Daniel and Madelyn


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Daniel is one of my good friends and we were planning on hanging out. He informed me that his girlfriend, Madelyn would be at his house as well. I didn’t mind it because I had know her since I was born. Madelyn was a short skinny girl who’s in competition cheerleading. She was barely a B cup with a small but very cute bubble butt. Just by looking at her, you know any hole you put your dick in, it was going to be super tight. Daniel was your regular guy who I knew from past experience had a nice 7 inch dick like mine. Daniel and I have had our encounters together, but I was only really limited to a few make out sessions.

Madelyn was already going to be at Daniel’s house whenever I got there. When I got to his house, I walked into the living room and went directly upstairs to Daniel’s movie room. I walk into the room seeing both of them already naked with Daniel fingering and eating Madelyn’s pussy. This immediately turned me on. My dick began to grow in my shorts. Madelyn’s moans filled the room as she signaled to me to cover over towards them. When I walked over there, Madelyn reached down my shorts and quickly pulled out my already hard dick.

She started to jerk and suck me off. Daniel was making Madelyn’s moans vibrate through my dick. Daniel began to jerk himself off. Escort Daniel got up and Madelyn took Daniel’s dick in her hand. While sucking me off she began to jerk off her boyfriend. Daniel leaned in and started to make out with me right over her girlfriend. This only made Madelyn jerk and suck even harder than she was before. At the same time, we began to reach our climaxes. Daniel took his dick began to shoot his load straight into her mouth. When he was finished, I quickly shot my load straight into Madelyn’s mouth.

Daniel then moved onto the couch and allowed Madelyn to sit down onto his dick. Madelyn slid down his shaft while releasing moans and releasing some cum onto Daniel’s dick. Daniel then took my dick by hand and began to jerk me off and suck me while fucking Madelyn. She then pulled my head down and began to kiss me. Little did I know, Daniel has had some experience with guys because he and Marcus had done it before. (Look at the “Grace” series to find out more about Marcus). Daniel was doing Madelyn so hard, she began to squirt in extreme proportions, luckily we had towels laid out across the floor.

I took Daniel’s dick and I began to eat Madelyn’s pussy while stroking Daniel’s dick. Madelyn continued to squirt as I am for sure she was hornier than she ever has been. I wet my fingers and began to wet Madelyn’s asshole. I then lifted her Escort Bayan bubble butt into the air and began to slid Daniel’s dick into her asshole. Madelyn began to scream at the slight pain but also the pleasure she was experiencing. Once Madelyn had slid complete down Daniel’s shaft. I then slid my dick into her extremely wet pussy.

Daniel and I began to alternate our thrusts. Madelyn let out slight moans as we penetrated her tight holes. Madelyn began to cum in each of her holes. Both of our dicks we covered in her thick white cum. Daniel was beginning to reach his climax quicker than I was so he began to thrust faster into his girlfriends ass. He let out a huge grunt and he released his thick load into her ass. He pulled out of her asshole and the cum began to drip out of it. I began to thrust faster and I was getting ready to cum as well. Daniel began rubbing Madelyn’s clit resulting in Madelyn cumming and squirting as I released my cum into her warm pussy.

Daniel and I left Madelyn on the couch because Madelyn legit crashed and fell asleep after I came in her. We went to Daniel’s shower and Daniel and I began to make out in the shower. We had recovered enough to where we both started to get hard once again. We began to feel each other’s bodies as the water ran down them. Daniel kneeled down in the shower and began to suck me off. Daniel began Bayan Escort working my dick while he was jerking himself off.

Daniel got up from the shower floor and turned around to where his ass was facing me. The shower water helped loosen Daniel’s ass. I rubbed my dick around his asshole before slowly inserting it inside him. Daniel let out several moans as I slid my dick inside him. This was the first time we had fucked sincehe was fucked by Marcus for his first experience with a guy. This was only his second time so his ass was super tight around my dick. I began to thrust in and out of his ass. He let out a series of loud moans. These moans were loud enough to wake up Madelyn. Madelyn couldn’t help but join us in the shower. So she began to make out with each of us indivually while rubbing and jerking off Daniel’s dick.

After some time, I wanted to try something new. Daniel was nice and hard so he moved his girl in front of him and inserted his dick into her ass while I was still inside Daniel’s ass. We both we now in a threesome train in the shower. Daniel moaned in compete ecstasy as he was giving and receiving at the same time feeling the pleasure from every angle. This brought Daniel to cum once again real quickly and he released his load inside his girlfriends asshole. I began to cum so I pulled out of Daniel and him and Madelyn get on their knees and they received my load across both of their faces. To cap off the night, the ended up making out licking my cum off their faces!!

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