Daughter’s Surprise Ch. 04


“Well Ladies, our last full day here. What should we do?” Dan asks.

“Stay forever?” Is Sam’s reply.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” Robin agrees.

“Too bad reality has to get in the way.” Dan chuckles. “How about we go into town and pick up some souvenirs? “I’m sure your parents would love to get something from you Robin. We’ve got the dance here tonight.”

“Do you think Piper would want to come along?” Sam asks. “I like her!”

“I do too,” Robin nods, “And she’s a good kisser as well!”

“Better than me?”

“Of course not Sam, but if you want to prove it to me…”

Sam hugs Robin and mashes her mouth onto Robin’s. Tongues begin to push into each others mouths and hands explore each others curves.

“Um, I’ll go check to see if Piper wants to join us today, I’ll meet you two at breakfast in about an hour.”

Dan leaves the two of them alone and starts walking towards Piper’s building.

“It’s amazing,” Dan thinks, “how quickly you get used to being naked. I don’t even really notice that I’m walking down a street nude.

Robin and Sam continue kissing, their fingers exploring each others pussies. They make their way to the bed, never breaking their kiss as they lay down. Fingers run through each other’s hair, their bodies rubbing up against each others, trying to get even closer together.

Dan looks up and see’s Piper sitting on her balcony drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey beautiful!” He hollers up. “Do you have another cup of that for a wandering stranger?”

Looking down, Piper beams. “Hello handsome! Wander that strange ass up here and I’ll see what I can do.”

He makes his way up the stairs and walks into her room. She’s standing there wearing just a sheer robe that hides nothing, but makes her look even sexier.

Dan stops for a second and takes her all in.

“Even though I’ve seen you naked a lot, I’m still struck by how beautiful you are!”

“Well Sir, That’s the nicest thing a wandering stranger has ever said about me!”

She gives him a lingering kiss and hands him a cup.

“Let’s have that coffee.”

Sitting on the balcony, Dan explains.

“The girls and I are going to town today and we would like to invite you to come along.”

“I’d love to! Those girls are something special.”

“They think a lot about you too”

“What about you Dan, what do you think about me?”

Leaning forward, he says, “I’ll be perfectly honest, and I hope I don’t spook you, but I think you are one of the most beautiful, sexy women I have ever met. I really enjoy your company, and I feel very comfortable around you. I wish we didn’t have to go home tomorrow.”

“You didn’t spook me at all. I feel the same way about you. I love being held by you with affection, and not just lust. I can tell how comfortable you are with me because we’ve been sitting here naked and you’re not hard.”

Standing up she swings her leg over Dan’s and sits facing him and says.

“Let’s do something about that!”

Robin flips Sam onto her back spins around, straddles Sam and lowers her head to her pussy. Looking up, Sam see Robin’s pussy hovering over her face. She lifts her head and licks at the outer lips, opening them with her tongue. Robin is busy with her own tongue, digging deep into Sam’s pussy, licking the inner depths. Sam flicks her tongue over Robin’s clit making her quiver at the touch. Robin responds by bringing her attention to Sam’s clit, licking just the tip of it.

Piper bends down and kisses Dan, feeling his rapidly rising cock bump up against her ass. Sitting up straight, Pipers ample tits are just inches from Dan’s face. He leans in, taking a nipple into his mouth, while his hand comes up to squeeze her other tit. Piper wraps her arms around his head, mashing his face between her tits.

“I’m going to smother you with my tits! Piper giggles, as she squeezes her tits around Dan’s face.

“What a way to go!” He mumbles.

Robin is sucking hard on Sam’s clit, bringing her close to an orgasm. Sam reaches over to the nightstand and grabs the vibrator. Not even turning it on, she drives it into Robin’s wet pussy.Surprised, Robin gasps as it invades her depths.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Sam, fuck me hard!”

Sam drives it into Robin fast and hard as Robin goes back to work on Sam’s clit.

“Robin, you make me feel so good! You’re going to make me cum.”

“Cum for me Sam. I Want to make my love cum!”

“I’m cumming for you! I love you Robin! I’m cumming!”

Sam’s eyes close and her body shakes as a strong orgasm flows over her. She catches her breath and reopens her eyes to see Robin’s pussy still hovering her. Sam realizes she stopped fucking Robin while she was cumming.

“I’m sorry! I guess cumming makes you forget what you’re doing!”

“Not a problem, Robin giggles, “I’m glad I made you cum hard enough to forget!”

Sam turns the vibrator on.

“Your turn now!”

Sam runs the toy in circles all around the outside of Robin’s pussy, teasing her. Slowly the circles get smaller until she pushes in back into Robin’s Niğde Escort waiting pussy. Slowly sliding in and out, letting the vibrations do their job inside of her. Sam angles the toy so the tip comes in contact with Robin’s G spot.

“Oh my God! That feels incredible!” Robin gasps.

“Wait until I add this.”

Sam reaches up with her free hand and rubs Robin’s clit, while the vibrator works it’s magic inside her.

With fingers flying over her clit and the vibrator on her G spot, the rest of Robin’s world fades and centers around her pussy. She doesn’t even hear herself scream as she cums.

“You okay?”

Robin opens her eyes.

“Yeah, I think so. What happened?”

Sam explains, You screamed when you came, then went limp on me. I think you passed out for a couple seconds.

“It was the weirdest thing.”

Robin explains as she rolls off the bed.

“It was like nothing else existed except for the pleasure in my pussy. I screamed? I don’t remember that. I just remember the most powerful cum ever, then you asking if I was okay.”

“I made you cum so hard you passed out? Wow! Maybe I should start a business. I can see it now! Sam’s cum and drop!”

Laughing and hugging, they get ready to go to breakfast.

Piper lifts up a little and grabs Dan’s cock, guiding it to her pussy entrance. She settles back down allowing it to slide into her. She starts a gentle rocking motion making his cock slide in and out.

“I love having you in me.”

“I love being in you. I love holding you, kissing you, touching you.”

“Dan you are an amazing man!”

She rocks her hips a little faster, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her. Dan goes back to her tits, alternating between sucking on one and playing with the other. She continually switches the rhythm from slow and gentle to fast and hard, keeping Dan guessing.

At one point she drops a hand between her legs and rubs her clit.

“I want to cum all over your hard cock with it deep inside me.”

She continues to rock on his cock while rubbing her clit. She closes her eyes, tips her head back and moans. Dan grabs both her nipples and twirls them with his fingers.

“I’m cumming Dan! I’m cumming all over you!”

She holds him tight until her orgasm subsides. She then gets off of him standing in front of him.

“I have an idea for getting you off. Want to try it?

“Just looking at you could make me cum, but what do you want me to do?

“Slide to the end of the chair and enjoy”

She settles on the floor between his legs and quickly engulfs his cock with her mouth. She sucks for a few seconds before pausing.

“My pussy really does taste good. I want you to do something for me. Give me a few seconds warning before you cum. Okay?”

“Sure, I can do that.”

She takes his cock back into her mouth, she has just the head in her mouth and she grabs his cock jerking it until she slides back down over it. She continues jerking and sucking for several minutes. Dan is trying to make this last as long as possible, but soon feels the pressure reaching a breaking point.

“Soon.” Is all he can say.

Piper sits back a little, while still jerking his cock.

“Eyes open and watch!”

He forces his eyes to stay open and sees her open her mouth wide.

He watches as his cock explodes sending a stream at her face. Some hits her nose, but most shoots straight into her mouth. She leaves her mouth open and aims his cock as the next several streams cover her face and drip down to her ample tits. She never closes her mouth until she takes his cock back into her cum filled mouth, swallowing his load and coaxing the last few drops from him.

“That’s what you call porn star style!”

Licking her lips clean, even scooping some of his cum from her tits, she says.

“Let me clean up, then we can go meet the young ladies for breakfast.”

Sam and Robin had just gotten breakfast when Dan And Piper arrived. Piper kissed both of the girls in turn with a soft lingering kiss. The conversation flows easily as they eat a light breakfast.

“Well ladies,” Dan begins, Should we get dressed and head into town? Lunch is on me today.”

Piper raises an eyebrow and says seducefully.

“If lunch is on you, I want to eat the plate!”

“It would have to be a buffet,” Sam giggles, “We all want some!”

“As long as I get some of that creamy filling, I’ll be happy.” Robin winks at Dan.

The four meet at the lobby and take a cab to town. The morning is spent going from shop to shop. All three ladies try different things on. Robin has gone into a changing room when Piper asks Samantha a question.

“Will you come in and help me with the zipper on this dress I like?”

“Of course”

Dan sits on a bench and waits for anyone to come out.

Once in the dressing room Piper strips off her shorts, tank top and bra leaving her naked.

“I want to be able to wear this without a bra.”

Sam looks Piper up and down.

“You’re such a pretty lady. I have to admit, I’m Niğde Escort Bayan kind of jealous of your boobs. They’re bigger than mine. I always wanted bigger boobs.

“Thank you Sam, I think you’re very pretty too! I think your boobs are wonderful, they look perfect on your body.”

On a whim, Sam quickly pushes Piper against the wall and presses her lips onto Piper’s. Piper eagerly returns the kiss. Sam’s hands cup both of Piper’s tits, squeezing them.

“I told you I liked your tits.” Sam breathed into Piper’s ear.

“Sam, Honey, we don’t have time for this right now.”

“Shh, just go with it. I don’t need anything in return, but I’m going to get you off in record time.”

Sam drops a hand between Piper’s slightly open legs and slides a couple fingers into her already wet pussy. Sam returns to kissing, while shoving her fingers in and out of Piper. Sam starts kissing and lightly sucking on Piper’s neck as she her eyes close and her breathing gets heavy. With her fingers slick with Piper’s juices, Sam slides out of her pussy and vigorously rubs on Piper’s clit. Piper’s legs begin to shake as she nears an orgasm.

“Oh fuck.” Piper gasps. “I’m coming!”

Sam again covers Piper’s mouth with her’s, muffling the moan trying to escape as she cums.

Piper slowly slides down to the bench, looking up at Sam she smiles.

“That was definitely one of my quickest cums ever! Now let me try on this dress!”

Dan and Robin are sitting on the bench when Pier and Sam come out. Robin has her head on his shoulder.

“How long does it take to try on a dress?” Dan chuckles while looking at an imaginary watch on his wrist.

Piper blushes a little and says.”

“We had some trouble with the zipper.”

Robin pops up and points.

“You guys were making out or more!”

Turning ever redder, Piper explains.

“Sam is a talented young lady, and that’s all I’m saying!”

“Well, on that note,” Dan shakes his head, “I think it’s time for lunch.”

The found a nice restaurant and ordered margaritas all around with their food.

“Enjoy them while you can.” Dan teases. “Back to being too young again soon.”

Sam and Robin were quickly ready to get back to shopping.

“Dan, how about we sit and have another drink? Piper asks. “We can all meet up in a little while.”

“Sure, it’s okay with me. How about you two?

“Okay with us.”

“Let’s all meet at the fountain in the plaza in about an hour. Don’t buy too much,” Dan warned, “we have limited space to bring things back.”

Dan and Piper order another drink. They talk about a variety of different things. Finally, Piper takes a deep breath and says.

“I have to ask you something. You can tell me it’s none of my business and to fuck off, but I have to ask.”

“I can honestly say I won’t tell you to fuck off, so go ahead and ask.”

“Just some things I’ve picked up on, I guess the only way to ask is to just be blunt. Is Samantha your daughter?

“Um, why would you say something like that?”

“You didn’t deny it, so I’m guessing I’m right.”

She reaches out, touching his arm.

“I suspected it a couple days ago. She so has your eyes and nose. She’s going to have to work more on saying Dan, instead of Daddy. She slipped several times. I’m not overly freaked out, or I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. Just tell me this is all a recent thing.”

Dan went onto tell her the story of walking in on them, Robin “seducing” him and Sam joining in.

Piper nodded her head as the story was told.

“Don’t forget how freaky I can be Dan. I get how things just happen. If I had a son as handsome as Sam is beautiful, and it was reversed I could see getting tangled up like this. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned. If you guys are all happy with the situation, who am I to say it’s wrong.

A wave of relief swept over Dan.

“Now my handsome man, let’s go find the girls and let them know we have no more secrets.”

Like Dan, they were first stunned then relieved when the truth came out. Soon everyone was having a good time again.

On the ride back to the resort Robin spoke up.

Piper, why don’t you stop at our place before we go to the party. That way we can all go together.

“Sure, that will be nice.”

The party started at seven, so Piper got there fifteen minutes early.

Robin met her at the door. “Oh good you’re here, come have a seat on the couch by Dan.”

“Robin, what’s up with you? Sam asks. “You been acting all nervous since we got back.”

“I know, I just wanted everyone to be here before I said this.”

Robin leads Sam to a chair and takes her hand.

Sam, you and I have been friends a long time and lovers for only a little while. I love you so much and I know we’re going to be together forever. That being said, and with your permission Dan, Samantha, will you marry me?

Piper looked at Dan then Sam, and couldn’t tell who looked more shocked.

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you! Daddy, is that okay?”

“I couldn’t be Escort Niğde happier Honey!”

Looking at Piper Dan notices tears running down her cheeks. He reaches over and takes her hand. His look asks if she’s okay.

“I feel so privileged that you allowed me to be here for this. You have no idea what it means to me.”

The four of them hugged for several minutes then headed to the party.

After the meal the music starts playing. Robin and Sam quickly head out to the dance floor.

Piper leans over and asks Dan.

“How are you feeling about the girls getting married?”

“I’m really happy for them. I just hope they stay engaged for a while before taking vows, it wasn’t that long ago that Robin said she wanted to marry me. To be honest, I’m a little concerned that I’ll slowly be left behind. I kind of always expected it to happen, after all I’m twice their age.”

Piped replies with a twinkle in her eye.

“Yeah, after all, your old enough to be their father!”

“Smart ass!”

“Yup! Hey this should be interesting.”

Piper nods out to when the girls are dancing. Two boys walk up to them. Judging by the hardons bouncing in front of them, they are certainly interested in the girls. They talked for a few seconds, the girls pointed to each other and the boys walked away. They passed in front of Dan and Piper talking.

“Fucking dykes! They don’t know what they’re missing. We could have fucked them all night!”

Dan started to get up. Piper grabbed his arm.

“Let it go. They’re just trying to make themselves feel better after being rejected. At least you know our girls don’t want anyone else, except us of course.”

“You’re right, it’s not worth it. Hey, they’re playing a slow song. Would you like to dance?”

“Love to.”

Dan and Piper hold each other close, their bodies swaying to the music. He turns to her and gives her a gentle kiss. She feels his cock start to harden, pushing against her She responds by opening her legs slightly allowing contact with her pussy.

“I remember getting so embarrassed when this happened in high school.”

“Dan, I don’t want to spend our last night here dancing. Why don’t we let Robin and Sam have their engagement night to themselves and you sleep with me tonight. I’d love to spend the night in your arms.”

Piper watched Dan walk over to tell the girls. They each hug him and return to dancing.

Dan and Piper walk back, holding hands.

“Looking around, Dan says, “I’m really going to miss this place. I’m going to miss you even more Piper.”

“That’s so sweet! I’m going to miss you too,”

Walking into the apartment, Piper touches his arm.

“I hope I’m not being too forward, or reading more into this than I should, but I travel a lot and if you gave me your contact info, I wouldn’t mind visiting you sometime.”

Dan immediately went to the desk and wrote on some paper.

“Here’s my address and phone number. I’ve also given you Sam and Robin’s numbers as well. You can visit anytime!”

Piper wrote her info down and handed it to Dan.

“You WILL be hearing from me!”

She then drops to the floor in front of Dan grabs his cock and takes it into her mouth. He groans as his cock springs to full hardness. She bobs her head down the length of his cock, taking it all the way in. He widens his stance and wraps his fingers into her hair, encouraging her to continue. She takes it all the way to the back of her throat everytime she bobs forward. Her hands slide up the back of his legs and grabs his ass. She squeezes as she pulls him forward, trying to get him even deeper into her mouth. She takes a hand and brings around front and gently massages his balls.

“Damn Piper, this feels so good.”

While continuing to bob on his cock, Piper slides her hand further back on Dan’s balls and creeps a finger up between his ass cheeks. She stops at his hole and rubs around and over it.

Dan groans as she rubs his hole.

Piper releases his cock from her mouth and looks up at him.

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

“I want your finger in my ass. Please put it in me.”

She puts some pressure on his hole and her finger slowly slides in. She doesn’t return to his cock immediately, instead letting him concentrate on the feeling of her finger invading his ass. She hooks her finger and feels for his prostate. She moves her finger in and out of him, while rubbing his gland. She picks up speed, fingering his ass faster.

“You like this don’t you? You like me finger fucking your ass.”

“Yes, I love you fucking my ass. Don’t stop.”

Piper keeps pumping into his ass until she feels something warm and wet land on her tit. She see his cock is dribbling semen as she milks his prostate.

“That’s what I was waiting for.” She exclaims as she covers his cock with her mouth.

She returns to sucking his cock, while continuing to finger his ass, drinking the cum as it drips from him.

She feels his body stiffen and shake. Her mouth is suddenly filled with a tidal wave of warm fluid. She continues to rub his prostate as he cums. His body relaxes as his orgasm subsides. She withdraws her finger and keeps his cock in her mouth as he slowly goes soft. Finally releasing his cock, she squeezes the last drop of cum from his cock and licks it up.

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