Daughter Takes Over pt 2


Daughter Takes Over pt 213-year-old Sharon could hardly believe that her Mom, who she’d beenfalling more and more in love with, had just carried her into the masterbedroom and laid her gently on her bed.Carolyn–Sharon’s Mom–was looking soulfully into her daughter’s eyes asshe took off her jeans with a very sexy movement of her womanly hips. Sharon’s heart beat faster and she felt herself getting wet as shewatched her Mom step out of the jeans. Then Carolyn stepped up to the footof the bed and looked warmly at her girl, then lifted her soft yellowsweater over her head and off. She shook her beautiful dark curls like amare in heat, and got onto the bed, kneeling before her daughter. Shelightly caressed Sharon’s ears, her face, her shoulders, and then kissedher eager daughter lingeringly on the lips. Both mother and daughter madesweet sounds of deep pleasure.Carolyn drew back and searched her daughter’s eyes. Both females werearoused and breathing hard from french kissing.”Sharon…honey…you’re in love with me, aren’t you, Sweetie?” Shesmiled reassuringly and gave Sharon an encouraging nod. “In love withMommy, hmmm?”Her voice thick with pleasure, 13-year-old Sharon managed to say,”Yes.””Yes, what, Sweetheart? I want to hear you say it.” She smiled sowarmly that her daughter just melted inside.”Yes, Mom,” Sharon confessed. ” I am in love with you. Totally andcompletely!” The young lady hugged her Mom tight, deliciously aware thatthe older woman was wearing only bra and panties.Carolyn stroked her daughter’s silky dark blonde hair, her back, herperfect ass. “Sharon, honey,” her Mom spoke tenderly,” would you like tobecome Mommy’s lover? Right now? Tonight?”The girl could only let out a primal moan of ecstasy, and cover hermother with kisses. Carolyn laughed warmly. She guided her youngster’s faceto her breasts, covered only by a beautiful white lace bra, and encouragedthe girl to kiss them. She did.Sharon frantically kissed her mother’s lovely tits above the bra, andtried girlishly to suck on her Mom’s nipples through the lace.”Reach around me and take off my bra, Honey,” instructed Carolyn, hervoice husky. Her daughter obeyed her mother’s command with tremblinghands. She could hardly believe her fondest dream was coming true. Carolynoffered her big dark nipple to the aroused girl, her beloved daughter. Hervoice broke as she begged, “Suck Mommy’s tits, Sweetheart. Suck my titslike only you can! Oh, that’s so right. Oh God it feels good. You’re sogood at this, Sharon!”Sharon glowed under her mother’s encouragement, and she took hernipple deeply into her mouth and sucked as if she had been born forit…and she had. She made love to first one breast, then the other, whileher mother moaned in delight.”You’re getting breast-fed again from now on, my perfect darling,”Sharon’s Mom nearly growled, because of her extreme arousal. “I want you tosuck my tits every day until I lactate, young lady.” And then somethinghappened which had never happened to Carolyn before. She had a powerfulorgasm simply from having her breasts sucked.Sharon gently lowered her mother to the bed and watched the older womanas she tried to catch her breath, her chest rising and falling quickly, hereyes closed, and an expression of total joy on her face.13-year-old Sharon hadn’t even taken off her pyjamas yet, and hadalready brought her mother to an earth-shaking climax. Sharon quicklystripped and lay next to her mother, kissing her arms and shoulders,kissing her underarms and stroking her tummy and breasts. Then the girlstraddled her Mom and looked down at her, her pretty young face alight withhealthy sexual desire for her Mom. The youngster reached her slender armbetween her own legs. She was soaked. As she masturbated, she told her Mom,”Every night I’ve had to play with myself thinking about you, just to getto sleep. Every night, Mom.”Carolyn reached up and embraced her pretty daughter. In a voice a womanreserves for her lover, Carolyn assured the girl, “This is real,Sweetie. And it will keep being real from now on. I love you so much,Sweetie. Now, mount Mommy, my darling girl. Take Mommy.”Sharon’s face lit up in a huge smile as she lowered her soaking wetpussy to her mother’s and began gently moving on top of her.Carolyn wrapped her legs around her little girl, with her calvesacross the girl’s perfect ass, and begged her c***d to take her. “You’realready the best lover I’ve ever been with,” she whispered urgently in theteenager’s ear.Sharon hesitated in her movements for just a moment and asked, “Betterthan Daddy, Mom?” She searched the eyes of the woman who had given birth toher.”Yes,Honey. This weekend is going to be like our honeymoon.” With that,Sharon began grinding purposefully against her Mom, and both femalesenjoyed total satisfaction in each other’s arms, again and again. Carolynknew in her soul that no one but her perfect young daughter would evershare her bed again.

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