David , His Mom After the Party


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


David Clark had always thought that his mother was pretty. And he wasn’t the only one. Most of his friends, at one time or another had told him that they thought his mother was hot. David had always felt a little uncomfortable when someone said that to him but at the same time it made him feel kind of proud.

Marcia Clark was in her late thirties. She was a tall, raven-haired beauty who took a lot of trouble to keep herself trim. She went to yoga twice a week, swam with her sister most noon hours and played tennis in a mixed league. The result of all this activity was that Marcia was in terrific shape. She had a waspishly thin waist, beautifully toned legs and a striking, hour-glass figure. She was, in fact, what might be called a little top heavy. But rather than hide her charms under bulky sweaters or loose fitting shifts as some women might do, Marcia usually dressed to show off her generous assets. With her broad shoulders, erect bearing and lavish breastwork, there weren’t many men whose heads didn’t turn her way when Marcia entered a room.

On a warm Saturday night in the fall, David had some of the guys from the football team over. They were having a winning season at school and everyone was in good spirits. There were a few girls there, but mostly it was guys. David’s dad was in charge of the bar which was set up out by the pool. Some of the guys were drinking beer and dad was keeping an eye out to make sure that no one was drinking and driving. David’s mom was serving food and mingling with everyone. She looked particularly good that night. She had gone to some trouble with her makeup. Her eyes were sparkling and her lips were a brilliant scarlet. Her lustrous black hair was pulled back and tied in a shoulder length pony tail. She was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her long, nylon clad legs. Her white blouse was taut around her expansive chest and unbuttoned enough to show an enticing display of cleavage. Some of the older boys were flirting with her and Marcia was obviously enjoying it and flirting right back.

It was getting kind of late in the evening and David had gone out to the garage to see if he could find another case of soft drinks. He was about to head back empty handed when he thought he heard some conversation coming from out back. He went out the side door and looked cautiously around the corner of the garage.

David had no trouble recognizing Andy Porter, the team’s 6 foot 4 tail back, who was leaning against the wall of the garage with one of the girls from the party. She had her back to David and in the little light that was filtering through from the pool area, he wasn’t able to make out who she was. But it was pretty apparent from the way that she was leaning close to Andy, whispering in his ear, and from the way that her little hand was wrapped around his cock through his pants and rubbing it slowly, that the all-star receiver was about to score again.

David could barely make out what the tall, black haired girl was saying but when she leaned back a little and brought Andy’s hands up and cupped them over her thrusting breasts he thought he heard her say…

“…Go on!…Feel me up!…You know you want to!…You’ve been staring at them all night long!…Why don’t you see how they feel!…”

“Oh man!…They’re something else!…” Andy groaned as he sank his fingers greedily into the bulging fun bags that the lanky babe he was with was offering him.

David could see the girl’s hands descend to the front of Andy’s pants where she deftly ran his zipper down. She reached into his pants and in a couple of seconds she managed to wrestle a really impressive erection out of his open fly. She closed her two hands around it, one on top of the other and began to masturbate him with short, urgent strokes.

“How’s that feel baby?…Do you like that?…Do you like it when I jerk you off while you play with my tits?….”

“Goddd!…” David groaned quietly, his own cock stiffening up and beginning to throb as he watched the lewd scene unfolding in front of him.

“Ohhhh!…Godddd!…Yeahhh!…Ummm!…That feels so good!….Buttt!…Unnnn!… Really!… Ohhh!…We better get back!…Somebody’s going to notice that we’re gone!…”

“Aren’t you having a good time baby?…Don’t worry about them!…I know!…How about a blow job?…Would you like that?…I’m really good!…You’d like me to suck your cock, wouldn’t you Andy?…Wouldn’t you?…” the sultry temptress teased as she turned and slowly dropped to her knees in front of the burly football player.

“Please God!…Please don’t stop now!…” David whispered to himself as he reached down and palmed his own eager erection.

And it was in that instant, as the curvaceous babe crouched down, her lips smiling and eyes dancing wickedly up into Andy’s, that David recognized her. It wasn’t one of the girls from the party who was pulling the football player’s rampant tool towards her ovalled lips. It was his Niğde Escort mom!

David literally staggered at the realization that his mom was about to give one of his best friends a blow job right there in front of him. He knew he should be outraged and he was. But that didn’t stop his balls from drawing up tight in his groin as he watched his mother’s tongue dart out and flick wetly at the underside of Andy’s engorged knob.

“Ohhhh!…Mrs. Clark!…Unnn!…Goddd!…I’m sorry!…I don’t think I can hold it very long if you do that!…” Andy gasped, his hips hunching tentatively towards Marcia’s beckoning mouth. He went to pull her head forward put Marcia pushed his hands back up against the garage.

“Of course you can’t baby!…I don’t expect you to!…” Marcia said with a throaty chuckle, darting her head under Andy’s waving cock and giving one of his balls a quick, lurid suck.

“Just let me do the work!… And you tell me when you’re going to come, O. K.?…” Marcia crooned as she siphoned Andy’s cock crown into her mouth with a lewd slurping sound.

“Unnnn!…Unnn!…Goddd!….” Andy groaned, his hips bucking upwards into Macia’s wantonly hoovering lips.

Marcia watched the trembling youth with an amused expression as he groaned and quivered in front of her.

She closed her hand on the middle of his straining shaft and resumed jacking it in an urgent rhythm. At the same time she sucked him so hard that her cheeks inverted.

David moaned. He could clearly see the outline of Andy’s mushroom shaped knob bulging through his mother’s sunken cheek.

“Ohhhhh!….Unnnnn!…Nahhh!…” the big wide receiver moaned as electric shock waves of excitement went rocketing through his groin. He stiffened up all over as he tried to fuck his huge cock into the kneeling, older woman’s mouth.

But Marcia knew exactly what she was doing. She moved her head back and continued to suck on just the end of Andy’s turgid erection. With her eyes sparkling up into his, she put her tongue back to work, flailing away at the sensitive underside of his swollen knob. At the same time she sped her little fist back and forth over Andy’s rigid shaft, masturbating him in a torrid rhythm. She knew the inexperienced young man couldn’t resist such expert stimulation for very long and she wasn’t surprised when just a few moments later he moaned frantically…

“Mrs. Clark…Oh my Godddd!…I’m going to!…I’m going to!… Come!…Unnn!…”

Marcia immediately backed off the young man’s throbbing tool and squeezed it at the base. She smiled as his livid shaft pulsed frantically under her tightly clenched fingers.

David felt like he was on the verge of coming as well as he watched his mother lay Andy’s angry prick against her throat. He couldn’t believe that this lewd slut was his mother. And she wasn’t done yet!

“I want you to come on my face, O.K Andy?…I want you to watch me while you come baby!…The next time you see me you’ll think of what it was like when your hot come was streaking my hair and running down my cheeks and I’ll be able to tell what you’re thinking!…Do you mind baby?…Do you mind if I make you come like that?…” Marcia Clark asked in her best wheedling, little girl voice. She was jogging her tightly ringing fingers around the root of Andy’s prick as she spoke, driving him insane with ball breaking excitement.

“Unnn!…Unnn!…Oh my Goddd!…Yessss!…Noooo!…Please!…Ohhh!…Anything Mrs. Clark!…You can do anything!…Unnnn!…Just make me come!…Please!… Please!…” the overwrought football player begged.

Marcia smiled up at the trembling youth then relaxed the tight clasping fingers she had at the base of his prick. She closed her little hand around his shaft, yanked her fist up and then slammed it down again to the root of his cock. She pressed down hotly on his straining flesh and waited….She didn’t have to wait long!

“Phwwaah!…” the big, lanky youth cried as his balls kicked and an enormous geyser of sperm jetted from his cock. The great stream of come ricocheted off of Marcia’s chin and over her shoulder.

“Oh my Goddd!…” David moaned, squeezing his own cock viciously through his pants. It was the only way that he could keep himself from coming at the same time as his friend.

“Ummm Hmmm!….That’s it!…Come for me baby!…Come all over me!…Umm Hmm!…Umm Hmmm!…” Mrs. Clark urged, as Andy’s orgasm overwhelmed him. She slowly moved his cock to her pursed lips so that the next few spurts of sperm blew over her mouth, her cheeks and into her raven hair in long, creamy traces.

“Nnahh!…Ahhh!…Nnnn!…” Andy grunted, thrusting feverishly into Mrs. Clark’s clutching fingers as he came. Marcia’s eyes never left his as she sensuously rubbed his spewing prick all over her upturned face.

“Ohhh baby!…Umm Hmmm!…Come on!…Ummm Hmmm!…Give me all of it!…” the kneeling vixen encouraged. She never flinched as she jerked him off in time with his orgasm, lewdly painting her face with his creamy Niğde Escort Bayan sperm.

“Naaaa!…Unnnn!..Ohhhh!…” Andy whimpered, hunching upwards from his toes as Mrs. Clark’s drained him with her efficiently stroking hand. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her smiling face. He knew he would never forget the way she looked right then with his sperm glistening all over her lips and her cheeks. There was something so obscene about the way his streams of white come gleamed in her black hair. He gasped and shuddered for a moment longer and then his orgasm began to wane. His come began to pulse out of his gaping pee slit in diminishing dribbles that trickled over Marcia’s coaxing fist.

That was when she popped his knob back into her mouth to finish him off.

“Ahhhhh!…” Andy gasped as Mrs. Clark avidly sucked his tumid flesh.

The dark eyed beauty was instantly rewarded with another minor burst of sperm. She chuckled and yanked Andy’s prick out of her mouth with a lurid smack.

“More!…” she demanded, popping his cock back into her mouth and sucking hard. After Andy had given up another tiny spurt of boy goo she pulled him out of her mouth again.

“More!…” she said with a wicked smile, jamming him once more back into her leeching suck.

“Ahhhhhh!…Ahhhh!…Naaaa!…” the exhausted football player gasped. He half doubled over now as each lurch of his balls got more and more painful.

But Mrs. Clark held on tenaciously to his cock. This was her favorite part of this little game. She had to hold Andy’s cock in her mouth a little longer and suck a little harder each time to generate another little trickle of sperm but she was enjoying herself and hung in there.

“Nnnaaa!…Stoppp!…Enough!…” Andy whimpered, but Marcia ignored him and continued to whip his cock in and out of her mouth with obscene slurpings.

Eventually Andy had to reach down and force Marcia’s hands off of his angry tool so he could get his cock out of her mouth. He was afraid that if he didn’t stop her she’d wind up sucking his balls right out of his sac.

Marcia just looked up at him, the corners of her mouth turned up in amusement.

“Just wanted to make sure I got it all!…” she purred, after making a great show of swallowing the last of Andy’s sperm. As she stood up she stuffed his flacid prick back into his pants. There was a sound by the corner of the garage and they both looked over their shoulders. But there was nothing there.

David at that point had staggered back to the party, his mind racing feverishly. He thought there was something he should do…confront his mother…tell his father…that probably wasn’t a good idea…but he should do something! He wasn’t sure what he was going to do except for one thing…he was going to take a cold shower before he exploded. Later that night when he went to bed David couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes there was the image of his mother on her knees, sucking Andy’s cock, his sticky come plastered all over her smiling face.

His erection had come and gone so often his balls were beginning to kill him. He was debating what he should do about what he had seen and he still hadn’t figured out any sort of plan.

It was very late and he was going down the hallway to the bathroom wearing just his shorts when he heard a muted groan from his parent’s bedroom. They had stayed up to do the dishes after he had gone upstairs. He had no idea how long they had been in bed.

He was so restless he couldn’t help himself as he was drawn to look around the partly open door into his parent’s bedroom.

In all the years he had lived with them, David had never seen his parents making love before. So why did it have to be on this night of all nights that he happened to find them doing it.

Marcia was upright on her knees with her back to the door, straddling David’s dad. She had taken off her blouse and her skirt but was still wearing her bra, nylons and high heels. David gaped at his mother from behind, at the creamy bare moons of her ass above her dark stocking tops, at her black bra strap cutting across her back, at her jet black pony tail swaying gently on her shoulders. She looked incredibly sexy kneeling there like that, balanced on the end of his father’s turgid erection. David could see her meaty labia fluttering around his dad’s cock crown. While David looked on, Marcia flexed her ass and dropped down on his father’s upright shaft with an audible smack! Then she instantly sprang upwards again like a jack-in-the box and resumed her previous position, hovering on the end of her husband’s glistening tool. John’s shaft was an angry scarlet color and gleaming with a fine sheen of cream. David couldn’t see his father’s face but he could hear him groaning to his wife…

“Shit Marcia!!…Don’t be such a bitch!…You know how much I need it!…Put it in and fuck me!…Please baby!…”

David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His dad was always so quiet and reserved, he couldn’t Escort Niğde believe he would speak to his mother that way. Of course David didn’t know what a prick tease his mother could be, but he was about to find out.

The young man watched spellbound as his father bucked his hips upwards, trying to jam his big cock deeper into his mother’s swiveling pussy. Marcia only laughed and put one hand on her husband’s chest while she raised her loins up high and refused the panting older man any further penetration.

“Why John!…My virgin ears!…Is that any way to talk to the woman of your dreams?…” Marcia teased as she reached behind her back with her free hand to fondle the exposed portion of her husband’s twitching tool.

David watched in fascination as his mother arched gently backwards and began to rake her sharp fingernails slowly up and down the huge vein that was rigidly etched on the underside of her husband’s throbbing shaft.

“Unnnn!…God damn it Marcia!…Naaa!…You can be such a slut!…I thought some of those boys were going to jump you right there by the pool the way you were shoving those big tits of yours in their faces!…You enjoyed that!…Teasing those boys!…Didn’t you?…I bet if you had one of those kids like Andy Porter under you right now, you’d be banging the shit out of him!… You wouldn’t be sitting there with a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ grin on your face like you’re doing to me!…”

David caught his breath and listened closely to how his mother replied to that accusation.

“If I did fuck one of those hunky boys, I’ll bet you’d be the first one in line to watch, wouldn’t you sweetheart?…Anyway…are you saying you don’t like the way I fuck?…Are you?…” Marcia replied, raising up a little higher so that her swollen labia surrounded just the very end of her husband’s cock. That way she could get at the puffy ridge under his cock crown. She attacked that super tender area with her sharp nails, scratching and teasing that taut circle as well as scraping away at the responsive tissue beneath his knob.

“Phwahhhh!….Unnnn!…Unnn Goddd!…Noooo honey!…Take it easy!…Goddd!…” John gasped, arching upwards frantically in response to his wife’s lascivious caress.

“You’re such a sweet talking bastard!…If you want to come, why don’t you just ask me?…Nicely!…” Marcia demanded, still evading her husband’s bucking loins while raking his inflamed shaft with her long nails.

“For God’s sake!…Yes!…Please!…Make me come, dammit!…Please!…” John moaned.

David couldn’t see the wicked smile that creased his mother’s face. He did however swallow his own groan of excitement as, a moment later, he watched his mother’s ass drop like a stone as she impaled herself to the root of her husband’s engorged tool.

“Unnnn!…Sweet Jesus!…Unn Hnn!…That’s it!…Yesss!…Fuck me Marcia!…Make me come!…” John pleaded, thrusting his rigid prick frantically into his wife’s smoldering interior.

David’s mother moaned happily at the feel of her husband’s steely tool stabbing deep into her womb. She writhed her shapely ass and settled herself even more heavily on John’s feverishly bucking loins.

“That’s it baby!…Unn Hnnn!…Fuck me as hard as you want!…Yeah!….Go for it!… Ummm Hmmm!…You’re so big lover!…Christ, I can feel you in my stomach!… Yeahhh!… You’re almost in my throat!…Give it to me lover!…Make me choke on it!… Unnn Hnnn!…” the shapely older woman urged lewdly, writhing like a snake on her husband’s straining organ.

David had helplessly gripped his own cock and was stroking it gently as he watched his father lunging upwards into his mother’s sensuously shifting loins. John was in so deep, David couldn’t see any of his father’s engorged shaft. He could only see his mother’s hairy cunt writhing on his father’s groin.

Marcia could tell that John was getting frustrated. What he really wanted was for her to fuck him madly, slam herself up and down on his prick until he flooded her with his back-up of molten sperm. But the way she was just sitting on him wasn’t getting him there. She was hot and wet and oh so sexy all right, but she wasn’t helping him and she knew it. Marcia smiled down at her panting husband as he whimpered in arousal, thrusting deep inside her but still far from getting his desperately needed orgasm. She decided to give him a break. She reached deeper down behind her, searching for his puckered brownie with her outstretched finger.

David watched in fascination as his father slowly drew up his knees in counterpoint to his mother’s pointed index finger sliding under his balls.

“Ohhhh!…Ahhhh!…Yeahhh!…Please!…Do that baby!…Unnn!…Do that!…” John whispered hoarsely, arching upwards and lifting his wife up on his straining loins. His thighs were trembling as he completely exposed his puckered nether hole to Marcia’s lewdly questing finger.

“You like that don’t you baby?…You’re such a perv!…You can never hold it once I start playing with your little twinkie, can you?…” Marcia teased as she hooked her sharp fingernail inside John’s sphincter and stretched it into a gaping oval. She let that taut muscle snap closed and then prodded it again with her rude fingertip, making her husband whimper at her obscene caress.

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