Daydreams Fulfilled


I come home from work to find you lying on the bed, propped up on some pillows, reading a book. You’re wearing jeans and a flannelette shirt, and I can see your chest hair where the first couple of buttons are undone. You look up and smile as I stand in the doorway, putting your book aside and asking how my day was. “It was okay,” I answer, dropping my handbag and bending down to unlace my Dr Martens, “but I was distracted all day.”

You pat the quilt beside you, inviting me to come join you. “Why were you distracted?”

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you!” As I reach the bed I part your knees with a grin and crawl onto the bed, settling with my back leaning against your tummy.

“Oh, really?” you ask, amused. I draw your arms around me, bringing your hands to rest just below my breasts. I tilt my head back to look at you and you lean down to kiss me.

As your mouth meets mine the desire I’ve been keeping at bay all day blooms into life, and I reply, smiling, “Mmm-hmm.” The kiss deepens and I feel your hands move to my breasts.

I turn my head to watch you caress me. We both gaze down the full length of my body for a moment: you can just see a glimpse of my favourite leopard print bra under my white button-up shirt; my black waist-high pencil skirt hugs my round hips and thighs. You run your hands over me, exploring my curves. I can feel your breath quickening, and goosebumps erupt all over my body. I squirm pleasurably as you kiss my neck and start unbuttoning my blouse.

Your touch becomes more insistent, cupping the swell of both breasts in your hands and brushing your thumbs, outside my bra, over my stiffening nipples. I arch my back, encouraging you. “Is that nice?” you murmur.

“Yes!” I giggle, and move to turn and face you, but you hold me in place, pressing me back into your body. I relax against you again and now I can feel you getting hard – you’re enjoying teasing me, Mardin Escort drawing out my pleasure.

Your right hand unfastens the rest of my buttons as your left slips inside my bra and pinches one firm, perfectly puckered nipple. I gasp and press my thighs together.

You slip my shirt and my bra straps off my shoulders, and the heat between my legs increases. With both hands inside my bra you continue to rub and flick my nipples. Each thrum feels as though you’re plucking a string, making my body hum. I’m getting so wet I can hardly bear it so I lean forward to remove the bra altogether. You allow me to take it off, followed by my shirt, then you draw me back against you, still not letting me loose to have my way with you.

Unable to withstand your teasing, I hitch up my skirt, and spreading my legs I place my right hand against my knickers, which feel hot and damp. I rub my fingers in a few tight circles, enjoying the friction of the cloth against my clitoris. I feel your cock stiffening in your trousers, pressed against the small of my back, and your breath is hot on my neck as you watch me touch myself. Sending my hand inside my knickers to dip a finger into my juices and circle slowly around my clit, I let out a soft moan. I am absolutely sopping wet.

You groan, continuously fondling my breasts, and you’re starting to grind against me a little. Knowing how turned on you are drives me even crazier. I start to swirl my hips a little, bucking against my fingers. “Is this what you’ve been thinking about all day?” you ask, still mauling my breasts with your big hands.

I feel my face reddening, and start rubbing my slit in earnest now, hoping this will serve as my response – switching from round and round to up and down, up and down, up and down, the pleasure intensifying. “Is it?” you press, and I whimper as my pace quickens still. Then you growl in my ear, “You dirty little Mardin Escort Bayan fucking whore,” pinching both nipples hard, “Answer me.”

“Y-yes!” I manage, panting and squirming.

My whole body is tingling and my cunt is aching with pleasure. I draw my hand out of my panties and you slip out from under me and lay me back against the pillows which were propping you up. I look up at you as you lean over me now, and I feel your right hand travelling down, over my skirt which is rucked up around my waist, fingers trailing over my belly, down to my pussy. My eyes are locked onto yours. I lift my hips as you tug my knickers away.

You part my pussy lips with two broad fingers, stroking my clit and inner labia a couple of times before plunging your whole middle finger into my soaking cunt. I throw my head back in bliss. You curl your finger inside me, pressing against my g-spot briefly before drawing your hand away and bringing it up to my face. Without hesitation I grab your hand, my eyes back on yours, and stick out my tongue to lick my hot juices off you. I take your whole finger into my mouth, feeling your palm against my chin and your other fingers splayed against my cheeks, your fingertip reaching the back of my tongue. I taste faintly salty and musky, delicious. You stare as I slide your finger out of my mouth, now clean. “Mmm. Naughty girl,” you whisper huskily.

Your right hand returns to my left breast and you lower your mouth to the other. I moan, “Fuck… Yes,” as my hands shoot back to my pussy. Reaching down with my left hand I plunge two fingers inside me while the fingers of my right hand furiously rub my clit.

Your skillful mouth on my nipple, tongue flicking and teeth nibbling, is starting to make me tremble and arch my back. My hands are moving in sync now, fucking myself so hard and fast that I know it won’t be long til I explode. With my eyes squeezed Escort Mardin shut and my head tipped back, stars start to swim in my head. I can hear the wet sounds of my frenzied masturbation combined with your muffled grunts of enjoyment, urging me on as you continue to pleasure my now swollen and hypersensitive breasts.

I can feel my orgasm approaching and an animal moan escapes me, followed by another, and another. Suddenly your right hand leaves my breast and I feel a third finger down below. You’re coating your index finger in my juices and wiggling it along my perineum, creeping downwards, applying pressure… It’s as though you’ve opened a door inside me to a room I never knew was there. I am desperate for you to explore that room, fill it up. I give an urgent groan. You lift your head. “You want my finger in your ass, my dirty slut?”

“Unfff. Yes. Fuck. Do it!”

You chuckle indulgently, watching my face as you press that slippery finger into my asshole. You don’t have much of a chance to explore, as I’m so close that just your fingertip in my tight ring is enough to send me over the edge. I cry out as my whole body clenches and my vision dissolves to white for one incredible moment.

My cunt is clamping around my fingers, throbbing, impossibly tight as I cum, and what feels like a slick river flows out of me as I gush all over my hand and yours in rhythm with the pulses of my orgasm. I keep fucking myself as pleasure thunders through my entire being, gradually slowing, slowing, coming to a stop. You gently withdraw your finger and I shudder again.

Relaxing at last, with my eyes still closed I take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. A deep satisfaction radiates from within, and my eyes open as you rest your hand on my belly. “Was that as good as you’d been fantasising about?” you ask, face still flushed with desire.

“So, so good,” I mumble. You look pleased with yourself, which makes me smile. My gaze travels down your body and I see you’re still fully erect inside your jeans. My grin broadens. “But there’s one thing,” I say.

“What’s that?” You ask tenderly.

“That wasn’t the end of my daydream.” I reply, unzipping your fly.

To be continued…!

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