Darling Nikki Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: A Little Distance and a Little Darkness

I woke up a couple of hours later, Beth still in my arms. I kissed her forehead then stroked her hair and back softly. The room was feeling a mite stuffy; I carefully got out of bed without disturbing my sleeping bedmate and opened my window a few inches.

From my bedroom window I had a pretty good view of the backyard. Music was still playing out back, the party lights were still on, and I could see several ladies still in the hot tub. I dug up a pair of shorts, pulled them on, unlocked my bedroom door and went down to the kitchen. I grabbed a roll, left over from dinner, and ate it quickly while I filled a couple of glasses with water.

I had just set the first glass down when I heard Nikki say softly, “I thought you’d still be entertaining Beth,” with a smile in her voice.

I chewed my mouthful while filling the second glass. I also held up a “wait one” finger, swallowed my roll, then turned to Nikki. She was standing in a pool of light from the back yard. She was wearing a simple black bra and matching panties. The bra had a pink bow in the center, highlighting her cleavage, and the panties had an identical pink bow directly south of her belly button. The panties were very low cut.

I forced my eyes to my daughter’s, smiled, and shrugged. “We fell asleep. I woke up a little hungry, and I figured I’d take up some water for when she wakes up.” I shrugged again. “Did y’all have a good time?”

“Oh, we most certainly did, Daddy. I had no idea your whore was so kinky! The things she made Bryce do to her! Whew! If I hadn’t been so caught up in watching, I’d have recorded them for you to watch later. Too bad for you.” She winked. “I also had no idea my Daddy was so kinky. Having his own little slave girl.”

I was standing in shadow and it was dark enough that I don’t think she could see me blushing. Keeping my voice as normal as possible I said, “I’ve got to keep some mystery about me. I can’t go having my little girl knowing everything. Otherwise you might decide I was boring and move away. And then what would I do? I’d be left here with just Bryce. Unsupervised. All day and all night. And other girls dropping in for some ‘entertainment.’ They’d wear me out and use me up. I need you here to protect me, Muffin.”

She laughed a deeper, more sultry laugh than I’d ever heard from her before. She stepped up, right in front of me, her breasts brushing against my skin. Junior was starting to twitch. Nikki reached around me and picked up the water glasses. She stretched up and kissed me on the mouth, her lips parted a bit, and held the kiss for longer than I was comfortable with. My cock was starting to swell again and I was about to reach up to gently move her back a step when she ended the kiss, stepped back and offered me the water.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I will always be here to protect you and care for you. To make sure you’re taking proper care of yourself. And getting plenty of action.” She gave me another kiss on the mouth, a brief one this time, and walked toward the back door. As she opened it, she paused and looked over her shoulder at me. “And if you hadn’t noticed, Daddy, I’m not such a little girl anymore.” She smiled and went outside, closing the door softly behind her. My lust for her had me imagining an extra sway in her hips and her luscious ass as she walked away.

I returned to my room quietly, doing my best not to wake up the sleeping beauty in my bed. I set a glass of water on each end table, then I took off my shorts and rejoined Beth under the sheets. I was still hard, the sense memory of Nikki’s lips on mine keeping Junior excited. Trying hard to put that out of my mind, I returned my attention to the wonderful young lady who’d gifted me with her virginity. I snuggled carefully up to her, my hard cock nestling between her ass cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. She moaned softly and pressed herself harder against me and slowly wiggled a little.

I wrapped my arm around her, kissed her on the neck and settled into my pillow. Sleep took me quickly.

Meg didn’t come to me in my dreams that night, just the girls. My dreaming mind replayed making love to every one of Nikki’s circle of friends in exquisite detail. My cock grew painfully hard, painful enough to wake me up. As I returned to consciousness, I realized that Beth was grinding on my cock, sliding up and down it, stimulating me with her ass.

I could hear her softly crooning, and I lay there enjoying the feeling of her next to me, pressing against me. I was absolutely ready to make love to her again, but I was pretty sure that most ladies are very sore after their first time and need a day or two to recover. I didn’t want Beth to try anything that might cause her pain or discomfort or feel I was being pushy, so I stayed quiet and motionless and let her do whatever she wanted to do.

A few minutes later she shifted around and turned over, pulling her delightful butt away from beşiktaş escort my cock. She made up for it, though, by pressing herself up against me, breasts squished into my chest, tossed a leg over mine and slid her dripping pussy up and down my shaft. She leaned in and kissed my neck. “Wake up, Mr. Crowley. Wake up,” she mumbled between kisses.

“Mmm. Yes, darlin’?”

She pushed on my shoulder, directing me to lay on my back. She kissed me passionately, her tongue dueling with mine as she moaned louder and slid atop me, my shaft pressed by her weight into my belly. She wiggled a little and got her lips spread around my shaft and began working her hips, sliding up and down my length, her labia kissing my cock, the ball of her clit piercing providing an odd stimulation.

She slid up and down me faster and faster; she stopped kissing me long enough to mumble through her panting, “I can’t take you in me right now, but please grab my ass. I want your hands on me,” and shoved her tongue back in my mouth.

Who was I to deny this lovely young woman her request? I grabbed a cheek with each hand and held her tight as she slid on me. I began kneading her ass, her kiss growing more passionate; I shifted my grip lower, cupping where her ass met her legs, and kneaded there, too. Then I slid a hand around, playing with her ass, and finally slid my middle finger down the crack of her ass until the tip rested right on her puckered hole.

She pulled her head back, whispered, “Not tonight,” and attacked me with her mouth again. When she shoved her tongue past my lips I sucked on it and she squealed into my mouth; every muscle in her body contracted, she tossed her head back and screamed, “Oh FUCK yes!” A short while later she collapsed atop me and I held her while her breathing calmed.

She slithered down my body, taking my hands in hers. When she reached the edge of the bed she knelt in front and said, “I want you in my mouth again, please.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and she inhaled my cock again. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft hungrily; every time my cock reached her throat she’d bounce back off me, until only the head was in her mouth. Eventually she slowed a little and took me in deep again. When I reached her throat she pushed forward a bit and gagged. She backed off and then slid me down into her throat again, gagging once more.

“Beth, honey, you don’t have to do that. I’m enjoying what we’re doing without you making yourself sick.”

She pulled her mouth off my cock and kissed my inner thighs, one at a time. Then she stood, kissed me on the mouth again, and knelt back down.

“I’m doing what I want to do, Mr. Crowley. You’ve told me that I should enough times over the years. Now hush up and let me do what I’m trying to do.”

I chuckled. “Yes, Ma’am. Have at.” I flexed a little, making Junior jump a bit. She giggled, then took me back in her mouth.

She bobbed up and down slowly for a few, then took her head off me again. She tilted her head waaaaay back and stroked her throat with her right hand. She did that for a moment, then swallowed hard, looked back at my member and took it back in her mouth again. Another slow up-and-down bob while she lowered herself a bit, changing the angle at which she was sucking me. She took her head back until only the tip was between her lips, her tongue teasing my head and poking into the hole.

Without warning she lunged forward and took my cock all the way to its base in her mouth. On her hands and knees in front of me she knelt with my cock in her mouth and throat, her nose pressed firmly to my skin, and she gagged. Once. Twice. Three times. I have to admit, the way her throat contracted every time she gagged made my cock swell. It felt amazing.

She held me in her mouth, her throat relaxing to the invader, then she slowly pulled her head back, then slowly took me in, all the way.

“Fuck, Beth, that’s amazing.”

Her eyes met mine in the dark room, and I could see they were watering, but I could also see her trying to smile around my girth. She swallowed a couple of times, giving me a new sensation, then she winked, pulled her head back and bobbed back and forth on my dick. Faster and faster. She scooted forward a little until she was back on her knees, and her hands stroked my lower shaft while her mouth worked my head.

Faster and faster and faster. Damn, this was feeling amazing! What she lacked in experience and skill, she more than made up for with enthusiasm. She took her hands off my shaft, put them on my hips, and pushed upward. I guessed she wanted me to stand, so I did. She didn’t slow down her bobbing on my cock, and put her hands back on my shaft.

Not too long after I stood I felt my orgasm approaching. “Beth, honey, I’m getting close.” She nodded, still sucking and bobbing. A moment later she popped me out of her mouth and started working the head of my cock with her right hand, her left hand still stroking my shaft. beşyol escort She leaned forward and licked my head again, then went back to working it with her hand.

It didn’t take long at all. “Here it comes, darlin’!”

She pointed my head at her tits and grinned at me. “Give it to me! I want your come all over me!”

Always happy to oblige a lady I blasted shot after shot of my seed on the beautiful smooth skin of her perky tits. As I wound down she took the head into her mouth again and sucked the last few spurts out of me. She looked up at me as she worked her tongue around inside her mouth, then swallowed.

“Still not sure if I like it, but I think I can get used to swallowing your spunk, Mr. Crowley.” She grinned again as she began rubbing my come into her chest. “You’ll have to change your sheets again, but I really want to crawl into bed all dirty and coated with your come, and have you spoon me, our sweat mingling, as we fall asleep.”

“Happy to oblige, my dear Beth.” I pulled her to her feet, kissed her deeply and tenderly, picked her up and climbed back in bed with her. We were both asleep in minutes.

* * * * *

I heard my bedroom door creak and opened my eyes. The sun was well up, I noticed, and I looked over to see Bryce padding quietly over to my bed. She sat down next to me and stroked Beth’s hair. I was laying on my back, Beth’s head on my shoulder, her arm wrapped around my chest. Bryce leaned down and kissed Beth tenderly, then kissed my mouth, sliding her tongue slowly past my lips. We kissed for a moment, her hand sliding under the sheet to stroke my cock, which was rapidly swelling.

She moved her lips to my ear and mumbled, “I’m so glad you finally took Beth. Even asleep I can tell how satisfied she is. And now that you’ve had her, I can get more of you, too.” She squeezed my cock, kissed my ear for a minute, then padded off, leaving the door cracked.

Damn it.

Over the next fifteen minutes or so, as I ran my fingertips lightly over Beth’s back to gently wake her, it seemed as if all the other girls, except Nikki, peeked into my room and smiled, then wandered off again. Finally Beth woke up, sat up and stretched more indolently than any cat ever could, and gave me a good morning kiss that would’ve gotten a rise out of a dead man.

“Can we shower together?”

“Absolutely! You go get it started, ok? I’ll be right there.”

As she entered the bathroom I stuck my head out of my bedroom and hollered, “Bryce!”


“Can y’all get some breakfast going? We’ll be down shortly!”

“Yes, sir, Big Daddy!” Some giggles and laughter followed that.

Smiling, I went and joined Beth in the shower. We managed to actually get each other clean…after we masturbated each other to another orgasm. We quickly dried off, then Beth kissed me tenderly.

“Thank you, Mr. Crowley. I will never, ever, forget last night. You made it incredible for me.”

I kissed her passionately in return. She gave my dick a quick tug then giggled and ran naked out of my room.

* * * * *

After we’d cleared the kitchen of its breakfast mess the girls decided they were going to hang out by the pool. I took Chelsea’s hand while the other ladies were walking off and led her to my office. Once inside, I shut the door and took her in my arms and just held her for a minute. Then, still holding her I looked her in the eyes for a moment before saying, “I know Nikki pushed you That Weekend, but you’re still the one who took the first step. I just wanted to thank you. I never fantasized about anything like this before, but after you got the ball rolling, well, my life is better than any fantasy right now. And it’s all thanks to you.”

I kissed her tenderly, yet passionately. She melted in my arms then squeezed me tight as we made out. After a little while we stopped and simply held each other for a bit.

I finally released her, then ran the backs of my fingers over her cheek. She pressed into my fingers and smiled at me.

“Now that all of you have had your way with me,” I tossed her a flirty grin, “and you all seem to be interested in perhaps doing it again…” I paused a moment, collecting my thoughts. “Well, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t view y’all as my 24/7 on-call personal booty. I care about you a lot, Chelsea, and the other girls, too. I love the things we’ve done together. And look forward to more. Whenever you want more. I’m still me, so I’m still not going to be pushy, demanding, or expect anything to happen.” I grinned wryly. “Except Svetlana. She’s in a category of her own.”

Chelsea giggled, her bright green eyes flashing with both mirth and mischief. “That was a bit of a surprise, I gotta say. But I’m glad for both of you. She’s been dreaming about having a Master for a long time, so good for her! As for myself, I’m definitely interested in spending some more alone time with you.” Her hand drifted down to lightly stroke my cock through beykent escort my shorts. “Soon? Right now, though, I’m itching to get out in the sun and just soak up the rays.” She kissed me, her tongue teasing my lips. “Thank you for being you, and for being so kind. And dynamite in bed!”

I kissed the tip of her nose. “Definitely soon. While you and the other ladies enjoy the sun, I’ve got yard work to do. My least favorite thing in the world. Yay!”

* * * * *

When I got the mower into the back yard, all the girls were laying out by the pool. Yelena and Regina were naked; the other ladies were all in bikinis. As I bent down to start the mower the girls started cat-calling and wolf-whistling. Smirking, I turned and faced them, then slowly peeled off my soaked tank-top, whirled it around my head, and tossed it at them. Bryce grabbed up a bottle of sunblock, squirted some in her hands and made a big show of slathering it liberally all over Yelena’s tits. It had not been my plan to mow the lawn with a hard-on today, so I ramped up my self-control, blew a kiss to the girls, and got back to work.

After finishing with the lawn, I skimmed the pool, put the skimmer away, put the lawnmower up, then headed for the pool to retrieve my shirt. I asked the girls how many of them I should plan on for dinner, and if anyone was staying the night. Turns out that everybody was going to some concert Texas State was putting on. Most of them had plans for the next day, too, and apparently only the people who actually lived here would be staying the night.

I turned on the shower then dug through my end table, looking for Denise’s business card. I got out my cell and called her office number. After speaking to the receptionist I was transferred to the manager and spent a few moments telling him how impressed I was with Denise’s professionalism, her politeness, and her helpfulness. I ended the call by telling him she deserved a substantial raise, then thanked him for his time and hung up.

As I stood in the bathroom, waiting for the water in my shower to heat up, I considered what to do with myself that evening. I’d gotten so used to at least one of the girls being around, the thought of spending the evening at home alone was, frankly, uncomfortable, and almost intimidating. I had just decided to call Dana and see if it was ok to swing by and work on Trixie when I heard a bit of a commotion coming from my bedroom.

I was rinsing the conditioner from my hair when I heard someone call out, “Mr. Crowley?”

“Yep. Be right out.”

Regina’s head poked around the edge of the shower. “Actually, we were hoping we could join you.”


The sound of a hand striking flesh was quickly followed by Regina yelping. Bryce ducked around her and strode into the shower, nude, and looking sexy as all hell. “You’re wasting time, Regina. We’ve only got about half an hour before we have to get ready. So if you want some of this, get your ass in here.” She slithered into my arms and pulled my head down for a deep kiss. Then she whispered into my ear, “Hi, Daddy. We’re gonna fuck you silly.”

For once, Junior and I were in complete agreement. I kissed Bryce hungrily while reaching out for Regina. I felt her take my hand and press her body against mine, her lips fastening on my neck. I gently pulled Bryce’s mouth from mine and turned to devour Regina’s. Bryce kissed her way over to my left nipple and began flicking it with her tongue. Her small hand reached around and began tracing lazy, tingling circles on my ass cheek, while Regina’s had slid down and started stroking my shaft.

Groaning into her mouth, I started playing with her right breast, kneading it, then tweaking her medium-sized brown nipple. She shuddered and moaned in my mouth and stroked me a little faster. I slid my hand down toward Regina’s sex, encountering soft hair on my way to her clit. Wasn’t she bald That Weekend? Whatever. Doesn’t matter.

As I teased Regina’s clit, Bryce started sucking on my nipple, and caressed my hand as I played with Regina. Her hand moved down further, and it felt like she slid a finger inside the taller girl. Regina let out an explosive “Fuck!” and attacked my mouth with hers again.

After teasing her, I kissed my way to her ear and asked, “Get on your hands and knees?” She shuddered and did as I requested. I didn’t want anyone left out, so, “Bryce, why don’t you let Regina use her pretty mouth on your kitty, while I tend to her?”

Bryce grinned, kissed me hungrily, then got situated in front of Regina, her legs spread wide. Regina wasted no time diving face first into Bryce’s sexy little pussy. I crouched down behind Regina and slid my tongue from her clit all the way up to her asshole. The ladies were moaning and groaning, their hands rubbing each other everywhere they could reach. I got more serious with Regina’s pussy, licking, sucking, flicking my tongue, then slid two fingers into her and twisted them around and quested until I found her G-spot. Regina yelped out another “Fuck!” as I slid my tongue up to her asshole again and began playing with it, my fingers stimulating her G-spot, my thumb rubbing her clit. Bryce had her legs over Regina’s shoulders, crossed at the ankles, and her hands were in Regina’s hair, clutching tightly.

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