Denise’s Promotion

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Denise’s PromotionDenise’s PromotionDenise & her immediate bosses.Our story begins in Birmingham UK at a large public transport organisation, Denise was part of the Project Support for the teams. In her late twenties she was petite with a hint of Amber Rayne or Riley Reid the well known adult stars. She would normally wear trousers around the office and had an excellent pert tight bum and small breasts almost teenager like. Her dress would change to varying circumstances and a shortish skirt would appear for her “progress interviews” she knew her Line Manager Mike, the Head of Projects Andy and even the Chief Exec Jeff and Director of Human Resources Steve, all drooled over her!A soon to be regular occurrence was to travel to South Wales to inspect a supplier’s production line, she would normally go with Mike and be back in a day. Then she came in with a small bag one day and both Andy and Mike were accompanying her to Wales and Andy said that due to a presentation of a product there, they would be overnight in Wales. I was somewhat envious, but I wandered down the stairwell Ros one of the other girls in the same team as Denise spoke to Denise on the landing. They didn’t know I was there and Ros said I hope you are going to behave yourself Mrs F#### ? Denise laughed, today she was wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans and a loose top blouse. Denise made a hand gesture to Ros cupping one hand/making two openings and pushing two fingers together on her other hand then inserting them both into each holes in her cupped hand. Ros said “you dirty madam you wouldn’t?” Denise replied “oh imagine Mike and Andy ramming their big important dicks up your bum hole……sorry my bum hole”, then my vag and then one in each hole!! Denise continued, “I’ve packed some stockings and sussies and some lube…..just in case!”She continued “ that should ensure a regrade, although if I wanted real promotion I suppose I should get Steve from HR and Jeff the Chief Exec to come along next time”!! Ros, replied “ well if you’re not in Thursday or sitting funny I’ll know what you’ve been up to”!Then they started to come back upstairs so I quickly went back into the corridor.Mike and Andy were waiting with keys for a pool car and a big smirk on their faces Denise walked past them picked up her bag and provocatively bent down showing her tight pert bottom to them both. They looked at each other Denise stood up and looked them straight in the eye and smiled broadly and knowingly. and said “come on then boys let’s go and get the work out of the way”, Off they went to Wales!The JourneyMike drove and Denise sat in the front with Andy in the back, the conversation centred around the usual, as they headed for the M5. The traffic, work, what they would have to do when they got there etc etc. Eventually the conversation turned back to work and Andy said that before Denise’s review there was a conference coming up in Leeds that both he and Mike were attending along with Jeff the Chief Exec, and Steve Director of HR plus James Director of Finance.It was about Project Development and Systems and they thought Denise should attend. Denise replied that she’d love to but that the tongue’s would be wagging if she got promoted after being away with 5 of the organisations top management. She said “it was bad enough today, that Ros and Donna had inferred she was up for the management and that she’d do anything for promotion”. Mike responded with “well they’re only jealous Denise because you are the most competent”, Andy then said “Oh yeah and you’re not bad looking, that probably pisses them off!Denise replied, “well you guys ain’t too bad I suppose and neither is Jeff, James or Steve” the two laughed and Mike replied “ I think its those jeans Denise” she in turn laughed and said “yes I saw you ogling my bum this morning that borders on harassment”, “ I’m glad I could not read your minds”.Mike then said “Denise as if, we’re professionals” Andy said “yeah we are Mike but she does have a nice bum!”Denise replied “ umm I’m beginning to imagine what you guys were thinking now, still we’re almost there now gentlemen, YES you’re right Denise less of the banter professional hats on said Andy.They arrived at the suppliers and checked over the equipment held in store for quality and delivery dates after which a lunch with the suppliers reps and they agreed to meet up next day at the factory for about 10.30 prior to the presentation of the new products.They left the factory about 4.30pm and headed for the nearby Premier Inn, they had asked the reps which were the best local pubs for an evening meal and Andy, Mike and Denise agreed to meet up in the hotel bar at about 7.30pm then go to one of the pubs.Denise checked into her room and unpacked her overnight bag, which contained a shortish plaid skirt, a partially see through white blouse, a black basque, black knickers and fishnet stockings. Amongst her toiletries an anal douche and two large tubes of KY lube! Denise was determined that both Andy and Mike would have their Senior Management dicks up her anus tonight! It was too good to miss out on!She sat on the bed after her shower and checked to see how much of her slim legs she would have to cross in order to reveal the tops of her fishnets for the guys, excellent she thought. Her blouse was undone just enough to show the tops of her small but pert firm breasts and the material ensured that her black basque showed through.At 7.40pm Denise strode into the bar, Andy and Mike was waiting seated at a table. Mike stood up and asked if she wanted a drink she did, and ordered a bottled beer. She could see that they were looking at her clothing she sat down next to Andy and Mike returned with the drinks and sat the other side of her. She deliberately crossed her legs and showed her stocking tops. Mike and Andy looked at each other then Mike said “WOW Denise you know how to dress” she replied “Oh well you know need to keep up standards for my bosses!”After an hour of fairly innocent chat they headed off to the pub for the evening meal, returning to the hotel at 11.00 pm roughly. Andy said “well time for a night cap” Denise held out her hands to them both and said “no guys I think its bedtime don’t you” Mike and Andy took her hands and they went into the lift as soon as the doors closed Denise grasped both their crotches feeling their growing dicks and balls. In turn Mike and Andy kissed fondled and groped Denise all over. Denise then said “WOW you guys do have big dicks don’t you good job I’ve got some lube, you can do to my bum what you were imagining earlier now”. Mike and Andy laughed and said you bet Denise, Denise then shocked them slightly when she said “ I want you both up my tight little bum hole TOGETHER!”The three of them fell into Denise’s room, Denise’s blouse almost removed her pert tits were revealed as both Mike and Andy pulled the top of her basque down. She in turn grabbed at their trouser zips and belts pulling off their trousers, both of them were wearing boxer shorts which she quickly removed to reveal as she said “oh my God look at these dicks, you guys must have 9 – 10inches on” Andy replied that’s the effect you have Denise”. Denise then ordered Mike and Andy to kneel on all fours on her double bed, what happened next made them speechless Şişli Escort although they stared at each other with amazement. Denise started to lick their balls in turn and then tongue their arseholes, saying “this should get you bone hard guys” and it DID!!Then she lay on the end of the bed and said come on guys throat me, Mike pushed his bone hard dick into Denise’s hot mouth and further down her throat she gagged in turn Mike felt Denise’s hands on his backside pushing him in further till his balls met her lips! Mike drew his dick out of her hot mouth and saliva drooled over her chin, then Andy repeated the process, then Mike then Andy again.Then Denise sat up and pulled some lube from her bag, “right guys its bum fucking time, one at a time then I want you both together right up to your bollocks!”Denise sucked and wanked Andy and Mike’s dicks to ensure (not that she had to) they stayed hard. Then she squeezed some lube onto her fingers and inserted them into her anus passing the lube to Mike and Andy who both smeared their rigid dicks with lube.Denise went on all fours on the bed and said “right Mikey fuck my naughty tight little bum hole with that BIG hard dick”. Mike offered his dick to her anus and pushed in while Denise licked and partially throated Andy’s dick.She gasped as Mike pushed in further and started to work up a rhythm then as she wanted she felt his hot cum filled balls slapping against her lovely firm petite buttocks, Mike grabbed at her shoulders then grasped her breasts firmly to ensure maximum THRUST! She grasped at the sheets screaming “oh yes Mike that’s it bum fuck me, fuck my arse like a little slut, yes I am your slut guys use me!”Andy said “come on Mike time for a swap”, Mike pulled out and Andy slid his bone hard ten inches into Denise’s well lubbed rectum, WOW was she hot! Andy said “fucking hell Denise that’s tight” Denise replied “well fuck it hard and loosen me up, harder, harder she yelped! Andy slammed his bone hard dick up to the bollocks in her tight hot rectum she screamed and gasped, trying to wank Mike’s dick at the same time. Andy’s bollocks made a distinct slapping sound against her buttocks, Mike said “go on Andy fuck her fuck her bum hole” Denise replied “yeah do it Andy HARDER HARDER”!!Then she looked at Mike and said “OK Mikey get in there! Mike applied a bit more lube to his dick and guided his dick in alongside Andy, Andy said “well I’ve never done this before” “or me “replied Mike.Denise then said “OK guys go for it fucking ram my bumhole”! And they did she bit the pillow and gripped the duvet as they built up a pounding slamming rhythm, she was getting what she wanted two important well built men with bone hard huge dicks fucking her anus raw! Both of them slammed at her pushing her forward she gripped the bed harder to stop herself falling forward still she gasped at them, harder, harder fuck me, fuck me stretch that fucking bumhole”!She felt both sets of bollocks slamming against her buttocks, as they rammed full length into her wanton hole. Mike grabbed and pulled her hair and Andy gripped her shoulders, she felt hot, her head spinning then she shook convulsed as a massive orgasm hit her. Then almost at the same time Andy let out a groan and she felt a warmth invading her bowels as his cum splashed and erupted into her. A few minutes later Mike gasped and she felt a second eruption of hot cum into her bowels they lay together for a while as she felt both their dicks soften……BUT NOT FOR LONG she hoped.Denise stood up and felt warm cum running down her legs she ran her hands down catching the stream and licking her fingers then she turned to their dicks and licked them, she had douched herself before going out to ensure she was very clean, but still she could taste herself on their dicks. Mike and Andy then busied themselves fingering and tonguing her vagina and kissing sucking and biting her beautiful pert small breasts, bringing her to another orgasm!Denise commented that they as her managers were making her work hard, Mike said she needed a good hard “review” and they laughed. Then Denise said that she also fantasised about having three big dicks up her bum and that she would have to work on getting on a course with them and the Chief Exec Jeff !Denise started to lick Andy’s balls then Mike’s and then once again started to throat them gagging as she tried to get their full lengths down her throat saliva drooled and dribbled down her chin and off the ends of the dicks along with some pre cum. Mike lay down on the bed and Denise straddled him taking his saliva covered dick into her hot tight and very wet cunt. She looked at Andy knowingly and Andy lined himself up, she thought he was going to push his ten inch dick up her anus but instead he said “OK Denise now for two up your vag” she gasped as he pushed into her and Mike eased out slightly to allow Andy in, then they both thrust into her. She yelped with joy this continued for several minutes then Andy pulled his dick from her cunt and slid it into her wanton hot still cum leaking rectum. OH God she thought I don’t believe this I can feel them both together, FUCK ME she cried FUCK ME, RAM ME, HARDER SLAM ME her wish was fulfilled as her two bosses stretched and slammed her achingly hot anus and cunt, this time was gobsmacking somehow both Mike and Andy slammed in together up to the hilt their bollocks slamming against her buttocks and both shot their second loads of cum into her holes. She almost passed out Andy collapsing on top of her they kept their dicks in her and she felt them once again slowly shrinking!Mike laughed and said “fucking hell Denise we’re seriously going to have to get you more money” Andy said yeah perhaps we’ll need to discuss that at the conference with Steve, Jeff and James. Denise smirked and said yeah I suppose you need their approval, and then she amazed them both by saying “I wonder if I can get Jeff’s dick up my bum as well with you two” and laughed dirtily!They all needed a breather and Mike raided the drinks fridge after 40/50 mins Denise went down on them both again, and she worked her magic with her mouth tongue and throat getting them both erect again. She got both of them to lie end to end on the floor pushing both their dicks together she spat on their dicks and rubbed on some lube. Denise lowered her small frame onto them, their bone hard large dicks slowly disappearing into her anus, she rode up and down. “Oh fucking hell Denise that’s amazing said Mike” Andy replied “you fucking bet you dirty little woman Denise” she laughed and increased the tempo of her movements. Then with a whimper and yelp she pushed herself all the way down to their bollocks both their dicks completely immersed in her rectum she continued to slide full length movements until with an almost perfect timing both her bosses exploded in her bowels for the second time! Denise herself gasped shook and whimpered……”oh fuck oh fuck yeah shoot that spunk up my naughty bum guys”.Eventually the guys returned to their own rooms it was almost 4.00am and they had to be up and out for the presentation and then home.The next morning Denise had room service and the guys ate in the dining room. At 10.30 they met up with Denise and went off to the presentation, straight after Şişli Escort Bayan which they were to drive back to Birmingham, arriving back at the office after lunch.Andy, Mike and Denise arrived back in Birmingham at 1.30pm approx Denise as if butter would not melt, went and sat by her colleagues, Andy to his office and Mike to his desk.2 weeks laterTwo weeks had passed and one Tuesday morning Denise received a phone call from the Chief Execs PA, could she come up to Jeff’s office? She was not sure as to why but thought she would ask Mike or Andy, she noticed neither of then were there, so she headed up to the 4th floor.She knocked on Jeff’s door and entered to find Andy and Mike seated round the table, Jeff said, “ah Denise come and join us and take a seat”.Denise then said “oh am I on the naughty step, I’m not going to be in detention or get a spanking am I” Jeff, Mike and Andy laughed, Jeff saying well if it’s not sexist and you’re into spanking Denise?He continued “ Andy and Mike have been appraising me of your abilities and there’s a conference coming up in Manchester for 3 days we feel you should attend as the three of us are going, it will mean two nights away”. We feel given your application for the post of Principal Projects Administrator it would be useful”. Denise smiled and said “well yes I’d love to, but there may be some office gossip” Andy replied “don’t worry about that we can sort all that are you up for the trip?” Denise replied “ well let me think three big powerful important good looking men who can decide my future………..erm well……..YOU BET”She continued “so what abilities have Andy and Mike appraised you have Jeff” Jeff replied, well let’s say they stated that you said you are very good at multi tasking and handling the demands of your bosses. Denise replied, well I don’t think you have any concerns there Jeff. Just then the phone rang it was Jeff’s PA saying he was required now at a meeting.Jeff said sorry guys have to go with that they all stood up, Andy, Jeff and Mike stood by the door Denise deliberately brushed past all three of them as she did so she squeezed each of their crotches, and said “I’m looking forward to some multiple task penetrations,” the three guys looked at each other and smiled wanting to grab Denise right now and fuck her on Jeff’s desk!!Thursday 10th AugustTo ensure an early start at the conference in Manchester Andy, Mike, Jeff and Denise met up in the ground floor lobby that afternoon for a taxi to New St station and the train to Manchester. They arrived in Manchester at just after 4pm and took tram to the hotel. They checked in and went to the bar for few drinks the first full day of the conference being the next day.After a couple of drinks Denise stood up and said “well boys I think its time we got down to business and I demonstrate my multi tasking abilities”. The guys laughed and agreed, Jeff then said “I think my room may be best if we’re all agreed” so they got in the lift to the 6th floor. As they did Denise grabbed all three of them and they here kissing and fondling her as she grabbed at their dicks and backsides.They reached Jeff’s room and Denise went in first she pulled of her blouse and skirt revealing black hold up’s, pink knickers and pink half cut bra. Andy, Mike and Jeff stood round the bed and she quickly pulled their trousers down grasping and sucking their hardening dicks. She then (as before) ordered the three of them to kneel on all fours on Jeff’s bed, then proceeded to lick their balls, tongue their arses and throat their dicks until her three bosses had huge bone hard throbbing dicks.She straddled Mike and took his dick in her cunt, Jeff knew what he wanted and applied some lube to his dick before thrusting it into her pink rosette of an anus, Andy pushed his large bone hard dick into Denise’s hot willing mouth then slowly down her throat, the three guys began ramming their dicks into her, Denise screamed out “yeah come on guys I’m the office fucking slut ram me like a whore”After a few hole swaps and eventually with Mike and Andy in her anus and Jeff in her cunt all three shot their loads of hot semen into Denise’s petite body and tight wet holes. Denise wracked convulsed and gasped to an orgasm ! After a short while she began sucking their dicks again until they were good and hard and then she said “right boys I think its triple bum fucking time what do you guys think” Mike said “ if you’re sure you can do it” Denise responded “I’m gonna fucking have you three bollocks deep and if I scream and pass out that’s it”, “now come on guys get those dicks lubbed up”!Denise reached into her bag and pulled out a large tube of KY lube she spat on Mike, then Andy’s then Jeff’s dicks and then squeezed lube onto their dicks and rubbed it all over the length of each of their large bone hard dicks, then she took some more and pushed her finger up her anus and lubbed her orifice. Mike offered up his dick first and slowly edged its bone hard length into Denise tight pink rosette she groaned and Mike pushed further in, then Jeff took up position sliding his large dick in alongside Mike’s, Denise gasped and said “oh fucking yeah boys that’s what I want” with both Mike and Jeff working up a slow rhythm Andy squatted down and tapped Mike on the shoulder, Mike moved forward slightly pulling his dick slightly out of Denise’s tight hot hole. Andy slipped his hard dick between Mike and Jeff’s, Denise gasped out “OH FUCK” Andy with some concern said “ok Denise” she replied “you fucking bet” Andy continued to push in as Denise’s gasps intensified. Now Mike pushed back in and then Jeff further up, Denise squealed out, “yes guys go for it ram those fucking big bosses dicks up my bum hole” Each one of them pushed in further then Mike said “OK guys all pull out halfway then we all RAM in together, is that what you want Denise?” She replied “YEAH FUCKING DO IT”.They all pulled half way out and Mike said on 3……1,2…3 Jeff, Mike and Andy rammed in their 9/10” dicks full length bollocks deep into the little slut Denise she screamed out as her bosses repeatedly rammed in and out FULL BOLLOCK LENGTH THRUSTS into he petite and tight anus and bottom.The three guys pounded her hot little hole stretching it to its limits they were aware of Denise shaking virtually convulsing she grabbed at the duvet gripping it nail tight and bit into the pillow case. Still her bosses slammed their dicks into her rectum she felt their collective bollocks slapping against her pert firm bottom, her head was spinning she felt her rectum being stretched to its limit BUT deep down inside it was what she wanted. She had all three of her bosses ramming her arse and WOW did they have big dicks! She screamed OH FUCK OH FUCK and GASPED LOUDLY falling forwards as Mike gave a loud groan emptying his balls into her bowels, then Andy and Jeff continued for a few moments before they two shot copious amounts of sperm deep into Denise’s hot cum filled bowels.It was silent for a while except for deep breathing, of all concerned.Denise said “WOW you guys know how to look after me don’t you”, Jeff replied “yes Denise I think you can count on us to see you leaping up the gradings, is that right Andy, Mike? Agreed they both said. Denise stood up as rivers of cum ran down Escort Şişli her legs she ran her hands and fingers down her legs licking up the cum, then to the guys amazement she grabbed a glass placed it by her anus and squeezed cum into it. She then put it to her mouth and emptied the contents into her mouth swilling it around to the amusement of her bosses, she gargled and swallowed her three bosses cum cocktail in a gulp!Following this extra slutty activity she then proceeded to lick all their dicks clean.Denise laughed as all three of them kissed her mouth neck and small firm breasts, and their fingers began to probe her cunt and nip her clit. In turn Denise then said “ ok guys I’m gonna have to look after you!Once again Denise busied her mouth and tongue on her bosses dicks, balls and indeed their anuses they guys sighed as Denise’s hot wet tongue probed their anuses, all of them commenting on how sluttish she was being! Denise said “ oh yeah you guys like having your arses kissed don’t you and having my hot wet tongue up you arseholes, you fucking love it don’t you boys I can tell by how hard those fucking dicks are!” Denise continued that she had to look after her bosses and make sure that they did not get too stressed and as the new Principal Projects Administrator it was her function to release their built up tension! With her three bosses fully erect again she lay on her side and invited Andy and Jeff to slide their large hardened dicks into her moist wet vagina, this they willingly did as Denise gasped, then she said “ok Mikey your turn get in there!” Mike lined up his dick and slid in to the side of Jeff’s dick Denise groaned and gasped loudly now with her three bosses dicks well inside her wet and VERY willing cunt! Her three large dicked bosses rode in and out of her wet hot hole taking it in turns singly or two’s to ram full length into her. Denise gasped and screamed….”FUCK ME BOYS FUCK MY NAUGHTY LITTLE CUNT with those BIG DICKS”.Then to their surprise Denise said “OK boys time for something really naughty” each of her bosses withdrew their dicks from her dripping cunt. Denise slid round on the bed and reached into her bag, Andy, Mike and Jeff looked astonished at each other as Denise pulled out two sets of handcuffs, some chord and a ball gag!! “Right boys tie me face down to the bed and fit the gag on me” Mike handcuffed Denise’s wrists to the bed head, Andy grasped her ankles and tied the chord to the bed legs while Jeff fitted the ball gag, round her but not in her mouth. Denise said “Ok guys ball gag me then RAM me HARD up my arsehole till your bollocks are almost up me, pin me to the fucking bed and fuck my arse so hard I won’t be able to sit for a week!!”Andy handed the lube round and inserted his fingers into Denise’s puckered pink hole ensuring she was well lubed. Mike was first to enter her slowly pushing his blood engorged dick into her willing rectum, Mike pulled out and plunged his near 10” dick back in up to his balls and continued to do so for a few minutes. He pulled out and was replaced by Jeff who repeated the rough hard fucking of Denise’s anus then Andy. Denise’s muffled screams and moans were just audible through the ball gag her face reddened and perspiration running down her face and back as her manager fuckers hammered her anus into submission. Then more amazingly with Mike and Andy to each side and Jeff in the centre all three inserted their dicks into her rectum taking it in turns to go FULL THRUST BALLS DEEP !! During this the guys grabbed her shoulders and small petite breasts firmly and pulled her dark straight hair. Then Andy gave a loud moan shooting his cum into her anus as Mike and Jeff continued the pounding a froth of cum and lube oozed from her anus, then Mike shot his cum deep into her bowels followed by Jeff both of them RAMMING in balls deep! With three cum loads now in her bowels Denise’s anus was gaping open red raw and oozing cum, Mike removed her gag and she let out a loud gasp “FUCK that was AMAZING” she said. She turned towards the wall mirror…”OH FUCK look at my arsehole you dirty bastards I’ll have to hide that from hubby for a few days!”Denise after a visit to the bathroom returned to the room to find her managers having some drinks from the mini bar.She lay on the bed and then said “right boys there’s one hole you have not fucked properly yet” she lay across the bed and hung her head off the edge indicating with her fingers that she wanted their dicks in her mouth!!Jeff moved up and pushed his hardening dick into Denise’s hot wet mouth she sucked and licked his dick and balls till his erection was full. Then Andy followed and received the same treatment, finally Mike as well. Then Andy moved back towards Denise and pushed his bone hard dick into her mouth and down her throat and began to fuck her hot wet hole as if it was her cunt! Denise gagged and saliva drooled from the sides of her mouth down her face. Andy pulled out and Mike repeated the process again large amounts of saliva ran down her face into her eyes, Mike pushed his dick down until his balls met Denise’s lips she gagged and coughed, Mike pulled out and said “WOW Denise” Denise coughed and spluttered and then said “Come on Jeff your turn” Jeff now pushed his large hard dick down her wanton throat and again fucked her mouth as if it were a second cunt more saliva drooled down her face dripping onto the floor. Then Andy took over as he throat fucked her he gave a gasp and groan and emptied his cum into her mouth and down her throat. Denise gagged and coughed again this time a torrent of saliva and cum cascaded out of her mouth down her face, she laughed and said “oh fuck oh fuck so much spunk”.Now Mike went back in her mouth and very soon he started to cum this time pulling his dick out and spraying her face hair and tits with his cum. Finally Jeff returned to her mouth and began to throat fuck her again, Denise again gagged and coughed saliva running down her face into her eyes. Jeff groaned and gasped he sprayed a good amount of spunk into Denise’s face, eyes and mouth.Denise pulled herself up onto the bed her face hair and breasts covered in a thick coating of cum and saliva she opened her mouth and the guys could see she had held a large amount of cum in her mouth. She gargled swished it around in her mouth and swallowed, she laughed and said “emmm management spunk cocktail, the best after a good arse fucking!”They all showered up and would return to work in Birmingham the next day, Denise would duly be “interviewed” for an upgraded position! She was called into the office to see Mike and Andy, they told her that her new position and much more well paid was “subject to approval” and that James Director of Finance and Steve Director of Human Resources had to approve their proposal with Jeff the Chief Exec having the final say.To this end Denise had been invited to Jeff’s apartment in central Birmingham to meet with all the “interested” parties, Denise smiled and said to Andy & Mike, sounds like this is going to be a very intense and exhaustive interview process……she smiled broadly squeezed Mike and Andy’s crotches and walked out of the office deliberately wiggling her pert firm bum!However soon after this private “interview” she became pregnant and just after another away days with her managers, she had to pretend to hubby the c***d was his but knew it was more than likely one of her managers. She would again be promoted and would have a few parties with the Chief Exec, her line manager, Assistant and full Directors!

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