Do Not Watch Pt. 03


Do Not Watch (part 3)

Mark felt drained on his drive home, but the excitement of the nights activities was apparent by his stiff, not quite fully erect cock. He couldn’t help but fondle himself as he drove and at one point, had to stop before he came in his pants. When he finally pulled up to his apartment he had to wait several minutes until his erection subsided. His raging cock finally calmed enough that he could get out of his car and walk to his door.

Once inside his erection sprung back to life. He knew what he was going to do. His new purchase in hand, he immediately headed to his computer. He had saved the website of the video and he quickly had it playing. The images began their hypnotic flashing. He stripped off his clothes and seating himself comfortably, began stroking his hard on. The words popped up, “You have to have it,” and he remembered his experience at the adult store. The video had been right, he did have to have it. He recalled the feel of the cock in his mouth, How good it felt and how right it had felt.

He suddenly remembered his new toy. He held it up in front of him with his free hand, pleased that it looked so much like the cock he had sucked. He brought it closer to his mouth and his tongue darted out to explore the head of it. It was cold and had a funny taste, but soon he had closed his eyes, remember his first cock and the new toy disappeared into his mouth. He held it there for a minute or two and the warmth of his mouth began to warm the dildo. He sucked lightly at first then more strongly as his sexual excite rose.

He began thrusting it into his mouth Şerifali Escort as the man had thrust his cock into Mark’s mouth. With each thrust, Mark forced the dildo further until he felt it pressing against the back of his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind he heard the video say, “Suck it, take it all,” and Mark did just that. With one quick thrust, he felt the dildo slip past the tight opening of his throat and slide all the way in. His gag reflex responded and he coughed. He pulled it back out, taking a moment to recover then, just as he knew he would, plunged it back in all the way.

It was easier this time. He still gagged, but the sensation was less. He held it there as long as he could until he had to pull it out to breath. He gasped for a few seconds then once again plunged the dildo all the way down his throat. Slowly this time he pulled it out only a little way, then back in. He felt a wetness at his crotch and felt the precum oozing from the tip over his fingers, the slick fluid lubricating his hand and cock as he stroked now even faster.

The video had come to the four screens now. His eyes wandered to the scene with the man getting fucked from behind. His mind reeled with the sexual pleasure he was now experiencing and he wondered if his pleasure could be increased. He continued to work the dildo in and out of his throat while watching the screen showing a hard cock sliding in and out of the man’s ass. His hand released his cock and slid down between his legs. He felt his precum covered finger slide across his own tight anal opening. He probed it for a moment working one Şerifali Escort Bayan slick finger into his ass.

The moment his finger slid into him, his cock erupted spewing a load of cum across his belly. The orgasm racked him. His throat locked down on the dildo invading it and he heard himself moan deeply. The spasms seemed like they would never end and he wasn’t sure he wanted them to. Slowly his body began to relax. He eased the dildo out of his mouth and he sat gasping for breath. The waves of pleasure had been intense and he basked in the warmth they had left in him. He now realized had still had his finger inside himself. As soon as he began to move it, the waves of pleasure returned.

After several more minutes he finally slid his finger out and leaned back gasping and moaning. The video came back into focus now, words and images flashing. Then across the bottom of the screen came the words, “This is what you need, this is what makes you happy, you want another man inside of you.” Mark looked at the dildo now, it was dripping with his own saliva and knew what he needed to do. He spread his legs and lowered the dildo between them. He felt the slick head brush his tight asshole. He moaned at the feel of it, then gradually he began pressing harder until the head of it slipped inside.

There was pain at first, but he went slowly and his ass soon relaxed enough to accept the head. He stopped there holding the dildo in place as his body became accustomed to this new intruder. Then slowly, he worked the dildo deeper. After several minutes, he had the dildo completely inside of him. Escort Şerifali He held it there for long minutes trying to understand what he was feeling. It was a little uncomfortable, but there was something else there too. A feeling of fullness, which felt good, so good in fact he now saw his cock was rising again. He slowly pulled the dildo out until just the tip was still inside. His cock responded as it began pulsing, rising up and down with each heart beat.

Mark made a decision, the men in the video were fucking hard now, the man in front moaning with pleasure as the other man’s cock plunged into him. Mark plunged the dildo all the way in and was immediately racked with waves of pleasure once again. His cock exploded a second time. There was less cum but the waves of pleasure were somehow more intense. His pulled the dildo out again and plunged it back. Again the waves of pleasure coursed through him. He couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled the dildo out completely, leaning back gasping.

At some point during all of this the video had ended. Mark briefly thought about restarting it, but suddenly realized that he was totally spent. He had cum three times this evening, once without even knowing it while he sucked his first cock, the next two times as he discovered the joys of anal stimulation. Mark had experienced orgasms while having sex and they had been good, but he had never felt anything as intense as what had happened tonight.

He knew what he needed to do next. The video had told him and he knew it was right. He wanted to feel another man’s cock inside him, no he needed to feel another man’s cock inside him. If a dildo could bring so much pleasure what would a real cock bring him. How would it feel to have a real cock fucking his ass. How would his body respond when that man came inside him. He knew he had to find out, so he began working up a plan to make that happen.

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