Derek’s Story Ch. 01


This is the first chapter in what I hope will be a rather long series. There will be sex involved with this story ( I promise I will do my best to be as descriptive as possible when necessary), but my primarily purpose is the development of the various characters and their relationships. The more positive the reception is to my story, the longer it will continue. Enjoy!

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I have never been very good with the ladies, but that does not mean I have not been able to seize an opportunity when it has presented itself. I was a late bloomer, having lost my virginity during my sophomore year of college. I attribute a lot of that to having never been comfortable in my own skin when I was younger. A lot of this probably has to do with genetics as I started losing my hair when I turned 15. At a time when I should have been first exploring relationships with members of the opposite gender I was instead doing all that was possible to keep the attention off the top of my head. While my friends and family were supportive of me and my challenge, some of the bullies in school used to mock me mercilessly. This developed into a natural shyness, something I still struggle with to this day.

Due to my hairline, I found myself trying to find other ways to get over my low self esteem. Sports was the first solution to present itself. When the first few hairs starting falling out I marched straight into the gym and pushed myself as hard as possible to make sure that the last thing people noticed about me was the top of my head. At times I even went to the extreme, one such time resulting in a detached bicep tendon that required shoulder surgery a few days after my 16th birthday. I learned my lesson after that and ended up changing my workout routine. Instead of trying to get bulked up I instead focused on definition, often trying new work out programs like Insanity. As I continued to get into better shape my new found body often caused the school bullies to leave me alone. Due to my shyness I spent the majority of my high school career keeping to myself and hitting the gym.

While most people would think my shoulder surgery would have been a major setback to my athletic career, I knew that I never was going to be the star quarterback or anything like that. However, because I was in good shape and had the desire to stay active, I ended up joining my schools Ultimate Frisbee team. I was a natural at the sport, quickly being named co-captain during my sophomore (this year) year. I loved it. I was quick and had a mean flick throw. I was not the best player on the team, but I always gave it my all and my teammates respected me for that.

I’ve always had a very loving family, even if it wouldn’t be considered normal by today’s standards. You see my parents died when I was 8 years old leaving me and my younger sister Maura alone in the world. Even though Maura was only a year younger than me at the time, she was able to escape from that time period relatively in good condition. For Maura it seemed that our parent’s death only momentarily affected her. Me, on the other hand, swore that I would never allow further harm to come to my sister. I would never let her feel alone ever again. My sister became my world and it was now my job to protect her for the harms that she would face in the world. This was a large responsibility for an 8 year old to handle, but luckily I would have some help.

You see, after the accident my mom’s sister Tia took us in to live with her and her family. Looking back, I will say that if there was one person whom I would look up to as a role model it would be my Aunt Tia. I respected her because she took us in, even though she was in the middle of going through her own divorce at the time of my parent’s death. So at the tender age of 23 my Aunt Tia was now responsible for not only her two twin 7 year old daughters (Kara and Jessica), but also for me and my sister as well. Before I continue I will say this now, I don’t hate my Uncle Mark. He and my Aunt Tia dated all throughout high school, and when she became pregnant during the summer prior to her junior year, my uncle did the right thing and married her. From what I remember my mom telling me, he had to get permission from both of their parents as well as from a judge before everything was made official. For the next 6 years they struggled to make it work, but in the end they were just too young. As time went on he moved on to find his own happiness with another women, but he was always a great dad to Kara and Jessica. They were his only children and he made sure that he was there for every birthday, often even trying to spent time with them during the holidays. Even though he divorced my aunt when we first moved with her, Mark made an effort to be somewhat of a fatherly figure to my sister and I. Whenever I needed to have a heart to heart with a male authority figure he was more than willing to take my call.

As I said, I respect my Aunt Tia above all else. When Ordu Escort she was 23 she was the pretty much the sole provider for four young children. Anyone one else in that position would have potentially folded under the immense pressure that was placed upon her shoulders, but my Aunt Tia dug in her heels and strove to do her best. She put all her energy into our family and her career. At the time of my parent’s death she had just become the assistant head coach for the local university girls’ volleyball team. She had played all throughout junior high and high school and actually had earned a national championship during her junior year at college. She was a natural athlete and teacher and it only seemed natural that after her collegiate career ended that she would end up coaching her own team. As the assistant coach she was able to pass on her knowledge of the sport to the next generation. Additionally, her career choice gave her the time to be with us four munchkins and there never was a shortage of available babysitters. The team loved her and together they did very well often advancing far into the playoffs.

Her big break came three years later when she was offered the head coaching position at a major state university. For the purposes of this story I will leave out the name of the university because her career means the world to me and I would hate to do anything to tarnish her legacy or her reputation. Let just say she has done every well there. So anyways, at the age of 26 my aunt was able to move us into a new home and start a new life for all of us. Another great thing about this opportunity was that because she was now an employee of the university all four of us now had our colleges paid for.

Thus far I have only described my personal feelings for my aunt, but an added bonus is she would best be described (now at the age of 35) as a total milf. She was a tall brunette with a very athletic build that had only developed fuller curves as she had gotten older. Let me just say that my friends weren’t the only ones who had fantasies about her when we all entered our teenage years. While I would not say my aunt was well endowed, she still had a respectable B cup that had the perkiness of a twenty year old, even now as she was in her thirties. The best feature of my aunt, other than her smile (don’t judge me, as we all have our own things) was her ass. It was perfect. My aunt would walk across campus and every male and some females would often turn their heads in the hopes to get a glimpse.

The one thing, however, that I never understood about my aunt was she never went out on any dates. I guess it was understandable when we were all younger, but now, when I was about to turn 20 and my two cousins and sister were all 19 years old and in their first year of attending the university, it didn’t make sense for her not to date. We usually were able to talk about anything, but this was one topic that I never had the courage to ask about and she never seemed to be interested in discussing anyways.

As for the other three women in my life, all are extremely different and yet extremely similar all at the same time. Maura was for a lack of a better word, my best friend. We were always close growing up, but after the accident became inseparable, always finding a reason or need for us to be close to one another. As we continued to grow my friends were more than willing to accommodate our closeness because, as they put it, my sister was a total babe. I knew she was attractive, but growing up I never really looked at her as anything other than my sister. As her older brother it was my job to protect her, never take advantage.

While some might have considered my sister to have been a babe, she was also a huge band geek. Imagine Alyson Hannigan’s character in the American Pie series for that is possibly the best way for me to describe her. As for looks, she was tall, actually about an inch taller than me at 5’10” with a slender build and milky white skin. Her hair was brunette in color and had a natural curl to it. While I used to tell her that I liked her hair naturally curled, she still looked amazing whenever she straightened it out. Her breasts were small, but nice as they fit her figure. She used to always complain about how she wished they were bigger, but I thought they were perfect for her. To this day we can and still do talk about anything. I know all of her secrets and she knows all of mine, including my crush on our cousin Kara.

I don’t know how to describe Kara in anyway other than as my dream girl. She had followed in her mother’s footsteps and was now one of the star players on the university’s volleyball team, even as a freshman. She was a total babe. If you were to open up any modeling magazine she could have easily been the center fold. She had blonde shoulder length hair and some of the cutest freckles dotting her skin. She had a near perfect stomach and legs that went on for miles; let’s just say that I enjoyed attending her volleyball games. To top things Ordu Escort Bayan off, she had amazing breasts, C-cups that just bounced and bounced.

Even now, when she was on the university team, I still made an effort to attend every one of her games. Actually because my Aunt was the head coach, I knew most of the girls on the team personally, but in my eyes, Kara was the only one I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, if any of the girls offered it, I would have jumped at the chance. Even if I would have loved to get with a majority of the volleyball girls, Kara was my dream girl. She had always been the center of attention, the popular girl in high school, and now even in college she was making a name for herself. I considered myself lucky that I was able to interact with her on a daily basis.

Personality wise I always thought that Kara was rather down to earth for how great she looked and how popular she was. We never had the best relationship, but we never had the worse one either. Because she was practically my sister we interacted as siblings, often teasing each other and fighting for no apparent reason. We didn’t hang out in the same social circles but I knew many people within hers, and while her friends treated me with respected, I always deemed them more as acquaintances than as friends.

Now I know I said Kara and Jessica are twins, but they were not identical and their personalities were completely different. If I had not known they were twins there is no way I could have possibly even known based on how different they look and act. Jessica, in her own way was very pretty. She was a brunette with a slightly thicker athletic build than her sister. She had no fat on her, but due to her body shape her breast were huge, by far the largest in the family. She had a very pleasant looking face and overall her looks were what I considered to be very attractive. From an early age she had no interest in athletics, but made a constant effort to take care of herself, often eating right and doing various yoga and Pilates classes.

I must say that I loved to hang out with her. If I considered Maura as my best friend, Jessica was a close second. We were in completely different social circles, yet we made an effort to hang out and find out what was going on in each other’s lives as much as possible. If she ever needed advice she was always willing to come to me. One such example was when she was crushing on this older boy who I used to hang out with when I was younger and we all still lived in the same area. As we had grown up we all took different life paths and his turned more towards the player lifestyle with a little cocaine mixed in for fun. When Jessica asked me about him I was honest and told her that I thought she could do better and deserved better. After initially getting upset and not talking to me for three days, she eventually followed my advice. We have been able to talk about everything since.

Well almost everything as I had not told her about my crush on her twin. I don’t know if she knows about it or not. Maura has always been good about keeping my secrets and I don’t believe she ever told Jessica anything about it, but there was always the possibility that Jessica had figured it out on her own. Jess was extremely smart, having been able to skip the 9th grade so that we both ended up graduating high school at the same time. Even now in college we have taken a few courses together and I must admit that I love having her in class with me. Not only is it nice having her sit next to me in class, but when we are home she is able to help me study and usually answers any questions that I might have.

So there you have it, the four most important people in my life are all very attractive women. I love all of them, and might actually be in love with one of them, so how than might you ask has it taken me so long to get over my shyness and finally lose my virginity at age 20? Well the truth is I don’t really know. Maybe it was my parents’ death that changed me or maybe it was just how I naturally developed as a man, but I was never really cared about numbers growing up. Whereas some of my friends used to brag about recently nailing one of the cheerleaders, I always felt that quality mattered more than quantity. Another thing I know about myself was that I am not now or have I ever been a creep.

I remember the night of Jess and I’s graduation as we both attended a party at one of our mutual friend’s place. The friend was able to score a few kegs and the party was actually pretty fun until one of Jess’s friends got a little too drunk and made an ass out of herself. Jess was forced to take her friend home resulting in me staying solo at the party. While I was disappointed by not having Jess there I eventually found myself having a good time. Of course whenever you drink beer you eventually have to break the seal, and once that happens you end up having to pee like every 20 or 30 minutes. It was during one of these potty breaks that I happened upon a room on Escort Ordu my way to the bathroom and stumbled into a rather awkward situation.

The scene before me played out as follows. On the bed was a girl passed out with her legs spread open. By the looks of it nothing had happened yet, but there were 3 very shady looking characters who upon noticing me, instantly tried to force me out of the room. Even in my drunken state I was able to see what was about to take place and I told them that there was no way in the world I was going to let that shit happen. I ended up receiving a black eye and a few bruised ribs for my efforts, but the girl was never touched and the commotion resulted in several more people coming to the room. When the details of what happened came to light the 3 men were forced out of the house and I was nursed back to health.

Now I don’t believe I did anything special that night. I just knew in my heart that it was wrong. I hate guys who take advantage of defenseless girls, so when I saw what was going on I did everything I could to protect that girl. She wasn’t even family, yet I was willing to get my ass beat to protect her. Imagine what I would be willing to subject myself to if any of my sisters were actually in danger.

Anyways, words of my actions spread across school and eventually reached back to my family. In one of the few times in my life, up to this point anyways, Kara paid me more attention that was typically expected from our cousin/almost sisterly relationship. She actually kissed me on the lips, holding it for a few seconds before hugging me and leaving the room. Two things happened after my initial confusion wore off. First I learned that the girl I saved was one of Kara’s friends and, secondly and more importantly, I discovered for the first time in my life that I was in love with Kara. During those few seconds my heart literally stopped beating and when I recovered she was all that I could think about.

Now when I say love I mean I literally was in love with her. I simply didn’t just lust over her, which of course I did, but that I truly loved her. I knew in that moment that I would do anything, sacrifice anything, pay any price just to see her happy. I knew in that moment that the best thing in the world was her smile and that I would literally sell my soul to the devil to be able to hold her in my arms and never let go. I saw a future with her; the white picket fence, two kids running around and her always at my side type of future. The only problem was she was my cousin.

So just as quickly as the dream appear it was squashed. First off, she was my cousin and I was pretty sure it was illegal in most states for us to ever be together and secondly she was so out of my league it wasn’t even funny. No matter how much I wanted to make her dreams come true I figured there was no way she could possibly ever feel the same way about me. My dream girl was just that, a dream. What was I to a girl like that but a small blip on her otherwise impressive radar. So in what should have been one of the happiest moments of my life, I felt a deep sadness creep its way into my heart.

I remember discussing the matter, for the first time with Maura a few days later. I don’t know if it was because she was my sister or because she was my best friend, but from the moment the kiss happened Maura had been able to tell that something about me was different. Maybe it was my darkened mood or how I no longer seemed to act like myself over the few days following the kiss, but Maura knew something was up. In typical Maura fashion, she held nothing back and just dove head first into the conversation.

“So how long have you been in love with Kara?”

“What?!?!, I am not in love with Kara! That is gross, she is my cousin.”

“I see the way you look at her”

“What are you talking about?” I remember saying, hoping to sound indifferent. Even if I could tell Maura anything, I still remember being afraid at how she would judge me. I mean incest is always considered taboo. It is one thing to fantasize about it, but it is another thing to actually cross the line and have a relationship with a family member.

“Don’t give me that bullshit Derek, I see how you look at her. How your eyes are full of desire and how you tense up every time she enters the room. It’s so obvious.”

At this point I just kept repeatedly denying all of our assertions. I knew I was busted, but still, I had no idea what to do. Should I have told my sister that I was in love with our cousin? Should I let her know that I was a freak? How would she react? I don’t remember what all I said, but before long I was crying.

“I’m a freak” I remember babbling over and over as my sister held me in her arms. I just poured my heart out. I knew the risks involved; of how she would potentially judge me, make fun of me, potentially stop speaking to me, but in my emotional state I just couldn’t control myself. It was like my brain stopped working and my heart took control of my body. I even remember telling her how sorry I was, how I hated to put her into that position, how I wished more than anything that I didn’t feel this way and that I didn’t want anything to change between us, that I understood if she felt differently towards me afterwards.

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