I jammed my fingers in my mouth and let out a shrill whistle as The Divine finished off their last song with a blistering guitar riff from Kara Devine. She caught my eye and grinned, aiming the head of her guitar towards the ceiling of the auditorium and tearing out the last notes like a professional rock star. Her brother, Adam Devine, had just put the microphone back in its stand after singing the final verse, and was nodding his head to his younger sister’s finale. The drummer, Adam’s lifelong friend Brett, pounded his drums along with her in perfect concert. The crowd cheered, jumping to their feet and cheering like they had witnessed god. Adam and Brett wore simple jeans and band t-shirts, but Kara, Kara always liked to dress up. She was decked out in nearly knee-high black leather boots (the thick ones), a mid-thigh length black skirt, one of those white school girl type tops that exposed her flat stomach and a little red tie. Her inky black hair fell around her pixy face in sheer perfection, obscuring everything but one pale blue eye, encircled by dark eyeliner, and dark red lips. She finished with a flourish as the stage lights dimmed before changing to an altogether different lighting.

Adam approached the mic stand and grabbed it, beaming and panting with exertion. “Thank you! Thank you! CD’s for sale at the door! Have a good year and take care of my baby sister, class of twenty twelve!” The crowd screamed its approval one last time before quieting down and beginning the slow process of exiting the auditorium. I sat back down and waited for the crowd to thin before standing once more and making my way towards the stage. Adam, Brett and Kara were sitting on the edge talking with fans and staff, even signing a few autographs. The Divine weren’t well known outside of the local towns, but they were on the fast track to success in my opinion. They had been huge in their home town, my home town, and I had been close to all of them from the beginning, Kara especially. Kara and I had been neighbors from an early age, almost always ending up in classes together throughout school.

We had tried dating each other once in junior high school, but it had been awkward for some reason. When we started high school however, we had tested the dating scene and found it very disagreeable. I didn’t like it because I just couldn’t find the right person. Kara, on the other hand, was nearly raped by her second boyfriend and ran back to me because she knew I was safe. After that, for some inexplicable reason, we had clicked, finding that we were more or less perfect together. Because we had grown up together, we knew the subtle little nuances of each other’s behavior and how we operated. This meant that we rarely fought and when we did it was because of things we generally didn’t have control over. We were very easy going, mellow people and this meant that it took something huge to get us going.

When Adam had proposed starting a band ‘just for fun’, Kara had jumped at the opportunity. She could play guitar like other people could breathe and Adam, forgive me if I sound a little gay for saying this, had the voice of some kind of earth-bound angel. Brett was a solid drummer and Adam’s best friend, therefore a natural choice.

As I approached the stage Kara spotted me and beamed, revealing brilliantly white teeth and a perfect, captivating smile.

“Ohmigod! Kara Devine, I’m your biggest fan!” I cried in an overly girly voice, clapping my hands to my cheeks.

“Oh jeez,” Adam sniggered, “its that groupie again.”

“He wants you bad, Kara,” Brett chuckled.

“That’s alright,” Kara purred, “he is kinda sexy.”

“Ohmigod! Kara Devine called me sexy!” I squealed, jumping up and down and fanning my face in a very feminine manner.

She giggled girlishly, flicking the hair from her face to reveal her other eye. This was one of the things that I could not get enough of about her; her eyes were heterochromatic, the left eye was pale blue and the right was a slightly darker shade of green. I adored her eyes and she knew it.

“As always guys, a fantastic show,” I congratulated, walking right up to the stage between Kara’s knees. Tall as I was at six foot two, she was sitting on the stage and could look down at me, which she proceeded to do with an impish little smile.

“And now you have a famous girlfriend, Danny,” Brett put in, elbowing Adam.

“Yeah, yeah,” he admitted. Adam approved of Kara and me, but he still liked to be the protective older brother.

“I know,” I said, blowing a kiss at her as I played with her boots, “I can be as lazy as I want and she’ll take care of me with her rock star money.”

“You don’t get to be lazy with me, Daniel,” she said sternly, a smile desperately trying to force its way onto her lips. Something in the way she said it made my mind flash to something a little different than being lazy. Suddenly there was an urge to rush her back to my dorm room right then and there. This was the last day of orientation and I planned on making the best of it.

“You Yozgat Escort don’t mind if I steal your star, do you Adam?” I asked, looking from Kara to her brother. He looked behind him at the school staff beginning to pack up the speakers and wires.

“I suppose. We only have our instruments anyways,” he replied. I smiled then turned to Kara, my eyes bright, holding my arms out for her to jump into.

“Noo,” she giggled, “I reek.”

“She is kinda ripe,” Brett chuckled. Kara scowled and smacked him in the stomach.

“I don’t care, c’mon,” I prompted, opening and closing my hands.

“But, Danny,” she whined.

I gave her a look and she sighed, slipping off the stage into my arms, her legs instinctively wrapping around my middle. In my opinion she smelled like water, if anything at all.

“Later fellas,” I grinned over her shoulder before turning around to carry her out of the auditorium.

“Don’t forget your guitar!” Adam reminded her.

“Oh!” she said, making to get out of my arms and go back for it. Instead, I backed up to the stage so she could grab the case her bother held out for her.

“Anything else?” I asked as she made eye contact while adjusting herself to compensate for the case.

“No,” she smiled sheepishly.

I smiled, carrying her up and out of the auditorium and through the campus center towards the road. I made it halfway down the sidewalk towards the freshman quad, before I had to put her down. Mostly this was because I was out of shape from a lack of proper exercise, and partly because she could only stand being carried for so long before she started to fidget.

“What’s the matter, Daniel, out of breath already?” she teased.

“Shh, don’t tease. That freshman fifteen is coming on fast.”

“How do you expect to keep up with me if you’re already this tired?”

“Who said anything about keeping up with you?” I countered, smacking at her butt. Narrowly dodging my hand, she bounced around on the tips of her booted toes, still blatantly full of energy.

“Well, what are we going to do now then?” she shot back, jabbing at me with her guitar case.

“I don’t know,” I sighed, “I’m kinda tired.”

She sighed disappointedly, “Oh well then, I was gonna let you fuck me, but if you’re so tired I guess I can wait.” She stopped and gave me an expectant look, waiting for my reply.

I narrowed my eyes, “Damn you, it’s not fair that you can do this kind of thing to me.”

“Oh stop whining, Daniel. Now, we’re gonna go back to my dorm so I can shower and then we’ll kick Eric out of your room.” She was openly talking about this while we were walking through the quad, surrounded by fellow students, many of whom were already drunk. It was only ten o’clock the night before classes, and the after hour activities were already in full swing. There were four freshman dorm buildings situated in a rough square with the large quad in the middle. Kara lived in the far building while I lived in the one closest to the academic center.

I smiled, wrapping an arm around her middle and pulling our hips together, “What’s the point in taking a shower now when you’re just going to get all dirty again?” I, unlike Kara, was more self-conscious about what I said in public so I spoke in a low voice.

She grinned, pleased by the thought of getting ‘dirty’. “Because, I like smelling good.”

I stopped her and gave her an incredulous look, “Are you serious?”

She pursed her lips in an effort not to smile, but couldn’t hold it, “Shut up.” We burst into a fit of giggles as she pulled me into her building and signed me in. She lived on the fourth floor, something I bitched about nonstop.

“Stop being such a baby,” she admonished for the hundredth time, as she opened her door. The lights were off and it was quiet; her reaction to which was a moment of shock before I grabbed her around the waist and picked her up again.

“Danny, no! Just because they aren’t here doesn’t mean…mmff,” she protested before I could silence her by planting my lips over hers. Her struggles were halfhearted and purely for show, because as soon as my lips locked with hers, she melted into me. Her guitar case thumped onto one of her roommate’s beds as she clung to my head, pulling it harder against her own. Kara was really big into working out, be it running, kickboxing, dancing, Pilates and all kinds of other activities. As a result, her well toned legs nearly crushed the breath out of me.

“Uhhn, fuck the shower,” she groaned, breaking away and biting at my lower lip. She went zero to sixty like that very easily.

“That’s what I thought,” I smiled, staggering up to her bed and trying to toss her onto it. She didn’t go; her legs remaining tightly wrapped around my midsection so only the top half of her flopped onto the pink sheets. She was squeezing me hard, grinning as I pulled my shirt off and tossed it at her. Her legs tightened dramatically as my shirt landed on her face.

“Uhg, you’re like that bitch from Goldeneye,” Yozgat Escort Bayan I groaned.

“You callin’ me a bitch, baby?” she purred, pulling me harder into her and digging the heels of her boots into me.

“A hot bitch?” I squeaked.

“That’s right,” she grinned, letting up a little bit enough for me to unlock her legs from around my waist and toss her completely on the bed.

She giggled as I followed; climbing on top of her and kissing her again as I struggled to get her little white shirt off.

“When are you going to learn how to take my clothes off properly?” She pushed me over and pulled her shirt off, tossing it away. She then rolled onto her side and started to take her boots off.

“Leave ’em on,” I said quietly, sitting up and looking her over. Kara was a small girl at five foot three; and she looked stunning with her big black boots, plaid skirt hiked up to reveal a white pair of panties, and her little white bra containing her small breasts.

“Mmm, kinky,” she purred lustily.

“No, what we did before school was kinky. This is just cool.”

“I suppose,” she grinned, remembering that night. Linking her arms around my neck, she drew me close and lightly kissed my lips. I felt her legs wrap around my waist once more and slowly lowered myself on top of her.

“So, my little rock star…” I trailed off as she slipped a hand down my shorts, making it quite obvious what was on her mind.

“Mm babe, I want to be on top this time,” she mumbled, squeezing my rapidly stiffening cock, hard. This tended to happen after her shows while the adrenaline was still pumping. She gave me an expectant look, as if she was waiting for an objection.

“Knock yourself out, babydoll; I love just laying there,” I smiled, rolling off to the side and helping her slide on top of me.

An impish grin revealed perfect, white teeth, “Yeah, just lay there and take it, little bitch.”

Scowling, I reached up and pinched her side.

“Ow!” she squeaked, slapping my hand away. Her knees jabbed into my sides, nearly crushing the breath out of me once again. A wild grin on her lips, she grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers, pushing them above my head and leaning down to kiss me hard. You may think less of me for letting her take control like this, but in the heat of the moment it was unbelievably hot. This also tended to happen after her performances and it was a bad scene when I tried to get in her way. So, through harsh experience, I learned to go with the flow. I could feel the intense heat radiating from between her legs on my crotch.

She broke away and we lay gasping for a moment before she said, “Why aren’t your pants off yet?”

“I got distracted,” I panted, now trying desperately to undo my shorts. She scooted up a little so I could work behind her and grinned down at me, running her hands through my short hair. As I struggled, she took her hands from my head and reached behind her back, unhooking her bra. My eyes tracked up her body, taking in the slight curves of her petite breasts as my hands gradually stopped working.

“Mm, baby, did I say stop?” she purred, taking great pleasure in my attention.

“But…” My hand slowly came from behind her back and headed towards her bare tits.

“Ah ah,” she tutted, grabbing my hand, “after those pants are gone.” I was starting to breathe hard; I couldn’t handle it when she teased me like this. I couldn’t focus on one thing over another; I couldn’t make a decision on anything.

“Baby, stay with it.” Kara’s voice resounded sternly through my addled mind.

“Huh, wah?”

Her gorgeous eyes softened and she leaned down, wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me tightly. “Oh, sweetheart….” I could already tell her performance high was wearing off, but trust me that would not affect her near insatiable sex drive.

“Mm, its okay baby,” she purred as she realized my full attention was back on her. Slender arms cradled my head as tender lips met with my own in a passionate kiss. Her hips rocking on my waist told me she was still good to go, and I went back to trying to squirm out of my shorts.

“You know, you’re not helping by sitting on me like that,” I said with a little smile.

“I’m merely providing…motivation,” she replied impishly. “And I know its working.” I had gotten my shorts down and her delicate hands disappeared once more beneath my boxers.

“Uh, fuck it,” I groaned, grabbing her head between my hands and pulling her down to kiss her roughly. She giggled into my mouth as her hands roamed my body. I took a hand away from her head and flipped her little skirt out of the way so I could squeeze a panty covered cheek. Her small breasts squashed against my chest as she ground her crotch against the neat tent in my boxers. She was breathing rapidly and her pupils were huge as we attempted to eat the other’s face.

“Oh god, I’m gonna explode,” she mumbled with a slightly embarrassed smile. I grinned, taking my hand away Escort Yozgat from her rear and slipping it under her, sliding it along her perfect stomach and into the front of her panties. She gasped, a shocked expression in her eyes, before being replaced by an utterly contented look. She was practically purring as I coaxed her off of my stomach onto the bed between the wall and me. My fingers slowly worked small circles over her moist outer lips, occasionally venturing a knuckle or two into her body.

Suddenly there was a burst of giggling from outside the room. Kara swore the air blue, instantly snapping out of her euphoric state and scrabbling for her bra. I was still reaching for my shorts as her roommates burst into the room, one giggling uncontrollably and the other trying to keep the first from falling on her face. I turned onto my side, using my bare back as a shield so Kara could pull her clothes back on.

“Well lookie here, Cynthia, our little Kara got lucky,” the bigger of the two slurred, lurching to her bed and leaning heavily against the frame.

“Alexis, we should leave them alone,” Cynthia suggested, trying to take Alexis’ arm and lead her back out of the room. She tossed me an embarrassed smile as she struggled with her roommate. Kara had finally struggled into her bra and managed to pull her shirt on, but not button it.

“No, don’t bother,” Kara said, her annoyance clearly obvious to everyone but Alexis. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed as Kara squeezed past and thudded to the floor, still in her big boots. After pinning her inebriated roommate with a withering stare, she couldn’t quite get out of her boots fast enough. Cynthia meanwhile, had sidled up next to me, watching Kara struggle in frustration.

“Sorry we kinda cock-blocked you, Danny,” she apologized quietly.

I chuckled softly, “It’s not me you’re going to have to worry about.” She giggled and flicked a lock of blond hair out of her eyes. I wasn’t afraid to say that she was a looker, slightly taller than Kara with slightly more curvature to her frame. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give up Kara for the world but I did like to push her buttons every now and again. Although, it probably wasn’t such a good idea right about now.

“Daniel,” I heard Kara say slowly, “stop looking at Cynd’s rack and hand me my shower stuff.”


“Yeah, don’t even try,” she cut me off, pointing to a plastic basket thing that held all kinds of bathroom products. I smiled at Cynthia and grabbed the basket, handing it to my less than amused girlfriend. Alexis had flopped onto her bed by now and looked to be passed out. Somehow in the split second I’d taken my eyes off of Kara, she’d wrapped herself in a towel and was for all intents and purposes naked underneath.

“Right, so I guess this means I’ll see you tomorrow morning for class?” I ventured cautiously, wary of the look in her eyes.

She sighed and rubbed her eyes, looking exhausted, “Yeah, babe, I’ll meet you outside your building at nine-thirty.”

“Ok,” I said, leaning in and kissing her gently, “Sorry about this by the way.”

“Not your fault,” she replied, kissing me back. I walked her out of the room after giving Cynthia a wave goodbye, to which Kara smacked my arm and glared at her roommate.

“Don’t encourage him!” she shouted back into the room, slamming the door behind us. I couldn’t help but laugh. She gave me her crazy eyes, something she did when she wasn’t exactly thrilled with me but she wasn’t completely pissed, and poked me in the chest with a finger.

“Better watch yourself, buster brown.”

I just chuckled and kissed her again, turning to go.

“Morning sunshine,” I snickered the next day, favoring the shuffling Kara with a sympathetic smile. She looked gorgeous as always, but you could see in the way she walked that she was dead tired. She responded with a very unladylike grunt and continued walking towards the academic circle, forcing me to follow along behind her.

“Aww, what’s the matter?” I asked.

“I didn’t sleep very well.”

“How come, do you know?”

As a response she stopped, glared up at me for a moment, and then kept on walking.

“Oh come on! It’s not my fault, you can’t blame that on me!” I cried, hurrying to catch up with her.

“No, but you’re an easy target,” she forced through a smile. I pouted and was relieved when she chuckled, linking her arm with mine. “So, what class do we have first again?”

“Um, World Civs 103 in 115.”

“Where the hell is that?”

I frowned, thinking, and gestured towards one of the buildings, “Somewhere in there.”

“All hail the navigator!” she teased.

“Quiet, munchkin,” I smiled, giving her a little shove. We playfully smacked at each other all the way to the classroom, which we had little difficulty finding. I picked out a seat towards the back and sat down, Kara hurrying to sit next to me before someone else did. The room filled up quickly before the professor arrived.

Now when you think about college professors, this guy was the image that should come to mind. Crazy salt and pepper hair, thick glasses, a well worn sweater vest, corduroy pants and a beat up black briefcase, assured me that no matter what he taught us, I would find this class amusing.

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