Darlene Says O.K.


Outside it rains. And it rains. I don’t hear Darlene’s car until she presses down on her brakes and the brakes squeak.. I her her say “Damn”(the rain) and Darlene’s slats hitting the sloshy mud. Darlene opens the front door as a thunder crach splits the raining sky right behind her.

As usual I am reading something old as hell, a classic novel. Tonight it’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls.” Sometimes I getaway with Ian Fleming. But I’m trying to impress Darlene in case she sees what I’m reading now. I’ve still a ways to go before they blow the bridge.

“Ray. You told me to come in.” She leaves her muddy slats at the door and hangs up her brown blazer.

“I know, Darlene. I told you to be ready for anything, too.”

I guess I will finally let you have me, Ray” Darlene said as she unbuttoned her sweater. Her blue-green plaid sweater came off and she laid it on the arm rest of the couch. She sat down. Then Darlene slid her old blue jeans off. The jeans with the the white curly-cue designs on the hips. Darlene moved her ass up off the couch and her jeans were down around her ankles. Left were her lacy tan panties and her red tank top.

When Darlene came into my modest apartment, I had only my black boxers on. I got tired of wearing bermuda shorts years ago. Some guys feel a lot better about those, I suppose. I feel more freedom in the roomy boxers. It was 74 degrees in my apartment, and we were both comfortable. I got up from the office chair I always sit in and went to turn off the reading light.

“Why don’t you leave it on?” Darlene recommended. She walked to the floor lamp and turned it off.

I turned back to view Darlene on the couch. I dropped my cut-offs on the floor, near the office chair. I left my red boxers on.

“You smell good” I told her.

“Thank you.” mamak escort Darlene reached under her tank to undo her bra. I was sitting beside the woman, now. The waiting was over. No lotion tonight..

Darlene was natural. I don’t have the attitude I used to have about silicone. I really think it looks better over time, when a woman has put some fat on her buttocks and her boobs. Darlene had never been to a surgeon, that I know is true. Her tits were curvy and her derriere was nice but not large. I got her to turn my way so I could pull off her tank top. We pulled each other together right away, as if on cue. Our mouths came together. I felt Darlene’s nipples brush against my chest for for a fraction of a second. Then her full soft breasts pushed against me.

Darlene got on her knees in front of the couch, kneeling on a throw pillow. Her tits were in my face and her arms were around my back, her long fingers holding my shoulders. I put my arms around my head. I put my arms around Darlene’s back to support her. Darlene looked at me. The only light in the room was behind Darlene and her face was dark. Her brown hair cascaded down around her eyes. I snuggled my nose then in between Darlene’s plentiful knockers. I kissed, licked and sucked Darlene’s ample breasts.

“Oh, honey. I love them. I love your breasts.”

Darlene was moaning and sighing, making low noises with her mouth closed. Darlene got off the couch and stood in front of me long enough to slide off her panties.

“These need to come off” Darlene said. Her voice was rough, partly from cigarettes and now the dryness of her throat. She pulled off my boxers. My hard-on was stiff and shone crimson int the reading lamp light.

“Honey, do you want some oral attention? Is ofise gelen escort it something you like?”

“I like oral. I like oral if you give it to me, baby.”

Darlene leaned over and put her hands on the back of the couch. “I want to give you head. Because I love you, honey.”

Darlene knelt on the throw pillow and pulled my legs forward. I put a pillow behind my back then I closed my eyes. I never opened them until she stopped.

Darlene took my hard shaft in her hand and brushed her lips against the skin in an uneven pressure. Darlene’s lips and tongue massaged softly my hard engorged shaft, kissing my cock down to the bottom where the black curly hair was. She ran her tongue across my balls, sometimes, and she had to stop to pull hair out of her mouth. I could hear Darlene wipe her lips, and she began again.

Darlene put her nose down into the hair around my balls, then unhurriedly made her way to top of my shaft. Light kisses and question marks made me euphoric. Darlene had not let me bang her, and she’d never given me a blowjob either until this rainy night. I wanted to watch Darlene, but I didn’t. It was one of those things I made myself do that would pay off later. I cried out again and again, softly. I placed my hands passively on the woman’s velvety shoulders. Darlene kissed the dark purple head, and kissed my phallus all over again. She was aware that I was not watching…she started sucking on me, but still without taking me into her warm mouth. She stopped once to wiped the liquid off with her fingers.

Darlene pulled me up by my arms until I was sitting up. I propped myself up on the cushions and tilted my head up. My erection was pointing straight at her face. Darlene Rose sat on the carpet otele gelen escort cross-legged, and with both her hands took me part of the way into her mouth. The sensation was exhilarating. She slowly backed off, put me in a little further. Darlene circulated her tongue around the head of my cock each time she pulled the shaft almost out of her mouth. Her dark red lips slid across. I could feel the glossy lipstick.

“Get up baby, let me sit on the sofa.” I got up and Darlene took my arm. She moved me so that my hard-on was almost in her face. My cock went into my lover’s mouth yet again. Darlene deep throated me slowly. I was going crazy. Her tongue and her lips were all over my shaft, deep throating me.

I pulled away. I beckoned to my lover. “Honey, get on the floor, on your hands and knees. I want you. I can’t wait.”

I got as close to Darlene as I could and felt down inside her. My hand cupped her vulva and slid my middle finger down inside. She was wet. She wanted me. I entered my lover from behind. Her pussy accommodated me, sweetly, snugly.

“Oh, God!” we both said. But after all the attention I had gotten, I was starting to lose it. I pulled out and jerked off until I was hard again, looking at Darlene’s gorgeous behind.

“Where did you go?” she said breathlessly.

“I had to get it back up” said I, more than a litte upset about it. Too many birthdays. For all I know it’s normal, if a guy is not taking something extra from the drug store.

Darlene suddenly flipped over on her back. “Titty fuck me, babe.”

She spit in her hand several times, and rubbed her cleavage. With her spittle and her love juices on my shaft, it felt great. I reached around and played with Darlene’s clit until she was wet again. I got over Darlene without lying down on her. I started sliding my cock in and out of the beautiful woman. She pulled me down on top of her, and started kissing my neck and my shoulders. I went over the edge with my lover’s arms around my neck. I fell off her and my arm lay across my Darlene’s stomach, feeling little waves move across her. We were both sweaty so we took a warm shower, where we had sex again..

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