, smack…

Finally I raise my hips and aim the length of my cock straight down at the entrance of her waiting pussy. Jessica’s eyes widen as I snug the tip firmly between her pouting labia. I then return one hand to her ass cheek, prying its elastic flesh apart. In this way I am able to hold Jessica’s folded body motionless beneath me with one firm grip on her ankles and another on her tautly stretched ass. She stares at the nine inches of thick cock standing vertically upon her little pussy. A worried crease darkens her brow and her mouth widens to an expectant gape.

I begin to ease down into her. She emits a long, anxious wail as her entire pussy rolls inward beneath the blunt wedge of my cockhead. The soft petals of her inner labia disappear entirely, submerged under the pressure.

“Oh wow, ow… Aah!” Jessica pants as her snug entrance is stretched by my bulbous girth. I balance a bit more weight on my vertical shaft and watch as it creeps downward. As the enormous mushroom-head of my cock begins to disappear within her, she slaps the mattress and cries out: “Wait!”

I freeze, savoring this moment of extreme mechanical tension as her body slowly stretches to accommodate me. A few heartbeats later, the outermost circle of her wet canal swallows my cock’s helmet with a silent pop.

“Oh my God that’s so fucking big!” she screams. I feel her little cunt cinch tight around the neck of my cock. My engulfed head throbs within her. My balls tingle.

When I press deeper her eyes wince and water immediately, so I ease back. I pull my cock slowly outward, allowing the glistening lips of her pussy to reemerge. Just when her inner labia reappear, unfolding themselves around my withdrawing cockhead, I push downward again. Her ample lubrication allows me to slide in this time rather than crushing her labia so far inward. She whines loudly as I squeeze just my head back into her, then follow it with another inch of cock.

I shut my eyes with glee. She is incredibly tight. In a flash of impatience, I draw back and then maniacally shove half my length down into her upended body.

“Yow!” Jessica yells, slapping her hands against my torso. “Slower!”

I raise my pelvis, dragging almost all of my cock back out of her whimpering body. Looking down, I watch her innermost pink petals appear again. They cling to my withdrawing shaft like miniature tongues, leaving trails of clear slime in their wake.

Jessica digs her fingernails into my skin in panicky anticipation of my next downward plunge. I ease down very slowly this time, lowering the first four inches of my monster cock into her young pussy.

“Oh my Goh-ahd!” she howls as the air escapes her squashed lungs. I move my right hand from her ass to the pillow beside her head and lift myself onto my toes so I am horizontal above her. My cock stands like a vertical connector between us. I release my grip on her ankles, letting her legs spring back against my left shoulder as I bring myself face-to-face with her nervous, clenched expression. Holding her wide-eyed stare with my own gaze, I thrust sharply back into her.

A high-pitched squeal rewards this new intrusion. I raise my hips once more and then begin a series of short, quick thrusts.

“Aaa, Aaa, Aaa, Aaa…!” she chants in synch with my repeated strokes. I pump half my length into her over and over, bouncing her body against the springy mattress. Her wetness embraces my cock. Gradually I add more and more weight behind each stroke, hoping to penetrate her upturned cunt even further. The bed shakes with each impact. Jessica moans like an a****l beneath me, gasping for breath as I pump myself into her. Little tears slide back across her sweating temples.

I find myself grunting as I steadily hammer my cock inch by inch into her, forcing her tender interior to accommodate me. Her squashed left tit bursts free from beneath her legs and starts to swing rhythmically with my thrusts. Her hands clutch at my flanks, guiding my downward strokes. I widen my stance for better balance and then grab her swirling breast with my hand. I gather its spongy mass and shove it in a pile toward her face. Without interrupting the steady beating of my cock into her pussy, I dip my head and capture her swollen nipple between my lips.

“Yeah,” she whines. “Do that!”

I tug at her nipple sharply with my mouth as I continue trying to pound my wide cock further into her. Her staccato moans jump an octave higher, punctuated by my bouncing impacts. I suck on her fat tit some more and then grab her areola and stretch it up toward her own mouth. “Oh!” she yelps as I pinch the distended cherry of her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Lick it,” I whisper, pressing the tip of her nipple against her chin.

Her eyes wince as my downward strokes continue to hammer tiny body, but she consents by darting her pink tongue out and licking the outstretched nipple.

“Good girl,” I whisper before releasing her tit and returning my hand to the mattress to support myself. “Keep doing that while I fuck you.”

I feel her cunt clench tightly around the trunk of my cock in response to this instruction, denoting an obvious spike in her arousal. She gathers the hill of her one free boob in hand and rolls its big nipple up toward her mouth. Then she starts distractedly licking and sucking her nipple like an animated hentai whore while I pound against the elastic limits of her little pussy her harder and harder, making her exhale with each blow.

Her doubled-over body continues to shake with each impact of my cock. Glancing down between strokes, I see that I have managed to wedge about seven inches of my cock into her. The aroused lips of her pussy have swollen to twice their original size. Her little pink clit has burst from its bald hood and risen up to seek my pubic bone, but there are still two inches between us.

I draw back farther and re-double my efforts.

“MNN, NNN, NNN!” Jessica whines as my fat cock repeatedly punches her depths. She continues trying to suck her own nipple but the assault from my cock is overwhelming her. I press my shoulder down against her legs to lift her tailbone higher off the mattress again, adjusting the angle of my penetrations for maximum depth. Her girlish whining climbs to a higher pitch as the next few strokes successfully hammer-in the eighth inch of my cock.

“Oh gawwd! You’re going to break me!” she pleads.

I feel engulfed within her now, enjoying the “fap, fap, fap” of my balls against her ass. I thrust deeper and deeper into her pelvis. Jessica goes briefly silent, her mouth agape and her eyes tightly shut. Warm juice spits from her cunt. Finally, as I am breaking into a full sweat, the final inch of my thick shaft disappears into her with a wet smack.

“Fucking so big!” she screams.

I crush my pubic bone down onto her prominent clit and hold it there, stretching her pussy with the entirety of my organ. She writhes beneath me, braying with pleasure. I can feel the tip of my cock pressing hard against her tailbone. The ecstatic sensation of being fully inserted swells my chest with endorphins. My balls boil. Sweat drips from my face.

I withdraw most of my length and then start rigorously fucking her with full, hard insertions that slap my balls into the valley of her ass. Jessica’s arms flap helplessly against my shoulders as the entirely of my cock disappears repeatedly into her tiny body. I bounce my pubic bone against her clit. She bites her lower lip and pants with each blow, emitting a “himm, himm, himm” sound from within her throat. The interior circumference of her pussy is so tight that I almost feel guilty fucking her so hard, but I can’t resist the pleasure. I feel the end of my cock ramming the gummy firmness of her tailbone over and over.

I pound and pound into her like this for three or four full minutes, grunting out a string of obscenities as the pleasure drives me mad. Her eyes roll beneath their lids as her pussy is convulsed by my shaft.

Suddenly she sucks-in lungful of air and howls: “Oh GoAAAAD!”

I feel her body quake around the length of my cock and a surge of new wetness erupts within her. She flings her head to one side as her pussy gushes with a huge orgasm.

Her vaginal release is so intense that it sprays out over both of us. Streaks of her lube s**tter in every direction. Her dilated pussy thrusts itself up to meet my cock. I pound into her, each penetration splattering more liquid over her writhing body as her orgasm runs its full course.

I continue slapping our wet groins together until her cries subside to a rapid pant. Eventually I withdraw and hover over her, watching her juices drip from my cock. Her pink opening gasps and contracts, suddenly emptied of cock. Before it can fully close I plunge all the way back in, relishing her pussy’s slippery grip.

“Uhhh… uhhh…. uuhhh” Jessica moans as I begin to beat steady strokes into her again. I re-focus on prolonging my own pleasure, resting on one knee and working my cock in with slower thrusts. I close my eyes and savor the feeling of her young pussy caressing every movement of my shaft.

After a minute of this I raise my shoulder up off her squashed calves, allowing her legs to finally spring free. They drop into a loose straddle around my hips, making my penetrations less deep. Her massive tits, no longer squashed by her legs, gently swirl and oscillate with the rhythm of my strokes.

Even in this more relaxed position, Jessica is still panting with enthusiasm. The sweaty skin of her torso rises and falls with each deep breath. I continue to push my cock gently into her. She arches her back, wriggling her head and shoulders against the mattress in response to the pleasure emanating from within her melting pussy. Her fingers play upon her swollen nipples.

I notice an intermittent bulge beneath the taut skin of her lower abdomen revealing each thrust of my cockhead. Seeing the bulge located only midway between her navel and clit, I grab her girlish hips with both hands and yank her more firmly onto my shaft.

“Fuck, you are so big!” she groans as the bulge reappears under her navel.


I smile, then grab her left foot and swing it up and across in front of my face, flipping her over until she lands on her stomach. She lets out a little yelp and adjusts her upper body to this new face-down position. I capture her legs between my own and pull her narrow hips toward me until I am straddling her ass.

“Uhng,” Jessica moans against the pillow as my cock burrows into her from behind.

“Arch that little ass, sweetie,” I encourage her from above.

The twin globes of her wet butt rise up around my cock as she lifts her tailbone. I hook my thumbs into the soft flesh to either side of her cunt and spread her cheeks wide open. Then I thrust my pelvis down and in, pressing the head of my cock deep into her until my balls are nestled into the gap between her thighs. She coughs and then moans something about God.

I hold myself there, deep inside, and look down between the twin orbs of her arched ass. I can see her pink little perineum stretched taut around the girth of my shaft. Just above it sits the tiny knot of her anus. It stares up at me like a miniscule star.

I encircle her waist with my hands and tilt her pelvis even farther skyward, rotating it until her tailbone rises almost vertically out of her narrow back. Then I pull her hard onto my cock, crushing myself into the valley of her ass.

“Fuck!” Jessica whines, “You’re making me cough!”

I hold her like this, fully impaled, for a moment and then slowly ease two or three inches out of her, watching as my shaft emerges gleaming-wet from her little cunt. At this steep angle her perineum is narrowed to a paper-thin band of diaphanous flesh stretched around me. I stop there, leaving her skewered on my first seven inches. Her tiny anus, now aimed at the ceiling, puckers.

“God that’s hot,” I say. “Keep your ass just like that.”

I reach for the squeeze-bottle of lube.

I flick open the bottle and invert it over Jessica’s upturned bottom. A thin, clear stream drains out and lands precisely on her puckered star. I give the plastic bottle a squeeze, thickening the stream so that lube piles up all over her little anus. Finally, before closing the cap, I wander the stream in a big circle all around the domes of her ass.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asks, twisting her head to look back at me nervously. “Don’t… please don’t put it in my ass. Okay?”

“Oh, I know.” I answer. “I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

I set the lube bottle aside and grab the bag of anal beads. I tear the new packaging open with my teeth and then draw them out by their string. I dangle them by their nylon cord in front of Jessica’s face. She stares at long line of inch-wide pink balls threaded onto the cord. She says nothing, but suddenly looks a bit scared.

“Don’t worry,” I continue, “I think you’ll like these.”

She doesn’t answer, but starts to retract her arched backbone, instinctively trying to hide her anus.

“Hey, keep still,” I remind her.

Her ass dutifully rises again, pushing upwards against my embedded cock. I deliver an open-handed smack to one butt cheek that sends them both wobbling. She yelps, and within seconds a pink hand-print warms through the tender skin on one side of her bottom.

“Be a good girl… Keep that ass nice and high, okay?” I say, smiling.

“I’ll try. Just be… careful.”

I run a thumb down the valley of her ass and smear the artificial lube all around her tiny anus. Then I take the leading bead and trace it along the trail of lube that circles her ass, rolling it between my fingers to ensure it is completely covered.

I lay the entire seven-ball strand down in a line across her butt and then press first ball right up against the glistening knot of her asshole.

“Wait! Only do one, okay?” she begs.

For fun I pause and enjoy a slow stroke of my cock within her pussy, watching as it penetrates her tiny body again. I smile with glee as she emits a whimper of pleasure. The shaft of my cock re-emerges freshly wetted. Then I press the little pink ball down against her asshole.

“Fuck!” she yells as the ball squeezes inward through her tiny anus. I watch as the tight ring of her sphincter stretches to an inch-wide circle, unable to resist the well-lubricated intruder. At the widest point I relax my thumb’s pressure and wait. Jessica pants hard and her fingers claw the pillow as the pink ball pauses half-in and half-out of her. Then I nudge the ball further. It scoots in, enveloped by the contracting ring of her sphincter.

She squeals as her ass cinches shut in a tight pucker around the nylon string that leads to the remaining six balls.

I gently slide the tip of my index finger into her slippery ass to push the ball deeper, making room for the next one.

“Okay, okay…” Jessica whines.

“Breathe,” I say. “…just relax.”

I can feel the hard round curve of the first ball pressing down on the shaft of my buried cock. The tender flesh separating them feels wafer-thin, stretched taut by the double intrusion.

I slide the next ball into position and tease it against the tension of her anus. Jessica emits a series of short little hums through her nose and she nervously pants for air.

I press the ball inward. Again her asshole opens to an inch-wide yawn around the shiny ball and then closes tight after swallowing it.

“Ohmygod…. ohmygod…” Jessica murmurs into the pillow.

I take another stroke with my cock inside of her, feeling the two plastic balls squirm within her ass as my bulbous head knocks past them on the way out and then past them again on the way back in.

I push in deep until she coughs.

I grab the swell of her left butt cheek and pry it sideways while my right hand presses the third ball smoothly into her. Jessica starts humming again, clearly trying her best to relax, but as soon as the new ball disappears within her I see her little anus pucker ruthlessly again. I take another stroke with my cock and then position the fourth slippery ball for insertion.

“Ohmygod STOP!” she whines, “Please… they’re really big!”

“Almost done,” I reassure her while gradually cramming the fourth ball fully into her. “You’ll enjoy it soon enough…”

Her ass seems incredibly tight now, so I take a break. I hold her firmly by the waist and enjoy a long series of strokes within her, sliding my cock back and forth beneath the chain of balls in her rectum. She starts to grunt and groan as the combined stimulation awakens a new endorphin-source for her brain. With each stroke, the prominent top ridge of my cock’s helmet goes thud-thud-thud-thud past the four balls on the way out and thud-thud-thud-thud on the way back in again. Jessica’s mouth opens wide in awe. Somewhere around my tenth stroke, I see her fists ball into the pillow and she cries out: “Oh god, that’s amazing!”

I take a few more strokes and then pause with my cock deep inside her. I drop a small amount of spit from my mouth into the valley of her ass and watch as is slides down to her puckered hole. I chase it with the fifth plastic ball, which I gently squeeze past the guardian of her tight sphincter. I feel it click against the other balls that already crowd her rectum. Jessica moans something about “enough,” but I reminder her that there are two more.

“Himm-mmm,” she whines as she feels me position the sixth ball against her anus.

I press it in, stubbornly driving the line of beads another inch deeper towards her colon. The pressure inside her is so tight now that her anus doesn’t even completely close around the new bead, leaving a small opening through which its hot-pink plastic shape protrudes.

I take a few more strokes within her, driving my cockhead back and forth under the line of beads until they have been shuffled slightly deeper. Then, with an extra push from my fingertip, I bury the sixth bead fully behind her sphincter. Only one last ball now remains outside her tender ass, dangling from the thin nylon cord.

I position the final bead at her abused little door and start thrusting my cock rhythmically in and out of her. She clutches the headboard as I bounce my pelvis against her upturned ass, driving her stomach into the sheets. While happily thrusting away, I press my thumb down on the back of the final bead, gradually working her sphincter open again. She moans and weeps as the whole row of beads is pressed slightly deeper into her rectal canal. The last bead stretches her little hole wide and then stops. Half the sphere protrudes, pinning her asshole open with its widest circumference. I press on it firmly, but it seems hard-up against the other beads and unable to move further inward. I watch in amazement as the tortured ring of her sphincter slowly distends itself around the last ball, expanding outward until it partially envelopes the protruding dome.

I remove my thumb and the ball stays there, bulging from her ass like a shiny gumball. Jessica’s voice trails off in a long, continuous moan into the pillow.

I re-grab her narrow hips with both hands and re-double my cock’s thrusting within her pussy. I fuck her roughly, smacking my pelvis into her upturned butt cheeks. Her body creeps forward, inching up the bed until her skull is against the wicker headboard. Shockwaves ripple outward across her glowing ass cheeks.

“Hmmm, hmm, HMMM, HEEEEM!” she squeals while the headboard clonks against the wall. Her lower back flexes sharply with each impact of my cock, pointing her tailbone higher and higher. I creep up the mattress behind her, pounding my pubic bone against the bulging anal bead while my scrotum slaps her clit.

Over the next several minutes I savage her body with my cock. I encircle her tiny waist in my hands, able to bridge my fingertips together beneath her tummy even as my thumbs press down on the small of her back. I pull my feet up under me and squat above her quivering butt like a praying mantis. I imagine I must look like one of those gothic jackals that line the pa****ts of old buildings in Europe, devouring some innocent prey.

“AaaahAhhhAaaaahAhhhhAAAAhhhAAAhhhh!” she cries as I drill her little pussy, splitting her pelvis from behind with my enormous cock while the seven anal beads clack against each other deep in her rectum.

Just as I think I can’t take more of this exquisite pleasure, Jessica starts to cum. I remove one hand from her waist and loop my finger around the nylon string that hangs from her ass. I continue pounding my cock into her from above while gently wrapping the cord around my fingers until it is taut against the outermost bead. I listen as she ascends the steps to her orgasm. As she gets close, I gently pull on the string, prying her anus open from within. Her fingernails claw the swaying wicker headboard, scoring its white paint.

“NEEHN!” Jessica screams when the first ball pops from her, allowing her sphincter to close for the first time in ten minutes.

“Uhhh, Uhhh, Uh GaHAAAD!” she moans as I continue to fuck her. Her feet kick the mattress behind me as I clutch her waist in one hand and tension the cord higher with the other.

At some point during my next ten strokes she flings her legs wide apart and erupts. I feel her cunt pulse around my cock and she lets out a howling scream. I draw back smoothly on the cord, steadily popping the next five balls out of her ass one after another in synch with her orgasm. She screams until her lungs run out of air as her cunt juices drench my slapping balls. I leave one last ball within her and continue my thrusting, packing her trembling little body up against headboard with my cock.

When she seems well and truly done, I pull the last ball out of her ass. Her sphincter gasps open briefly, showing its pink interior as I drop the string of beads to one side. I clench her right butt cheek with my open palm and then insert my entire thumb into her ass. I hold her like this, one hand clutching her waist and the other on her ass with its thumb inside, and stand up, lifting her pelvis high above the bed until her moaning head flips over on the pillow and the full length of her back is pressed, inverted, against the headboard. Her body-weight settles onto her shoulders as I thrust steadily within her. Her little airborne feet struggle uselessly for a toe-hold on the sheets behind me. Looking down between us I catch intermittent glimpses of her inverted face on the pillow below. She is staring straight up, watching the frenzied union of cock and pussy occurring directly above. I widen my stance; standing astride her pillow and letting more of her weight settle onto her shoulders. She continues to watch, wide-eyed, from directly beneath her own crotch as my balls slap against her clit. Drops of sweat and pussy juice sprinkle her face and tits with each impact of my cock. I press my thumb deep into her asshole, feeling my cock rubbing back and forth beneath it.

I stare down, watching my cock pound in and out of her. Her tissue-thin perineum looks sore and bright-red as it rolls in and out with my thrusting shaft. Her ass muscles clench rhythmically around my thumb. I glimpse her pretty face staring up, less than an arm’s length below my balls. Her eyes and mouth are agape in amazement as she watches my massive cock repeatedly disappear into her little body.

I am grunting with every stroke now, hammering her spine against the creaking wicker headboard. I can feel my second orgasm of the day rapidly approaching. Just as I am starting to reach my point-of-no-return, I feel something tickle my balls — it’s Jessica’s hand. She cradles my swinging balls in her palm and gently tugs them back and forth in time with my thrusts. It becomes the final ingredient, that extra little bit of stimulation that catapults me over the edge.

I bury my cock into her and explode, pinning her to the headboard. Semen erupts down the length of my shaft and floods the depths of her young pussy. I throw my head back and yell as squirt after squirt pumps from my balls into her.

She cries out beneath me “Oh my GOD yes! Cum in me!” and I feel her furiously rub my scrotum against her clit, bringing herself to another quick little orgasm as I empty my balls. My pulse thuds urgently within her as she climaxes. I feel her anus pucker around my embedded thumb.

When the last wave of my orgasm finally subsides, I carefully withdraw my thumb from her ass and look down. Her abused anus is now an open, dime-sized hole. I slowly extract the length of fat cock from her pussy as she watches from below. My purple head eventually pops free with a wet gasp. A gush of milky semen follows it out, overruns her bare clit and cascades down all over her face and tits.

Her eyes flutter closed under the sudden shower of semen. She giggles. Cum-drops land on her smiling lips and teeth. I gently insert two fingers into her freshly loaded cunt and rake a big wave of hot semen up out of her, perpetuating the shower. Her forehead, nose, cheeks and eyes are all quickly covered in a mess of my semen.

I watch more semen bubble up and out of her little pink cunt, then step back and drop to my knees in front of her upturned face. Her inverted body flops down sideways across the pillows until she is sideways in front of me.

I let out an exhausted sigh. My cock sags from my groin, dripping onto the sheet. My arms hang loose.

Jessica wipes some cum off her eyelids and then smiles up at me. She bats her lashes a few times, struggling to see through the sticky mess that clings to them.

“That was awesome…Can we do it again?” she says with a laugh.

“Later,” I chuckle. “I think it’s going to take me a while to recover from that one.”

She licks away some cum from her front teeth and then says, “Watching you finish inside of me was… was so cool. I’ve never done that before.”

I survey the splotches of semen s**ttered across her face. “Jessica,” I say, “you are incredibly fun to fuck.”

“So… let’s do it again!” she giggles mischievously.

She twists around onto her back and props her legs up against the headboard. Then she wraps her arms around my kneeling legs and drags her head between them until her lovely face is smiling up at me from between my thighs.

I can’t quite find words. I just watch as she wriggles her face up under my cock until her forehead is against my balls. Before I can speak she gently pulls my soggy penis into her mouth.

“Oh my God, you’re crazy.” I whisper down to her.

Her cheeks dent inward as she briefly sucks on my head. Then she pulls my penis out of her mouth and begins to stroke it two-handed above her glistening face while my balls d**** across her forehead.

“Come on,” she whispers, smiling up at me again, “You’re still hard. You can keep fucking me, can’t you?”

I groan. My hips impulsively thrust forward as her words register in my brain. I feel her little tongue drag itself along the underside of my cock all the way back to the base of my balls. She cranes her neck to lick them. I can scarcely believe it, but I can feel the ebbing blood pressure within my shaft reverse itself and begin to increase. I lean forward over her, grabbing a soft breast in each hand, and dangle my large ballsack directly over her mouth. A sudden tingle of excitement runs through me as the warm embrace of her lips alternately sucks each of my testicles, one after the other, switching back and forth between them while her two little hands gently stroke the length of my slippery shaft. I kneed the soft hills of her tits together beneath me, marveling at their abundance.

After letting her mouth bathe and nurse my balls for another minute, I pull back and raise my hips above her face. I aim my cock straight down at her mouth. Her jaw opens to accept it. I ease lower and watch as the pink circle of her lips stretches wide around my cockhead. Her soft mouth accepts my intrusion smoothly enough until I reach the gate of her throat. Then she rolls her face straight backwards toward my balls, grabs my hips and pulls me in.

“Fuck!” I groan, feeling my semi-hard cock work its way down into her esophagus. I steady myself by holding onto her miraculous tits and then press my dick as far as I can into her slender, inverted neck. I don’t stop until my scrotum smothers her nose. My testicles rest in her eye sockets. I can actually feel her eyelashes fluttering beneath my balls. Then her throat muscles start to gag around my cock, so I pull out.

She coughs and spits, but then accepts my cock again without complaint. For the next several minutes I alternate between filling her throat with my cock and teabagging her mouth with my balls. All the while I continue to play with her enormous breasts — squashing them together to admire her deep cleavage and toying with her tautly distended nipples. She kicks her skinny legs anxiously against her wicker headboard during each throat-fucking, but she seems genuinely enthusiastic about sucking my balls. Regardless of which swollen organ occupies her mouth, I happily smear the rest of my groin all over her face.

“God, I can’t believe you’re making me hard again,” I whisper down at her.

“Nm-Hmmm” is her only reply as she continues nursing on me.

Selfishly, I continue to indulge in this treatment for another fifteen minutes, using my cock like a spatula to wipe all the cum off her face and into her mouth. I especially enjoy the visuals; watching her cheeks bulge when both my balls are in her mouth at once; watching the veins in her neck swell each time my cock dives into her throat. I also relish hearing the gentle pop of breaking suction each time I pull my balls from her lips, and the desperate little preparatory gasps she inhales prior to each throat-fucking.

Eventually I take pity on her smothered head and roll onto my back, reclining onto the pile of cool pillows at the head of the bed. She doesn’t miss a beat, flipping over and climbing onto me in such a way that she lands with her big tits surrounding my erect cock. She quickly dips her head, captures the tip of my cock in her mouth and lifts it off my stomach. Then, corralling her bosom with both hands, she wraps her boobs around my shaft. I feel my cock suddenly captured within their soft grip. Only the tip of my cock remains in her mouth, protruding from the top of her cleavage like a fat purple mushroom. Before I can say anything, she starts to rhythmically bob her head up and down on my cock while gyrating the smooth flesh of her tits around my shaft with her hands. It feels wonderful. All I can do is lean my head back against the pillows and moan in ecstasy.

She tightens her tits around me and hums while her tongue circles my cockhead. Drool leaks from her lips to lubricate her cleavage. After a few minutes, her slurping mouth breaks away and she looks up at me with a proud smile.

“See,” she says, “I knew I could get you ready for more!”

Indeed, my cock is fully hard. I place my hands on hers to help squeeze her breasts even tighter around my shaft. Then I thrust against her breastplate, burrowing my cock into her cleavage over and over while she watches from above.

Jessica eventually pulls away and climbs up to straddle my hips. I steady my cock beneath her with one hand and clutch her narrow waist with the other. She opens the glossy pink lips of her waxed cunt with two fingers and carefully guides me into their warm embrace. I hear her gasp when I lift the head of my cock up into her.

“God, why are you so big?” she curses, placing a hand on my chest to steady herself. I hold still while she lowers herself onto my cock incredibly slowly, allowing only my first few inches to creep into her. Despite this gentle approach, I feel her fingers dig anxiously into my bare chest.

Having been inside her just a short while before, I cannot believe how tight her pussy has become again. I encircle her miniature waist with both hands and begin gently thrusting myself up into her.

“Himm, himm, himm… Ooooh God! ” she squeals as the next few inches of my length penetrate her. She places both hands upon my chest now to brace herself, holding her upper body aloft as I gradually push each thrust higher into her. I slide my hands down to her hips and squeeze them downward. Her buoyant tits dance above me.

After several minutes of trying, Jessica’s young pussy finally reacclimatizes itself to the full measure of my cock and our groins connect with a dull slap. She lets out a wail of pleasure and then bites her lower lip as I bounce her up and down on my thick shaft. Being fully hard and fully embedded within her again feels incredible. With the back of one hand I rub her stubby clit. Moments later her face turns red and I feel her pussy tense and as it wets itself all over again.

“Aaaahhhhhnnnng!” she cries, slapping my chest as the sudden orgasm quakes through her.

I slow the pace of my thrusting and allow her to take control. As the intensity of her orgasm wanes, she leans forward over me and wraps her arms around my head. Her large breasts d**** forward and surround my face in their soft warmth. She pumps her girlish hips back and forth on my cock, stroking my full length with her sopping little cunt. The snug grip of her pussy and the jiggling embrace of her tits are overwhelming. After a few short minutes, I feel myself tense with the early signs of another orgasm.

I try to hold back as best I can in order to prolong this magical treatment, but the steady rocking of her body atop mine is too good to ignore. An involuntary moan escapes my lips, muffled within the depths of her swaying cleavage.

Sensing the imminence of my release, she straightens up and stops.

“Don’t cum yet.” she purrs down at me. “I feel another one starting.”

“I’ll do my best, but you can’t keep doing those long strokes like that. Let me drive.”

“Okay,” she says, going still.

I slide my hands to Jessica’s narrow butt and tug her all the way down astride my full length. She leans over me again and tightens her arms around the back of my neck. To let my orgasm recede a bit, I pin her hips to mine and just grind my pubic bone in little circles against her bare clit. My face is smothered within her deep cleavage, making it almost difficult to breathe. As I carefully work her against my cock her soft breasts caress my cheeks.

Before long her moans begin to grow louder as her clit endures my rhythmic squeezing. I reach farther down and gently tease her anus with a fingertip. It’s a miniscule knot of muscle, but slippery. I gently pry her butt cheeks apart with both hands and then slide my middle finger knuckle-deep into her ass. She gasps. I work my finger back and forth through the tight ring of her sphincter while continuing to grind the root of my cock into her cunt.

“Oh… my… gawd!” Jessica pants. Her pussy and ass soon begin to flutter with contractions as her next orgasm approaches. She sits up and throws her head back as it washes over her. A deep pink blush spreads across her face and chest. Her boobs swirl synchronously as she suddenly begins to bounce herself upon my embedded cock. I reward her by wriggling a second finger into her ass. Then I use the back of my free hand to give her clit a final rub. A loud cry bursts from her lungs. She peaks quickly. A sudden, gushing release covers my balls with what feels like a warm waterfall.

After a dozen or so contractions around my cock and fingers, her orgasm finally abates. Her head flops forward. She flattens her hands on my chest to support herself as the muscles in her torso unwind. Her eyes remain closed. Drops of saliva fall from her panting mouth onto my stomach. I ease my fingers out of her ass and then allow myself to resume a steady thrusting rhythm within her now-sopping cunt.

“God, that was a good one,” she says finally, reopening her eyes as my thrusts begin to shake her little body. She brushes away a tangle of long hair from her face and holds her head upright again. I catch her big, pendulous breasts in my hands and squeeze them together while thrusting my hips vigorously upward.

“You feel so… fucking big… inside me,” she continues, her speech stuttered by the repeated bottoming-out of my cock within her. “I’ve never… felt anything… like it. Ugh! …and when you… ah! …your fingers… in… my butt… Oh fuck, go shallower! …Please!”

Instead of answering her I encircle her ribcage in my grip, hook my thumbs beneath her big tits and thrust harder and faster up into her young pussy. Her boobs bounce wildly above me. She lets out a string of obscenities as my cock pounds up and down within her. She is so wet now that despite the tightness of her little pussy our fucking feels almost frictionless, allowing me to last a little longer. The sensation through my cock is of a smooth liquid grip, punctuated by the dull impact of my cockhead against her interior limits and the wet slapping sound of our bodies colliding over and over again.

Jessica’s face adopts a worried expression as her body is knocked about by the column of my cock. In an apparent effort to accelerate my climax and perhaps shorten the duration of her abuse, she reaches behind herself with both hands and starts to tickle my balls. I continue to thrust within her for a long time, relishing my view of her pretty face looking at me expectantly, framed between the gyrating cones of her outstanding tits. Gradually, driven by the persistence of her fingers and the slippery grip of her cunt, I feel my own release approaching once again.

Perhaps sensing her vanishing window of opportunity, Jessica suddenly asks me in a quavering voice, broken up by my harsh thrusting, “Want to try… it in… my butt?”

Hearing this question is almost enough to make me blow my load. I stop thrusting and return her gaze. She brushes her hair back over one shoulder. An involuntary smile flashes across her sweating face.

“You’re sure adventurous all of a sudden,” I say.

“I just wanna try it before you finish. Just a little bit.”

“Okay. I’d love to.”

Jessica rocks forward on her knees far enough to let my entire cock, for what feels like the first time in 20 minutes, slip free from her vaginal grip. A stream of warm juice dribbles out of her empty cavity onto my stomach. I reach down and collect a big dollop of the clear slime and smear it all over her tiny anus. I then return my hands to her waist. She looks over her shoulder and grabs the rigid shaft of my cock with one hand. I feel her body tense as she nestles my tip between her taut little butt-cheeks. At first it slips right back into her pussy, but on her second attempt she gets it wedged securely against the narrow pocket between her perineum and the tip of her coccyx. Then gradually, tortuously slowly in fact, she starts to shift her weight back onto my tall, fat, upright cock. At first all I feel is downward pressure. There is no opening, no penetration at all. Everything freezes except the anxious tingling within my balls. The tiny muscular ring of her anus feels like a brick wall. I begin to imagine that the bulbous wedge of my cockhead is simply too big. But then, very subtly, there is incremental movement. A tiny opening stretches around the tip of my conical head. Jessica gasps and a vertical crease appears on her forehead. Her ass feels no bigger than a toe-ring. She pauses for a moment and then, to my utter delight, settles a bit more weight onto my cock. I wait. It feels like an eternity but eventually her sphincter relaxes. With a sudden jerk, my entire cockhead pops up into her ass.

“Ow! Fuck!” she cries, instantly slapping both hands onto my stomach to lift her weight off my invading pole.

“Just relax,” I coax her.

We freeze for a minute. Her tiny asshole convulses two or three times around the neck of my cock. Jessica winces with each contraction. I feel my testicles bunching up inside my sack as the sensations of her anal clenching course through all the sensitive nerve-endings in my cockhead.

“Too big, too big, too big…” she chants with growing concern. Her formerly tiny anus, now stretched at least two inches wide, desperately tries to pucker closed around the neck of my cock. It is clear from Jessica’s face that nothing even remotely near my girth has ever passed through her smallest orifice. I sense her oncoming panic. When she tries to lift herself up off me I grip her more firmly by the waist and hold her still.

“Don’t pull back,” I tell her soothingly, “any sudden movement will only make it hurt more. Just breathe and make your bottom relax.”

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. It hurts!” she whines in reply.

I balance her weight steadily above me, relishing the sensation of being inside such a tight ass. Her body goes through several cycles of panic and release as she teeters atop my prodigious pole. Finally, after about a minute, she begins to calm down. A curtain of her hair now d****s forward around her face. She is so out of her conscious mind that long threads of drool hang absentmindedly from her lower lip. Her cheeks and chest are stop-sign red.

“That’s good,” I comfort her. “Just relax and let it settle-in… a bit deeper.”

“I can’t take any more,” she pants. “Please don’t move.”

“Just ease down. Go slow.”

“Oh my God.”

“I’m going to lower you just a bit more.”

“Oh my God!”

Ever so slightly I increase my downward pull on Jessica’s girlish waist. My lubricated cock moves a millimeter or two deeper into her ass.

“Wait! Wait!” she squawks.

Real tears burst from her eyes and she covers her mouth with one hand while pressing hard against my abdomen with the other. Her skinny thighs shake, straining to lift her bottom higher. I hold her totally still so the only movement inside her ass is the throbbing heartbeat of my erection. The ring of her sphincter is viciously tight. Yet I know it still needs to widen slightly farther to accommodate the upcoming girth of my shaft. I begin to ease my pelvis upward, forcing her to accept me. Jessica’s whole body trembles as the next inch of my cock gradually penetrates her ass.

Terrified awe registers on her face as I stretch her littlest hole open. A guttural sob chokes off her next words. I keep pressing upwards, slowly cramming my thick shaft through the tourniquet of her rectum. The sensation is heavenly.

With over three inches of my cock now inside her, I pause. My vision has glazed over with pleasure. I can only focus on the pounding pulse of my cock within the cinched-tight collar of her sphincter. Only when she yells “Out!” do I realize her fists are also pounding my chest, begging for relief.

I relent. I lift her smoothly upward, savoring her butt’s vacuum-tight resistance to my withdrawal. My bulbous cockhead emerges from her asshole with an audible pop. Jessica collapses into a ball on the mattress beside me, clutching her little bottom with both hands.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she mutters, “I just couldn’t take that. It hurts too much.”

“It’s okay,” I console her. “It’s fine.”

I embrace her curled body and we lie motionless for a while.

“Still… it was worth trying,” I offer. “You might’ve enjoyed it if we had gone a little slower.”

“I don’t know. I just think you have a monster cock. It’s too big. And maybe I have a little butt too, you know?”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

She exhales a heavy sign of relief and wipes her face dry as her pain abates. After a few wordless moments, she reaches down between my legs and tentatively squeezes my cock. She looks up into my eyes and smiles.

“Still a monster,” she giggles.

Her second hand joins the first and together they begin to aggressively stroke my cockhead and shaft, putting the leftover sheen of lube from our vaginal intercourse to good use.

“I bet I can still make him a happy monster,” she purrs with a mischievous grin. She uncoils her body and slides down the mattress, bringing her face level with my cock. I lie on my side facing her, watching from above as she aims my cock directly at her cute face and pumps it with both hands. With a steady gaze she stares straight ahead at my cock. Watching her pump my dick only an inch from her face is maddeningly sexy. I slide one hand into the tangled hair at the back of her head and thrust my hips forward, bumping my cockhead first against the bridge of her nose, then her cheek, then an eye, then her forehead. She giggles again, then opens her mouth wide and captures my next thrust between her lips, guiding me to the back of her mouth. I pause there, relishing the feeling of her petite hands stroking my shaft while her warm tongue suckles at the underside of my cockhead.

With little thrusts, I begin to fuck her mouth. I push my dick as far inward as her epiglottis allows. Then I pull back out. After a few strokes like that, I angle her head back and squeeze my cockhead past the gate of her throat. She takes it down with a spluttering gurgle. I keep pushing. As my shaft disappears her hands move to my balls. I hold her head tightly until almost the entirety of my cock is in her throat. I watch her gag and drool. Her fingers lightly massage my testicles about two inches from her chin. After a dozen seconds or so, I pull myself completely out to let her cough and breathe. Then again I cram my cock into her wet mouth. I don’t stop this time until her dainty nose is buried in my pubes and my balls lay sloppily against her chin. Her gagging throat sends shivers of pleasure up the length of my cock. I drawn back a little and then begin pumping her esophagus. Spit bubbles from her nose as she chokes on me. All nine inches of my wide cock disappear repeatedly into her mouth. Her neck bulges and her eyes water. It feels so incredibly good that I don’t ever want to stop. Of course I have to, if only to let her breathe. After the next series of thrusts I pull out and climb up onto my knees, straddling her face. I then re-puncture her throat with another series of full insertions from above.

“Ghk, ghk, glhk!” her mouth protests as I deliver three deep strokes. Pining her head to the mattress with my cock is a new thrill, and I love the way spit slathers her cheeks as she coughs and gags. I give her little short breaks, pulling all the way out and letting my slippery cock drip above her face. After several minutes of this I briefly change tempo by sliding my cock back and forth across her lips sideways, like a harmonica. She seems to enjoy this. After the next throat-fucking I dangle my balls above her mouth, making her engulf each testicle in turn while I stroke myself above her. Then again I push the entire corn-cob of my cock back into her mouth, stretching her poor little throat wide and slapping my balls down repeatedly against her wet chin.

Pretty soon Jessica’s eyes are completely bloodshot. Her face is a mess of fresh drool and throat-slime. Again and again I piston her skinny neck until her hands start to flap in protest against.

“Please come,” she begs when I vacate her mouth. Her sinuses sound completely full.

“Okay,” I whisper down at her, “just suck on my balls one more time.”

“Um-hmm” she mumbles as I lay my heavy sack across her mouth. I feel her little tongue swish and swirl beneath me. Then she pulls one testicle at a time into the warmth of her mouth while I stroke my shaft directly above her glistening face. I feel an urgent tingle rising in my balls. Her cheeks dent inward as she nurses on my balls. I am in heaven.

Before I tip over the edge, I pull my nuts from her mouth and crawl backwards to straddle the trench of her cleavage. Helpfully, Jessica wipes some of the saliva off her face and smears it down into the line between her tits. Then she presses her two voluptuous breasts together, enfolding my wet cock between them. Her skin feels smooth, soft and wonderful. My tingling balls drag up and down across her solar plexus with each thrust. Jessica’s eyes alternate expectantly between my face and cock while I urgently fuck her perfect tits.

“I want to watch it come out,” she whispers. Her face looks so pretty, waiting for my orgasm.

My jaw slackens as the rising surge of pleasure emanates from my cock. She lowers her chin and extends her tongue. I reach one hand behind her head and hold her face there. Each stroke now concludes with a lick from her tongue. My thighs tense. Suddenly she juggles her tits into a blur around my thrusting cock. It’s too much for me. My groin ignites into an explosive flash. Pre-cum spurts onto her tongue. I yell with the erupting onrush of my climax, yanking myself from her cleavage to stroke my cock above her face. Thick white lines of semen shoot from me and land across her lips, nose and forehead. Her eyes grow wider as each successive blast lands in or around her gaping mouth. I flop forward and point my cock between her lips. Three or four more streams pulse out, filling the back of her mouth like a shot glass.

Finally, my load is spent and I collapse beside her in a state of utter exhaustion.

We both lay still for a minute, unable to move. I gaze across the rumpled sheets at her profile, watching her mouth open and close silently. She seems indecisive about what to do now that her mouth is so full of cum. Her hands tentatively explore the icing that crisscrosses her face. Eventually she sits up, allowing a stream of white liquid to spill from her lips as she turns to look at me. Then she swallows.

I smile up at her. She answers with a sloppy grin. Elastic tendrils of semen hang from her trembling chin.

“This is the third time today you’ve made a total mess of me,” she says with feigned indignation. “Are you having fun?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely” I whisper back at her.

She laughs. We stare at each other for a few minutes, in silence.

I am too exhausted to talk, let alone move. My exhausted cock feels suddenly numb and flaccid. Muscles in my legs and arms twitch.

Jessica wipes the slimy mess off her face with both hands until her fingers are webbed with semen. She looks around, as though searching for something within reach with which to clean them. Finally she gives up and just flops back down next to me, laying her wet hands on her bare stomach.

Outside the sky has grown dark. Evening has set in.

Jessica gets up off the bed and walks to the bathroom. I feel a dry towel land across my stomach.

“Thanks,” I call out.

“I’m getting in the shower,” I hear her say, followed by the sound of rushing water. “Again!” she adds.

I chuckle quietly to myself as colorful images of the afternoon replay themselves behind my closed eyes. sleep overtakes me rapidly.

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