Female Ejaculation

I have been invited to a big party; it is in a nightclub with only one level, it is a huge round room with three sets of toilets. I arrive and there are about 200 people here already, it is just a casual dress event, there are all types of people and ages to be seen. The party is something to do with a contract at work, a sort of informal get together. Boring but at least the drink is free.

I start chatting to a few people, I do not know anyone, and some of the women look quite nice though. I am chatting away and the drinks are flowing, I need to go to the toilet but they all look like they have a queue. I see a toilet with a sign saying out of order, I decide to use this one, after all I am only going for a piss, so I should be okay.

I look around and push the door open; it is nearly pitch black except for a small bulb in the corner. I step inside and realise that with the door shut it is even darker. I decide to use a stall in case some staff comes to check; I shut the door and stand there while I undo my zip. I remove my cock and start to take a piss, my god it feels great.

Just as I finish shaking the remaining drips from my cock the door opens, I stand there listening with my cock a private affair izle still in my hand, trying not to breath. I hear the sound of feet as they move towards the cubicle next to mine, then the sound of the door shutting and a seat coming down.

Suddenly I hear a female voice say hello, at the same time feeling a warm breath as it glides over my exposed cock, there must be a hole in the wall that I did not notice as it is dark. My mind is full of thoughts racing as I decide my actions. I let my cock go and I bend to stick a finger through the hole, my finger tip touches soft warm lips, the lips take my finger a little deeper and starts to suck it, a tongue running over the tip.

I cannot help but grab my now rising cock with my other hand, feeling the tongue as it glides over my fingertip and feeling the soft lips sucking my in. My cock is now swollen and aching as the lips let me go, and they move away, I hear a soft moan escape the lips, as they seem to move up. I keep my fingers where they are as I hear this person move; suddenly I feel warm flesh as it brushes against me and move slightly to the side.

I now feel the skin becoming warmer as accused izle it moves; I start to feel public hair brushing against my finger. My fingers feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy lips as she forces herself against the wall and my fingers. I feel her pussy warm and tight against me as I stroke my throbbing cock.

My fingers slide out and I pull them towards me and taste the juices, I get up and position my hips near to the hole, I hear moaning and I stroke my cock as I hear the sound of fingers being slid into a wet pussy, in and out. I stroke my cock as I move it towards the hole, towards a wet pussy of some woman I do not know. I move closer and I feel the edge of the hole, it is smooth. I slide my cock a little further in; I feel warm fingers as they slide around my aching cock, the hand moving as I feel her moving round. Feeling her warm soft skin as it glides over the tip of my cock. The movement stops and I feel two finger tips on my cock as I feel her sliding against the wall, feeling her wet lips as my throbbing cock is guided to this mysterious wet pussy, feeling her as her pussy opens and my cock slides into the tight warm muscles.

I force as much of my alef izle cock through the hole as I can, and push against the wall as I feel her lift her skirt and push against my throbbing member feeling her as she slides up and down my length, feeling her wet against me, tight grinding deep onto me with every down stroke.

I continue to push harder into the hole, feeling her sucking me in, my cock twitching and throbbing feeling her pussy muscles and body brace against the wood as she climaxes with a moan. I slide out and she moves around, I feel her breath on the tip of my wet and throbbing cock, feeling her lips as they take the tip of my cock into her warm mouth. She sucks the tip of my cock, using her tongue to lick my pre cum; her hand is milking my cock slowly as she sucks hard on the tip. I feel her hand gliding up and down my shaft, while she teases the tip of my cock.

She tightens her grip as she starts to milk my throbbing cock harder, taking the wet throbbing tip into her hot mouth, she sucks harder as my cock starts to twitch, feeling her mouth closing further down on me as my climax arrives. She eases my cock slowly into her mouth, she sucks harder as my cock explodes deep into her throat, and she loosens her grip and milks me slowly drinking down every wave of cum. My orgasm over I hold myself up as my legs go weak, I stand there and look down at a place I can only just see in the dim light.

I hear her move around and the door open, I try to see but she is gone.

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