Discovery Blog Pt. 02



I’m sorry I lost it last time. Wasn’t how I had planned on ending my first entry, but hey, these things happen. I hadn’t really planned on posting it, but the thought of someone maybe reading about me losing control and wetting my bed was too much of a turn on to resist.

I was worried I had made too much noise, maybe I actually did. I wonder if my parents are just too embarrassed by my behaviour to mention it. I mean, how would you even bring it up. “Hey honey, would you mind keeping it down when your fapping away up there.” Oh god, think I’d die of shame.

It was worth it though. That was probably one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. I certainly did make a mess of my shorts.

I’d like to say that it had scratched the itch but I woke up today as horny as ever.

I’m writing this at work again. What a great way to spend the Easter holidays sat at a desk answering phones and filling in spreadsheets. Fuck my life. Sorry for swearing but I need to get out. Or at least be at home reading some more filth. I need a toy. I was looking last night and definitely need to work out a way to get one. It turned me on just looking. I don’t want anything stupid, nothing like those horse dick toys I’ve seen on pornhub that I’m sure must cause internal damage. Just something different. After a while you run out of everyday household objects to get kicks out of. My hairbrush was a favourite for a long Çankaya Escort Bayan time, but they only work for so long. Electric toothbrush works up to a point. I’ve shagged my pillow a fair view times and that can scratch an itch. My favourite is the power shower, you get it just right and I’m on the shower floor in a quivering mess. A toy though, that would be a game changer. It’s just not so easy for me to get one in the house without the potential for permanent irreversible embarrassment, and possible lifetime grounding. It needs some thought. Better go as lunch’s nearly over. Will continue later.

I just read two stories, cumming to both of them. I enjoyed both obviously but the second one has had the most impact on me, or at least raised a few questions. A woman tries to gift herself to her fiance in a gift box, one with specially placed holes, (and yes, I guess I have a gloryhole kink now,) things go wrong and she ends up getting railed by the whole stag do. Cum everywhere, every hole. That’s what had me cumming like a slut.

Two bits I’m not sure how to process though. One was her dad and her father in law joining in, and the other was her taking it in the ass.

I don’t really get the incest thing. My brothers an annoying twat and it’s just so wrong, and my dad’s a controlling asshole, and this is even more wrong. Not a kink I want to explore, but I can’t deny that during the story it felt Çankaya Escort so wrong it turned me on quite a lot. How does that work? Guess if it’s someone elses incest story it’s okay.

As for the anal, the more I read or watch it the more intrigued I am. Surely it’s gross? Surely it hurts? But why is it so tempting to try, and where do you even start? Guess I should do more research. It’s always good to have a valid reason to watch more porn.

My favourite delivery driver came in this afternoon. He works for my dad too and is so so gorgeous. I’m sure he flirts with me. Well, I know he flirts with me. I just mean, I think theres more to it. It’s probably all in my head. It feels so good though, the way he makes me laugh, the lingering looks at various parts of me. It feels so wrong in the office, in the same building my dad’s in. No matter how wrong it would be I’d definitely risk it for him. He’s got gorgeous brown eyes, perfect hair, I imagine his body looks amazing under the uniform. I dream about him dragging me up out of my chair and bending me over the desk. Telling me what he’s going to do to me as he frees his hard cock from his trousers. He pulls me up by my blonde hair and his cock nestles between my thighs, running against my virginity. He lifts the new skirt I brought and whispers in my ear as he sees how wet I am for him, my underwear damp with my arousal, fingers teasing me open as he Escort Çankaya tells me what a slut I am. How I beg for it with my eyes every time he’s near me. The fact it’s my first time makes me tight, but I want it badly. I’m determined to take him inside me. The fact I’m so wet for him helps, but it still hurts. I grip the desk hard and bite my lip harder. I reach between my legs and touch my sensitive bit, this helps ease the pain. I don’t know how big he is but it feels big against my tightness. I close my eyes and then he breaks through. My pussy wrapping around the thick cock as it slides inside me. Oh god.

I had to go there. Sorry. I couldn’t type and do what I needed at the same time.

That’s the third time today and I know they’ll be at least one more. I guess I’m going to have to change the way I write certain bits of this blog. I want you to know what I go through if I get carried away, but it’s hard to masturbate when writing. One hand works okay, but sometimes you need two. Like just then. I guess I’ll just explain what happened after.

I was too excited thinking about being taken from behind, my hand slipping into my cotton pyjama shorts. I ran a finger between my pussy lips and felt how wet I was before pushing two fingers straight in. My fingers instantly drenched in my fluids. I had to touch my clit too, fingers moving inside me as I rubbed the most sensitive part of me. I feel deep inside myself, exploring my wet insides, rubbing and moving them in and out. My clits so hard between my fingers, so alive. I imagined the fingers inside me are the cock, fucking me hungrily. I was cumming quickly, spraying into my shorts. Making my usual mess. My body shaking violently.

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