Delightful Del Pt. 01


I had known the Cruickshank family for what seemed like an eternity. Evan Cruickshank and I had served in the army together when we were younger, in the same engineering unit. I didn’t know him as Evan, though. In typical military fashion, we only ever referred to each other by our nicknames, and his was Ding. Like all nicknames, his was well and truly earned.

At the doorway to the entrance of our commanding officer’s office, was a bell; a throw-back to the Second World War when it was used by the unit’s communications officer to warn of imminent air attacks when the unit was based in Northern Africa. It now hung precariously close to the doorway and if you didn’t take care, you could smack your head into it as you exited the office. Ding hadn’t taken care and had hit his head with it on three separate occasions in one day, hence his nickname. The poor guy copped it by the dozen after that. Whenever anyone saw him exit the office, they would shout out ‘DING!’ as loud as they could across the yard. Everyone within earshot would then join in as well with a shout of ‘DING!’ Of course I joined in the fun too. The jibes only lasted as long as his bruise was still showing, but the nickname stuck for life.

We were good mates and used to hang out quite a bit. We’d hit the town and chase girls like dogs chasing cars – all expectation and no result. Well, most of the time anyway. We still managed to snag a few every now and then, but most of the girls we found around the base were either not interested in us army guys or were absolutely gagging to marry one. As a 19 year old, marriage was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to get laid. So our weekly ritual of hitting the bar on base for the cheap drinks and then heading out into town continued for many, many months into outrposting. Then things changed when Ding met Delilah.

He had gone back to his home town one weekend to visit his parents, having not seen them in almost a year. They had put on a big barbeque to welcome him back home and had invited a lot of their friends. Delilah was there. She was back home visiting her parents too, who were friends of his parents. She too was living not far from our base and despite being quite hesitant to date an army boy, she had agreed to go out to dinner with him. Ding put on his cleanest shirt and charmed her for all it was worth.

Evidently it must’ve worked because less than 6 months later, they were married. At 21 I thought it was still a little young for them to get tied down, but they seemed very much in love with one another.

Their son Jacob was born less that 12 months after that and their daughter Anna followed about a year later. Things had fallen into place for him quite well. He was happier than I’d ever seen him, and I was happy for him. He ought to have been happy too; Delilah was an amazing woman.

She was smart, funny, sociable, and very attractive. Her Mediterranean heritage had blessed her with flawless olive skin, and her devotion to fitness had blessed her with a spectacular physique. Whilst not exceptionally large, her pert breasts were tastefully disproportionate with her petite 5’5″ frame. She often wore her hair down allowing the soft waves of black to frame her face and pert breasts.

She had apparently studied ballet as an extracurricular activity in her youth and had developed the sensuously muscular legs that only dancers have. She had also developed the posture of a dancer. It was with a distinct poise and elegance that she carried herself. This, coupled with her confidence, humour and beauty, made Ding a very lucky man.

Del was either very proud of her body or blissfully unaware of how beautiful she was, but regardless she was quite comfortable walking around her house in figure hugging clothes and mildly revealing dresses. She had a particular fondness of wearing short skirts with tight tank tops and it was quite clear that she didn’t often wear bras. It was hard not to notice her pencil nub sized nipples protruding through the thin fabric of her tops. I imagined that her areolas were perfectly proportioned to her nipples; not large or puffy, but smaller and a perfectly toned contrast to her skin colour.

It was even harder not to notice her amazing legs when she reached up to grab something up high. Standing on her toes really accentuated her toned legs, her muscles often flexing as she reached. Stretching up high also lifted her short skirts even higher until her ass cheeks started to peek from below the hem.

On one occasion I was at their place having a few beers with Ding when Del came home after a run. She arrived panting at the front door, sweat dripping down her neck, saturating the already clinging material of her sports bra. I could see the sweat beads tracing a beeline down her front into the small valley between her ample breasts, her nipples slightly raised through the fabric of her top.

“This looks like trouble,” she said, kicking her shoes off at the front door and hanging her cap on a nearby hook.

“Hey babe,” said Ding. “Did beşiktaş escort you have a good run?”

I watched as a bead of sweat traced its way down her flat stomach to the top of her lycra running shorts, soaking into the pale blue fabric as she walked over to us. She bent forward and kissed him on the cheek, inadvertently giving me a pleasant look down her cleavage. She straightened up and stood next to Ding, draping her arm over his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her waist, gently squeezing her.

“Not bad. It’s a bit warm so I just took it easy.” She looked over at me, “Hey Sean, what’s been happening?”

I grinned at her and then nodded at Ding, “Just doing what I normally do, trying to lead this guy astray.”

“You need a girl,” she said, her grin revealing her perfect white teeth; an exceptionally alluring contrast with her flawless skin and dark flowing hair.

I laughed.

“See, that’s the problem,” I replied. “You stole my wingman. I need him back, Del. The situation is getting bad.”

It had been bad. I was going through the longest drought I had ever had, three months and no sex. It wasn’t by choice either; a recent two month deployment to a remote training facility had played its part in my involuntary abstinence.

She bristled, grinning, “Don’t expect any sympathy from me, Corporal Sinclair. You’re a good looking guy. I’m sure you’d have no trouble getting a girl all by yourself.” She exclaimed, winking at me. It was this sort of thing that often confused me about her. It took me a long time to work out that she was just friendly and wasn’t actually flirting with me, much to my disappointment

“And besides,” she continued, nodding down towards Ding, “this guy wouldn’t be any help to you at all. You’re better off without him.”

She had moved to the kitchen by now to get a glass of water to replace the copious amounts of fluids she must have lost during her run. Facing away from me, she reached up to one of the top cupboards to get herself a glass. Standing on her toes with her legs slightly apart, I could almost see the outline of her pussy in silhouette between her ass cheeks. The muscles in her legs flexed as she maintained her balance on her toes. The glimmered with the thin sheen of sweat from her run, highlighting all the best aspects of her muscle tone. She finished her drink with a small amount of the water dripping down her front onto her left breast straight onto her nipple. I couldn’t quite see from that distance but I can only imagine that the cold water would’ve had a hardening effect on her nipple.

“I’m going to hit the shower,” she said, turning towards the bedroom door on the other side of the room behind Ding.

I watched from the corner of my eye over the shoulder of Ding as Del walked to their bedroom, waggling her cute ass, her hair in a ponytail swinging from side to side in time with her ass. Once she crossed the threshold to their room she began peeling her top off and continued to their ensuite. I wasn’t sure if she thought I’d watch or if she thought I’d be too engrossed in my conversation with Ding to notice. Regardless, I felt a stir in my pants as I watched her, naked except for her running shorts, her back glistening with sweat. As she reached the ensuite door, she thumbed the sides of her running shorts and started to pull them down her ass as she walked through the doorway out of my line of sight. It wasn’t much but it was enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath.

I continued my conversation with Ding and sipped my beer, but my thoughts were still with what I had just witnessed. I could hear the shower running and I imagined her naked form standing under the streaming shower head, the warm water coursing over her firm body, over her breasts, over her nipples, down her taut stomach and gently running over the soft lips of her young pussy. I had no idea if she shaved or not, but the profile presented by the thin material of her tight running shorts suggested that if there was anything there at all, it would be well manicured. I toyed with the idea for a bit, wondering what it would look like if it were clean shaven.

I must’ve spaced out because Ding jolted me back to our conversation.

“Are you with me buddy?” he asked, grinning, clicking his fingers at my face.

“What? Yeah, sorry. Just lost in a though with something you said.” I lied. I surreptitiously readjusted my now raging hard on in my jeans and tried in vain to concentrate on our conversation, rather than my own meandering erotic thoughts involving his wife.

I had no idea of she had done it all on purpose or not. Del was a very confident and intelligent young woman, but she was also a little clueless at times, making it very hard to tell. Men were often mistaking her charm and confidence for flirtation. I had learned over the years that although she was confident and charming, she was also very devoted to Ding. Flirtation or not, it wasn’t something that would ever lead to something. Not beşyol escort that I would ever do something like that. Ding was my mate, and there were lines I wouldn’t cross. I had faith that he’d do the same for me. It still didn’t stop me from fantasizing.

It first started after a barbeque at their place shortly before they married. There was a lot of alcohol involved and we were all quite drunk. She wore one of her favourite short skirts for that barbeque and the hem had ridden up quite high on her thighs. By that stage of the afternoon, most of our friends had gone home and all the others that remained were gathered around the TV watching some sports game.

Del and I had been talking innocently enough about her running and sports in general, but our relative isolation to the rest of the group, and our mutual drunkenness had made me a little bolder than usual. She had mentioned that she had a professional massage at least once a month to work out the knots and soreness that the running had created. I asked her a few questions about where she went and which masseuse she used, but being as inebriated as I was, there was only one question I really wanted to ask her: Did she wear her underwear or go fully naked? She replied with a wink and said, “Naked, of course. I wouldn’t do it any other way.” I smiled and laughed but secretly tucked that delicious piece of information away for safe keeping.

With that, she announced that she was getting up to go and pee and to get us each another drink. She must’ve underestimated how drunk she actually was because she quickly lost her balance when turning away from me and fell over onto all fours right, her ass pointed directly at me. The hem of her already short skirt rode up high on her ass and I was treated to a spectacular view of her very tanned and very toned bare ass.

In this position, the tiny white g-string she wore provided no modesty whatsoever. To compound the problem, it had slipped to one side slightly giving me an unrestricted view of her shaved pussy lips. With her legs splayed, the lips had parted slightly and I could clearly see the pink of her inner folds. I couldn’t help but noticed that they were glistening slightly with an obvious wetness. My cock grew hard instantly.

She giggled and apologised without any apparent second thought about the amazingly sexy view she had just given me. She got up, straightened herself out and tottered off into the house.

From that point, I often fantasized about her. I imagined what it would be like to give her a full body massage, rubbing the lotion into her naked body as she lay before me on a massage table under the shade of palm trees at the poolside of some beautiful mansion on a tropical island, with the soft cool breeze blowing in from the ocean just a stone’s throw away, the sound of small waves lapping gently at the shore.

There is just something so intimate about massaging a woman that I find extremely sensuous, and massaging a woman like Del would be the ultimate for me. It is such an innocent activity that has strong sensuous undertones. The intent of how it is given and how it is received is entirely in the minds of the participants. Perception. A firm touch can go from therapeutic to sensuous and it is only perception that separates the two. That’s the beauty of massage.

I imagined what it would be like to gently massage the oil into Del’s shoulders. I imagined how she would sound and feel as my hand slid up her spine, around her slender neck and back down her shoulders, kneading her muscles to relaxation. I would work along her back allowing my hand to slip down her sides, close to, but not dangerously close to the sides of her breasts. Slow sweeping movements of my palms and my fingers lightly tracing along the same path along the side of her breast. Teasing.

I had seen her back on many occasions, most notably at the beach where she would wear a string bikini. I knew that she had a toned muscular back, and I could imagine how it would feel under my oiled hands. I would run my hands with a small application of force, from the top of her buttocks up her spine towards her shoulders. Large sweeping passes that would turn across her shoulders and run back down her sides to meet up again at the top of her ass. I would make sure that the downward sweep would run down to where her panties would normally be positioned on her hips, enjoying the softness of that skin as a gentle reminder to her that she was, in fact, completely naked.

I would continue to move my hands down, running them along her naked sides, past her breasts, past her hips and start concentrating on her legs. Moving down to her ankles, I’d gently squeeze her calf muscles in my grip either side and run my hands all the way up her legs, over her pronounced hamstrings and finish with a small sweep just before reaching her ass. She would moan almost imperceptibly at this last motion. Increasing the pressure slightly with ever pass, I would focus purely on her hamstrings. Soft yet firm to the beykent escort touch, my repeated passes would start to slowly pull her legs apart, allowing a glimpse of her now glistening pussy.

She doesn’t resist and allows me to slowly pull her legs apart just wide enough to gently massage her inner thighs up to her ass cheeks, my thumbs tracing delicate circles adjacent to her pussy lips. I’d edge closer and closer and closer with my thumbs until they gently brushed her hairless outer lips, slowly pulling them apart with each circle so I could catch sight of the moist pink skin hidden underneath. I’d slowly massage my hands in small circles across her ass with my thumbs still exploring her hidden treasures. She would softly moan as I gently pulled apart her lips, ever so slightly raising her hips back up to meet my probing digits allowing them to become coated in her wetness. With a slight movement she would manoeuvre herself so that my thumbs were gently pressing on the skin just below her twinkling anus, encouraging me.

As I gently rubbed one thumb over her asshole, pushing against it ever so slightly, she would gently moan again, turning her head to face me and brushing her beautiful long hair from her face. She would look at me lustfully as I slowly rubbed more firmly, slowly closing her eyes in ecstasy as the sensation ran through her lithe body. Moving alongside her, but facing away from her slightly, my crotch resting dangerously close to her arm, I focus my attention on her ass, massaging each cheek with my left hand as I teased her more with my right hand. I trace my fingers lightly over her pussy lips from the front all the way to her ass, repeating the movement with slowly increasing force. As I build up the pressure with my fingers, I glide deeper in to her folds. I stop at the bottom to rub her clitoris that has become noticeable harder under my finger.

Her moaning increases in pitch and I feel her arm pressing harder against my crotch. I feel her shift her arm. I look back at her and I’m met with her intense gaze. Her dark eyes penetrate me intensely. She holds my gaze as she mover her hand towards my crotch. She begins to run her fingers along the tightened material of my shorts, tracing the outline of my already hardened shaft. She gently increases pressure as I do on her pussy, matching my rhythm.

I slide my middle finger once more from her hardened clitoris at the bottom along her now wide open slit, now completely wet with her juices, to the top and rest it at the entrance to her asshole. I replace my middle finger with my thumb and begin rubbing it in small circles. I apply a gentle but firm pressure until she relents, relaxes and allows the tip of my thumb to enter her. She’s gripping my cock harder now as I move my thumb in and out slightly, my middle finger still circling her clitoris. She’s moaning with each of my movements.

I slide my middle finger back along her wet slit, slipping it further into her hairless folds. Finally it rests at the entrance to her pussy and I begin to insert it inch by inch. As slowly as I insert my finger, her muscles involuntarily clench my finger and thumb, pulsing. My finger is now completely inside her and I begin to softly plunge my fingers in and out of her pussy and asshole.

She moans uncontrollably and her breathing becomes staggered. I can feel her pressure building inside her. I keep moving my fingers at the same pace trying to maintain the sensation for her as long as possible. She draws in a deep breath and holds it, simultaneously gripping my rock hard cock in her hand. I feel her vaginal walls contracting around my finger as he releases a guttural moan of ecstasy. Waves of pleasure grip her. The muscles of her vagina pulse contract and release, pulsing on my finger and thumb and I continue to move them in and out but at a slower pace until I finally remove them.

She begins to pump her hand up and down my shaft, still through the fabric of my pants. Her body twitches with remnants of her orgasm. Her eyes were shut but now they open again. She’s looking directly into my eyes. Without dropping her gaze, she rolls to her side and moves closer to the edge of the massage table and begins to take down my shorts. As she pulls down the elastic sides of my pants, the front slides down the length of my cock. 7 inches later, it reaches the end and my cock springs up towards her face and slaps her gently under the chin. Both her hands move to my cock, one above the other, and envelop it completely. She begins to pump my cock with both hands. I assist her with a liberal squirt of massage oil onto her hands and my cock. The effect of the oil is immediate and I feel the gently squeezing my cock as she slides her hands up and down. Her thumb traces a small circle under the head of my penis – my most sensitive spot.

She continues to pump my cock, her face only inches away from the head. Still her gaze has not left mine. Her dark eyes pierce me with pure wanton lust. Her lips are slightly parted. Beautiful full dark lips. She moves one hand to my balls and begins to softly stroke them as she continues to pump my cock with her other hand. My hand moves to her breast and I continue to massage her. They are firm and her nipples are hard under my palm as it passes over. I gently squeeze her breast eliciting another soft moan.

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