Dear Diary


Dear diary,

You are not going to believe the night I had. Of course you know I can’t tell anyone else the most of the things I tell you. So in your pages I write the deepest and best secrets I have, so on to the newest entry.

Last night I was still feeling kind of bummed out. The break up with my, now, ex still hurt but it was getting easier and I was starting to feel a little better. And after last night I think may be just fine!

DeAnne and Lisa had been bugging me to out with them. I had been so wrapped up in my ex that I had come really close to losing them both as friends. Being the great friends that they are, they hung in and stuck around long after he was gone. I am really thankful for that. They really are great friends. I finally gave in and decided to go out with them. It was time for me to get on with my life. We planned a girl’s night out but with us of course there is always a twist!

We met up at De’s house to grab a bite to eat. We knew we were in for a long night of fun and drinking and that we would need our energy. The girls took one look at me and said, “oh no, it’s been way too long since you have been out.” They said they could help and got right to work. I walked in looking, what I was told was “frumpy” and walked out looking like what I thought a hooker looked liked. But in all truthfulness, it felt really good.

My hair was fixed a little more, I had a little more make-up on and the clothes, oh wow, the clothes! Ok from the bottom up ~ very high stiletto heels, that made my legs look great, a cute black and lacy thong, a very short mini-skirt, and a very tight white t-shirt with no bra. I have really big tits (40 D’s) and was not sure about going without a bra, but after awhile I started to like the feel of the material against my nipples. The t-shirt was really, really tight and you could see my nipples through the flimsy white material.

Now here is our twist, we don’t go “clubbing” or “bar-hopping”. We find a little out of the way, hole in the wall bar that is not one of the “happening” places and hang out there all night. It’s a lot of fun and you can meet a lot of different people that way. We finally find one. (Funny thing about it…..the actual name of this bar was “hole in the wall”!) There were cars, trucks and bikes parked outside so we thought there would be a wide variety of people inside. We were right. There were cowboys, bikers and even a few preps. They all seemed to be getting along, however, no yelling or fighting. Everyone was just drinking, listening to good southern rock music and having a good time.

We sat down at a table to decide what we wanted to drink. This bar was really cool, kind of like a throwback to the old bar days. There were no big screen TV’s with 10 different sports shows on or anything like that, just a jukebox, pool tables, the bar itself and a few small tables. We decided this was a beer night most definitely! I went to the bar to get our beers (no waitress~small bar) and talked to a couple of the guys sitting at the bar while waiting for the beers.

A few guys stopped by the table to talk or ask us to play pool. I don’t play but De and Lisa both do. After a few more beers Lisa decided she wanted to play a few games. She walked over to one of the tables laid her money down and played the winner of that game. Of course Lisa, being Lisa picked a table with two really hot guys! Before long Lisa and De both were playing pool with the guys. Don’t feel sorry for me though, I was having a good time watching and just chatting with everyone.

It’s time for a beer run and it’s my turn again. I go to the bar to get our beers and on the way back to arcane izle the table I get bumped into and the beers spill all over my shirt. Now remember I was wearing a very tight, white, flimsy, basically see-thru t-shirt and now it was soaked with beer and really see-thru!

The guy that bumped into me was damn good looking. He was tall, with really long legs, dark hair, (what I could see under his hat), dark eyes, wearing tight wranglers, boots and a black t-shirt. He kept apologizing and was so nice about it. He felt really bad about spilling the beers. He told me that he had an extra t-shirt outside and that I was welcome to it if I wanted. He said it was the least he could do, however, he liked the view as it was. Then he said he thought the wet shirt was probably not too comfortable so he would go get his other shirt.

I told him that would be great but that I would walk outside with him to get the shirt because I needed some fresh air anyway. We walked out and I expected him to start walking toward one of the trucks. Imagine my surprise when he walked over to one the bikes. Ok now don’t expect me to go into great detail about the bike. I don’t know anything about bikes. All I know is that his bike was big, black, and shiny. He was standing there talking to me while he was looking for the shirt in a bag he had strapped to the back of the bike. He finally found it, turned around to hand it to me and I did something way out of the norm for me. I am not sure what came over me but I just leaned over and kissed him!

I am standing in the parking lot of a bar, talking to this really hot guy, whose name I now know is Charlie and right in the middle of a conversation I just lean over and kiss this guy. What the hell? I am crazy? Well maybe, but damn it I have been repressed too long by one boyfriend or another and I decided it was time for me to be me. And this is how I wanted to be.

Charlie didn’t miss a beat. He pulled me closer and I could feel his big strong hands on my hips as he leans over to kiss me. God, what a kiss! It definitely left me wanting more. He continues to kiss me, I don’t want him to stop but he pulls away and reminds me that I still have my beer soaked shirt on. I wasn’t even thinking about my shirt. In all honesty I was thinking about the awesome cock that had to be in those tight wranglers. This may be why I did what did next.

I told him that he was right and that I should probably change my shirt. So standing right there in the parking lot next to his bike I took my shirt off. Charlie didn’t flip out on me. In fact he told me I had beautiful tits and then reached over and cupped both of my tits in his hands and rubbed my already hard nipples with his thumbs. His hands were big, strong and rough, (he must work hard for a living) they felt so good on my tits. Charlie asked me if I would like to go for a ride with him. Of course I did. That big machine, purring and vibrating, between my legs while I am sitting with my tits pressed hard against his back and my arms around his waist…..who wouldn’t want that?

I put his t-shirt on, it was pretty tight across my tits but at least it was dry. We walked back into the bar to tell De and Lisa that we were going for a ride. Charlie gave them his cell number, we say our goodbye’s and head out.

My god that bike felt so good between my legs and pressing up against Charlie’s back what an awesome feeling. It was a great night for a ride, warm air, and lots of moonlight, clear and bright, with tons of stars. I’ve got my arms around the waist of this gorgeous guy and I just let my hands kind of find their way to his cock. I began to slowly rub and could feel aşk kumardır izle him beginning to get hard. I continued to rub and was very happy with the growth and hardness that I could feel.

It was so warm outside, I felt so good and Charlie felt even better. I wanted to feel even closer to him. I took off the t-shirt that Charlie had given me to wear. I pressed my bare chest up against his back and could feel him grow even harder.

We found a little road side park/rest stop and pulled over. Charlie parked the bike. I got off the bike and walked around to the front. Charlie scooted back on the seat and I got on facing him. He began kissing me, slowly and lightly at first then increasing the intensity until he was deeply and passionately kissing me like I had never been kissed before. All the while he is rubbing and pinching my tits with the same intensity as the kiss.

He starts kissing my neck with a little nibbling and gentle biting thrown in. As he worked his way down, I worked his cock out of those wranglers. Now it was my turn to be impressed. I think he had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was perfect, about 8 or 8 ½ inches long and so wide. It was absolutely gorgeous and I knew it was going to be a mouthful! I could not wait to taste him.

Charlie had worked his kisses down to my tits and was licking, sucking and nibbling my very hard nipples. We pulled away from each other long enough to get off the bike and walk over to one of the picnic tables.

Charlie leaned up against the table and pulled me to him. I took off his shirt and put it on the table. He kisses me again and runs his hands down my body, to my hips and all over my ass. He lifts my skirt over my hips and squeezes my ass pulling me so close to him that I can feel his hard throbbing cock against me.

I begin to kiss his neck while stroking the back of his neck ever so gently with my fingers. He tells me this drives him crazy and I believe him. His breathing is getting shallower and sounds a little more labored. I work my way down his chest to his nipples and begin to lick and suck them. This takes him by surprise but only for a few moments, then he really began to enjoy it. After awhile I kissed and licked my way down his belly following his happy trail to the top of his jeans. I stopped there, stood back up, started kissing him again as I pushed his jeans and boxers down far enough to better access to his huge cock. As soon as it was free, I bent over and took his cock in to my mouth. Oh my god it was wonderful. He tasted so good. He was huge like I knew he would be. It was hard to take him all in to my mouth but I gave it my best. Mmmmmm it was so good. I could feel him growing in my mouth so I knew I must be doing something he liked.

This was so awesome. I am at a road side park on a beautiful night with my tits hanging out; my ass in the air, while I am sucking this gorgeous mans huge cock. Who could ask for a better night?

Charlie pulls me up and turns me around to face the table. He slides my thong over my hips, down my legs and off and then puts them in his pocket. He slowly glides his fingers up my legs to my very hot and very moist pussy. He spreads my legs a little further apart with one of his hands and begins to tease my pussy with his fingers. He traces the lips of my pussy with one of his fingers, and then gently pinches the lips together. Once again he begins tracing and every so often flicking my clit. He leans over and whispers in my ear how he loves that my pussy is so wet and so hot. He puts a finger in and wiggles it around. The next thing I know there are two fingers in my pussy and aslında özgürsün izle he is finger fucking me hard and damn it does feel good but it’s not what I want. I want that huge hot cock deep inside me. He knows this but says he is having so much fun teasing me. Then he asks me what I want. He says to tell him what I want. So I do, I tell him I want his huge cock deep inside my pussy. I want him to fill me up with that gorgeous throbbing cock.

He pulls his fingers out and begins to tease me with his cock. He doesn’t put it in; he just taps my pussy with it. He is driving me crazy and he knows this. I can’t stand it any longer; I tell him I want him to fuck me, fuck me now, and fuck me hard. He says “baby, I thought you would never ask”.

He slides his cock in slowly, inch by inch, and I almost cum from that. He is so big and feels so good I barely contain myself but I manage to somehow. As he is fucking me from behind, my tits are rubbing against his t-shirt on the table. I can feel the roughness of the concrete table as my tits rub back and forth against the table with each thrust of his cock into me. It’s enough to drive any woman to a massive orgasm and I am on my way!

The next thing I know Charlie stops and says “baby turn around, I want to see those beautiful tits and watch your face as you squeeze every bit of cum out of my cock.” You can bet your ass I turned around quick! He entered me again and I swear it was better than the first time. I don’t know how or why and truthfully don’t really care because damn it was amazing. I have my legs wrapped around his waist and he is deep inside me. With every thrust of his huge cock I think my entire body is going to explode. I don’t know how he knew but I love it when a guy tells me that he is getting ready to cum. He starts telling me that he is getting closer and closer and I hope that he can feel my pussy squeezing his cock My hope is answered when Charlie lets out kind of what can only be described as a yelp and says “damn baby, you have got such a tight strong pussy, it feels so good.” That was all it took, all I needed to hear and I let loose. Then I feel it. I feel him explode, I can feel his cock jerking and shooting all of his cum deep inside me. I feel his cum splash all over inside my pussy and I had the best, strongest, probably longest orgasm I think I have ever had.

When he is spent he leans over and lays his head on my shoulder, kisses me and tells me how great that was. I can still feel him inside me and I still haven’t caught my breath yet, all I can do is nod in agreement. When I am finally able to speak again, I tell him that yes I agree with him it was great. He sits up and pulls out and I will be honest with you, I missed it as soon as it was gone. He said he would be right back. He walked over to his bike and came back with a towel. We both cleaned up and straightened up our clothes the best we could. I put the t-shirt back on that he had loaned me then Charlie took me in his arms and kissed me again. We walked back over to the bike and rode back to the bar taking our time and just enjoying the ride. We got to the bar and of course everyone was already gone. He parked the bike next to my car but still walked me over to the car. He opened up the door for me. He kissed me again before I got in and told me that he was going to follow me home just to make sure I got there safe and sound.

When we got to the house he walked me to the door and kissed me again. I reminded him that I had his shirt on and that he still had my thong in his jeans pocket. He said he knows and that he guesses that since we have each others clothes that he will have to call me tomorrow so that we can see each other to give them back. I told him yeah I guess that would be a good idea. He kisses me again tells me goodnight and that he will call me tomorrow. What a man!

Well that was my night. What do you think? Think I am doing better now? I do.

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