David , Elena Ch. 10


“Oh Daddy I love you more. I’m so lucky to be yours.” I kiss you gently. It’s the night of Christmas Eve party. That night in the dark I feel your fingers graze my clit, softly stroking it in rhythm. I shiver as you whisper in my ear, “Perfect Princess.”

“Daddy now is it your turn?” I ask brightly, licking my lips and taking a black berry off a nearby tray.

“You can make it up to Daddy later as I slip you out of your gown tonight.” You whisper. “We have some shopping to prepare for.”

We finish our dessert, tasting cream and fruit off of my body. I take a quick shower with you, washing both of our bodies in tiny circles. We kiss under the spray as your hands travel to my middle.

“I can’t wait for this little one to join us next Christmas.” You say.

“Oh Daddy of course.” I feel tears in my eyes at the perfect thought.

We towel off and make the plan to visit the wine shoppe to prepare for our party. In the closet I dress in black leggings and deep green turtleneck. I select emerald teardrop earrings to complete the festive, casual look. Donning coats and taking your hand we make way to the car and set out for our errand.

We had a fantastic conversation with the sales rep. I don’t taste any of the wine. We purchase both alcoholic and non-so champagne as well as a few reds which are described as “deep and jammy.” I’m slightly envious I can’t partake, but am still excited for tonight’s nuptials.

We place the wine in the car and you stare at me for a moment.

“I’m so in love with you Elena” You kiss the top of my hair pulling me close.

e snow, the city bustling around us.

“How about I take you to the salon for a hair appointment.”

“Really?” My eyes light up.

“Anything for my Princess.”

At the salon we request an updo and a wax for a special treat. You tip the esthetician upfront and excuse yourself saying you have extra shopping to complete. I have a fabulous time, drinking herbal tea and enjoying the complimentary hand massage. You pick me up from the salon and we head home to prepare for our friends. I thank myself for cleaning the house yesterday so the only thing left is to serve the catered food we placed the order for last week. We are having a black tie open house. Upstairs I slip into a sparkling silver gown, my high bun complimenting it perfectly. You look devilishly handsome in your tux, I wait to apply my lipstick until after we make out in the bathroom.

“You look incredible Elena, so sexy yet so angelic.”

“Thank you Daddy.” I bite your lip gently with another kiss.

“Are you ready to welcome our friends?” You ask.

“Oh yes Daddy.”

“Our home looks so beautiful, as beautiful as you.” You kiss me one last time before I touch up my makeup and we walk hand in hand downstairs.

The party was a rousing success. So many of our friends were Mardin Escort able to join us and we even had a boozy white elephant exchange. We gave a bottle of Merlot and received a Malbec. I decided not to divulge the news of the baby, keeping the surprise to ourselves for a little longer. We danced, ate, and laughed well into the early morning hours. It was just after two a.m. when Christine and Preston, the last of our friends said goodbye.

I was long ready to crawl into the bed with you, but you had other ideas. I knew when your hands touched my body, peeling away at my gown.

“Merry Christmas my love.” You whisper.

“Merry Christmas Daddy.” I whisper back in the glow of the bedroom lamp light. You turn it off and pull me into the soft sheets.

I feel your cock at my backside as we lay together, watching the snow outside. Tangled together by legs, sheets, and fingers I crave you inside of me.

“Daddy?” I ask meekly.

“Yes baby?”

“Please fuck me.” I beg.

“Oh sweetheart you never have to ask, but Daddy loves when you do.” You slip inside me and I moan softly in the dark. We kiss as we embrace, my eyes close as I dissolve into the sensations of your hands on my body.

“Oh fuck – ” I breathe.

“Oh yes Elena, you feel so good and tight.” You whisper hot in my ear, your cock pulsing inside me.

We move together, pulling me closer to you and kissing me much like you did earlier this afternoon. It feels so good, better than good, to know you’re marveling and cherishing my body.

I come delicately and quietly in the darkness, you follow close behind me and we make love over and over until the sun comes up.

“Merry Christmas Elena.” You whisper.

“Merry Christmas Daddy.” I smile.

Christmas Day –

Like a true little girl on Christmas I’m anxious for the presents. I can’t wait to see your face unwrapping your special gifts. You kiss me softly as we wake up slow, we barely got any sleep last night.

“Daddy when can the presents begin?” I ask excitedly.

“As soon as you wish to, but first coffee. Wouldn’t you agree my love?”

“Oh yes Daddy!” I laugh in your arms.

“Stay here Princess, nice and warm under the covers.” You kiss me before leaving the bedroom and heading down to the kitchen.

I pick up my phone sending Merry Christmas texts to friends and family then get out of bed just to turn on the fire and return back to the sheets. My silky pajamas do little to keep me warm, but they are so cute I don’t care. They were a gift from past Christmas and feel so festive being Santa red. The down comforter and fire is all I need – next to your warm arms soon to be back.

“There’s my two best presents I could ask for.” You say handing me coffee.

“Thank you Daddy.” I smile. “You know I think that will be our baby’s first word.”

“You Mardin Escort Bayan think so?”

“Oh I know so.” I grin taking a small sip.

We make devine plans for the nursery the longer we sit in bed together, dreaming up first Christmas gifts for the new baby – toys, clothes, stuffed animals everywhere. I envision their nursery with Winne-the-pooh characters, filled with books, soft grey walls and the glow of night lights.

“Is it cliche to wish for a Tiffany rattle?” I say, half joking.

“Not at all.” You reassure me.

With a laugh I finish my coffee and beckon you downstairs.

“Come on Daddy, I want you to see what I got you!” I tease.

“Oh sweetheart, I have everything I need right here.” You kiss my stomach. “You know after the holidays we’ll have to make an appointment at the doctor – I need both my angels the very best.”

“Yes Daddy.” I promise as we make our way to the living room.

We have a delightful time unwrapping gifts for one another. The floor is full of clothes and gorgeous housewares. There were even some baby gifts under the tree.

“I love everything, thank you Daddy.” I grin brightly immediately dining a new diamond bracelet.

“Absolutely sweetheart. I promised you’ll be cherished and taken care of. Of course that goes for our newest addition. Here, this card is your last gift.”

I open the card to reveal reservations for two at a luxury cabin on New Years. I can hardly believe it.

“Oh Daddy thank you!” My arms wrap around you tightly with excitement.

“Anything for you Elena. I can’t wait to celebrate with you baby.” Your hands mold to my body as we kiss, your tongue slipping past my lips so that I can taste the coffee we’ve shared. “I love you with my whole heart Elena Alexandra.” You whisper.

“I love you too.” I say sinking my fingers into your hair.

“Now that we’ve opened all the gifts, how would you like to spend the rest of the day?”

“How about a luxurious bubble bath to start?” I propose.

“Sure, that’s a lovely idea to see you all soapy.”

We start a luxurious bubble bath in the master en suite bath. The water is just hot enough and bubbles splash over the sides of the clawfoot tub. You wash me from head to toe in heavenly scented soap taking extra care over my middle. I find it sweet.


“Hmmm?” You gently blow bubbles out of my hair.

“Do you want a boy or a girl – I know you say you don’t care, but I’d like to know.” I turn to you waiting for your reaction.

“Well, I’m secretly wishing for both.” Your smile is so genuine I know it’s true.

“Really Daddy? Can we handle two little ones?” I’m a little taken back by your answer.

“Of course. Elena, with you by my side we can do anything.” You kiss the back of my neck.

“We’ll have to see Escort Mardin what we get.” I smile, but I wouldn’t mind two to start. “What do we name them? Twins names kind of go together don’t you think?”

“They do.” You nodded in agreement

“I quite like the names you’ve brought up before.” You laugh softly. “Declan and Emmelia. Damon and Anastasia.”

“You pick my love, I’m happy with either.” I murmur.

“We’ll have to see what they look like.” You smile and I laugh loudly.

We stay in the tub for what feels like hours in a lazy, hazy soak.

When we finally get out and dress, we decide to watch It’s a Wonderful Life as a festive black and white film to take up the afternoon. Once the film is complete we retire to the bedroom for a nap. I fall asleep in your arms immediately, exhausted from the previous evening’s activities.

“Elena Darling” You whisper in my ear. “Wake up baby, you’ve slept the day away.”

“Oh my goodness.” I cry out.

“Don’t worry Angel. How about Daddy wakes you up the best way he knows how?”

“How’s that Daddy?” I ask curiously as I wrap my legs around you.

“I think you know how Elena.” You reply.

I feel you push inside me, your cock filling me to the very brink of my body. It’s hot and greedy as you overtake me.

“Daddy – ” I moan.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“You feel so good.” I say as I kiss you.

You pound my body into the bed, vibrating the frame against the wall.

“Come.” You growl.

“Oh!” I cry out, my body shaking as my nails dig into your back.

“Good girl” You praise and release inside me with a low groan.

“Are you hungry?” You ask as we collapse in a head.

“Oh yes Daddy.” I grin sheepishly.

“Hot wings?” You dazzle the idea in front of me as if you were suggesting gold.

“Mmmm.” I lick my lips.

In the kitchen together we fry the chicken and toss in hot sauce. I sit on the kitchen island, dipping ranch into our homemade fries.

“How do you know my weaknesses so well Daddy?” I ask, licking ranch from my fingertips

“Because I know you so well sweet girl.”

Dinner was delicious. We eat until we’re stuffed and soon return back to bed after we clean the kitchen. I cuddle up to you and place a protective hand on my stomach.

“I think the baby likes hot wings.” I smile.

“Oh do you?”

“Yes, well Mommy does.” I laugh

“What else does Mommy like?” You ask.

“Vanilla ice cream.” I reply.

“Anything you want.” You smile brightly, briefly disappearing to the kitchen and soon returning with two spoons.

“Daddy has some work to do tomorrow.” You say. “Do you think you can keep yourself out of trouble?”

“Yes Daddy.” I nod, spooning ice cream into my lips.

“Merry Christmas Elena.” You kiss my forehead.

“Merry Christmas Daddy. I can’t for next year when we’ll have our baby with us.” I smile at the perfect thought, feeling a warmth inside me.

“I know sweetheart, our perfect family is only a few months away.”

I taste the ice cream on your lips as you caress my cheek and kiss me gently.

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