Dirty Big Sister Ch. 01


Charlize was a beautiful woman at 19 years old. She had voluptuous boobs with the best little button nipples. They jutted out of her braless cotton T-shirts on every occasion. Her hair was a wavy, golden blond that hung down to her heart shaped ass. But Charlize also had a great face, beautiful lips, and a creamy complexion. This “package” was even wrapped up with a hot, sexy attitude, and a strut to match. There was just one small problem with Charlize the babe… She was my big sister.

My lust for Charlize had been going ever since I turned 18. I was living at home and working as a handler-technician in the local Vet office, and Charlize was a student at the local community college studying history. I would come home to my parents home (who were vacationing in Italy) and Charlize would be sitting cross-legged on a kitchen chair, slumped over some book about ancient tribes or whatever. She usually gave me a great view of her tits, too.

“Hi, Dave.” She usually said. “What’s shaking?”

“Oh, nothing.” I would mutter.

But today was a little different. Charlize must have been masturbating herself on that chair, because she had a wet spot the size of a baseball at her crotch. Instead of her usual greeting, she said “Hi, Little Brother. Wanna fuck me?”

“What? What did you say, Charlize?” I asked urgently, needing a confirmation desperately.

“You heard me, Dave. Mom and Dad will be gone for months, so I thought we could expand on our sibling relationship.” She spoke.

“Good god, Charlize. Lord knows you’re very ‘fuckable’, but what about a little thing called INCEST?” I shouted.

“Come on, Dave. I’ve been reading how the early Hawaiians had incest going all the time with their brothers and sisters. It was common and quite acceptable. They knew not to make babies that way, but other than that, they enjoyed each other.” Said the little history professor. “I figure that we’re old enough to keep secrets and smart enough to keep me from getting pregs, too. How ’bout it?”

By now, my 6 inch cock was 8 inches and growing. My secret lust for Charlize was out, and I could act on it if, if I could just get over that pesky Rize Escort little concept called incest. “Charlize,” I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? If anybody found out, it would be our collective ass.”

Charlize got down from her chair and walked seductively over to me. She kneeled down so her head was right in front of my cock. “Yeah, I want to.” She said. My shorts were already tenting, which gave her the answer she wanted. She stared at my erection and said “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes.'” She quipped.

I slowly unzipped my shorts and let them fall to my ankles. Charlize pulled gently on my boxers to release my extended member from captivity. I was throbbing and twitching just a mere one inch away from her lips. Her mouth was open and she was licking her lips, whispering “Oh, god, Dave. I’ve wanted you for so, so long.”

“G, g, go for it, Big Sister.” I whispered back. “Let me cum in your face, OK?”

“That is my intention, Dave. I want your cum dripping from my nose and my cheeks. I want to feel the heat and aroma of your sperm, and to taste you. Is that what you want, Dave?” She questioned?

I now understood that Charlize liked it nasty and probably rough. I said “That’s right, my little cock whore. I want you to service this cock and rub my cum all over your face. You’re a nasty little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

Charlize started to lick the tip of my cock, while I was insistently trying to poke it in her mouth. We finally synchronized and developed a rhythm for both of us to enjoy. She was cramming my dick into her mouth and throat with a quick tempo, and I was hanging onto the back of her head urging her on to nastier heights. I felt so high fucking her that I started to feel an explosion was imminent.

“I’m going to cum on your face now, you little whore.” I said. “Do you want that?”

“Oh, Dave! Do it! Cum on my face! Spew it all over me.” She said greedily.

I erupted with my own hand guiding the action. The first thrust landed in her left eye, closely followed by a big glob on her nose. My cum was cream colored and sticky, and it looked nasty on my sister’s face. She opened her mouth Rize Escort Bayan and received another blast onto her tongue. Charlize never pulled back either. She seemed to move her face from left to right, not to avoid me, but to evenly space my cum blasts that peppered her face.

“Oh, god, Sis! You are such a cum whore.” I said, as I deposited my last squirts onto her lips and cheek. To further make the scene complete, I rubbed my swollen cock all over the mess I made on her face. From side to side, and up and down both sides of her nose, I was face-fucking my sister with greedy abandon.

“Dave, I just love the way you fuck me!” She purred. “Your cum is so warm and nasty. I want to be your cum whore, and do you anytime you have the urge. Please, promise me you’ll fuck my face when you get the slightest impulse.”

And I did.

I face fucked Charlize over and over, making myself cum until I couldn’t do it anymore. I fucked her ass ’till I was cumming, then pulled out and finished on her face. And as for her boobs, I titty-fucked those melons so often she developed a heat rash between them. I directed Charlize to lick my asshole, too, and to suck on my nuts. Charlize, my slutty sister, turned into a regular sex slave for me and I loved it.

But, as things so often do, events took a turn. Charlize found a boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it. I fucked her almost every night. How could she even find the time for another guy? I found “Tony” fucking her ass on the game room couch, just about the time I usually get home.

“Just what is going on, Charlize?” I demanded. “Since when are you fucking other guys?”

“H,h, hi..B,Brother.” She quivered as Tony’s dick rammed her ass. “I guess I should have told y-you about Tony, huh.”

“No shit, Charlize.” I responded, watching my big sister get plowed by this new stud. “So, you don’t want me anymore?” I asked.

“God, no, Dave.” She said quickly, “I want you to join in!

I took a quick summation of the scene and decided that sharing was going to be a blast. I walked over to Tony and stuck out my hand. He let go of my sister’s hips for a moment and returned Escort Rize the handshake. His dick never left her ass.

“Hi, Dave. I’ve heard a lot about you. Hope this won’t be a problem.” Tony said. “Charlize told me you fantasized about having some help fucking her, so… Here I am.”

I looked at Tony again. He was about 6’2″ tall and very lean. His skin was ranging toward the darker tones, but he was attractive and sexually provocative. His most prominent feature, however, was the big 9 inches he was fucking my sister with.

“I guess so.” I quietly intoned. “Are you Ok with it, Sis?”

“Of course, Baby Brother. Ge, get your dick over h, here and let me face fuck you. Right Now!” She answered in between thrusts.

I wasted no time in disrobing and shoving my cock into her anxious mouth. She gobbled on me ferociously and had me hard in seconds. I learned to fuck her mouth to the rhythm of Tony’s thrusts and between the two of us; my sister looked like a veteran porn star.

We jammed our dicks hard and fast until I heard Tony call out “I’m going to cum, baby. Where do you want it?”

“Cum on my face, Tony, while Dave is fucking my mouth.” She exclaimed, holding my cock close.

Tony quickly came around the other side of Charlize and pointed his monster tool right at her lips. I was again jamming my cock in and out of her mouth when he blasted her with several shots of hot, white cum. Many of the spurts hit her eyes and nose, but a few hit my cock as I was face fucking her. It was quite a turn-on to see and feel it.

“She likes for you to rub it in, Tony.” I said, almost clinically.

“Gotcha, Dave.” Tony intoned. “God, she’s such a well trained whore. I have to hand it to you, Dave. You’ve done great things with her.” Tony said as he was wiping his dick on her face.

That sight made me cum.

I pulled back and jacked off right into her gooey face. My first blast smeared her eye, while the next ones just layered cum onto an already nasty face. It was really cool.

“How’s that, Big Sister? I asked. “Is that what you had in mind?”

“Mmmmm” It was all Charlize could say. “The feel of two huge dirty dicks smearing my face is dreamy. I just love it.”

As things turned out, Tony became a very good friend. We schooled Charlize to new nasty heights along the way, and had a really, really good time. Perhaps you’ll read our next adventure, too.

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