Deep Coverage Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Realignment

On some nights when I didn’t have anything else to do, I met with Laura for more sapphic action, in our apartments and with more intimacy between us, and although we had very intense orgasms, I lost interest. In fact, I find it difficult to visualize a woman in romantic terms, so I began to dodge her invitations. Laura took the hint and felt free to go out with other girls, and I took advantage of that to date men. These were not very memorable, although the guys were very handsome and quite successful in their careers, they thought of themselves as God’s gift to women, and they behaved very selfishly in bed, insisting on blowjobs and kinky stuff that turns me off. I almost missed the touch of my girlfriend, but I didn’t give it more thought, and I preferred to concentrate in my own career and spend my free time with a glass of wine, a warm bath and a good vibrator, a farewell gift from her.

After a few months, she called me, with very exciting news:

“Kristen, the most wonderful thing has happened to me: I’m in love!”

I asked her.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“How could it ever occur to you that it would be a man? No, silly, it’s a woman, and what a woman! She’s a little short and chubby, but that means that she has a nice rack and buttocks. Also, she is very mature and sure of herself. In short, a real woman and I know she loves me too.”

“Congratulations, you deserve to be happy. And how did you meet her, if I may know?”

“Of course, but I have a better idea: come along to meet her yourself and she might feel like telling you, with details. By the way, aren’t you jealous?”

“No, my friend, in fact, I feel relieved. It’s just that I see you more as an older sister than…”

“Good, I have you hang up. How about for next weekend? I’ll pick up you from work, unless you have other plans.”

“That’s OK, Laurie. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Friday came, and Laura came right on time to pick me up and we went back to the same shopping mall as last time. Puzzled, I asked her:

“But, why are we driving so far?”

“It’s all right, I’ll tell you: I returned to the boutique in order to buy that blue ensemble that caused so much sensation at the show, by the way, during the party, I realized that Roxanne, that’s the name of the employee, gave me some discreet but intense looks. As I was saying, I decided to try it on in the dressing room, and when I noticed her trying to get a peek inside, I removed my underwear, I put on the ensemble, and I called her:

“‘Miss, can you help me?’

“‘Of course, Madam, what I do for you?’

“‘I believe that I’ll need to have this dress adjusted for my figure. Please, come inside and look at it.’

“Roxanne came in and I pointed to my hips, and I asked her:

“‘What do you think: is it too tight?’

“‘It looks fine on you. Let’s see, why don’t you walk over to the aisle, so you can feel how the fabric moves on your body.’

“We walked out of the dressing room and I modeled the dress for her, and I saw how her eyes followed my every move. It goes without saying that I got very aroused. I went back into the dressing room and she tagged along. She felt my skin through the dress and I couldn’t take it any more: I pulled off the top and I exposed myself to her. She looked surprised, but she stayed quiet. I approached her for a kiss, but we heard the manager’s voice, so she left quickly, and she said:

“‘Don’t worry, Miss, it looks good on you just the way it is.’

“I got dressed as quickly as possible, I stuffed the rest of my things in my purse and I went to the counter to pay. Everything seemed very normal, a saleswoman handling her customer’s purchases, but she handed me my credit card back, she touched my hand almost imperceptibly and that’s how I knew that she wanted me.”

“And then, what happened?”, I asked her, anxious for more details.

“I window-shopped while waiting for her, and when she came out, I followed her until she saw me and I signaled her to meet me at the exit. When I drove in front of her, she jumped in and the rest is history!”

There were a brief silence, which she he broke by saying mischievously:

“What? Were you expecting the juicy details?”

“No, thank you, no need for that; I can imagine…”

By then, we arrived at the mall’s parking lot, and Laura turned off the engine. After a few minutes, she exclaimed:

“There she is.”

She rolled down her window and she called out:


She came running to the driver’s window and she leaned through to kiss my friend briefly but effusively. We got out and the lovers embraced, and when they were about to kiss more intensely, they remembered my presence. They parted graciously and I Mardin Escort extended my hand, saying:

“Hello, I’m Kristen.”

She took my hand sensually, she pecked my cheek and she said:


She released me and asked:

“But, Laura, is this your girlfriend? Or did you bring her along for a threesome…?”

I lowered my gaze and Laura came to my rescue, and taking me by my shoulders to pull me out of the “line of fire,” she answered:

“No, girl, she’s only a friend from work.”

“Oh, excuse me! I can’t tell anymore who’s what.”

She turned toward me and she told me:

“I hope I didn’t make you feel bad…”

I told her, overcoming the awkwardness:

“No problem. I’m no expert in lesbianism either.”

And turning toward Laura, she told us:

“Come, I know a nice place where we can talk.”

We got in the car and Roxanne gave us directions until we got to a small club with a cozy and discreet ambience. Laura and I ordered wine and Roxanne had something stronger, and she said:

“I have something to tell you, and I don’t even know where to begin. I would have preferred that you had come alone, but in a sense, perhaps it’s better having your friend along today, because I don’t know how Ronald might take the…”

Laura cut in:

“Wait a minute! Who’s this Ronald? Is he who I think he is…?”

Roxanne looked away and murmured:

“My husband…”

In the dimness of the room, one could hardly see the tears rolling down both women’s cheeks, while Roxanne continued:

“Ever since high school, I admired the bodies of my female schoolmates as much as the boys. I didn’t think much of it, and I married a guy in my class, and when I began working at the boutique, it didn’t even occur to me to spy on the customers. But at the fashion show’s backstage, while helping the models get dressed, these feelings sprouted in me suddenly, and I also felt something that Laura irradiated at the party. That night, I might have made love to my husband, believing that it might make me forget the whole matter, but he came back late from the auto shop, and when I felt asleep, I had very strange dreams.”

She turned toward me and she inquired:

“Kristen? Didn’t she tell you about when she came back to buy one of our outfits? I could not take my eyes off her, and when I left, there she was, waiting for me. She drove me to a motel nearby, and there I gave in to her, and for a few hours, she made me forget that I already have a life…”

She covered her face with her hands in order to cry, and when Laura reached for her shoulder to comfort her, Roxanne shrugged it off abruptly. She gulped what was left in her glass, and I decided to wave for the check in order to pay and leave. We drove to her house and we saw that her husband hadn’t yet arrived. Roxie told us:

“I will have to tell the whole truth to Ronny, but first, I will cook something for him so he won’t be in such a bad mood.”

I don’t know if it was Laura or myself, but the question arose:

“Is your man abusive?”

“He has a temper, but he has never raised a hand at me. To me, he always behaved like a gentleman. That is what worries me the most: that the news would hurt him too much…”

Laura suggested:

“If you want, we can stay with you.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Or maybe, we could come by later.”

Roxanne nodded, without saying a word. Laura spoke again:

“You already know my cell phone number. Call me if you have problems.”

“I don’t believe that there will be, but thanks.”

“Good-bye and good luck.”

We kissed good-bye and Roxanne went into the house, while we walked back to the car. Laura said:

“Kristy, I don’t want to leave her alone; is it OK for you to stay with me at that motel? And please forgive for dragging you into this mess.”

“For me, it’s no problem. You have helped me a lot and it’s time for me to show you my support.”

She gripped my hand and said:

“Thank you!”

We checked into the motel, we took a turns at the shower and we slept in separate beds. I didn’t want her sexually and she had feelings for by Roxanne. Before waking up, the cell phone rang. It was Roxanne. Laura talked to her for a while. Then we got up, we got dressed, we went to have breakfast at the restaurant and after eating, I decided to ask her:

“Finally, what did she say to you?”

“Be there at mid-morning. She has her mind made up about telling him everything and she want us there for morale…”

“Or for protection.”

“Don’t think negative thoughts. Well, are you with me?”

“For better or worse.”

We paid and we went to the house. We knocked on the door and Roxanne was already Mardin Escort Bayan there to let us in. Once inside, we greeted her without raising suspicion and she invited us to sit down in the living room to introduce us to her husband. He was watching a game on the television while sitting in an armchair by the corner of their sofa. Laura sat in it with Roxanne and I got to sit in an armchair at the other end. We asked him:

“Which one is your team?”

And he answered:

“Neither, but the outcome of this game might affect my team’s chances to get to the finals.”

Roxanne cut in:

“Dear, could you turn it off then?”

“All right.”

He pressed the remote control and the television turned off. Then he asked:

“And now, what did you want to tell me?”

Roxanne swallowed hard while she stared at her husband. Laura and I exchanged glances for a second to finally fix our gazes on the reaction of the wife. She finally said:

“Ronny, I want a divorce.”

He smiled nervously and he made the rhetorical question:

“Is it this some kind of joke?”

“You already know me, I would never joke about something like this! I… I…”

He slapped an armrest and shouted:

“Dammit, Rox, at least you could have told me in private! Why are you involving other people in our problems? Of course, you invited them to watch our little drama; after all, they’re your guests. Very well, then, let me ask you something: is it another man?”

I imagined that he was drawing a mental list of all of his friends and acquaintances with whom he imagined that his wife cheated on him, but she interrupted him:

“It’s not a man, it’s… it’s…”

The male looked at her intently, and she got more nervous. Laura wanted to intervene, and Roxanne finally collected her thoughts and admitted:

“I am a lesbian!”

Ronald bolted from his seat and he made a menacing gesture. Roxanne became frightened and Laura, instinctively, moved toward her in order to shield her with her own body. The only thing that I could do was to stand up and direct at him the sternest look of which I was capable. That was enough to make him slump back into his seat in defeat. Tears began to roll down his face while he babbled:

“B… but why…? I always believed that you were a normal girl.”

Roxanne, choked with tears, didn’t respond, and without thinking, she took shelter in Laura’s arms. I went around a table between the sofa and the TV set and approached him, I guess, to prevent him to move against his wife. I stand a respectable 5’6″ tall but he’s more than six feet tall, I am also the slenderest and he is muscular and he has a “beer belly,” so I wasn’t sure how effective my posturing would be against him if he became violent. I no longer looked at him defiantly because the anger had left his face, and he only had left an undescribable sorrow. He repeated:

“Why are you doing this to me? After all these years, I thought that we would be together forever, forever!”

Roxanne got up and went into her bedroom while he demanded:

“What? And now, you walk away, so calmly?”

Roxanne turned around and responded:

“Believe me, this is as difficult for me as it is for you. I still love you, but I no longer feel the same…”

And she locked herself inside the room, while Laura and I flanked Ronald. Then, she came out with a suitcase and the three of us went toward the door. He walked after us, while he wailed like a child:

“Don’t leave me like this…”

I felt responsible for him and told my friends:

“You go on, I’ll stay.”

Surprised, they turned toward me but I assured them with these words:

“He won’t hurt me, if that’s what worries you. Right, Ronald?”

And I put my arm around him. I don’t know which one of the four of us was more puzzled by my behavior. Laura answered:

“OK, but call us if you need something.”

“I will be all right, but thank you.”

And they left. I turned toward him and said you:

“Where can we got to wash up?”

He said meekly:

“Of course. This way.”

We entered the bathroom and I had him lean over the sink. I started washing his face with a tenderness that neither one of us had anticipated. He tried to say:

“I never treated her bad…”

“Shhh, it’s OK. Calm down, everything is going to be all right. You are a strong man and will get over this…”

I turned him to face me so I could check my results and I felt compelled to hug him, taking down his defenses. I motioned him to sit on his bed, and I stood in front of him and I began kissing him innocently. He didn’t resist, but he rather caressed my arms so gently with his coarse mechanic’s hands, to follow Escort Mardin with my cheeks while I, moved by an emotion beyond my understanding, kissed his forehead and his unshaved cheeks and made a trail toward his lips. Then, I held his head to kiss him more intensely, and finally, I cradled his face against my shoulder. He wasn’t crying anymore, now he was stirring from desire. He gave me a puzzled look and he asked me:

“What are you doing to me?”

“Relax, and trust me.”

“And what about you, do you trust me?”

“I am yours.”

“And I’m yours too.”

We kissed again, and he, timidly, put his fingers under my blouse. I looked at him encouragingly while he unbuttoned it with trembling hands. When I was free from the garment, I helped him unhook my bra and I unfastened my skirt. He kneaded my tiny breasts and he sucked my erect nipples, and it was so pleasurable that my panties were soaked at once with my vaginal fluids. He pulled them off me himself, and thus naked, I helped him off his clothes. He leaned back on the bed, and caressingly, I crawled on top of him to kiss him some more. I brought my face down toward his own nipples, and when he felt my lips upon them, he sighed:

“Oh, Roxanne… Oh, I’m sorry, Kristen.”

“It’s OK, anyone can get confused, especially when one relationship ends and another one is just beginning.”

He had already lost his erection due to the embarrassment, but it was a matter of going over his belly down to his thighs, and licking his testicles and sucking his glans as if it were a clitoris, and when his penis regained the size of a little more than seven inches, it went into my mouth by itself. I almost gagged on it, not so much for its length as for its girth and hairiness, but I sucked and licked as much as I could, and got about as much pleasure as he gave my breasts a few moments ago. His member trembled with an imminent ejaculation, but he pulled out and turned me over to engulf my labia and soak his fat lips also licking upward like a dog. He later caught my clitoris between his upper lip and his tongue, and sucked it nonstop as if it were fellatio. His movements were fast and accurate, and the sensation traveled up and down my entire body. I was thinking of myself as a thermometer about to burst from the heat! I could not help thrusting my hips against his face while screaming:

“¡Whoa, whoa! ¡Aaaaaaaahh!”

My orgasmic groan made me it clear to me why did I put myself in this position, and I told him:

“Come now, you big boy, I want to feel you inside me!”

Without thinking twice, he rushed on me and he penetrated me savagely, and I, in the afterglow of my first orgasm, welcomed him into my overflowing vagina. His organ stretched me a lot and I instinctively matched the rhythm of his thrusts to relish on the mixture of pleasure and pain. My orgasms were now coming in waves, and during my last and best one, he took me by the waist to bury himself deep within me and shoot his scalding semen in my womb. When it was all over, I exclaimed:

“This is incredible, almost magical.”

He observed:

“You’re the one who’s magical, and so damned sexy. It’s been fate who brought you into my life.”

He kissed my lips and my forehead, and he turned me to lay on top of him, and while we rested, he toyed with my hair. Suddenly, the telephone rang, and Ronald answered it. It was Laura. He handed it to me and she asked:

“Kristy? Are you all right? Are you alive? Did he hurt you…?”

“I am fine, nothing happened, he did not hurt me, except with his penis; it’s so huge that I thought that it might split me in two!”

“Oh, my God! He raped you?”

“No, of course not, girl, he did not rape me, I wanted it to happen. It was marvelous, although unexpected…”

“That’s why you insisted on staying there to comfort’ him, you big slut…! To think that I was worried about your welfare! By the way: I was about to drive Roxy to her mother’s, but along the road, we both broke into tears, so we embraced, and one thing led to another, so we went back to that motel.”

Amid naughty giggles, we hung up and I turned to kiss my man, sealing my future at his side…

In conclusion, we brokered a friendly divorce for Roxie and Ronny, and it was easy for her to get a job at another boutique in the city, which helped consolidate her relationship with Laura, but unfortunately, he already had a stake in the shop and could not just leave it to try his luck in another environment. I went back to work by myself, limiting my encounters with my new lover to weekends or a few unexpected visits from him, but eventually, I got pregnant. I decided to go on maternity leave, which I spent at his house, now ours. The magazine was very accommodating, although I had to quit my position of entertainment editor and stay on as a reporter when our son was born. Ronny gave me a used car, restored with his own hands, so I could go cover my assignments, and that’s how I managed my career along with my new phase as wife and mother.

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