Daniel And Eric (Part One)


I had lost track of time. I knew it was the early hours of the morning, that much I knew, but it had been hours, maybe even days, since I had last been outside. It was hard to keep track in this place. The ongoing music, the flashing lights, the smell of sweat, fear and lust as both vampire and human danced, their bodies writhing and rubbing together… you began loose track of things, reality became a blur.
I hadn’t been a vampire for long, two or three years maybe, and my thirst or lust was not yet under complete control, nor were my impulsive actions, which could often lead to disputes among the older ones. As a result of my lack of control I had been placed here by the Elders Council, a group of vampires who were almost classed a royalty. It was the Elders who had thrown me in here, a nightclub run by vampires, and I was to stay here until I had gained control. To some it was a place to come and have fun, socialize and meet up with friends, for others – mainly humans – it was a new strange place full of beautiful people.
In short, it was a place where vampires usually came to find their Human… their pet, if you will. I had questioned whether or not it was legal, and after witnessing my first killing I had come to the conclusion that no, it probably was not.
The nightclub didn’t have a name, the vampires often referred to it as “The Den”, although I was an outcast among vampires, I was just seen as the kid who got into trouble, rarely included in any of their conversations.

Mary, a fiery red head vampire with golden eyes strutted towards the bar, attracting all human and vampire, male and female attention. She was slim with curves in all the right places, she had a sweet smile, and a kind but hot tempered personality; she was nice to you if you were nice to her, but piss her off and she wouldn’t even think twice about snapping your neck. To me she was a friend, she had taken me in when I first arrived at The Den.
“Ah, mon cheri,” she said as she approached the bar, her lips curved into a seductive smile as she battered her long eyelashes. “Still no luck?”
I shook my head, reaching down into one of the refrigerators to pull out a bottle of blood. I put it into the microwave as to warm it and turned my attention to the man standing next to her, he seemed almost dazed.
“Is he okay?” I asked Mary.
She shrugged as though the man was none of her concern. The two had been together for almost a year, even though Mary had a vampire life partner who probably loved her more than life itself, she still experimented with humans. To her humans were just blood bags with genitals; they were disposable.
The blond man stood next to her was named John, his blue eyes seemed glazed over and he was looking around, his panicked expression becoming more and more apparent.
“Should I give him something?” I asked her.
She shook her head before quickly taking his face between her hands and pressing her lips to his, her hand moving down to cup the bulge in his tight pants, their kiss was long and intimate and for a second I wondered whether or not I should perhaps look away. But she released him and whispered something in his ear, he nodded, bowed and then walked off without another word.
“You’ll find the right person soon, honey,” she told me, hopping up onto a bar stool as though nothing had just happened. No one had taken any notice of them, the dancing had resumed, and over the pounding dance music small moans and cries could be heard.
I sighed, setting her bottle of blood down in front of her. “I hope so.”
“Oh, look at you! You’re beautiful, who wouldn’t want to be yours? It takes time, but you will find someone. Why not entertain yourself with a human until Mr Right comes along?”
I grinned, feeling colour rise in my cheeks. I had to admit it, since I had become a vampire my physical appearance had somewhat improved. My hair, straight and dark had become more shiny, framing my face; my eyes had taken on a red glimmer although in the right light looked a vivid green; as for my lips, they had become full and a rich red, a contrast to my pale flawless skin. I had attracted attention of the newly changed females who had been sent to The Den, but girls weren’t my thing… another reason for me not to fit in. I was gay, and although vampires were a race that would never be classed as homophobic, it was hard to see which were straight and which weren’t. Besides, I wasn’t one for making the first move. I was the shy, submissive sort.
“I’m not interested in humans,” I said, craning my neck to look a the dancing humans in front of me. “Look at them all… they all seem so breakable. What the point of it? You’re half way into fucking them and then they break.”
Mary’s laugh was seductive as she leaned over, her full breasts almost hanging out of her low-cut summer dress. “They’re much more sturdy than they appear to be, I assure you. Although you’re right to some extent, there are so much more things you are able to do with a vampire,” she whispered, waving to her mate, Dante. Dante was a dark, brooding sort of fellow. The type of guy who locks himself in his room writing poetry and listening to sad music, he rarely speaks but whenever he does he makes girls practically swoon. You can tell he’d be a great fuck just by looking at him.
Mary giggled as she hopped off her stood, grabbing her bottle of blood. “Goodnight, Daniel,” she said cheerfully, “I’m off to make love to my beautiful husband!” And with that she was gone, running towards him in a blur.
I chuckled, turning around to stock the shelves with fresh glasses. The dance floor was busy, all the tables were occupied by couples and groups, everyone was busy having fun – I doubted anyone would need me for a while.

I took my time stocking shelves, thinking over what Mary had said to me. I hoped she was right; I doubted I would be able to go on another year without a decent fuck, and having to resort to a human would have been a little more than embarrassing.
My last sexual experience had been with a shy, sweet guy when I was human. I had met him in a coffee shop and had asked if he would like to join me in having a few pints in the bar up the road. He had obliged and not long after we were fucking in the toilet cubicle of the small bar.
He had been a great ass fuck, as soon as the head of my erect cock popped into his tight hole I thought I was about to cum right there and then. Somehow I had managed to control myself. He had to bite his arm as to avoid screaming out in ecstasy. Not long after we were out of the bar, laughing together as we ran hand in hand to my small apartment not far away. We fucked long into the night, crying out each other’s name as we were hit with orgasm after orgasm, no doubt our cries were heard by my neighbours. We fell asleep holding each other, warm and content. Yet when I woke up he had left, the place he had been sleeping was cold. I never saw him after that but it was almost impossible to think about that night without getting a hard on.
“Hey, cutie. When you’re done daydreaming I’ll have a Vodka and Coke,” a voice called from near the bar. “Cute ass, by the way.”
I turned quickly, I had finished stocking shelves a while ago, I had mainly been stood rethinking my last fuck. I was blushing as I turned to face the guy in front of me.
The voice was that of a male’s, he was sat at the bar, confidence and dominance practically radiating from him as he flashed me a smile and sent a wink my way.
I nodded, blushing and served the man his drink without any questions, expecting him to take his drink and walk away without even a “thank you.” I appeared to be wrong; the man remained where he was, watching me with a small grin on his face.
He was attractive… oh God, he was attractive. His eyes were dark and secretive, his hair just a shade lighter than mine was straight and thick, sweeping across his face, framing his gorgeous cheekbones. Like just about every vampire, his skin looked pale and smooth to touch, his lips were full and red and always had that cocky half grin. Just sitting down I could tell he was tall, he was thin, although I was sure there would be muscles under his dark blue v-neck. He seemed overly comfortable, almost Escort arrogant.

“Are y-you going to drink that?” I said, my voice barely a murmur, after ten minutes of him waiting to take a small sip.
He looked down at his drink as though he had forgotten it was there in the first place. He shrugged. “Probably not. I just need a reason for being here.”
I nodded. “There are plenty reasons over there,” I told him, jerking my chin in the direction of a group of human girls who had obviously taken a liking to him, each were scantly dressed.
“Them?” he looked over lazily, his expression almost bored. “Oh, please. Look at them for fuck sake. They’re… flimsy. Besides,” he continued looking up at me, his crooked grin returning, “They wouldn’t know how to handle me.”
“No?” I said, folding my arms across my chest and leaning against the bar.
“Nope. I doubt they have much experience, and as for stamina… maybe two or three hours. And… I want something that’ll last.”
I nodded, finally understanding. The guy wasn’t talking about a human pet that he could play with for a few hours, no, he was talking about a potential life partner.
“How old are you?” he asked. “You seem kinda young.”
I raised my eyebrows. “And what makes you say that?”
He chuckled, leaning closer. “The way you hold yourself, the defensive stance, the timid way you speak… your gaze is downcast, you’re obviously a submissive. Submissives are usually younger.”
“I’m twenty-three. I was turned when I had just turned twenty-one,” I told him, almost embarrassed he had managed to figure me out so quickly.
“Awwh!” He clasped his hands together, laughing. “Twenty-three! You’re still a baby.”
I rolled my eyes, this was the general reaction, only less admiring. To most I was seen as a burden.
“Well how old are you?” I questioned.
“One-hundred and fourteen,” he said still laughing. He shrugged, “Not that old, I know… but c’mon, I’m at least triple digits.” And with that he burst into another fit of giggles.
I couldn’t help but smile.
The dancers were still busy grinding and groping. A girl in a pair of thongs and a loose knit top was giving her vampire a lap dance at the closest table as a louder song came one, filling the club with screeching guitars, drums and screams. No one looked ready to come to the bar yet.
The vampire in front of me stopped laughing and looked up at me, his playful grin still there. “I love this music!” he declared.
“Yeah? I never took you you for the loud, screamy music type of guy” I told him. I looked down at him glass that had somehow become empty… odd, I hadn’t seen him drink it. “Should I get you another reason for being here?” I asked.
“No…” he said, his voice now quiet. “You can come and dance with me though.”
My stomach flipped, he was asking me to “dance” with him… and by “dance” he meant go over to the dance floor with him and do what the rest of them over there were doing – grinding and groping.
I swallowed. “I-I can’t. I mean, I’d like to, but I can’t; my shift isn’t over. If my boss catches me he’s probably gonna extend the amount of time I have to spend here. Or…or reduce my wages or some crap.”
He looked at me, his dark eyes seemed to go right through me. “Do you want to dance with me?” he asked,
I nodded.
He grinned, hopping down from his stool and walking over to open the hatch and step behind the bar, his movements graceful and fluent. “Great,” he said, taking my hand.
“I’m not allowed,” I told him desperately as he dragged me out from behind the bar and towards the crowd of moving bodies.
“Sure you are. I have authority here, you’re fine. Besides, no one even wants serving.” He was right about that.
The large nightclub had three floors, the first was this: a large open room with flashing lights, loud music and a bar to intoxicate the human pets. Upstairs was a relaxing room with bean bags, comfy chairs and large TVs and beds, it was usually where couples went to fuck… there was something about being watched, being in public, that was always a big turn on for most of us here. The third floor was a place I had never visited, although according to Mary it was a place of punishment, a place where human pets and submissive vampires were punished. The thought of it made me shiver, it had always been described as big, cold and sterile. It sounded like a morgue.

We hadn’t been on the dance floor for long when he finally did it. His hands had a firm hold on my hips as our bodies pressed together, our crotches grinding against one another’s. My arms had reached up to wrap around his neck, resting on his shoulders and crossing at the wrists as they tangled in his soft hair.
“Tell me your name,” he called over an Asking Alexandria song.
“My name?” I leaned up to speak into his ear, my cheek brushing against his. “Daniel.”
“Daniel,” I heard him repeat.
I nodded, taking the opportunity to press myself closer to him.
“Eric,” he told me, his hand moved up and cup my cheek as he leaned away for a second, his eyes searching into mine.
For a moment I was lost, I didn’t know how to act or what to say, and so I stood, I stood listening to the song and people’s moans of both pleasure and pain and I waited. And that was when it happened, that was when he pressed his lips securely to mine. It took my breath away for a second, everything seemed to go quiet, all of the writhing bodies seemed to evaporate around me. It was just me and him. Daniel and Eric.
Then it was as though someone had flipped a switch and everything had come to life. The music seemed louder, everything was so clear and fast. Eric tensed up and I had to remind myself to move otherwise he was going to loose interest. Move! Fucking move! My brain cried, ordering my hands to run through his hair, therefore pulling him closer. I shivered as his tongue traced my lips and began to ease them open, his hips pressed against mine and I gasped as his need became evident. I relaxed as our tongues met, it was warm and sweet and I felt nothing but security as his other hand moved down to tightly grip my ass. His presence was intoxicating, I had never understood why the vampires and human act like they did when in a situation like this, so hungry and animal-like, but now, with Eric’s fangs softly grazing my lower lip and his growing member pressed against mine… it took all of my effort not to rip his clothes off right there.
He took my bottom lip into his mouth and suckled on it before biting down hard, his fangs piercing the skin. I moaned in surprise, shaking as a guttural sound escaped from deep within him and he bit harder. His tongue quickly flickered over the small cuts he had made, his pupils quickly dilated as he got a quick taste of blood before his saliva had managed to increase the already quickened healing process.
“You taste wonderful,” he told me, his hand moving from my ass to my crotch. Without warning he cupped me and began massaging, his forehead pressed against mine, his cool sweet breath on my face as his crooked grin reappeared. It was too much, I didn’t know how to handle it anymore, the pleasure was building up and I couldn’t even find the strength to tell him to pause for a second.
The music changed to an Escape The Fate song as another moan escaped me and my knees gave way. Eric grabbed me effortlessly and dragged me over to a secluded area, it was far more private with two black armchairs and a white coffee table in between them. I was slightly shocked when my mind conjured up an image of Eric throwing me roughly onto the table, ripping my clothes off and shoving himself inside of me with one quick deep thrust. I felt myself harden even more, my balls throbbing. The way my body responded was what shocked me even more, the thought of being fucked painfully hard by a stranger was tuning me on even more. Only Eric wasn’t a stranger, or at least he didn’t feel like one.
He sat down side-ways on one of the armchairs and flung his long slim legs over the armrest, leaning back against the other. He grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of him, chuckling – probably at my expression – as I landed onto his lap, his bulge pressing against my backside.
He kissed Escort Bayan my cheek once before be began stroking the hair back from my face, his eyes looking deep into mine.
My groin yearned for his touch, the thought of his perfect full lips wrapped around my shaft, his tongue caressing the head of my cock… the sound as I thrust into him and it hit the back of his throat. The thought of cumming into his mouth and deep into his throat, to see him swallow my load and then lick my cock clean… it made my breath ragged.
He propped himself up on his elbow, his fingers teasingly tracing invisible patterns along the inside of my thigh and up to my crotch and then back down again. He cocked his head to the side as he spoke quietly, “Am I going too fast?”
I shook my head, “Definitely not.” Not fast enough…
He smiled, “Good.”
I couldn’t control myself any longer, I took his face in my hands and I kissed him, kissed him as though my life depended on it. It was probably the wrong thing to do, I was the submissive one and the was the dominant one, two important roles played in the vampire world. Every couple had one of each. If my impulsive actions angered him he didn’t show it, instead he came back with just as much force, his tongue caressing mine, probing my mouth as his hand, once again, cupped me. With a startled moan I fell onto him, clinging onto his v-neck as the massaging increased.
His breathing was heavy as his hand slid inside my jeans and underwear, his long slender fingers finally wrapping around my shaft.
“God… you’re huge,” his voice was barely a whisper, filled with overwhelming desire and hunger.
My cheeks were tinged with a light pink as he continued, our lips would often brush against each other’s as I clinged to his v-neck. He cradled me, brushing the hair from my face and making soft “Shush”-ing noises whenever my moans increased in volume a little too much, he didn’t seem mad though, just happy and slightly amused.

“Having fun, Eric?” it was a new voice, male… not too old. I gasped, I knew my cheeks would be a bright red, no doubt they would get redder if I turned to face the man.
Eric chuckled, his strokes did not falter though, they remained the same slow, almost torturous pace as he greeted his friend. “Oh, lots of fun. This is my friend, Daniel. Daniel this is my old friend, Shaun.”
I didn’t look over my shoulder at the man named Shaun, too ashamed. Eric was still rubbing and I was afraid what might happen if I moved or talked, afraid I would loose control.
“It’s very nice to meet you, Daniel,” Shaun said politely, his tone friendly as I heard him walk towards the other armchair and sit down.
I still wasn’t able to answer him.
Eric’s grip on my cock tightened, suddenly there was a pain I hadn’t felt in a long time, the feeling caused my to bury my head deeper into his chest, letting out a small muffled cry as my hands balled into fists.
“Baby, say hello to my friend,” Eric’s voice was endearing, if his grip had not been so hard I probably would have dismissed the threatening undertone.
“Hello,” my voice was strained. I cleared my throat, “Hello Shaun. It’s nice to meet you.”
I could hear the smile in Eric’s voice as his grip loosened and he began to rub my cock gently, his fingers were caring and soft as he spoke, almost as though they were petting it better. “Good boy. Shaun, it’s been a while. How have you and Audrey been?”
Eric delved into deep conversation with Shaun, I paid little attention to it as my main focus was not to cum all over Eric’s arm in front of one of his friends. I was unable to keep in the small moans as Eric’s touch sent waves of pleasure surging through my body, I buried my face into his chest, inhaling his sweet scent. It was beyond embarrassing and usually I would have walked away, regardless of whether or not I was receiving a hand job. But with Eric… it was different. His presence alone was intoxicating.
Finally – finally! – Shaun left and once again we were alone, my first thought was whether or not I was about to get told off for my behaviour, but instead Eric praised me.
“Good boy,” he repeated, it was weird what the phrase did to me, I felt happy. “Good boy, Daniel. It’s understandable that you would be nervous, you’ve never done this before. It’s okay.”
I shivered, his voice was soft and quiet and for a moment I felt the overwhelming security again; I was safe, I was with Eric and so, therefore, nothing bad would happen. Eric would make things okay.
Grinning, he lifted my from his lap and seated me upright on the armchair, tugging my jeans down without any hesitation whatsoever.
“Eric!” I protested, although made no attempt to cover myself from him.
“What? C’mon, like they care!” he said, gesturing to the crowd of dancing vampires and their pets. “Besides, I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you talking to your redhead friend. Don’t tell me you’re going to deny me my one wish…” His tone was still playful as he pulled his v-neck over his head and tossed it to the floor, revealing a nice set of abs I longed to stroke. He unbuttoned his skinny jeans as he knelt on the floor between my legs, muttering something about an erection in skinnies being awfully uncomfortable.
Once again his fingers wrapped around me, I closed my eyes, letting out a low moan as his lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I felt as though I was about to loose control, my balls throbbing as they tightened, the familiar heated feeling at the base of my cock. Eric chuckled, sending vibrations down my shaft, I cried out and squeezed my eyes shut.
“Please… Eric please! Stop teasing me, I c-can’t take it any longer!” I almost shouted out as the warm wetness of his tongue trailed from the bottom of the underside of my cock all the way up to the head. He finally gave in to my plea and fit me into his mouth, his head bobbed up and down as his lips wrapped tighter, taking more of me each time until he had made his way to the hilt.
I was unable to keep myself from making tiny thrusts, crying out for more and I gripped a handful of his soft hair. Eric made the occasional muffled moan and I would reach down and caress him for a minute.
It was wonderful when it came, the orgasm sending me into a wave of ecstasy as I pumped load after load down Eric’s throat. He was unable to refrain from thrusting harder into him, becoming even more joyful when his muffled moans turned into breathless gagging. He pulled back, my cum still in his mouth and now running down his chin as he took deep breaths. He swallowed what was left in his mouth and licked his lips clean before finally pressing his lips against mine.
“You,” I told him as he chuckled against my mouth, “Are just a big tease.”
He playfully apologised as he licked any remaining cum from my cock and the armchair, he was still topless but he didn’t seem to mind.
I was pulling on my pants while trying to shield myself from the dancing crowd, thankful for the loud music that was blasting out of the speakers when Eric bent down and looked into my eyes again.
“Would you like to help me?” he asked.
“Help you?” I questioned as he nodded slowly, taking my hands in his. “What… what do you mean?”
“I mean… would you like to come back to my room with me and help me?”
Ohh. The penny had dropped. I nodded, my grip on his hands tightening.
“Are you sure?” he asked, his eyes darkening, his expression slightly grim. “I… I don’t know if I could control myself with you. I might not be gentle, Daniel.”
“My body is yours,” I told him, surprised at how confident my voice sounded. “Do what you want to me.”
He gave me a look I couldn’t quite figure out before he grabbed me by the arm, my jeans barely done up, his top still on the floor, and dragged me past the dancing crowd. We ran at inhumane speeds over to the far corner of the large room and down a corridor. I had never been down here before, my sleeping quarters had been somewhat uncomfortable, for me a bed was a luxury. The corridor was dark, the walls covered in modern paintings, it seemed to go on forever until finally we came to some doors. I shoved his key into one of them and unlocked the door in less than a Bayan Escort second, his hands shaking as he pushed me inside. I stumbled over my own feet and fell onto the floor, landing oddly and hurting my wrist. It healed quickly, a bruised wrist could wait, Eric and his cock was my main thought.
Eric’s room was small and light, the lamps glowed softly. In the corner stood a large flat screen TV and opposite was a plush golden couch, the rest of the room was filled with desks and small drawers cluttered with photos or pieces of paper or candles.
He wasted no time, quickly stepping over me and towards another room, he clicked his fingers, his voice loud and intimidating, “Come,” he said before vanishing into the room. I crawled after him, kicking off my shoes and pulling my grey t-shirt over my head, discarding it on the floor. He was stood in the middle of the room beside a large comfy-looking bed, his expression blank. He clicked his fingers again, the sound cracked through the air, sharp and quick.
“Crawl to me,” he ordered, his voice was soft, but there was no mistaking the quiet deadly undertone. I did as he said, arching my back as I crawled, my ass in the air. I got to his feet and stopped, bowing my head slightly.
In one quick motion he tore off my jeans, throwing them to the floor along with my underpants, I knelt naked at his feet, almost quivering as his hands began to roam my body. They started at my shoulders and slid down to my back, from their they carried on and finally gripped my firm ass, everywhere he touched felt like live wire, everything was so raw. He knelt down behind me his face hovering just above my asshole, I moaned loudly, my whole body shaking as I felt a stream of his warm spit land over my tight hole. He rubbed it around with his middle finger before he slowly slid it inside of me, the warm spit allowing it in with ease.
He went knuckle deep, allowing me just a second to adjust before quickly shoving his index finger in there, once both were knuckle deep he began making circular motions, stretching me as wide as he could. After pulling them slowly out he let another stream of warm spit cover my ass, I couldn’t help but moan.
He moved back to standing in front of me, dragging me up by my hair and face to face with his now fully erect cock. Some time during the stretching he had removed his skinny jeans, and, God, was I glad. His cock was impressive in both length and girth and I was suddenly apprehensive about having him pound my ass with it.
“Unless you want this to hurt then you’re going to have to get it wet. I’m out of lube, baby,” he told me apologetically, stroking the hair back from my face soothingly.
Nodding, I did as he told me, letting a hot string of my own spit to fall down on to his head, after three long strings I rubbed it down. I had been wanting this all night – the feel of his cock in my hands. It was good, the way his hand ran through my hair, the way he bit his lip as though trying to hold something in, the way his breathing quickened… they were things I had missed about sex in general.
I could feel his spit between my ass-cheeks, every time I moved it felt wonderfully warm and slippery. It wasn’t long before his cock was sufficiently wet and I had begun to temporarily run out of spit, he grabbed my by the top of my arms and bent me over, pushing my face onto the bed, my feet still on the thick cream carpet. I felt one last string of his spit against my hole before he eased himself in.
My hands balled into fists, grabbing the sheets on his bed as the head of his thick cock popped I, he gave me barely a second to adjust to his size before thrusting the rest of himself in in one quick, long motion. I cried out in pain, it felt raw and wrong, as though if he continued he would surely tear something.
“It’s okay, baby,” he murmured to me, his hands moving comfortingly along my back, then moving to grab my hips as he began thrusting into me with enough force to move the bed.
I felt myself harden again, it hurt, damn did it hurt, but it was the way my ass stretched around his huge cock that turned me on the most, the way it felt as though he could tear me badly if he wanted to. He continued thrusting, the thrusts were hard but at a medium pace, I knew he could go faster if he wanted.
My face was buried in his duvet and so my cries were muffled, I never knew how pleasurable pain could be.
“Daniel… can I-can I speed up?” he asked, his voice strained. It was obvious he would be cumming soon, filling my ass with streams of his hot, thick seed.
I nodded, preparing myself for what was about to come.
One of his hands moved to take a vice-like hold of my wrists, binding them together above my head, his other hand moving to hold my back, his nails digging into my pale flesh.
“Arch your back for me,” he demanded.
I obliged, gasping, as the movement stretched my hole even more, sending a sharp pain shooting through me, followed by a quick burst of pleasure.
His thrusts began to increase in speed, each stroke went right up to the hilt and soon the sound of my ass slapping against his hips along with my cries were all that could be heard.
I arched my back further and managed to tighten my ass muscles for him, oddly happy when I heard his moans of pleasure from it.
“Mm… fuck, baby, you’re so tight!” Eric told me, his voice even more strained than last time as his thrusts continued to increase in speed, I knew he could go faster if he wanted to though.
“Eric…” I panted, raising my head up off the bed, I could feel his cock pulsing already and I knew what would soon happen. I also knew what would happen once I finished my sentence, his thrusts would quicken even more and it would hurt. But only for a short while, I knew he didn’t have much longer left. “Eric, fuck me! Fuck my ass harder, I want you. Oh God, harder! Yes… yes, fuck yes, that’s it. Harder!”
Eric had thrown me to the floor, he had me pinned down under him in less than a second and was pounding my ass as hard as he possibly could, the ground underneath us was beginning to shake. When he was no longer able to go faster he brought his hand down on my backside with a sharp thwack! I cried out as loud as I could as he repeated the action, leaving red marks all over my ass.
“Eric! Eric yes! Cum inside me, Eric. Fill me with it! Please, oh, I need it so bad!” I moaned as he drilled me against the floor.
“Baby, you’re so fucking tight! Ugh fuck, I’m cumming!” He called out, barely a second before his hot cum filled me, soothing the pains his cock had caused. He cried out and collapsed against me, his teeth sinking into my shoulder as his cock pulsed inside of me and he quivered with pleasure. His thrusts began to slow, and finally we were just two slumped bodies on the floor, holding onto one another as we shook. He stayed inside of me while we spooned on the floor, his cum slowly leaking from my ass and onto the floor, I reached around on more than one occasion, dipped my fingers into the small puddle and sucked it up, Eric seemed to find this amusing, I just found that it tasted nice.
I had fallen into a dream-like state. It wasn’t sleep, I knew that, but still, I wasn’t fully aware of Eric lifting me into his bed and putting the covers around me.
I woke feeling sore and not one-hundred per cent sure of my exact location, but I felt Eric’s arm around me and it all came flooding back… the bar, the dance, the blow job… Shaun… I quickly extinguished the memory of Shaun by occupying myself with Eric.
I turned around and lay facing him, his eyes were closed but I knew he wouldn’t be asleep, vampires couldn’t sleep. Just try and feel as warm and content as they could.
I kissed his nose. “Hey,” I whispered softly.
His crooked grin appeared before he opened his eyes, when he finally did open them he looked happy and alert. “Hey!” he whispered playfully, his eyes widening, making me smile. “Does it hurt?”
I shrugged, stroking his stomach, “It doesn’t really matter.”
He sighed happily before quickly brushing his lips against mine. Under the covers our fingers entwined, making my smile widen, Eric leaned back and closed his eyes again as I buried my face against his bare chest.
Since I had been turned, Eric was the one good thing that had happened to me, I closed me eyes as we both purred softly, hoping that this was just the start of a very good thing.

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