Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 08


The next week returned to a little bit of normalcy. The twins had said good-bye to Max and Jerry, who completed their Police Investigation Seminar and returned home. I figured June and July would be in the dumps after they left, but they weren’t. I chose not to discuss it with them. They returned to my bed three or four nights, which had been normal.

One night we had raucous sex as they shared my cock back and forth before cuming in Julie’s ass and then dropping another load on June’s tits, which is where she wanted it. They both had crushing orgasms and Julie let slip that maybe she was unsatisfied with her sex with Max or Jerry and probably both, because I was certain that the girls shared their cop boyfriends.

The other two nights, we had no sex at all. We just cuddled and kissed. My little head was lobbying hard for sex but June and Julie ignored him and my big head was fine with it, so the little head got out-voted. I loved my sisters and it wasn’t just about the sex.

Classes had consisted of a lot of tests. I wasn’t one to goof of for weeks and then cram all night for a test the next day. I took the tests in stride, confident that I knew the material. The twins were even studying more frequently.

I’m a self-studier but the twins liked study-groups and they often had a few of their friends over to the house to study. They liked to come here because it was quiet, without the constant chaos of dorm life. The twins had established that I was their housemate and not related and expanded on my role as a super-geek and not their type. Apparently, I was some of their friend’s type as they spent at least some of their study time flirting with me or questioning June or Julie about me. There were a couple of girls that interested me; that I fanaticized about putting the wood to.

This morning, at breakfast, June asked me how I liked their study-group friends. I just shrugged my shoulders as I bit into a piece of toast. June laughed and called me out on my seemly indifferent response, “Oh come on Dex. I see you flirting with Eva and Emma. They’ve even mentioned that they thought you had a boner a couple times.” Julie just watched our conversation and smiled when June mentioned the boners.

I chuckled and said, “I like Eva and Emma. They’re pretty hot stuff. I think they’d know for certain if I had a boner though.” Julie burst out laughing as she nodded her head. June smiled at my response and nodded too.

Julie joined the conversation, “What June is beating around the edges of is that we want you to pull your sleepwalking stunt that you confessed you fooled us with last summer. Not with the whole study-group because not all of them are into guys. In fact, your physical size terrifies Joanne. Anyway, we’ve arranged for a smaller study-group with us and Emma and Eva. Since we often study late, it would be a perfect opportunity for your sleepwalking thing.”

June took the lead back and said, “It’s tonight. Sorry to spring this on you last minute but we had trouble getting just Emma and Eva here without pissing off the others.” I faked a contemplative look as though I was mulling over their plan until June got out of her chair and sat in my lap and kissed me while she squirmed her perfect ass around on my rapidly expanding cock. She pulled back and gave me her little girl pleading look, that she always pulled on Mom and Dad to get her way, and said, “Pppllleeeasssee.” Then the little minx started to moan as she got the full effect of my hard cock pushing up against her butt-cheeks.

Julie came over and pulled June out of my lap and said, “We’ve got to get ready to go. No time for that. Besides, he’s just fucking with you. He was in, the moment you said ‘sleepwalking stunt’.”

I laughed and nodded as I pinched June’s ass as she came out of my lap. June looked down and said, “Yup. If Emma and Eva saw that, they wouldn’t be saying they THOUGHT you had a boner. They are both talking about guys and dicks and cocks all the time. I can’t help but wonder if they’ve ever even seen one before.”

Julie pulled June to the stairs and added, “I’m sure they have. They’re almost nineteen. What girl that age hasn’t seen a cock before?” They thundered up the stairs while I put the dishes in the sink for later. My hard cock had pushed out through the hole in my boxer shorts, that I sometimes slept in, and wagged from side to side like a metronome as I walked to my room to get dressed.

It was a nice sunny day and the temperature was the warmest it had been in a week. We decided to walk together, through the woods to the campus. As we broke off in our separate directions, June said, “Don’t forget tonight. I’m not sure what will happen but it’s kind of exciting that way.” I threw them quick and discreet air-kisses and went my way.

Lunch at the cafeteria turned interesting when Molly and her coach Vivian appeared at my table. I smiled and motioned for them to sit down. They grinned at each other and sat down Ordu Escort on the opposite side of the booth. I was half done as they transferred their items from their trays to the table and Molly took both trays to add them to a stack on a counter.

Vivian wasted no time as she pushed a bare foot into my crotch and rolled the ball of her foot around in search of my cock. She grinned at me when she felt it pushing on my zipper as Molly pushed back into the booth.

Molly looked at the grin on Vivian’s face and knew immediately what she was up to. She didn’t look to confirm because that would have given them away. Vivian’s foot was soon joined by Molly’s bare foot as they both acted completely normal as they ate their lunch. I tried to act normal and finish my lunch but an occasional misdirected foot, as they jockeyed for position, would make me pitch forward and groan from the pain. Molly and Vivian would give me their sympathy look and apologize before renewing their battle.

Vivian whispered load enough for me to hear, “Which one of us has the balls to slide under this table and suck that delicious cock to give us dessert.” Molly giggled at Vivian suggestion.

I’m pretty certain that they were just screwing with me, but when Molly made a move to crawl under the table, I held out my hands in a ‘STOP’ signal and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Neither one of you have the balls. Everyone in here can easily see under these tables and what you’re already doing has caused some looks.” I reached under the table and pushed their feet away. They laughed and struggled to maneuver their feet back into their shoes.

I stood up in the booth to leave and immediately sat back down when I realized that my cock was bulging hard on the front of my pants. Molly and Vivian apologized for their teasing and giggled together at my dilemma. I used my hands under the table to maneuver my erection into a less obvious position. I found the best position and stood up again. I had to get to my next class. Molly and Vivian’s eyes went right to my lap and their hands went to their gaping mouths as their eyes bugged open. From the looks on their faces, I hadn’t done a very good job hiding my condition. I grabbed my tray and stepped out of the booth. Molly’s and Vivian’s eyes followed my crotch even though it was partially blocked by the tray.

The cafeteria was packed and as I made my way between the tables and booths, other hands went to open mouths as eyes dropped to my crotch. One aggressive girl grabbed my wrist and stopped my passage and said, “Hey honey. What dorm are you in?” The other girls at her table all snickered as they gawked at my crotch. I pulled away and ignored my urge to run as I dumped my trash and stacked my tray and then made one final flagrant adjustment in my pants and put a smile on my reddened face as I walked out of the cafeteria.

I finished classes and decided not to go work out. I headed for the short-cut through the woods and passed the lacrosse field where I stopped to watch the team practicing. Coach Mandy was yelling instructions and then play would stop and there would be a huddle around Mandy before practice resumed. Mandy was heading back to the side line and spotted me. She waved and I did too. I hadn’t called her for a date yet, but I planned to. I threw her a quick air-kiss and she grinned. She went back to work and I continued on my way home.

The twins were excited about the possible scenarios tonight and I had to calm them down or their mini-study-group might suspect something was up. I was suspicious that the twins were more interested in finding out if Emma and Eva swung both ways. Dinner was delivered pizza and it was good. We must have all been hungry because we ate every piece, even the crust.

After dinner and clean up, I watched TV until Emma arrived. I headed to my room to turn over the family room to the twins and their friends. I saw Emma talking with Julie in the foyer. I thought nothing of it and went in my bedroom. Moments later, Julie came in my room and shut the door. She explained that Eva couldn’t come at the last moment and it would be just Emma. Julie wanted to know if we should wait and reschedule. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay. Whatever you think.” Julie nodded and left my room without another word.

When she was gone, I smiled to myself. I would go as scheduled and surprise June and Julie to make it as realistic as possible.

I found it difficult to concentrate on the books and I put them aside and practiced my sleepwalking eyes in the bathroom mirror instead. It had been a long time since I had done this and my hard-on was tapping on the bathroom vanity counter as I practiced. I was as turned-on as I was that first night pulling this stunt on the twins and they fell for it big time. I smiled as I thought, “Man, the little head can really make a guy do stupid things sometimes.” That stupid thing that night had led to sex with my very hot sisters Ordu Escort Bayan for the first time so maybe it wasn’t so stupid after all.

It was after ten o’clock when I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a robe and went out to the family room to tell June and Julie that I was going to bed and they needed to keep the noise to a minimum. I had a monster erection and I had to hold it against my hip with my wrist as I held my hands together in front clutching the robe together. Emma looked up from her position sitting cross-legged on the carpet leaning back against the sofa. She smiled at me and seductively lashed her tongue around her lips and winked at me. The twins, who also sat cross-legged on the floor, didn’t see Emma’s antics as they were looking at me.

My heart was hammering in my chest with anticipation. I was always up for new sexual encounters, but if I got busted by Emma, the consequences could be huge. It would be all over the college in no time and I’d be the laughing stock. I was sure I could pull it off and I went back to my room and contemplated the ramifications for the next hour and then it was show time. My cock had deflated and inflated twice during that hour.

I took off my robe and did one more practice run and concluded that walking out there with a raging hard-on might be a little much. June and Julie would be thrilled but I didn’t want to scare Emma. I decided to wait until I had a semi-erection and dangle it out through the front gap of my boxers. It often found its way out that gap anyway.

I set my eyes so they looked pretty creepy but I could see. I opened my bedroom door and stepped slowly into the hall and turned toward the family room. I practiced the walk that I had seen Mom use when she was sleepwalking and headed past the kitchen and stopped at the edge of the family room. I stood there unmoving until Emma looked up from her book. Her eyes went wide and she muttered, “Holy fuck.” Her muttered remark got June and Julie’s attention and they looked where Emma was gawking.

Julie smiled at June and said, “Oh my gawwdd. I had no idea. Jesus Christ. It’s huge.”

June covered her mouth to stifle a giggle and added, “Fuck. It’s not even full size.” Emma just stared as I scratched my fingers through my hair and looked around the room like I was getting my bearings. I stagger-walked across the room and sat down on the sofa with my knees close to Emma’s shoulder. She followed my cock with her eyes and her mouth gaped open.

I made like I was picking up the TV remote and then pointed it at the TV. I clicked on the fake remote and sat back on the sofa and fake-watched. Emma’s eyes locked on my semi-erect cock and she pulled a hand up to cover her gaping mouth and then she slowly turned her eyes to June and Julie who were both watching Emma’s reaction more than my cock. Emma mouthed the words, ‘Holy Shit.’ Then she whispered out loud, “You guys didn’t know that your housemate has a monster cock like that?” The twins both giggled and shook their heads. Emma whispered, “What should we do? Will he wake up? What if I touch it?” Julie just shrugged her shoulders while June giggled again.

Julie whispered, “Touch it and let’s see what happens. He’s obviously sleepwalking. Our mom would have sex with our Dad while she was sleepwalking and never even know it happened.”

Emma whispered, “Seriously!” Julie nodded and June nodded too. Emma rolled up onto her knees and reached up and put her index finger on the tip of my cock and instantly pulled it back when it jumped up harder. Emma looked back at June and Julie and whispered, “Fuck. It’s getting bigger. I’ve never seen a cock that big.” June and Julie giggled together and crawled on hands and knees to form a semi-circle around my knees. June waved her hand in front of my face and I didn’t react. Julie pushed on my knee and got no reaction. She nudged me harder and I gave no reaction.

Emma took all of this in and reached up and wrapped her fingers almost all the way around the circumference of my rapidly expanding cock. She just held it in her hand. She seemed fascinated with how it jumped and moved around in her hand. She squeezed and seemed pleased that she could get her middle-finger and thumb to touch. Then I flexed my cock and she couldn’t. Her eyes examined mine in search of any give-away that I was faking it. She couldn’t seem to accept that I was sleepwalking as the twins claimed.

June’s hand took over on my cock and she started slowly jerking me off. Emma’s eyes went from June’s hand job to my eyes. Then June stopped her hand job and held it in place pointed at Emma’s face. She licked her lips and hesitated and I wondered if she would dare do anything except hold it. I was full sized and I could tell that the twins wanted a go. We had agreed that if Emma or Eva didn’t go, then no one went.

Julie was digging her fingers up the short leg of her athletic shorts and frigging her pussy. Escort Ordu Emma chewed on her lower lip as her eyes flitted from my eyes to my cock to June and Julie. Then she said, “Do you want to do anything? I can wait.”

June said, “No. You go. You’re our guest. Guests go first.” Emma reached down and gripped the top half of my cock above June’s hand and started jerking me off. Her motion was herky-jerky and unpracticed. She tried different grips and June let her have it all to experiment on. She jacked on my cock for twenty seconds or so and offered it to June. She took it back and jacked on it for another twenty seconds and then offered it to Julie who did the same. I thought that this must be killing June and Julie to pretend that they had as little experience with cocks as Emma obvious had. Julie turned her face away from Emma and ran her tongue around her lips and then pushed her tongue into her cheek indicating that she wanted to suck on my cock.

I smiled at her to let her know that I’d gotten her message. Julie aimed my cock at Emma and said, “He’s not going to wake up. Suck on it.” Emma’s eyes flashed back and forth between my cock and Julie and then she leaned in and kissed the knob. It lurched in Julie’s hand and Julie giggled. Emma opened her mouth wide and pushed her lips onto the end of the knob and stretched them on by tilting her head from side to side until her thinned white lips made it to the ridge. She stopped there and glanced at Julie who smiled and nodded for Emma to continue. She tried but didn’t get far before she heaved up and gagged. She was determined though and she coughed and cleared her throat around my shaft. She tried again and got another inch in before she decided that that was as far as she could go.

Emma took my cock in her hand as Julie released it. As she clung to the knob with her lips, she started jacking on my cock again. She got into a rhythm and then joined that rhythm with her mouth on the couple of inches literally stuffed inside. I let out an involuntary groan and Emma’s eyes went wide as she looked up at my face. She stopped all motion.

Julie said, “It’s okay. Our mom would make all kinds of sounds like that when she was having sex with Dad while she was sleepwalking.” Emma checked my face again and started her blow job and hand job combination again.

June and Julie came up close to get a good look and it reminded Emma that June and Julie probably wanted some too and she pulled her lips off my cock and aimed it at Julie who smiled and pushed her lips on first and took control of it with her hand. She could easily swallow me right down to my balls but she didn’t reveal her sexual prowess to Emma. She didn’t gag but she took about the same amount of cock and used both hands on my shaft. Emma grinned and I could tell she was itching to try that. Julie’s blow job and hand job were so much more skilled. She was pulling my orgasm up and then she handed me off to June, who was whining for her chance. She did the same and my balls started churning.

June wouldn’t hold back her skills and started shoving her lips down my shaft and started a full-length blow job that blew Emma’s mind. Her mouth fell open as she gawked at June taking all of me. Julie was shaking her head at June and June just ignored her. My orgasm was unstoppable and June knew it. She pulled back up my shaft, took the first salvo and then pulled off and aimed my spewing cock at Emma and Julie. Cum flew to Emma’s face, neck, chest and clothes and then Julie’s face and clothes. Emma slid back away but the power behind the shots arced the pearly, white cum through the air to follow her away.

June giggled as cum rocketed up my cock. She furiously pumped her hand on my shaft until the last drop dribbled out the end of my shaft. June caught it with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth.

Emma was shell-shocked and sat back holding her arms out to her sides as she looked down at the cum on her shirt and skirt and down in her ample cleavage. Julie knew what was going on because it was all choreographed this way. Julie acted the same as Emma and said, “Holy shit, we’re covered in cum. Emma, you can’t go home like that. We’d better put our clothes in the washing machine.” She stood up and stripped her clothes off and headed for the laundry room. June did the same and left Emma sitting on the floor wiping cum off her face and tasting it. She collected more and said basically to herself, “Hum. Not to bad.” Julie came back into the family room in the nude and said, “Hurry up Emma, the wash has started.” Emma stood up and stripped naked and handed her clothes to Julie who took them to the laundry room.

Emma’s pubic area was soaking wet, which darkened her blonde pubic hair. She ran her index finger through her sex and stiffened when she touched her clitoris. She had a great body, with a slim waistline and full hips. Her boobs were big and round and sagged slightly. The vision of her naked body caused my cock to bob up and down. When June and Julie walked back in the room, Emma said, “His dick isn’t going down. I thought they went soft after cumming.” Julie looked at June and shrugged her shoulders like she thought so too and didn’t understand what was happening with Dex.

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