Dinner and a Movie


We got home from work, decided neither one of us wanted to cook, so we changed clothes and popped out to one of our local favorite restaurants for dinner. Our banter is light, but we can both detect a sexual undertone to it all, realizing that once we get home all the clothes will be coming off and we’ll spend quite a bit of the weekend that way!

I spring it on you as we finish out dinner that nearby is a movie theater showing something inane, and we both smile as I pay the check and we head over there, hand in hand. I buy our tickets and we get some popcorn and a drink to share. You choose our seats near the back of the theater, and we settle in to see just how many other people decide to see the movie. Lucky for us, there’s only about 6 or so more people who come in, and we’re pretty much left to ourselves. We munch on the popcorn and drink, interspersed with kisses and quick gropes, so we both know what’s in store for the movie.

Once the lights go down, we put aside our other stuff, and snuggle together to watch the previews, and your hand lightly rests on my thigh and my arm is around your shoulders. Your head leans into my shoulder and your hand starts slowly moving up and down my leg. I let my hand caress your hair, hearing you purr your contentment, before moving it lower to circle your ear and tease your neck. You stretch and then burrow in closer, letting me know just how much you like what I’m doing, and your hand moves higher, knowing what it will find.

As the main feature starts, I turn to kiss you, and we hungrily explore each other’s mouth with our tongues. Your hand brushed my crotch, and you gently squeeze the stiffness you encounter, bringing a low moan from me. As you continue your explorations, my hand runs up and down your back, and then etiler escort circles around to lightly play with your breast, and you separate slightly back from me to give me better access. I find your nipple though your shirt and bra, and you push it into my hand, so I take my thumb and forefinger and gently pinch it, which elicits a groan from you. I quickly check the theater, but all the other people are watching the film, far enough away that our low sounds are lost in the noise coming from the speakers. Your squeezing of my now rock hard cock becomes more insistent, and I fully cup your breast and squeeze it all, and you then attack my mouth with yours, breaking off only to tell me how hot you are and how much you’d love to go down on me and make me cum in your mouth. Not wanting to be arrested for public exposure, we decide to just continue to tease each other, so we settle back and watch some more of the movie. I take my other hand and put it on your leg, running it up and down the outside of your pants, but coming closer and closer to your center. You look over at me and whisper in my ear that if I keep it up, I’m either going to have to take you home or just fuck you right then and there. Well.. should we bow to temptation and risk getting caught and maybe arrested? I resist temptation and go back to caressing your arms and neck, and we end up watching another 30 min of the movie, but your hand slowly migrates back to my crotch, and my hand ends up caressing your breast again.

We finally decide we’ve seen enough of the movie, and separate so the minor Major can relax and I can walk out of the theater WITHOUT a raging hard-on. We get up to leave, and once we’re in the short hallway heading out of the theater, eve gelen escort you turn around and flash your bra covered boobs at me, giggling like a girl as I chase you. We go hand in hand to the car, window shopping along the way, and once we reach the car, I open your door, but pull you in close to me to kiss you deeply before I let you get in. My hands are on your ass and you return the favor, knowing there are some people walking by who can see everything. You finally pull back from me and hop in the car, and I quickly close your door and run to get in my side. After my door closes, your hand quickly returns to my crotch, getting me hard in about 10 seconds, and I tell you just how wet all the precum is making my underwear.

A twinkle in your eyes tells me how much you like hearing that, and on the drive back home you start telling me how hot and horny you are, and what you want to do with me. I think I make it back to the house in record time, and you precede me up to the door, unlock it and walk inside. The lights aren’t on, so the house is still dark, and as I start to shut the door and turn on the hall light, I feel your hand on mine as you tell me “Don’t.” I close the door, turn and take you in my arms in the low light, and we kiss urgently as you pull my shirt up over my head, and I start working on the belt of your pants. I let you get my shirt off and then I return the favor, leaving your bra on, but making a quick job of your pants and you do for me, and we come together again in just our underwear. You can feel my cock against your stomach and also the wetness emanating from the tip of my hard cock. You grab my ass and pull me against you, grinding your pussy on my cock, and moaning louder fatih escort that you want me and want me NOW!

I reach behind you and free your lovely tits, pulling the cups away and bending down to take your hard nipple in my mouth. Your moan becomes louder as I work over first one and then the other nipple. You pull my boxer briefs over my hard cock and down my thighs, and I first pull your boy shorts up tight against your pussy before kneeling down and removing them, raising them up to smell that wonderful odor of a woman aroused. We move to the stairs, and I bend you over, so your hands are resting on the risers, as I move my cock along your ass crack. You wiggle your backside, wanting me in you, and we quickly position ourselves so my cock enters your pussy and slowly sinks all the way inside. I put my hands on your hips and push and pull in and out of you, while you move around in delicious ways, finding the maximum stimulation from this fleshy invader. One of your hands reaches back to caress my balls, feeling them start to rise and tighten as my orgasm approaches.

You tell me to cum deep in your pussy, and our pace quickens. You move forward to rest more against the stairs and I follow, not wanting to relinquish my position inside you. Soon I’m fairly pounding into you and your chanting “Yes” with each thrust, knowing I’m going to cum soon. I thrust hard into you and you feel me swell up with my orgasm, triggering yours with the first spurt landing deep in your pussy, but I pull my cock back our and proceed to finish cumming all over the outside of your pussy and on your ass. You can feel the hot drops on your skin, and that keeps you cumming and cumming as I caress your ass with my cock, spreading the liquid out on your skin. I reach forward and pull you back to me, hugging you from behind, and your arms cover mine, and then you spin around to kiss my lips as we hold each other close. We look at each other, and now that our eyes have adjusted, to the scattered clothes in the entryway. We shrug and walk up the stairs, leaving them behind as reminders of our haste, and we make our way to bed, and more fun…

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