Desire Ch. 2


No one seems to have noticed us here, on the edge of the party. We strolled away from the gathered crowd and slipped under the overhanging branches of this tree for some privacy – to taste the desire we’ve been feeling all night. Your gasps as I made you cum with my mouth were not as loud as they seemed at the moment. I love watching your eyes sweep around, half mortified and half aroused at the possibility of having been watched.

I can see so much in your eyes at moments like this. I can see that even as you search to ensure our privacy, you aren’t going to stop. Your hand on my throbbing cock and the look on your face tell me that if you spot anyone who seems suspicious, you will find another place for us to escape prying eyes. I can feel your desire – your determination to have my cum.

We kiss and you moan as you taste your pussy on my lips. There’s something so erotic about the way you love sex – everything about it…the way it turns you on to taste your sex on my tongue. I hear the sound you make, feel it in my throat and through your hand on my cock. Your overwhelming desire for me makes my balls pull up tight and hot. There is such a broad dynamic to your sexuality. You can be so perfectly compliant – totally satisfied when I take you, surrendering your body to me for our mutual pleasure. Other times you are so open, almost aggressive, in your demands to be pleased and your teasing, devilishly slutty desire to please.

Your thong is still pulled to the side, your skirt bunched up in front between us. My fingers gently caress your very wet and very swollen pussy. I love the way your hips move when I touch you just… like… this… It seems mostly involuntary – like your body responding to a deep need to be touched, with you consciously arching…pushing that extra inch in eager sympathy with your body’s need.

Your eyes meet mine and there is something I haven’t seen before. Aroused is one thing, but you look like you are ready to literally fuck me to death. Deep…hot…heat…undeniable heat smoulders in your eyes. My fingers are so wet. Your tongue slides over your lips as you smile at me. “I want to suck you right here.”

You pull me around with your left hand, your right never leaving my throbbing, aching cock and push me back against the tree. Looking around to make sure we haven’t been spotted, you drop to your knees smiling up at me. “Mmmm, baby, I love your cock…” as your tongue slides from my balls up the length…”I want you to cum in my mouth…” as your lips plant gentle Marmaris Escort sucking kisses on the head…”I want to taste you…” as your lips part and you take my cock halfway into your hot mouth. I can feel your tongue caressing the underside, the flat…the tip…Oh My God I love the way you suck me.

Sliding your hot mouth up and down the length of my cock, your tongue always caressing and cradling the underside. The head of my cock touches the top of your throat at the bottom of each stroke, while your fingers so gently caress, tickle and scratch behind my balls. Oh, I love that!…when you pause at the bottom, my cock touching the top of your throat, and you caress the base of my cock with your free hand…moaning with desire. I know what you want…and how you want it. You love to be taken this way and it SO turns me on to do it.

You love the way my cock curves up when it’s hard. Slightly more than seven inches…your thumb and middle finger just circle it…the way it touches you in wonderful ways when we’re fucking…but that curve means that when my cock slides into your throat in this position – with you kneeling before me – that it *bends the wrong way* a bit. It may not be huge, but when it bends that way it becomes extra stiff, the head swells.

You moan from deep inside when you feel my hands on the back of your head. Your tongue strokes the underside of my cock a little more passionately in anticipation. The hand around the base of my cock slips between your thighs to caress your wet clit as I gently but firmly thrust my hips. My hands don’t really pull you to me so much as restrain your natural desire to pull back as you feel the head of my cock begin pushing deeper. Your throat involuntarily tightens, obstructing my cock…the pressure increases as my hips continue gently pushing harder, my hands holding your head. Your tongue flattens against my cock as the head *pops* into your throat, followed in one smooth two inch stroke by the rest of my shaft.

You can’t breath. You’re fighting your gag reflex and your pussy is creaming as your feel my long hard cock take your throat. Your hands press against my thighs…you need a breath. I hold you just a moment, until one hand slaps my leg…slight panic…you NEED a breath. I flex my cock in your throat, making the head expand even more as I let you back off, feeling you gasp that needed breath around the head of my cock even as you renew sucking me with much greater passion. You feel like such a… perfect slut… when Marmaris Escort Bayan I make you take all of me. You love that feeling of being taken…my desire for you, my will overcoming your body’s reflexes. Your desire to please me allowing me to…

I feel you slide down my cock again, pressing your throat against the head. You’re actually whimpering, little sounds that so clearly tell me to push my cock into your throat again. I can see your hand between your spread thighs, rolling your fingers over your clit in a grinding circle. As I begin to slowly lift my hips, I feel you push your head toward me, groaning as my cock stretches your throat. I can feel you trying to push your tongue further out, trying to lick at my balls…but that triggers your gag reflex more powerfully.

You amaze me! You can’t breath…you’re fighting your gag reflex to hold all of me in your throat. And you are still so aware of my pleasure that your fingertips notice that slight contraction as my balls tighten. You moaned when you felt that…my cock knows it…I know it. Your desire to have me in your mouth makes me so fucking hot. Seeing you on your knees sucking me and knowing that all you want in this world at this moment is to taste my hot cum almost pushes me over the edge. How can I possibly describe the degree of pleasure you give me by so evidently LOVING having my cock in your throat?

“I love the way you suck me,” I gasp as you slide half way back up my cock, your tongue flicking, stroking, begging for my orgasm. “Oh, fuck….YES!…your tongue drives me crazy…gonna make me cum, baby…don’t stop!”

Your head bobs up and down faster – tongue stroking back and forth…there…you center in on the spots…that one *there* and that one just below *there*…you can sense the jolts that surge through my entire body when your tongue…ohmygod! yesssss….just like that! Oh fuck. I want to laugh out loud when you do that…I want to almost yell, “FUCK YES!”…but there’s one neuron that remains aware that there are people only yards away.

It overwhelms me. This is new. Usually I know I am about to cum…I can feel the pressure building. Sort of a “here it comes…almost…here….now” sort of orgasm. I have no idea what you did…only the certain knowledge that you did something. I mean sure, you’re giving me an absolutely amazing blowjob, but then WHAM, out of nowhere I’m mugged by a spine cranking orgasm. I didn’t feel it coming. It’s wonderful and just for half a heartbeat Escort Marmaris sort of scary. No recollection of reaching the peak, just the immediate realization that my body is shaking and jet after hot jet of cum is pulsing out of my throbbing, jerking cock into your eager sucking mouth. Sort of an out of body orgasm… ‘This can’t be my orgasm…I don’t remember it starting’.

Your hand pushing my chest up against the tree, the other seeming to brace one knee from buckling as my hips vibrate in reflex…my balls emptying in searing, pulses as your tongue continues to milk my throbbing shaft. The suction around my cock increases as you swallow, drops of cum sliding from the corners of your mouth. I don’t think I have ever cum so much, or so hard. I feel the shots of cum splashing against the back of your throat…if I think of a better metaphor I’ll change it, but it’s like the way a hose pushes back if you hold it too close to the wall. God!

I’m so aware of you moaning, “MMMmmmm,” around my cock as I’m cumming…I can’t tell, but the little gasps that punctuate it make me think you’re cumming, too. I hope you are…must remember to ask you about that later. You hold my cock gently in your mouth, knowing how sensitive I am immediately after.

Your tongue gently cradles and caresses me. As my cock softens you take all of me in your mouth and press your lips together at the base. Milking me slightly with your lips, you replace your mouth with your hand. Sliding your gently squeezing thumb and fingers up the length of my cock, you bring the last bit of my cum to the eye. Smiling up at me, you guide my cock to your mouth once again and smear the final bit of cum over your lips, finishing with a gentle, sucking kiss and a whispered, “Thank you, that was wonderful.”

As you tuck me back into my pants and begin to straighten your skirt, we both hear the snap. Broken twig.

Someone is moving in the dark and very close by. We freeze, peering into the dark. We’re both…well, almost decent…but how long were they there? Our eyes meet. Who? What? What do we do now?

We both look again into the darkness. Pointless…the sound came from even further away from the party – it’s too dark. If we were seen, someone flanked us through the trees.

“Probably just a raccoon,” I whisper, trying to sound reassuring.

There is no further sound, so we finish straightening our clothes and begin walking back to the party.

No one seems to be giving us any strange looks, even though we’re both grinning about something. As we reach the edge of the party, you pull my hand, stopping me.

“I’m going to go find our hostess,” you say with a smile, “and thank her for the wonderful evening. Then you and I are going home. I’m not through with you and I don’t want any more ‘raccoons’ peeping at us.”

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