Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 05


Warning: this story contains bathroom fetish and scat. If you don’t enjoy this sort of thing, then this may not be for you.


Dianne left soon after breakfast to run some errands. In public she looked like any normal suburban mom driving around in a mini-van with her ear length blonde hair, white blouse and khaki shorts. She did have a huge rack and a big butt with a curvy waste, but was otherwise quite unassuming.

Mostly she was getting horned up for her afternoon with her son. She went to her stores and ran her errands and returned after a few hours in time for lunch.

Danny was sexually primed after his last day with his mother. He didn’t beat off when she left, like he normally would, but worked outside in the yard, trying to hold his sexual energy until his mother was back.

Danny’s mother came up the drive and saw her beautiful son sweating again in the sun.

“Hi honey! Can you help me get these groceries inside?”

“Sure Mom.”

As Danny came to the car with his mother bent over getting the bags out he gave her plump ass a firm grab. Dianne jumped a little and handed her son the groceries. When they were inside Danny came up behind his mother and rubbed up his erection against her.

“Danny, I want to talk with you for a second.” He continued rubbing up against his mom and rubbing her wide hips. “Come on baby, lets sit down at the table.” Danny just wanted to hump right there, he didn’t really understand.

“Danny, sweetie, I want you to know that I will do anything you want me to do. But you have to agree that everything we do is between you and me.”

“Yeah Mom, I will keep it just between us.”

“That means you can’t squeeze my bottom in public, but you can do anything you want while its just us here.”

“OK. That’s fair- just between you and me Mom.”

When she was convinced her son was earnest, she asked him what she really wanted to know.

“That’s good, that’s my sweetheart. So you have a big hard-on again. Did you masturbate while I was gone.”

“No. I wanted to wait for you.”

“Thank you sweetheart! I’ll take good care of you. Now, did you fantasize about my big butt when I was gone?”

“Oh Mom, I love it. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“And what were you thinking about?”

“I was thinking about how it smelled, and how I want to do what we Nevşehir Escort did this morning, but without your panties.”

“Mmmm. Yes, dear. I would love that.”

“I want to lick up against your butt hole mom. Can we try that.”

Dianne shivered imperceptibly, hearing this from her son. “Oh honey, I want you to lick my little shit hole for me. You can just bury your sweet little face in my fat ass.”

Hearing his mother talk like this caused Danny to almost shoot his load right there. His mother had a little more self control, and tempered things a bit.

“I’m going to make us lunch now. You just sit right there and think about what you want to do with my big ass today.” She got up and bent down to kiss her son’s forehead, but he turned his lips to her and they met with a small kiss. Then they pressed their lips together harder and opened their mouths slightly. Danny felt his mother’s long tongue shoot into his mouth. He shot back his good sized tongue. Dianne put her hand on her son’s chin as they licked and rolled tongues, exchanging saliva. Then she stood up and turned around to get out the groceries and make lunch.

During an especially big lunch Dianne tried to settle things down a bit with regular conversation. Danny talked about his summer plans while his mother listened interestedly, occasionally asking questions. They finished eating at about the same time, practically stuffing themselves. This is just what Dianne planned.

She ripped a long, good fart.

“Oh, dear. I’m feeling so full. Do you want to come to the bathroom with me sweetheart?”

Danny’s eyes perked up. He was feeling like he might need to go too.

“Yeah mom, but I gotta go too.”

“Well then. We’ll take turns. Grab a chair and bring it to the bathroom.”

They walked down the hall to the bathroom, each with full bowels. She went in first, followed by her son with the chair.

“Go ahead and have a seat facing the toilet.”

Danny put the chair down and sat like his mother said. He watched his big mom smile at him, then undo her short’s button and reach around her mammoth hips to pull her shorts off, bending to sit on the toilet facing her excited son.

She sat down and let out a loud flabby fart and a grunt, then another. There was a plop in the toilet as Danny watched his mother’s face contort and Nevşehir Escort Bayan grunt pushing out her stinky turds. There was the tinkle of her peeing and a sigh of relief when Diane pushed out her last poop.

“Oh yeah. I needed that. Boy, was that nice!” She stood up and turned around as she always did, looking at her pile of poop in the bowl and bent over for the toilet paper. Danny could see some of the shit streaks on the inside of his mother’s cheeks, but that ass was too deep to see her dirty shitter. His mother wadded up some toilet paper and looked over her shoulder at her son’s lustful eyes as she wiped her ass in front of him.

“Oh mom, I gotta go too!” He was fighting back the crap in his pants as he sat there.

“Now you do it for me. I’ll watch you. Just pile it on top of mine and we’ll see whose is bigger!”

Danny pulled off his shorts and took a dump right there in front of his mother. He grunted a little like her and pushed his poop out. When he was done he stood up to get the toilet paper; then his mother interrupted him.

“Hold on baby. Just stay there. Let me clean you up. Please honey?” She asked almost desperately, with a warm but raunchy smile. How could he say no?

Danny stood there over the toilet where his fresh poop piled up on top of his mother’s. She squatted down beside him and looked in.

“Well, I win. I made more!” She closed her eyes and took a big whiff with a smile. Before he could say anything, Danny felt a hot tongue against his butt cheeks and long, licking wet strokes. He groaned at the pleasure when he felt his mother’s hands hold apart his ass and her face bury in his butt. He could feel his mother’s tongue licking his shithole and clean it real good. Finally he knew there must not have been any shit left and his mother was just eating his ass for the fun of it.

Dianne slurped her son’s asshole and licked his crack up and down. It was a wonderful taste and she enjoyed licking the salty sweat off his ass crack. Her mouth moved down to suck his balls from behind. She pulled at his balls for a good minute while Danny held on to the toilet, looking at their big craps. She stopped slurping his balls just long enough to tell him something.

“Danny, baby, it’s your turn to eat Mommy’s ass.”

They both stood up again, now facing each other over Escort Nevşehir the toilet as she grabbed his dick like a handle. She stuck her tongue out in his face and they openly tongued like that, licking and slobbering on each other’s tongues. Dianne gently pulled him aside from the toilet as she straddled it backwards and sat down, arching her back while sticking out her fat butt over the edge of the seat. She rested her arms on the back of the toilet and coached her son from this position. Her juicy ass and wide hips easily overflowed from the toilet seat sides, and her position allowed her deep ass crack to open up just so her shit hole was hanging over the edge of the seat.

“Get down there and put your mouth on Mommy’s bottom.

Oh! Yeah baby! That’s good baby! Eat my shithole! Suck Mommy’s ass out good!”

Danny nursed at his mom’s ass from the floor in front of the toilet, enjoying her salty sweat and remnants of poop. He loved the sensation of his mom’s tight sphincter puckering against his tongue as he pushed against it with his tip, trying to get it up her butt.

“Yes, like that dear. How far can you get your tongue up my butt?”

He held his mouth open and pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into her opening asshole.

“Ohhh, darling. That’s so nice the way you are fucking my ass with your tongue! Keep doing it! Oooooo!”

His tongue wiggled and prodded his mother’s sphincter. Dianne was squeezing her big clit in anticipation of an enormous orgasm. Danny began pushing his tongue back and forth into her loosened asshole.

“Oh! Fuck me sweetheart! Bang my butt with your tongue. Ohhh Yeah!! Ooo Yeahhh!!!”

Danny tongue fucked his mother’s ass there on the toilet and loved the feeling of it squeezing his tongue as she went to orgasm. He licked for a few more seconds and got up from his position, ready to blow his load himself. He walked up to his mother’s face, and as soon as she saw her son’s big dick, Dianne immediately had it in her mouth and began face fucking his meat.

“Oh fuck Mom!” He moaned as he purposefully pulled his dick from her mouth just as he came, unloading hot, thick white streams of his seamen all over his sweet mother’s face. She squeezed his balls trying to get all the cum he could give her. By the time he finished shooting 8 or 9 ropes, her face was covered, mostly across her nose and mouth. He slapped her face with his heavy dong a couple of times and she loved every bit of it.

“Oh honey, my little man with a big dick! And a big tongue! That’s so good baby! Come here and give your mother a kiss!”

And Danny bent down and kissed his mother’s cum covered face on the lips.

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