Deception or Desire


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Work was hectic and Pete looked forward to a cold drink or two with the guys before heading back to his hotel. This wasn’t at all how he expected to spend Valentine’s Day, but his wife had phoned him earlier that day and canceled her plans to meet him for the weekend because of her job.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but I have been called into work tonight and tomorrow. Kel was injured and is off on a medical leave and I’m her replacement. I know you had big plans for us and I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with you in that hot tub. But you go and have yourself a good time with the guys and I’ll make it up to you when you get back home, I promise. Love ya baby,” then the line went silent.

Pete listened to the message one more time before deciding she was right and he should go out with the guys for a bit after work, especially since one of them offered to pay his way for the night. How could he refuse that offer?

Fortunately for Pete, he worked mostly with single men who didn’t seem to have any particular plans for what they called just another day, even though it was Valentine’s Day.

“Hey, is that offer for drinks still open?” He hollered from his office as some of the workers started to leave. When all the arrangements were finalized regarding the time and place to meet, Pete left work to stop off at his hotel to shower, shave and change out of his suit. He slid on his only pair of denims and grabbed a nice shirt from the closet then right before walking out the door, he splashed on some aftershave because he hated the scent of the hotel soap.


The highway was crowded, music sounding loudly from vehicles that passed along side. Pete carefully steered toward the right lane preparing to exit. Following the map that one of the guys gave him, he headed downtown to his destination, a nightclub just off the main drag.

He parked in the secured lot and headed inside. As he sauntered toward the bar to locate his friends, women of every shape and size gazed at him. Being the gentleman he is, Pete smiled back as he passed, but all he desired at the time was that cold drink to ease the stress of the day and forget about the plans he’d made with his wife. It was then that he noticed her. This vision beyond comparison, a friend from his past perhaps?

There was a familiarity about her features, but the hue of her hair and the way she carried herself were different than the woman who first came to mind. Still, she attracted him with a silent call. As Pete approached her he watched the indistinguishable gaze she was getting from the other men and wondered which of them wanted her as much as he did.

Soon, he learned who had been fancying her, besides himself, as a slightly older man led her to the dance floor when “Satisfied” by Bob Seger rocked the place. Her sultry moves excited him. The leather of her pencil skirt hugged her ass as she swayed around the floor to the beat. The fringe across her tight blouse drew attention with every turn. Her long hair slightly covered her eyes now; yet he sensed her stare.

She was definitely flirting with him and his loins demonstrated approval. Pete wanted to cut in, but to avoid embarrassment he refrained from the urge to hold her, to inhale her delicious scent as he continued to the bar.

The woman watched as he took his seat amongst the group of men at the table. With an intense gaze, she eyed his every move. She examined his toned body and with a raised brow then a wink, showed her acceptance. The other men faded in comparison to him; Pete was her object of desire for the moment.


Pete and his wife had always had an open relationship and she never minded his flirtatious mannerisms with other women because she knew it was just flirting and she would be the one he’d come home to at the end of the night. When he was out with the guys and had flirted with someone, their lovemaking was always more intense and she loved that.

Tonight however, was different. Pete had been given a blow that he’d be spending Valentine’s Day alone for the first time in years. He didn’t think anything would come of his flirting but knew his wife would understand if something did happen.


As the song ended, a smile appeared and her body language instantly changed. Her hips swayed as she weaved her way through the crowd to her table, inviting Pete to draw near. He did. He could almost smell the sweet fragrance emanating from her; it ignited interest, a yearning for her touch. “Um- excuse me fellas,” Pete said when he righted himself and headed to her table.

“Damn, that guy is at home with the gils izle one lucky son of a bitch,” Joe said. Joe’s a co-worker from the same facility as Pete and was accompanying him on this trip to learn more about the specific job they were on.

Some of the guys at the table gave Pete a disgusted look knowing he was married, until Joe explained about their open relationship.

“Well, all I can tell ya is that she’s no regular around these parts. I come here every Thursday and I have never seen those broads before. There are always some fine lookin’ chicks in here and I know I would have remembered them,” one of the guys at the table said as he shook his head and stared at Pete.

“Well, Jeff, they probably already know about you and have steered clear of the likes of your kind. It’s no wonder you’re still single with the way you speak about women. If I were a female, I’d kick your ass if you ever called me a broad. And what’s with the chicks? Are we back in high school again? Now if you ask me, there are some very fine, actually hot – knock me on my ass – women in here tonight and if I wasn’t married or if I had a wife like my man Pete over there I’d go for it with any of these women,” Joe added then called the waitress over for another round and sent one to Pete and the lady he was sitting with.


Finally, Pete pushed through the growing crowd gathering around her table and from her full red lips he read, “I want you.” His stride quickened; he ached for her touch.

She was not alone when he reached the table, but the other women excused themselves as Pete began to greet them. “Good evening ladies.” He stepped behind her chair, leaning down to her ear he asked, “Is this seat taken?” knowing full well she saved it for him.

“Hello,” she said with her sultry tone, “I’m Gabrielle,” and reached out to touch his hand.

After clearing the lump in his throat, Pete answered, “Hello beautiful, I’m Christopher. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Whenever he set out to flirt, Pete never used his real name and as you can see, this particular night he chose Christopher, which he often would shorten to Chris.

He readjusted himself on the stool and asked if he could get her a drink, she accepted. All Chris had to do was raise his hand to motion for the waitress and she immediately headed to the table with drinks for them both. After she set the drinks down and looked into Chris’ questioning eyes, she told him they were from his friend, Joe. Chris gave the waitress a ten note and thanked her for her attentiveness.

The conversation with Gabrielle was smooth, effortless, as he learned about her and she about him. “This is a very nice place, do you come often?” he asked as he returned her touch, his fingers rested on hers and caressed gently, seductively.

“Well, actually no. I’ve never been here before. I’m visiting a dear friend for a couple days and he suggested this place to me just yesterday. And I must admit, I’m so glad I came to check it out tonight,” was her reply after sipping the straw in her cocktail; teasing him with the way her lips and tongue moved around the plastic tube.

Christopher shook his head and looked around, frustrated. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you,” he said as he leaned in toward her. The music was blaring and patrons were speaking loudly around him. “Would you like to go someplace quieter so we can talk?” he asked, knowing she could barely hear his words but was reading his lips.

“I’d love that,” she mouthed then stood from her stool and walked toward the front door.

Chris waved goodbye to his friends and gave a thumbs up with a silly grin that covered his face. He followed Gabrielle closely, but not too close, so he could watch her firm cheeks sway as she moved. The sight of her legs excited him as he watched her, but his weren’t the only eyes on her sexy form. That too excited him, as he felt the eyes of other men turn away when she focused her gaze to him and mouthed, “Come, follow me!”


Christopher couldn’t get over the fact that he thought he had known this woman somewhere in his past. He wanted to get into this woman’s head and discover why she attracted him so. Why she seemed so familiar to him. There was a mystery about her and he was bound to discover what it was come hell or high water.

Once out the door Christopher escorted Gabrielle to her car and she then watched as he ran to his and drove up beside her in the lot. “Follow me,” she mouthed with a slight bite on her lower lip as well as a wink then headed down the street to a quiet diner.


Time passed quickly as the conversation touched on everything from work to relationships. She’s not wearing a wedding ring, Chris thought to himself as he held her hand, so I guess it’s best to just come out and ask her, he thought again then asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” as his feet entangled with hers beneath the table.

“No, I haven’t had a boyfriend in several years,” she answered, blushing slightly.

Christopher ayak işleri izle liked that response and planned his next move as they both finished their dinner and coffee. Christopher felt the tightness in his jeans as the bulge pressed firmly against the straining zipper. Never in all his married years had he ever cheated on his wife, but there was something about this woman, something he just couldn’t pull away from. She seemed so familiar to him as though he’d known her forever.

“Oh! Look at the time. It’s getting late!” she exclaimed, glancing at her watch. “I should be getting back to my hotel.”

Chris felt her bare foot rise against his calf, toward his thigh and without hesitation said, “I don’t want you to go yet, but if you must, I understand,” as he leaned across the table and kissed her lips gently. His temperature, among other things, was rising. His heart raced. He wasn’t prepared to be alone so suddenly. Reading her body language he knew she sensed that and he hoped she felt the same, but only time would tell.

Gabrielle followed close behind when he walked to the cashier to pay the check. She was so close Chris could feel her breath on his neck; he shivered, she giggled.

Holding the door for her she passed through, with a closeness that signaled she wanted more. Once in her car, she waited for him to get into his and then rolled her window down slightly to admit, “I’m not ready to be alone just yet either. Would you like to come to my place for a drink?”

Christopher’s mind flooded with thoughts all the way from the diner to her hotel. Thoughts of his wife, their loving relationship, her trust in him, yet her understanding of how he gets on occasion. We both agreed that ours is an open relationship, so actually I am not doing anything wrong. Just go there and have a good time and stop all the pondering. All thoughts of what he was doing and why disappeared from his mind when he noticed her turn signal.

The drive seemed to take forever, but was actually only a short distance from the diner. She pulled into the parking structure and motioned Chris to pull behind her. As he exited his vehicle she unlocked the door and entered.

I wish she’d stand still long enough for me to kiss her, he thought as he closed the door behind them and followed her to the elevator. They both seemed nervous during the short ride to the fifth floor and exited quickly when the doors opened.

“Make yourself comfortable, Christopher. I’ll be back shortly,” he heard as Gabrielle’s voice faded when she entered another room in her suite.

While she was away, his mind recalled the visions at the bar and the unpleasant faces of the other gentlemen as he escorted Gabrielle out. A smile came to his face, but then he snapped from his glorious vision when he heard her voice once again.

“I’m having some difficulties back here. Do you think you could help me?” she summoned him.

All sorts of thoughts run through Christopher’s mind as he made his way toward her voice, totally unaware of what she was doing back there. He froze in his tracks when he first saw her.

Goddamn, she’s wonderful! he thought as he began to walk again.

In the doorway he saw her, she was leaning against the jam of the open door, the door to her room. Her long brunette hair graced her heavenly face as the position of her long legs taunted him; teased him beyond expectation as she straddled her six-inch pumps. Her left arm raised seductively above her. Her fingers lightly grasped the molding.

With one finger, Gabrielle summoned Christopher. Excitedly, he abided. He eagerly came to her, anticipating the pleasures ahead. Her full, lustrous lips drew him in. He lost himself in her kiss. She devoured him, seeking his tongue with hers. Passions flared as she pressed against him. Her taut breasts screamed for release from the confines of their binding satin and lace.

The heaving cleavage protruded seductively from her silken blouse and beckoned for his touch, his heat, his torture and teasing, not to mention a long awaited release. Chris unbuttoned her blouse slowly at first, but passion and arousal overpowered his initial intentions. His fingers clenched the fabric and pulled the material from her fiercely; buttons scattered about as her flesh was exposed.

He stepped back momentarily to admire the view, a view that set his loins ablaze. His heart raced and he pulled her near. Her taut rosy buds pressed against his chest, he inhaled deeply; the scent of jasmine penetrated his nostrils. Gabrielle smiled that “come get me” smile Chris loved to see on a woman, especially his wife. With a bite of her lower lip and a bat of her sexy brown eyes she pushed him away, walking slowly, seductively toward the shower. He melted as she motioned him to follow her.

As Chris passed through the doorway, quickly removing his jeans, shoes and socks, a billow of steam ignited a passion, lust and desire to get closer immediately. He, all but gracefully, slid across the floor to the aynen aynen izle shower stall. To his surprise as well as hers, she caught him. Her arms slipped beneath his open shirt, palms grazed erect nipples. Her movements were direct, she knew what she wanted and what she wanted was Chris!

“Oh, Gabrielle, I would like nothing better than to fuck you right now!” Chris said with a heavy breath.

“Well, what’s taking you so long?” Gabrielle asked as she pulled him into the shower with her, shirt and all.

The warm water instantly drenched his shirt and it clung to his muscular form. She slid her fingers up his chest and over his shoulders, removing the shirt from his upper body. She leaned in and engulfed one erect nipple as Chris finagled the shirt off his arms and it fell with a plop at their feet.

“Mmm,” a moan escaped her lips as she devoured first one nipple then the other. She knew how to please him, yet how to torture him at the same time and she continued her assault.

Christopher’s fingers grasped her drenched hair, pulling her mouth to his. He leaned down slightly and kissed her full lips hard. Teasing the corners slightly with his tongue and she parted her lips, inviting him inside to explore and excite even more.

As his kiss intensified, he released the grasp on her hair and reached for the bottle of Sensual Amber shower gel on the rack in the corner. Thinking initially it wasn’t a brand he would normally choose for himself, however, after he worked a small amount into a thick lather and moved his hands about her flesh, Chris changed his mind. The sensual scent excited him and the sexy woman with him.

The sight, the sensation of her pressing against him was amazing and he flexed his hips forward in reciprocation. A soft moan escaped her moist lips, her hips swayed gently against his growing erection as he massaged the thick lather into her breasts, teasing her nipples a bit as well.

The ambience added to Chris’ arousal. The soft, sensual music from the CD player in the bedroom and the flicker of the candlelight as it danced against the dark walls put his mind into overdrive. I wish my wife would make time for us like this, he thought as he continued to explore Gabrielle’s form. The heat from the water jets strategically placed on the walls surrounding the shower failed in comparison to the heat their exploration had caused.

As his hands delved lower across her abdomen, she abruptly turned in his arms. Facing him now, a soft sexy smile exhibited her desire for him, her need for more. With her arms gracefully around his neck, she rose to her tiptoes and delivered a heated kiss. Her supple flesh pressed against his masculine chest and he was in heaven. Christopher’s response was welcomed as his tongue danced with hers, intensifying the kiss.

“God! I want you!” he confessed with a heavy breath.

Gabrielle leaned around him and turned off the water then stepped from the shower, handing him a plush towel. She grabbed hers as she led him to the living room area of her suite. “We have all night, baby!” she whispered, pushing him back to the sofa before walking away.

“Oh come back Gabrielle,” he pleaded, reaching out for her.

She ignored his plea, momentarily, walking to the entertainment center and pulled a DVD from the top shelf. She placed it in the player, teasing him with a sexy little dance. She let her towel slide, briefly exposing the side of her breast then as she turned toward him, her towel flung open allowing a glimpse of her bikini-shaven sex. Chris opened his towel slightly, hoping it would cool areas that had become quite heated. “It’s getting hot in here!”

Sitting beside him, she reached across his lap for the remote and pressed play then sat back against his chest, her head just below his shoulder, her legs rose to the ottoman.

The opening screen began, Chris liked what he saw and let her know. “Oh yeah baby, now we’re talking. You sure are my kind of woman!” he said excitedly, almost drooling at the thought of what was to come.

As the movie played, so did Christopher. His hands reached beneath the robe that barely covered her. His hands canvassed her warm flesh in search of the perfect spot, the spot that would make her melt into him. As if he’d been with her before, Chris found her weakness quickly and her body reacted, just as he’d hoped it would! Gabrielle writhed against him and her moans were sensual pleas for more.

“Hold that thought,” Chris said when he shifted his body so his back was against the arm of the long, overstuffed sofa then she snuggled beside him, his hand never leaving her wetness.

Once again she melted against him and her body heat radiated through the plush thickness of the robe and against his groin. With sensuous touching and passionate kisses he stimulated her, as she, him and his erection begged for release.

Could he withstand the torture much longer? Never had he lasted so long without rushing the finale and he was proud of his stamina, his ability to ward off the demons in his head urging him to fulfill his desires, his desire to take that hot, gorgeous woman and fuck her brains out right there on the sofa. Forget the bedroom! Just take her now! She won’t refuse you, she can’t! Don’t you see that when you look into her eyes? The voice interrupted his concentration on the movie and Gabrielle.

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