Dear Darling


(Author Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18)

Dear Darling,

I loved your letter. It makes daddy so hard and excited to think about what you, an eighteen year old hot young girl, are doing and to hear about what you have done after you return. I know I am in for a great evening when you return home and your clothes don’t fit exactly as they did when you left, when your hair is mussed, when your face is flushed. I know I will get to hear all about your ‘adventure(s)’ and I will be able to revel in your femininity and our passionate lust for each other.

I had a dream about you last night…it was so vivid. You walked in, your hair mussed, your face flushed and your blouse open. You were wearing a white satin blouse, which hugged your bra-clad breasts. Your nipples were pronounced through the thin fabric and your short, black skirt barely covered your ass…. You bent at the waist to set your heels down, that you were carrying in your hand and I could see the white lace thong, pulled tightly across your sweet, shaved pussy. The cloth was obviously soaked. Your breasts almost tumbled out of the white, lace/sheer ¾ cup bra and your stockings, white, as well were so form fitting.

You turned to me, your lower lip, sticking out, the blouse’s top three buttons undone, your breasts heaving with each breath, and said, “Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl”. My cock immediately began to pulse as you walked over to where I was sitting and stood next to the chair. I placed my right hand upon your ass, and looked into your eyes and said, “tell daddy, baby.”

You looked down at my crotch and a wicked smile came over your sweet lips as you spoke…”Daddy, I was bad. Very bad.” My hand crept under your skirt and I slid my hand into the crack of your ass, sliding my fingers under the thin cloth that parted them. I could feel wetness and could tell by the consistency it was cum…a lot of cum. Wondering what I would find next, my hand Escort slid further around and into the crotch where I found abundant wetness and thick, thick cream. You let out a long, guttural moan and you parted your legs as I began to probe. First, one finger then two played across your wet, swollen pussy lips and then parted them as thick congealed liquid began to ooze out.

You moaned again and thrust your hips forward. I leaned forward, lifting your skirt and pulling the crotch aside, looked at your sweet, swollen, puffy, pounded pussy. You flinched as my fingers crept over your asshole, telling me there was more to this story than I expected. I pulled your closer and begin to lick and suck your pussy, cum oozing as my tongue dug, ever deeper into your hot slit. You then began to speak.

“Ooooooh, daddy, yessss, and no one can suck my little pussy like you do… nobody. Jerrica and I went over to the barn for a dance, knowing there would be some meat there this evening.”

Hearing this I look up into your eyes, and take your clit between my teeth. You flinch, and then smile, winking at me. I continue to suck, cum, running over my fingers. You take a deep breath and say, “God, there were a lot of people there. Just like I like it, daddy, I didn’t know a soul! We danced together and after a few drinks we were really getting into it. Jerrica loves to play with my big tits and my ass while we dance and a couple of businessmen asked us if they could be our dates. If they were going to look out for us and buy us drinks we didn’t care, besides one of them was kinda cute, daddy, kinda like you, *giggling*. Ohhhhh yeah, daddy, right there. Clean baby’s pussy, yeahhh daddy, I love it when you clean my pussy. Mmmmmmmmm.”

You grab my head and press your pussy into my mouth, I open further so I can take the whole pussy in and suck and lick every inch of your hot hole.

“We danced with them for awhile, and the cute one really Escort Bayan liked to press his cock against my tummy and my ass, daddy. Mmmmm, it felt sooo good. Not as good as yours feels but his cock was big daddy! We sat down for a while and he fingered your baby’s ass and pussy and got me all excited. I couldn’t find Jerrica anywhere and I told him I would be right back. I looked and looked and finally found her in the Men’s bathroom. She was bent over the sink and the other man was fucking the shit out of her. Her tank top was pulled down under her ripe tits and swaying and bouncing with every thrust he fed her. She was screaming for him to fuck her sweet hole and I was getting all excited again!

“Just then the man I had been with walked up and asked me if I liked the view. He put my hand on his cock and pushed me to my knees unzipping his pants as he did so. His cock was huge daddy! He made me lick and suck it and it got even bigger! I could hear Jerrica coming all over the guys cock and then he pulled out and walked over to me. The man I was with stood me up and stood behind me as the guy who has just fucked Jerrica, spread me and eased his cum covered cock up into me…God, daddy, soooo hot. Jerrica was spread over the lavatory, trying to catch her breath and trembling.

“The man behind me knelt and started tonguing my asshole like you do daddy. God, he did so well. All I could think about was how you love to suck your baby’s ass. He stood and started to push the head of his big cock against my tight, tight ass. He finally decided he was too big and traded places with his friend. I told them I could not share my ass with them, daddy, and they said they didn’t care! His friend started poking my ass with his cock, and then he forced my cheeks open and forced his cock in. The man with the big cock, grabbed me like a rag doll, and forced his big prick halfway in with one thrust. I about passed out! Jerrica got up and walked over Bayan Escort and pulled my blouse open and started sucking my tits through my sexy bra you bought me. Mmmmm, my nipples are still ohhhhh so hard, see?”

I look up, my face covered with your juices. You have slipped your beautiful breasts from the bra and are fondling them as I suck you. “Daddy, fuck me, use me like the whore you want me to be.” You pull away from me and get on the floor on all fours…you reach behind you and pull your ass cheeks apart. Looking over your shoulder, you hiss, “There, fuck me there, take my ass and make me yours. Make me your cum slut daddy. Use my ass like no one else can. I am such a nasty girl and I want you to fuck my nasty hole.”

As I climb off the chair, exposing my raging, hard cock. I climb behind you. I lean down and tongue your ass, then dipping into some Vaseline; I grease your ass and my cock. I ease the head into your asshole as you beg me to fuck you, intermittently groaning as I ease it in, allowing you to get used to it. “Honey, you want daddy to bring some friends home for you to entertain?? That would keep you out of the bars and you could bring your friends over for daddy to play with too.”

“Ummmm, yes, daddy, fuck my ass! Yes, daddy, make me suck their big cocks and I’ll fuck them if you want. My friends would love to have your big cock up in them, daddy, ohhhhh yessss!”

I reach under you and rub your clit as I fuck your ass…”I want to get you wet and hot, then pull out and plunge it into your pussy and fill you full of cum. After we have made love and you clean up, we’ll dress you up and go out for something to eat, some more play and maybe meet a few of my friends. Maybe, you can have a few of your friends meet us as well and we can have a good time all evening…Ohhhh baby, daddy, loves fucking you sooo much.” As I get close to cumming, I pull out of your tight, hot ass, plunge my cock up your hot pussy, and as you scream, I fill you with my hot cum…..

Then I woke up baby, and after writing this, I look up to find you staring down at the paper, your hand down your panties, the scrap of them, fingering yourself, your eyes glazed over with lust. “Do me now daddy.”

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