Deli Delight


I began noticing him weeks ago. He came into the sandwich shop every day at 1:25 after most of the lunch crowd had dispersed. I would watch from the window as he came from the high-rise across the street. He always had a copy of some financial newspaper under his arm. He wore an expensive suit and I surmised that he must be a financial consultant of some kind. He was maybe early forties, casually handsome, with a hint of gray at the temples. He had the most beautiful, piercing, light-green eyes I had ever seen. On two different occasions our eyes had met and locked. But both times ended quickly when he averted his eyes and his face flushed crimson. So I figured out that he was very shy.

He always ordered the turkey club without cheese and a soda. He would sit near the window and read his paper while he ate his lunch. He was always alone. He wore no wedding ring. His cell phone never rang and he never called anyone. He seemed oblivious to everyone and everything else around him. He would spend exactly 55 minutes in the sandwich shop. Then he’d clean his table, fold his paper, and head out the door and across the street to his building.

My fantasies of him began shortly after I learned his daily lunch routine. As I sat alone at my table across the room from him, I’d try to imagine how he kissed. I wondered what he looked like underneath all those expensive clothes, his cock hardened and ready. I wondered what those nicely manicured fingers would feel like stroking my nipples. I wondered how he would taste if I ever got his manhood inside my mouth. I wondered how he’d sound moaning and groaning at the pleasure I could give him. I wondered how it would feel to have his throbbing dick thrusting deep inside my hungry pussy. I had mental pictures of him throwing me onto the table, pushing my tight skirt to my waist, taking me fiercely, his expensive trousers undone just enough, his turkey club falling onto the floor.

I would watch him eat and read I would imagine walking over to him, reaching down and taking hold of the bulge beneath his zipper. The more I fantasized about him, the more I wanted him and the more daring my fantasies became. I imagined him fucking me hard from behind, his tie brushing across my nude backside with each hard thrust. I imagined him watching me as I played with my wet pussy, my fingers dipping in and out in an erotic show accompanied by my sighs of pleasure. I imagined him spurting his hot cum all over my face and in my hair. I imagined his hot breath on my neck and my tits. I wanted this man. I needed this man. I had to have this man.

I began to look around for closets or private places to take him for a 55 minute lunch fucking session. I wanted him to forget that turkey clubs existed or that financial newspapers baddies west izle held any interest for him. I wanted his attention on my naked body. I wanted him fucking me anywhere and everywhere. I wanted his cock. In my hands. In my mouth. In my cunt.

And so everyday my lunch ended the same; with soaked panties, a rapid heartbeat, and a new fantasy to add to my repertoire. The lust I felt for him grew and grew until I knew that I had to make some kind of move. But how did I do it? He was shy and I was shy. I couldn’t just walk up and ask him to please take me right there on the table. And then, one day I had a revelation. I suddenly knew that I had one way to get his attention.

I am an amateur photographer. I love taking nude photos of myself. I would take them often for my ex-husband and surprise him with them in emails. He had always told me that I had an ass to die for. And I had caught other men’s eyes on my ass many times. So I knew that I would use my greatest ass-et to catch the attention of Mr. Turkey Club.

That day, I watched him cross the street as usual. He ordered his turkey club, sat down, unfolded his paper and began to read. I watched him take a couple of bites of his sandwich. He never even noticed me. I waited until he had about 10 minutes left of his 55. Then I got up, cleaned my table, walked over to him and dropped a note onto his precious newspaper. It simply said, “E-mail me at the above address and I will send you a nude photo of myself.” He looked up at me, shock apparent in his eyes, and I gave him my best sensual smile. He choked and began coughing but quickly recovered. I made sure that he was alright and then I turned and exited the sandwich shop, swaying my hips as best I could.

He emailed me that night. I sent him several photos of my ass in the air. He must have liked them because the next day at lunch, he asked if he could sit at my table.

When he asked to join me I almost fell out of my chair. Here was the man of my hottest fantasies close enough to touch. For weeks, during this daily lunch hour, I had secretly observed his every move and every part of his expensively clothed body. I felt my face flush to match the embarrassment I felt. I somehow stammered out a greeting and told him my name. I was sure that the fantasies of my guilty pleasures showed on my face. He must surely know the naughty things that I had been thinking.

We made some small talk but he never once mentioned the nude photos I had sent him. Our lunch together was pleasant but somewhat awkward. He was shy and nervous and I was melting each time his eyes met mine. It wasn’t long until he finished his turkey club, I finished my salad and we finished our small talk. He let the awkward silence barbarians izle be his cue to take his leave. As he stood, I almost panicked, and found myself blurting out the question that had plagued me during the entire lunch, “Did you get the photos?”

With his face flushing yet again, he leaned forward so that we were eye to eye and in the sexiest, low voice I had ever heard, he murmured that he did indeed get them and that it would be his fantasy to take some photos of me. His eyes held mine with a questioning look. I felt my eyes light up as something akin to fire swept through my veins. I suddenly KNEW that this was going to turn out great.

I invited him to my house for a photo session that weekend. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable doing complete nudes right now but that I would love for him to photograph me in some of my favorite lingerie. He heartily agreed.

The photo session was hotter than anything I could ever describe. Each click of his shutter brought my fantasies closer to reality. I had chosen lingerie that I thought would capture his attention. I wore skimpy thongs that showcased my prized, round ass. I wore tiny little lace bras that made my tits look larger. I chose some blue lingerie to bring out the blue of my eyes. At times I wore red to tempt him with an earthy sensuality. And it wasn’t long before his rapt attention was evident by the swelling hardness in his jeans.

As he was suggesting different poses, I found my pussy reacting to the excitement. My nipples were firm and erect. I found myself so turned on as I watched him watching me. My poses got more daring. The air was charged with my desire for him. I was doing all I could to seduce him. I took off more clothing than I had planned to. I flirted with my eyes. I pouted with my lips. I invited with my ass in the air. And soon, he readily accepted that invitation.

Finally it was as if he could take it no more. He flung the camera onto the sofa and walked over to me. He boldly took me into his arms and began kissing me very passionately. My pussy had been wet for ages already and when I felt his fingers touch me there, I heard low moans escape his throat and mine. His kisses and his touches ignited the fire within my body.

I couldn’t keep my hands still. They were exploring every place on him that I could reach. His hands were doing the same on me. His tongue was exploring my mouth, darting in and out and around my tongue. He kissed up and down my neck as I threw my head back. He moved down to my tits and with his fingers clamped on one nipple he sucked and tweaked the other one with his tongue. I was ecstatic. In between my quickened breaths, I tried to comprehend if this was really happening. My shy guy was turning bay patrol izle out to be the most sensual man I had ever been with. My body reacted to everything he did. I was shaking with such a deep desire for his body.

I somehow took his hand and led him to my bedroom. We fell on the bed and quickly managed to get his clothes off. When I saw his cock and took it in my hands, a thrilling shiver went through me. It looked so beautiful and it felt so good to finally have it in my hands. It was better than any of the fantasies that I had entertained.

With his cock in my hands, I moved my mouth closer. I used both hands and my mouth and made love to his cock for the longest time. I would lick up and down the shaft and tease around the tip of it with my tongue while I was massaging his balls with both hands. Then I would suck and move my mouth as far down him as I could. Then I would lick all over his balls. I did all these things over and over until I think he couldn’t take it any longer. I cannot say how wonderful his cock looked and tasted and felt. It was better than anything I had ever fantasized.

Soon he threw me back on the bed and moved his head downward and his tongue slowly traveled down my tummy to my hairless mound. I was still shaking and my pussy was dripping wet. When he touched his tongue ever so softly to my pussy, I thought I would die. I couldn’t keep still. He had me squirming and writhing all over the bed. He ate my pussy as if it were the richest meal he had ever had. His tongue treated it like a treasure. He would dip his finger inside my soaking cunt while he flicked his tongue across my clit. It was a very short time before I was screaming out his name and moaning in the strongest, shuddering orgasm I had ever experienced. He let me rest a moment or two and then he went at me again. I remember wrapping my legs around his head and holding him tight while he licked me quickly to another orgasm.

By then, I was spent. But I wasn’t through with him. I reached down and kissed his mouth and begged him to fuck me. I had to have his beautiful, rock-hard cock inside me. I had to feel him thrusting it into me. I had to feel his cum. My pussy was hungry and ready for it. And so I begged him to fuck me. He threw me back on the bed and jumped on top of me. The first instant that his cock entered my soft, wet pussy, I thought I would die. He entered me slowly at first while he kissed me passionately. Then he began moving in and out of me faster and faster. It wasn’t long until he was pounding his throbbing dick so hard into my pussy. I came again quickly, uttering words to him that now embarrass me.

After I had climaxed, he continued his pounding into me and when he finally tensed and groaned and released his hot spurting cum into me, it was the hottest, most beautiful moment and it was as if he claimed me right then. I was his.

We lay still and quiet for the longest time. I tried to recount in my mind everything that had just happened. All I knew is that my idea of shy guys had changed forever.

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