She was stretched out on the table in the tattoo parlour, holding my hand. The red of her nails matched the red on a cartoon of a Chinese dragon on the wall. In the background you could hear the door to the street opening and closing, the receptionist chatting away with customers and tyre-kickers alike. On the stereo Biffy Clyro were doing their best or worst, depending upon your taste.The disposable paper sheet underneath her rustled and moved as she prepared herself. She’d taken off her skirt, not that it concealed much, had removed her top to reveal a lacy black bra, and was undoing the tie side of her panties. The tattoo she’d chosen would reach from her ribs on her right hand side all the way down to her, the branches and blossoms of the rose tree design reaching across to her navel and curving round her hip. She’d chosen the design, had drawn it out, reminding me of her artistic skill, the roses further from her pelvis a darker red, almost black at the edge, a deep contrast to the lipstick red above her groin.

That was the design, blue tacked to the wall on cartridge paper and transferred onto multiple sheets of tracing paper that were taped together to make the stencil. Today was about doing the lining, the establishing of the shape of the tatt. There’d be more appointments to colour it in, to complete her vision.She wanted to look away as the artist fitted the needle to the gun, tying it down to the frame with rubber bands, adjusting it by eye. I made her look at it, made her notice the sterile wrappers in a kidney dish on the shelf behind him, the neat thimbles of colour, dark black with a blue hue to the surface, secured to the shelf next to him with vaseline. She’d contemplated this day for so long, and I wanted her to take in every detail.

I listened to the sharp intake of breath as she let the artist position the stencil. She knew him, had talked to him for months as she planned the piece of work, explained her desire, to take the idea of black and red roses and marry them aydınlı escort together. I squeezed her hand and asked her to relax. to accept the feel of the transfer and the anticipation. She smiled at me, and squeezed back, and turned her head to watch the artist as he hooked the power leads to the gun and tested the pedal.

Then he began tracing out the lines, one side of the central trunk to the other. working in a long sweep down over her hip. I watched her face, and stroked the back of her hand as she bit her lower lip. Her smile was warm, and amused, and she was happy to make small talk with the artist as he worked. he was attentive, checking she was OK; the way she was lying meant he couldn’t see her face, so he kept asking, kept reassuring her as he wiped away the excess ink or the smears of blood.

He didn’t need to ask. By the time he’d completed the tendrils and blossoms that arced around her back I was sure. She wasn’t hurting when she bit her lip, she was turned on. Her nipples were poking against her bra like dark thimbles, hard and prominent. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy her embarrassment, even if her predicament was arousing me as well. Ninety minutes had gone by and neither of us had noticed it particularly; not until the artist decided he needed a break for a cigarette and to give her a break.

She didn’t need a break – she was having the time of her life, and once we were alone in the room her left hand ferreted between her legs. She was soaked, apparently. I told her the knowledge that she was so turned on was making me hard. She insisted I show her. So I did, and her hand drifted back between her legs again. I was about to start shoe-horning my hardon back into my jeans when she put her hand on it. She was insistent. He’d said ten minutes, and we’d hear his footsteps on the wooden floor. As if I needed persuasion to put my hand on the back of her head and start fucking her mouth. She relaxed into it, the way we have a hundred bağdat caddesi escort times before, my hand holding her hair, sometimes rocking her head back and fore, sometimes pulling her towards me so my cock hit the back of her mouth and her lips were jammed against my jeans. The sound of her breath catching in her throat, rasping around my member as it filled her mouth was so familiar, and so good. When I rocked back to let her catch her breath the smile was warm enough to break your heart, achingly happy. Her voice was so confident.

‘Come on sir, do it, fuck my mouth…’ And I di. After teasing her a little of course, pulling all the way out so that only the curved end of my glans was against her lips, then pushing in hard, savouring the automatic reaction of her jaw moving, making room for me. No rituals, no special rules were needed, but her hand went between her legs to rub her clit as it did every time she sucked me.

Was I distracted? Of course. Did that explain why I didn’t hear the tattooist coming back? No. Maybe it was the combination of my arousal, of the rhythm of her sucking me,; maybe it was my awareness that she was noisy when she came, and that it could be a challenge. Maybe it’s because. as he later said, he always wore trainers for work to better feel the tattoo gun;s control pedal. Whatever the reason, I was buried deep in her mouth, arching her head backwards to get deeper to the point where she would start to gasp and choke, when he stepped through the sliding door.

He offered to step outside, and turn up the stereo. I looked at her face, at her expression, at the way she had given up the decision completely to me, and decided to take a chance.

‘Stay if you like – consider it a bonus.’

He didn’t need a lot of invitation. He sheathed his right hand in a latex glove from the box on the worktop, and started probing her pussy and her arse, alternating his thumb and fingers in each hole. She’d closed bahçelievler escort her eyes at his first touch, letting him explore, allowing her arousal to sweep over her. And me? I just held her head steady and kept fucking her mouth.

He didn’t keep condoms in the studio. I had two in my wallet, left over from taking her dogging earlier in the week. That was why I was paying for the tattoo, because she’d obeyed, and let four men have her. Like she was obeying now, keeping up her work on my cock as he undid his jeans, pulled aside his pants and sheathed his hardon in the black latex of the condom.

She buried her head in my thigh, my cock resting against her hair, as she came for the first time. Her hips bucked so hard his cock popped out of her pussy, and he waited, locking eyes with me. I nodded. He understood. I put my cock back into her mouth, and pulled her head into my groin so my cock was deep into her throat. He took the chance to enter her arse, and we held her there, skewered, until the rigor left her body and she we could start moving, fucking her mouth and arse, using her.

Did I manage to last longer than him? I don’t know. The series of orgasms was so complete, so violent, so deliberate, that he had to hold still. He didn’t have the option I had, since he was wearing a condom, of pulling out at the last minute and coming on her face in one easy movement.

She covered her face with her hands when he re-started tattooing her. She said nothing, but allowed me to prise her hands off her face, to hold one hand and to let the other rest on her breast. It was only when he’d finished, when he was taping the clingfilm to her side and belly, that she put her hand between her legs and touched her clit, making herself come again, that she gave up herself to the arousal that had made her wet and breathless throughout.

Walking her to the car on shaky legs she asked why I’d refused his offer of a discount.

‘Because he fucked you for my pleasure, not so I could get a discount.’ She turned her face to the brick window pillar of a shop, rested her head against it, and asked me to hold her hand as she came again. The walk to the car was slow, and careful; I waited till she had her hand on the door of the car before I reminded her that we’d be back to the same shop for her piercings.

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