Date Night Pt. 02


As with all that we do, it started with a kiss…

I’ve often written about her kisses, but I have never been able to tell just how incredible they are. Maybe it might help to describe one, who knows, maybe this time I will capture just how special her kisses are.

It always begins with looking into her eyes. They are beautiful, bright, with intelligence, sensuality and laughter dancing behind her beautiful lashes. When I look into them I always have to pause. If you pay attention to her eyes you can tell exactly how she is feeling. In this case, her desire was clearly evident as she looked at me.

Then there are her lips. I could go on and on about them. Her lips were partially open, her lower lip full and moist. I could see her tongue come out and lick her lips. She smiled then, and it lit up her face. She leaned over and we kissed. Her lips are feathery soft, warm, with everything you’d want in a kiss. She lightly nibbled on my upper lip, then started planting little kisses all over my mouth. When I couldn’t take it anymore I pulled her to me, and the kiss deepened. Our tongues touched and we both leaned into the kiss. I’m not sure how long we kissed, and don’t really care. All that mattered were her lips on mine and enjoying her scent and taste.

Eventually we broke the kiss and she looked at me, and her look left no doubt as to her desire. Her hands resumed running over my body until they got to my hard cock. She smiled then, a wicked look coming upon her face. She looked deep into my eyes as her hand, so pale against my skin, wrapped around me, slowly stroking up and down. I moaned and lay back but I could see her smile as I did.

She got up on her hands and knees, with her head toward my lap and her lovely full ass pointed towards my head. I couldn’t see in this position in the dim light, but I didn’t need to see to feel the hot, wet warmth of her mouth surround the head of my cock and I gasped and arched my back.She play for a moment, her tongue flicking around my cock head, giving it little licks, circling it, teasing me.

I have learned to not force things, to just lay back and let her go at her own pace. She put one hand at the base of my cock and started sliding her head down, one inch at a time. As she did I reached up and started stroking her ass. She has perfect curves and a wonderfully sweet sexy ass so I definitely enjoyed seeing it as she continued to suck on me.

It was hard to concentrate with her lips on me. She shifted slightly so I could see her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide as she took me in. My fingers moved up and found her wetness and I felt her lips tighten. I started to play my fingers up and down, in and out of her as she licked, Pendik Escort flicking in time with her bobbing head. As her rhythm increased on me so did the intensity of my fingers, now sliding in and out of her. As she sucked and I played she got wetter and wetter, and she started moaning as she was sucking. When I was being driven crazy and was heading towards cumming I wanted a break so as not to end the evening early, so i slid two fingers inside her and again started tapping and stroking her secret place. Her thighs immediately tightened together and her lips clamped down around me and she screamed around my cock as an orgasm took her in big shuddering waves. I kept stroking in and out and playing with her G-spot and she continued to cum, now having to move her mouth from me as she moaned loudly.

She slowly pulled away from my fingers and I brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. She said “Not fair you can do that to me!” and then she moved down so she could lay between my legs. She then began to lick and suck on me in earnest. Now it was my turn to clutch the sheets. She was looking up at me as she started licking me up and down, alternating between licks and sucks, stroking me as she licked my balls. She can play me like nobody else and was edging me, bringing me to the edge then backing off. Finally neither of us could take it anymore and she told me it was time to put on the hat.

I quickly grabbed one and then jumped back into bed. She had lay on her back on the bed and was waiting for me. That look of desire and…hunger was there, one hand stroking her nipple and the other playing in her wetness. This only turned me on more and I quickly put on what I needed and moved between her legs. She quickly wrapped them around me again again, the contrast of our skins excited me, and as I saw her looking down, her as well.

I bent down to kiss her, as I will take any opportunity to do so. As I did, I guided myself inside of her. She moaned into my mouth as I did, her heels pressing against me pulling me in tighter. I slid in about 1/2 way and then stopped, letting her get used to me being inside her. She moaned again and her hands moved up to my ass to pull me closer but I didn’t let her. I started shallow strokes only going half way, and started sucking on one nipple. I did this for a few minutes, then pulled my head back and looked her in the eyes. They were staring intently at my own and we locked gazes. As we did, I plunged all the way inside, filling her up. She threw her head back and screamed “YES!” and then locked eyes with me again.

“Just like that! Don’t stop!” she breathed and I did my best not to change my strokes. I could feel the spasms start Kurtköy Escort in her pussy and suddenly she threw her head back “YesyesyesYesYESYES!!” she screamed and her legs and hands clamped down on me. But I didn’t slow down, continuing to let her feel every inch of me. Her orgasms continued and one hand moved from me to grab the sheets and she started thrusting up to meet me. I lowered myself until I was right over her face and as I did so I moved my hand up to behind her head and grabbed her hair. I used that to move her head up until she was looking at me and her eyes snapped open to again meet my eyes.

I tightened my grip on her hair and said “Cum for me baby…” Her eyes rolled back in her head and I could feel the shudders start. “Yes, that’s it! I want to feel you cum around me!” She screamed as she came again, over and over again and this time she did grasp me tight enough that i couldn’t move. She came hard enough to almost push me out.

I waited until the shudders stopped and then pulled completely out and touched her leg. She knew what that meant and quickly flipped over to her hands and knees. I moved behind her taking a moment to admire her ass again, perfect in shape. She reached up and threw the pillows aside and grabbed on to the sheets in anticipation. I ran my hand over her ass and she wiggled and moved back, impatient for me to continue. With one hand I ran it up her ass, over her strong back and down to her hair. I again took a handful as my other hand guided myself inside her. As I plunged inside I pulled her hair and started moving my hips to meet hers. She loves having her hair pulled, and the combination started her cumming again. I put my free hand on her hip and started guiding her back to me as I pumped and she started adjusting herself so that she could have the maximum penetration without hurting. I am rather large so certain positions are more intense than others so I let her move until it was right for her.

Slowly she shifted down until she was laying flat and I moved until her legs were together between mine. I used my legs to press hers tightly together and continued to stroke inside of her. The added friction had her cumming again quickly. After a few minutes we shifted again, this time rolling on our sides for a spooning position. She lifted her leg up into the air and I reached up to help her hold it up as I moved back and forth. Her moans which were steady changed to screams as we did.

After a few moments we shifted again. This time I moved to almost a an L position with her with my legs scissoring hers. This allowed for maximum penetration and she was able to play with her clit at the same time. Her moans and screams had Maltepe Escort to have had the neighbors wondering what was going on in the room. As she began building to another orgasm I again told her that I wanted her to cum for me again, that I wanted to feel it now. She threw her head back, arched her back and an incredible wave of orgasms ran through her body and I kept moving, but started to slow my pace.

By this time we were both covered in sweat and I wanted to slow down and give her a rest. When her shudders slowed down some I moved back up, still inside her and slid one arm under her and the other over her, holding on to her hips and over her breasts. We lay there panting, getting our breath back. She turned her head and kissed me and it sent a twinge through me and down to my cock. She looked at me and asked if I brought another one of my condoms (I bring my own as regular ones don’t fit). I said I did and, with a regretful moan, slid me out of her. She quickly pulled off the condom and threw it aside and wrapped her lips around me. I almost screamed myself with pleasure and she quickly licked and sucked and stroked me until I was fully ready again.

She grabbed the new condom and slid it on me and then turned around and impaled herself on me in reverse cowgirl. I looked up and saw her grab one of her breasts and reach up and pull her own hair as she rode me. Looking down at that perfect ass bouncing up and down on me in the moonlight took my breath away. I was so very deep inside her in this position and she took advantage of it riding me to multiple more orgasms. As she did I got closer and closer to my own until it was almost there. “I’m going to cum soon!” I said, and that only spurred her to even more frantic bouncing. She came, and as she did she clamped down on me I came as well, both our voices screaming at that moment.

When she could move, she regretfully rolled off of me and I took the opportunity to remove the condom and drop it into the trash next to the bed. I rolled over and she was there next to me. I put out my arms and she snuggled in closed, breasts pressed against my chest, one leg thrown over mine.

We ended things like we began them; with a kiss. We both were still panting slightly but that didn’t make that kiss any less passionate than the first, lips and tongues exploring passionately. We finally broke the kiss, and again looked into each others eyes. I could see satisfaction and contentment there and let her go. She rolled over and while our bodies touched at many points we were no longer snuggled up as she prefers that to cuddling when she sleeps. I am good with this, as just laying in bed with this incredible woman is enough for me, and our touching was intimate enough for anyone. We both drifted off to sleep, satisfied, contented and completely exhausted, both with smiles on our faces…

This was our third time spending the night together, we already have the fourth planned and I for one, can’t wait..

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