Dave and Elaine Ch. 01


“Do we REALLY have to go out there again?”

Dave already knew the answer to his question before his wife Elaine said it. Dave had been married to Elaine for almost 7 years now, and if there was one thing he had learned, when she made plans for them to go do something, he didn’t get a say in whether or not he wanted to go.

When Dave had married Elaine, she was a pert 22 year old with a killer body, 34C breasts, a tight ass, and an animalistic sexual drive. The first several years of their marriage had been ideal. They had gotten along perfectly fine, had a terrific sex life, and generally were living the dream. However, in the past three years, Elaine had grown more and more bitchy and demanding, and her sexual drive had all but disappeared. In fact, in those three years, they had only had sex one time, and during that one time, Elaine was less than enthusiastic.

One of the more annoying habits Elaine had picked up was her penchant for making plans with friends constantly…friends who were originally her friends, and were only Dave’s by marriage. In fact, Dave’s protest was in response to plans Elaine had made with “their” friends Erik and Danielle. What made Dave not want to go was the fact that Erik and Danielle lived almost 40 minutes away, out in the country with nothing, not even a neighbor, within a half hour of them. Erik’s wife, Danielle, was attractive, a tall blonde with a decent rack, Dave guessed 36B, and a large, round ass. The only perk of going out to see them was seeing Danielle, and recording more mental images for his spank bank, which was becoming depleted. So Dave reluctantly agreed to go, and off the unhappy couple went.

Dave, Elaine, Erik and Danielle had a nice dinner, during which each of them had several glasses of wine, which had gone straight to their heads.

“You guys want to hang out for a bit?” said Erik, as Dave inwardly groaned. Dave always thought that Erik was dumb hick, but seeing as how he stood 6’6, with 250 pounds of all muscle, he tried to be as polite with Erik as he could be at all times.

“Sure, why not,” said Dave, as he along with Elaine and Erik moved into the living room. Danielle stayed in the kitchen, with the intent of refilling everyone’s glass. “Oh shit, it looks like we are all out of wine,” Danielle said, “I thought I had bought enough, but I guess we all really needed a few drinks!”

“What do you think guys, should we run to get more wine?” asked Erik.

“Yeah, I think I could do with another glass or two, is anyone ok to drive to the store, though? I know that I’m a little drunk!” giggled Elaine. It struck Dave as odd, Elaine never seemed to want to drink around him, but whenever they hung out with Erik and Danielle, she was always getting tipsy if not outright drunk.

“I can go!”, squealed Danielle, “I DEFINITELY want another drink or two, and I also want to go smoke anyways.”

“Dave, why don’t you go with her, you know, just to make sure that she is alright driving,” said Elaine, “I’ll just hang out here with Erik and we can catch up a little bit”

“Um, sure, alright I guess,” replied Dave, “Any special requests?”

“No! Just get going!” snapped Elaine, to the surprise of Dave. “I mean, whatever you get is fine, just make sure to take your time.” Dave was surprised by her tone, but, he told himself, whenever rus escort Elaine drank wine she always acted a little strange and dismissed it. “Alright, we’ll be back in awhile,” Dave said.

“Cool man, no rush!” replied Erik, with a stupid grin on his face. Before Dave could think anything of it, Danielle had grabbed his hand and whisked him out the door.

Danielle’s car was parked in the driveway, and Dave followed Danielle from the front door towards the drive, but as soon as they got to the garage, Danielle suddenly jerked his hand to the left, yanking him to the front of the garage. “What the hell!?” Dave said.

“Sssssh! Just come here!” whispered Danielle, leading Dave to the other side of the car on the far side of the garage from the door.

“Danielle, what are you doing? Aren’t we going to get in the car? I thought you wanted to get wine and smoke?” exclaimed Dave.

“Oh, I want to smoke alright,” Danielle said in a sultry tone, as she pushed Dave’s back against the car. “But what I want to smoke is right here.” As she said this, she drew herself close to him and ran her hand up Dave’s thigh to his groin.

“Woah, um, wait, what?” stammered Dave, as Danielle began to rub his groin up and down with her left hand.

“You heard me. Oh, come on, like you haven’t wanted me to touch you like this ever since you met me?” said Danielle

“Well…..I….uh, um…,” Dave stammered once again.

“I bet you’ve jerked off thinking about me, haven’t you? Thinking about my mouth on your cock….watching me swallow your load,” said Danielle, as Dave’s cock started to stiffen, his pants becoming uncomfortable. “Ooooh, looks like I’m right!” Danielle squealed in delight.

“But, but, but…ahhh…what about….oooh…Elaine? I just can’t do this to her!” Dave managed to gasp out. “

From what I hear, honey, she hasn’t been letting you do anything at ALL to her!” exclaimed Danielle, “Why don’t you just let me help you out? It can be our secret. They won’t hear us in there, trust me. It seems like part of you has already made up it’s mind!”

Danielle was exactly right. Dave was rock hard now, and couldn’t even think straight anymore. As of moving of their own accord, one hand moved inside her little sweater and began fondling one of her breasts through her white tank top she wore underneath. The other hand reached down to her luscious ass, the ass he had always fantasized about, to squeeze one side through her tight jeans.

“Mmmmmm…glad to see you made the right choice,” Danielle purred, “but let’s see what you have down there, it feels like something special.”

Danielle reached up from his cock, to unbutton his jeans, and she then slowly pulled the zipper down. With a slight push, his jeans slid over his hips and pooled around his ankles, his cock creating a huge tent in the thin boxers he wore. While he had always build of a general average height and build, Dave had always possessed a much better than average cock, measuring about 9 inches.

Before Danielle could return her attention to his throbbing cock, Dave took the opportunity to unbutton and pull off Danielle’s sweater, and right after he finished, Danielle turned her back to Dave, and began pulling her tight white tank top over her head. The only thing covering sıhhiye escort her breasts now was a lacy white bra, and with her back turned to Dave, Danielle looked over her shoulder seductively, while unclasped the front catch on her bra, and then slowly removing it.

Danielle kept her naked back turned to Dave, who was being driven wild by the sight of her naked back, which just made her ass look even more fantastic in those jeans.

“Ohhhh,” said Danielle, looking back at the huge tent in Dave’s boxers, “Looks like you are liking what you are seeing!”

Danielle was absolutely correct. Dave was so turned on at this point that he was moments from ripping the rest of Danielle’s clothes off and doing things to her that she couldn’t even begin to imagine. But what he didn’t know is that Danielle felt the same way. Suddenly, Danielle turned around, exposing her fantastic breasts in all their glory.

“Wow!” breathed Dave, as he immediately lowered his head into her chest, licking and sucking her perfect nipple into his mouth. He just couldn’t believe how perfect her breasts were, it was like they were made for his hands and mouth.

“Ooooo, hey now!” said Danielle, “I believe that I still have some work to do on you!”

With that Danielle slowly lowered herself down to her knees, and began stroking Dave’s cock through his boxers. Dave could only moan in response to her touch, which only turned Danielle on even more. Suddenly, without warning, Danielle grabbed the front of his boxers with both hands, and ripped the underwear right off of him, finally freeing his aching cock from it’s clothed prison.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Danielle, “Your cock is fucking huge! How is Elaine not begging you to let her suck it and fuck it every minute of the day???”

Before Dave could respond, Danielle leaned in and lightly licked his penis, starting at the bottom and ending 9 inches away at his tip, which was already leaking precum.

“Ohhhh god, please….please, suck it, please….” whimpered Dave.

“Welllll, since you asked so nice….” Danielled whispered.

And with that, Danielle’s mouth opened up and slid right onto Dave’s throbbing member. Dave groaned out load at the feeling of his cock being enveloped in her warm mouth. Danielle was able to take a large portion of his cock, about three quarters, and began slowly bobbing her head up and down. Dave looked down at Danielle going to town on him, and the sight of the beautiful blonde servicing him was almost too much, but he was able to control himself and keep from cumming right then and there.

“Mmmmmm, your cock tastes so good,” purred Danielle, “It’s just like I imagined…and it’s so big….and so beautiful….”

Danielle couldn’t even finish speaking, as the desire to have his cock back in her mouth overwhelmed her. Dave reached down with his right hand, first gently stroking her hair, but then without even thinking, his hand began to gently push her head down, encouraging Danielle to take even more of his meatpole, as his hips began to also slightly thrust in time with her bobbing.

Danielle was impressed that Dave had lasted this long, she figured he would explode almost immediately after she put him in her mouth, with how rock hard he was. She was absolutely sincan escort loving sucking on his cock, but she also knew how bad he needed to get off, and the slight thrusting of his hips had alerted her that time was approaching soon. But she wanted to make sure it was special for him….something he would definitely remember. So she lifted off his cock, keeping her hand stroking it, and looked up at him with her bright blue eyes.

“If you want to, you can fuck my face,” Danielle said, “I think I can take it.”

“Are you sure? I’m pretty big, I don’t want you to choke.” groaned Dave. It was taking everything he had from doing that anyways.

“I’m sure! Please Dave, please, fuck my mouth, I want you to abuse it. I want to feel your cock all the way down my throat, and I want you to cum in my mouth!” Even Danielle couldn’t believe hearing herself say that!

Dave didn’t need to hear that more than once. With a roar, he grabbed the back of Danielle’s head with both hands and plunged her mouth back down on his cock. Danielle gave herself completely over to Dave, letting him dominate her. Dave began moving more and more of his cock down her throat with each thrust, seeing how much she could take. Finally, he reached the full length.

“Oh my god!!! You’ve got it all in your mouth!” exclaimed Dave, “Holy shit that’s good…I can feel my cock in your throat!” Dave began crudely thrusting his groin into Danielle’s face, sating his lust. He was in heaven, enjoying the feeling of his balls slapping against Danielle’s chin with each thrust. Nearing his explosion, the speed and intensity of his face humping increased, his cock becoming a blur sawing in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmmppfff, mmmmm,” was all Danielle could manage to get out, with her mouth full of cock. She was absolutely loving this. She had deepthroated cocks before, but never one this big, and never with someone wanting to throatfuck her this bad. She knew he would be coming soon. And hard.

“Oooooh, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…yeah, suck it baby, suck it baby, take it all, here it comes, yes, Yes….YESSSSSSS!!!

With that strangled cry, Dave’s body began spasming as his gigantic orgasm began. Danielle’s eyes opened up wide, as the ramrod of a penis in her mouth began to violently explode in her mouth. Danielle began swallowing as much as she could, trying to keep up with the hose that had been turned on in her mouth.

“AHHHHHHH!!! Ohhhh! Fuck!! Fuck you…you blonde cocksucking bitch, take it all!” Dave was cumming in buckets, a combination of not getting off for such a long time, and cumming in the mouth of Drew’s hot blonde friend, who he had fantasized about so much.

Danielle had never much enjoyed the taste of cum, but Dave actually tasted good! So good, she couldn’t get enough! As Dave’s orgasm began to end, and his cock began slipping from her mouth as his grip released on her head, Danielle reached behind and grabbed Dave’s ass with both hands, thrusting him forward and keeping him in her mouth so she could suck every last bit of semen out of him.

Finally, with his orgasm over, Dave slumped against the car, completely spent, as Danielle cleaned his still sensitive cock with her mouth. Suddenly, the realization of what had just happened hit Dave.

“Holy shit! I can’t believe that just happened! What’ve I done?? Elaine is right inside!” Dave exclaimed.

“Relax baby,” Danielle said as he rose to her feet, “Everything is alright, trust me.”

“How is it alright? I just cheated on my wife!” Dave snapped.

“Come with me. Before you say anything else, I want you to see something.” Danielle purred


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