David , Lucy Ch. 1


This is a true story, but the names have been changed for obvious reasons.

* * * * *

We live in the deep south, and are part of a family that has had strong moral and Christian values for many years. That’s why it’s important that I use different names for this story, albeit a true one, because our experiences have been a secret for the past 22 years.

My name is David. It all began just after my senior year in high school. I was 18, about to turn 19, and my sister, Lucy, a high school senior, just turned 18 this particular day. We were very close in age, as she was born just 11 months after I came into this world. We grew up together, and shared lots of special times together growing up.

Though I had already graduated, we would still ride home from school together in the afternoons, as I was going to a junior college nearby, and besides, I had the only car in the family aside from our parents. Thus, I was charged with the responsibility of looking after my sister by making sure she got home from school. This particular afternoon started much like any other. I drove to her school after my last class, and waited for Lucy to show up. She usually always took her time about getting there, but I wasn’t in any hurry. She finally showed up, and we headed for home.

I had a raging hard-on, which had occupied my thoughts for some time that afternoon. I was already in anticipation of an afternoon “jack-off” session, as several of the girls she went to school with had caught my fancy lately. I would routinely go home and fantasize about getting it on with one of these sexy girls. I would usually go to my room and put on a favorite pair of athletic shorts to wear around the house. They were really comfortable, especially on those warm days in the deep south. It was a hot spring day, and the air conditioner had been off while everyone was gone, so it was going to take some time for the house to cool down after turning the central unit on. So, I did as per usual. I went to my room and put on my shorts and nothing else, which accented my bulge even more than usual. I closed the door, laid back on the bed and pulled my shorts down, beginning my usual afternoon session.

Lucy had gone down the hall to her room, and had said that she was planning on getting a shower in a few minutes to cool off, so I hadn’t expected to hear from her so soon. I was in the middle of my own little session, and was just about to cum when she unexpectedly opened the door to my room from the hall. In my haste to get things started, I had forgotten to lock the door. She opened the door and said she needed to ask me something. At that split second, I came all over my stomach, in plain view for her to see. She suddenly closed the door, saying, “Oops… I’m sorry… I should have knocked… I… I… I… I’ll find you later. ” With that, she started giggling and ran back down the hall to her room.

Needless to say, I was embarrassed. But, all of a sudden, my feelings about her began to change. I wondered if she realized what I had been doing. I wondered if she was even curious as to why I was doing it. Then I began to think things about her I had never thought before. I wondered if she liked what she saw. Would she understand? Would she rat on me and tell our parents? Would she tell her friends at school? Would she ever look at me the same way again? And suddenly, while I was thinking these things, I began to get hard all over again. I began to wonder if she masturbated as well. Did she have these urges too? Did she have a daily routine much like myself?

I couldn’t believe I had started thinking these things, but the thoughts became incessant and rampant in nature. Just then, I heard her leave her room Ankara bayan escort and go to the bathroom across the hall to get her shower. She closed the door, and I managed to get myself cleaned up from my embarrassing episode from mere minutes earlier. After cleaning myself up and putting my shorts back on, I was drawn out of my room into that hallway.

I heard the water start, and she was fumbling around in the bathroom. I wondered… could she be doing something similar? I wonder if she is naked? I began to think about my sister in ways that a brother shouldn’t think about a sister, but I just couldn’t help myself. I wondered how she looked naked. Did she have a nice bush, or did she shave? What did her tits look like? It was at that point that I began to think of my sister as the beautiful young woman that she was. She was a pretty brunette with shoulder-length hair, about 5’6″ tall, weighing about 125, and she had really pretty green eyes, with a figure that most girls at school would die to have (34″-24″-34″). Overall, she was really quite pretty to behold. I had always thought she had a pretty face, but now I was thinking of all of her womanly qualities as well.

I was not ugly by any means, either. I was about 5’10”, 170, blond hair and blue eyes. I was somewhat muscular, in that I had played football in my high school years, and I still worked out regularly. In fact, Lucy had told me that several of the girls in her class had remarked to her how much they would like to go to bed with me. She had told them that I was a still a virgin, which fueled their intensity toward me even more. Even still, several boys at college wondered about Lucy, and I told them in turn that she was still a virgin as well, at least as far as I knew. I knew they were really crazy about her. We would talk about these things sometimes in the car on the way home… it was the only place we could really talk to each other without being overheard by Mom and Dad. We were really quite close growing up, and didn’t keep many secrets from one another.

I wondered at all of this, and all the time I was moving ever so slowly toward the bathroom door. I knew that she always locked the door, as I could usually always hear the door latch in such a way that I knew it was locked. But for some reason, I had not heard the door latch in that same fashion this time. I thought, “Surely she didn’t leave the door unlocked… oh, if she only did just this once!” I found myself reaching for the doorknob, and convinced myself to go ahead and turn it… I would open the door, much like she did coming into my room, oblivious to what she would find upon entering. Before I could think and further, I turned the knob… OH MY GOD… SHE HADN’T LOCKED THE DOOR!! I slowly entered the bathroom, and there my beautiful sister stood, waiting for the water to warm up to her liking, before getting in. She was wearing a plush, white terrycloth robe, and I wondered what else was under there.

She was startled at first as I walked in, but then smiled somewhat nervously as she said, “Well, since I got my free show earlier, here’s yours. ” To my amazement, she dropped her terrycloth robe to reveal the most gorgeous body I had ever beheld in my lifetime. Her tits were firm and perfectly rounded, almost C-cup size, and she had a full bush of dark brown pubic hair just above the lips of her pussy, this bush somewhat triangular in shape and looking completely natural, appearing as if it had never been shaved or trimmed at all, at least from what I could tell. I instantly went rock-hard at the sight of this beautiful creature, standing mere inches away from me. At this point, I dropped my shorts to the floor.

She immediately saw my erection, Escort bayan Ankara smiled at me, and said, “I take it you are pleased with what you see. ” I approached her, and she reached over and shut off the shower. We embraced for the first time, not as brother and sister, but as lovers, completely naked, skin to skin, in breathless anticipation of what would happen next. We kissed passionately, moaning as our tongues explored each other’s mouths for what seemed like an eternity, caressing each other’s heads and faces. Then, almost simultaneously, our hands began to roam… her left hand moved south and began to stroke my throbbing cock, which was only 6″ fully erect, and in turn, my left hand moved in the same direction on her body, across her soft, full bush, down to her pussy, which was already sopping wet. I was immediately able to place three fingers inside her, and she almost melted to the floor instantly. She regained her composure, and said, “Let’s go to my room. ” I didn’t need a second invitation. I knew that neither of our parents were due home for at least two hours… so we had ample time.

We hurried down the hall, closing her bedroom door behind us, placing her desk chair up against the doorknob, should we get caught up in the moment and not hear our parents coming home. Immediately we embraced and at once fell to her bed, me on top of her.

Having seen a few porn movies with my friends from school whose parents happened to have some really explicit tapes, I knew what to do almost immediately. I knew right where I wanted to begin our lovemaking. I went down on my sister with reckless abandon. She instinctively knew what I was doing… (I think we shared some of the same friends, if you know what I mean!). As I moved into position to put my mouth on her pussy lips, her legs spread apart to accommodate me. I tasted her sweet pussy juices for the very first time, and it wasn’t long before I found her clitoris. I licked at it, occasionally sucking on it and even biting it, if only softly. I alternated this motion on her clit with swirling motions around her pussy lips, and even tongue-fucked her a few times. It wasn’t long before I felt her body begin to tremble. She was moaning, calling my name—”Oh David, my sweet David. ” Then she began to shake even harder, and she all of a sudden began to tense up, as she began to shout, “I’m cumming, sweet baby… oh Goddddd, I’m cumming for you, my sweet brother!!”

After experiencing her third orgasm, she panted, “Come up here and fuck your sister, you big stud!!” I needed no second invitation. As I moved into position on top of her, she whispered in my ear that she was on the pill… Mom had seen the looks she was getting from some of the boys at school, so she had gotten Lucy on the pill as a precautionary measure… little did Mom know how this precaution would be used on this day!

I was ecstatic at the notion of fucking my sister without a condom… I had already anticipated having to run to our parents’ room to steal one… I knew where Dad kept them. As she whispered to me that she was on the pill, I heard her whisper these next words in my ear—”and I am still a virgin, baby. ” This was music to my ears, for I replied, “So am I, sweetie!” This was going to be the first time for both of us!

I moved into position, and as my hard cock brushed against the lips of her wet mound, I paused to ask, “Are you sure, Lucy? Is this what you really want?” She replied immediately, “Yes, David, I want you more than anything I have ever wanted before… I am absolutely sure about this. Make love to your sister, sweet David. ” With that, we kissed ever so passionately as I moved into position, and I felt her legs spread even wider for Bayan escort Ankara me. I moved down to kiss her neck, and as I nibbled on her left ear, smelling her sweet perfume, I felt my 6″ cock begin to slide inside her wetness. I reached her hymen, and with a gentle thrust, I felt a “pop. ” She grimaced a bit, but the expression on her face turned to joy as I buried myself to the hilt inside my sweet sister’s pussy. I whispered in her ear, “I love you, Lucy. ” She whispered back, “I love you too, David. “

With that verbal exchange, I began to thrust incessantly. We got a great rhythm going, and soon she had her legs wrapped around me, in the area of my lower back. I was pumping her pussy for all that I was worth… in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, moving back and forth with a steady pace. This pace went on for another minute or so, and then I re-positioned myself with her legs on my shoulders, and I leaned gently toward her, to the point that her knees were at the tops of my shoulders. I started pumping my beautiful sister even harder than before, and just then, I looked across the room to see our reflection in the mirror… my God, it was one of the most erotic moments I have ever experienced in my life, even to this day! Just the sight of this reflection filled me with more passion for my sweet sister than I ever had up to that point… two bodies, entwined as one, maintaining a swift, steady, pumping motion that resembled an extremely active Texas oil well.

Lucy screamed, “I’m cumming again for you, my sweet brother!!” At that point, I could no longer hold back. I increased the speed and intensity of my thrusts, grunting with each one, hearing the sound of skin slapping against skin, Lucy smiling and panting with our rhythm to the point that she was almost grunting herself, her hands caressing rapidly up and down my back, fingernails and all, her hips rotating to meet my every stroke, and then I felt my balls filling up all at once. “I’M CUMMING INSIDE OF YOUR PUSSY, MY SWEET LUCY!!” No sooner than I had finished shouting these words, I released my load deep inside her pussy, and with several hard thrusts, I felt even more of my love fluid spurting deep inside of her. Each thrust was met with her vocal response of “YES! YES! YES! YESSSS!” Then after yet another strong, hard thrust, I held my cock deep inside of her for a few moments, wanting all of my love juices to seep as far deep inside her gorgeous body as I could possibly get them. A few more quick thrusts to complete our session, and my cock was truly satisfied.

We lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like forever, my cock going limp and extremely sensitive to the touch of her wetness; we began smothering each other with loving kisses and repeating our “I love yous” to each other, as we both came down from the mount of ecstasy that we had both climbed together. Our breathing soon returned to normal, and we soon cuddled side-by-side in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of the newfound love and animal lust that we had discovered with one another. We almost fell asleep before we finally came to our senses and realized that our parents would soon be home, and we finally told ourselves that we had better get cleaned up before it got too late.

This was to be the first of many, many lovemaking sessions that we would share together over the course of many years. This first session was 22 years ago, and we remain lovers to this very day. I have been married for 16 years, but she has never married. She has dated numerous men, but she’s never found “the right one” just yet. In fact, she often calls me to “cry on my shoulder” when she goes through a particularly tough break-up. I have consoled her through many tough times. We email each other several times a week, and since we live only 20 minutes apart, we find ways to be together whenever we can. Of course, we have to be very careful, as our relationship is still a secret, even after all these years.

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