Discovering the Diary Ch. 02


Once again I find myself in my daughter Nikki’s room holding her diary. I open it to see what my daughter and her friends have been up to since the last time I read it.


March 4th

Dear Diary.

Yesterday when I got home I head strait upstairs to my room. On the way there I stopped at my parents bedroom door. What made me stop was a small buzzing noise as well as some low moaning coming from their room. I noticed that the door was not fully closed so I cracked it open and there on her bed was my mom legs spread with a vibrator shoved up her pussy. One of her hands was busy fucking herself with the vibrator while the other was playing with her large 40 DDD tits. I continued to watch her until she came a few minutes later. I closed her door back and snuck down the hall to my room where I locked my door stripped down and started playing with myself. Watching my mom got my extremely horny diary and I imagined that it was her fucking me with her fingers as I quickly brought myself to a mind-blowing orgasm. With any luck I get to see her again real soon.

March 6th

Dear Diary.

Last night I came home from a party and was about to head off to bed when I heard a banging noise coming from my parents room so I went to the door and found it cracked open again. There in front of me were my parents making love. My dad had what looked like an average sized cock of about 6 ½ inches long which he was ramming into my mothers tight pussy. While he was fucking my mom her tits were bouncing all over the place as she began to orgasm. When my mom finished cumming my dad pulled out and flipped her over reinserting his penis in her ass.

While they were fucking I heard a noise from behind me it was my older brother Tim. Tim was 19 and living at home while he goes to the local college. My brother is in great shape as he runs for the college’s cross-country team. Like me Tim has red hair and green eyes he’s about 5’11” and has a great six-pack abs. Tim just smiled at me knowingly and told me to follow him. He lead me to his closet where he moved his clothes aside I could see a hole in the wall. bahçeşehir escort He told me to go ahead and look inside. When I did I saw my parents fucking. I whispered to him how long he has been watching them and he said for several years now. Pulling out some more clothes he revealed another hole in the wall and he to began to watch. I heard Tim unzip his pants and out came his large 7-½ inch cock, which he began to stroke right there in front of me. He looked at me and told me to go head and finger myself. With that I put my hands down my shorts and started rubbing my hard clit. I spent as much time watching Tim as I did my parents. Soon my mom and dad were cumming together and this sent me over the edge as well. As I came down from my high I saw Tim had yet to cum and he asked if I would help him out. At first I was very hesitant but he took my hand and lead it to his large cock. I found myself stroking his cock. This had him moaning within moments. He asked to see my tits. I nodded my head and he pushed my shirt and bra up exposing my large tits, which he began to play with. Soon he shot his load all over my hand and I licked his seed off my hand. I must admit that I liked the taste of his cum and couldn’t wait to have more. Once my hand was clean though I head off to take a shower and then went to bed. Man that was a wild night.

March 10th

Dear Diary.

After school Ashley and I went downtown to a little adult porn shop she had found early in the year. The two of us looked around the store for a little while at the different porno’s and toys they had. While there I kept noticing guys walking to the back of the store into a door covered by a curtain. I asked Ashley what was back there and she said it was the glory holes. I asked her what that was so she took me by the hand and lead me to an empty booth. In the booth was a television, which Ashley paid and chose a movie for us to watch. She pulled off her shirt exposing her large 36 DD tits that I immediately began to suck on. She removed my shorts and started fingering my wet pussy. While we watched bakırköy escort the movie we continued to finger each other’s pussies and suck each other’s tits. We had both just finished cumming when I noticed the hole. At the hole was an eye of someone who had been watching us. As the eye disappeared a dick came through the hole. Ashley quickly got down on her knees and began sucking this stranger’s cock. While she was sucking that guys cock another one appeared in another hole in the both. This time it was me who got down on my knees and began sucking some guy’s cock. We spent two hours on our knees sucking different cocks and swallowing those men’s seed. After almost three hours at the store Ashley and I finally left to go home.

March 11th

Dear Diary.

As the bell rang for ending the school day my English teacher Mrs. Berry asked me to stay late for a minute. She told me that I had failed my last paper that I had just turned. Upset I asked if there was anything I could do to improve my grade. At this point my 50-year-old teacher came over to me and laid her hands on my shoulders. As she started massaging my shoulders she told me that if I did exactly as she asked that I would be getting an A in her class. I remembered Ashley’s story of blowing Mr. Riley and now it looked as if it was my turn to do it with Mrs. Berry. I promised her that I would do anything she wanted. She came around from behind me and reached down to take my face in her hands which she led my lips to hers. As I began sucking her tongue I started to feel up Mrs. Berry’s small B-cup tits.

I unbuttoned her shirt and started pinching and twisting her nipples. Breaking the kiss I started kissing down her neck all the way down to her small nipples. I spent thirty minutes just sucking her delicious nipples. I caused Mrs. Berry to orgasm twice just from sucking her little boobies. She finally had enough teasing and made me move down to her hairy pussy. She had a huge bush but I found her clit anyways and started eating her out. I caused her to cum two more times before she made me stop. Finally başakşehir escort she moved down on my hairless pussy and started eating out my very excited cunt. Within ten minutes Mrs. Berry made me cum four times. She was the best at oral I have ever had. She kissed me good-bye and made me promise not to tell anyone. I still don’t know how I managed to get home because my legs felt like rubber.

March 13th

Dear Diary.

Last night Tim came into my room supporting an obvious erection and told me that mom and dad were at it again. I quickly put down my homework and head over with him to his room. The both of us claimed a hole and started to watch. This time around though Tim asked me if I wanted him to return the favor for stroking him off the last time. I nodded my head yes and me began to finger me and to rub my hard clit. Tim was good real good because he caused me to cum three times as I watched our parents have sex. After the third time I made him stop and I took his large tool into my hands and started jerking him off. Soon though I wanted more and as I was watching my mom go down on my dad I to decide to go down on Tim. To his surprise he felt my hot mouth on his hard prick. I sucked him like a pro; after all I had Ashley to teach me. I teased him at first only taking a little at a time but soon I was deep throating his entire 7 ½ inches. While sucking him I felt him tensing and I knew he was close. I pulled him out of my mouth just as he started cumming let his cum land on my face and tits. I did catch some of his load and what I did I swallowed loving the taste. I sucked the last of his cum from his deflating cock then scooped up his load off my face and tits and swallowed it all. Smiling I kissed Tim on the lips told him thanks for the fun and went back to my room to finish my homework. Man what a week. I hope this keeps up diary Tim’s cock taste so great.

Once again I find myself stunned at this new revelation of things that were happening in my house. I knew I should be disgusted by what my kids were doing but all I wanted to do was join them. I love to fuck and apparently so do they. Once again I was extremely horny from my daughters adventures and I went back to my room to masturbate. This time I left the door cracked open on purpose hoping that my daughter might see me and join me in my fun. As I get myself off I find myself fantasizing about my daughter and son fucking the hell out of me.

To be continued…

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