Dance Club Initiation Ch. 02


The initiation party was getting intense.

Tom, a tall masculine figure of the sophomore year continued,

“As we have promised, there will be less clothing as the day progresses. Fewer clothes and more fun.”

Many of the freshmen put on a nervous grin.

He continued, “So, for now, we will have a team game, ‘Grab the balls’!!”

“So, the task for the girls is to grab the balls of their opponent, and boys can defend. Whoever loses will have to strip to their undergarments. If they are already in it, then the winner gets to spank the losers!”

Now, there was a lot at stake. Firstly no boy likes a girl to grab them by the balls. Then to get spanked by a batchmate would be humiliating at best. So was the case for girls, stripping in front of 11 boys, whom they barely knew.

So for the first match, Chris and Richa were up against Zach and Ana. Chris was the most handsome amongst the freshmen with a perfect body. He was also the most innocent among them. Richa, on the other hand, was short, a bit muscular, tanned, and had a straight face. Zach made use of his size, and Ana complemented with her energy. In no time, Zach had caught hold of Chris, and Ana pounced on the occasion. Ana swiftly grabbed his balls. Chris let out a groan in pain. His teammate Richa didn’t prove to be very useful either.

Zach got the chance to undress Richa, which gave him some comfort as he had already bare minimum clothing on him. Chris removing his pants, gave fresh excitement to the girls in the room. His well-toned legs and thighs are in plain sight now.

Next up, Jack and Rachel were up against Aaron and Penny. Aaron, whose body type is similar to Zach, adopted the same strategy. He managed to bear hug and tie him down, and Penny managed to finish the task before Rachel could do much.

Rachel started giggling as she saw her boyfriend in pain, but for a moment, she forgot that she was about to get spanked. Jack didn’t have much trouble undressing as there are enough people as exposed as himself. Aaron was thrilled to get the ‘hands-on’ experience. He took his seat and placed her over his lap.

On her way down, she requested, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

Aaron had a smile on his face. He caressed and squeezed her cotton-covered ass. Aaron ran his fingers over her bare thighs, which were tight, bracing for the impact, teasing her. He then gave the first spank. Not so hard, but his huge hands were tough for her tender bottom. Jack was now biting his teeth. He didn’t want anybody but himself to spank her girlfriend. Aaron waited slowly before spanking each time. So, he could take maximum use of his time in control. He felt her butt tightening every time in anticipation, and he loved it. So did most onlookers except Jack and the girls who didn’t want to be in such a situation. For the 5th and the last one, he swung his hand and hit her butt hard. She jumped off in shock and pain. Jack was equally hurt.

She went back to him with her hands on her butt.

Aaron had an evil grin on his face. He joked

“Jack, check if it’s red.”

Rachel stared at him while walking back.

Jack asked her, “Did it hurt?”

Probably due to smiles from all corners of the room, he couldn’t make a straight face while asking, even though he didn’t want to mock her. It didn’t go well with Rachel.

She kicked his balls with her knee, and he was on the floor, crawling.

“Does that hurt?” asked Rachel.

There were a few laughs around grup escort the room. But Jack kept his silence, understanding that he shouldn’t have done that. Now for the next round of the game. Steve and Jesse were facing off against Aaron and Penny, who was thrilled after their win. Aaron tried to employ the same strategy, but Steve was strong enough to fend off those efforts. Thanks to Jesse’s agility, she was able to pull down the 6’4 giant.

His happiness didn’t last all that long. He was now being grabbed by the balls, just a few minutes after spanking the hottest girl. And about to get spanked by his batchmate. Steve was busy undressing Penny, revealing her silky smooth legs. He wished to get more of it.

Attention was now on Aaron and Jesse. Her lap was too small and weak to place Aaron. Steve helped her out by supporting his weight from the sides. Jesse wanted to go all out just for his comments earlier on her friend. She pressed his buttocks to her thighs. She could feel his penis getting hard every second.

Now Aaron was at her mercy.

“Get it done FAST.” he said in a not so low voice.

Jesse did love the teasing but was unsure whether her small hands would be enough to cause a sting. Nevertheless, she lifted her hands as high as she could, and like a whip, she flicked her hand to land a sharp smack on his ass.

“Oh yeah, take it.”

These words were followed by his scream, resonating in the room. He couldn’t handle the pain, and he almost fell due to the jerk. Jesse looked at Rachel, and both had a giggle. The huge guy, crying after getting spanked by a batchmate, was entertaining for the viewers. She landed four more stinging smacks on his ass.

Jesse then pulled down the waistband of his underpants, revealing his stinging butt, and asked Rachel,

“Is it red enough?”

“It’s just pink. You should have slapped the butt harder.” replied Rachel, and they both laughed.

Aaron reached out to remove her hands, “Leave it.”

Jesse gave a nice massage to his aching bottom,

“Aww, poor baby.”

Aaron helped himself to get off her lap and walked away, aware of the heat on his ass.

Now it was time for the finale of the game. Jesse and Steve were to face Zach and Ana. Zach was almost the same size as Aaron, and Steve thought that he has a fair chance. But, Steve realized that Zach was much stronger than Aaron, and his muscles couldn’t compensate for all of it. Also, Ana was much faster than he expected, and they won the finals without shedding much sweat. Steve and Jesse took off their clothing without much hesitation, revealing the toned bodies of both of them. Jesse has a small pair of breasts. Steve casually flexed his quads and calves, much to the delight of the party.

At this point, everyone except Anna was down to their undies.

Paul, one of the other Sophomore boys, now asked Ana,

“It is not in the spirit of to have you fully clothed. You should remove those. But as compensation, you can make a wish.”

She was thinking. She wanted to ask all the boys in the room to strip buck naked but was shy and hesitant to do it. Her girl batchmates were all expecting her to do so.

Ana goes, “I would like to … uh mm”

Paul interrupted, “No need to worry; go ahead.”

She gathered confidence,

“I want all of you to strip off.” facing the sophomore boys. There was hooting and cheering by the girls. They were thrilled.

But to iranlı escort their disappointment, Paul dismissed it.

“Not so soon, girl. Wait for a little. We’ll get there. If you want, you can ask your batchmates.”

She didn’t mind it much. Ana very gently asked the five boys who were already in their cotton briefs.

“Take those things off.”

They kept their silence and looked at each other, but they refused to move their hands. Tom, the macho sophomore boy, told her,

“You have the command. You can get it done in any way.”

Now she was full of confidence. All other girls moved towards the front of the room to have a better view of the proceedings.

She said, “I command you to take off your undies right away.”

The girls had a giggle. The boys were turning red in embarrassment. To think of exposing everything at the command of a girl of their batch. For some of them, she was their classmate. Some others haven’t even seen her ever. Either way, there was no shortage of embarrassment. Before they could realize what was going on, Ana stormed towards the boys in line.

First in the line was Rachel’s boyfriend Jack, she shouted,


Jack involuntarily raised his hands. And in a moment, Ana pulled down his boxers. His semi flaccid cock and his balls bounced out. Ana had a grin on her face, so did Rachel.

Rachel had never seen her boyfriend’s endowments. Jack’s penis was already 5 inches long. His well-rounded balls were also on display. Other girls gasped. Jack quickly covered it up with his hands. But the girls enjoyed the humiliation. Ana had a smirk on her face.

Next in the line was her classmate Aaron. His egos didn’t allow him to go naked on the command of a classmate half his size. He held tightly onto his tighty whities. But there was no stopping Ana now. She is relishing the powers bestowed upon her. She slapped away his hands and pulled his underpants all the way down to his knees.

Girls had already started hooting and cheering for her ‘GOO GIRL’ ‘ STRIP THEM NUDE.’

Boys no longer heard or saw anything. They were in a state of blackout due to the utter humiliation they are going through. She then turned to the next in the line. They realized there was nothing that could stop the inevitable nudity. Zach, Chris, and Steve lowered their underpants down to the ankles. And as if they had magnets, the hands of all the guys were clutched to their groins.

When the girls turned up for this, they didn’t know it will be the best time of their lives. The sophomore boys were also enjoying the way Ana was about doing it. They kept silent to see more. Ana kept staring at the boys now stark naked in front of them even though they haven’t let their hands of their crotch. The blushing continued, and the girls were giggling and chirping in the back.

Now Cyril, one of the sophomore boys, intervened,

“All of you guys turn around now. Give them a view of your ass.”

There was more laughter from the girls and grunts from the boys. They reluctantly turned around. This time they didn’t try to hide anything with the hands.

Still, Cyril continued, “Split your legs, bend down and touch your toes.”

The excitement among girls was reaching the peak. Guys started spreading their legs and bending over. All of them had their undies around their knees or ankles. Now their ‘waist’ bands have been fully stretched. As they touch the ground, the girls keçiören escort had an unobstructed view of their bare butt cheeks and their ass holes. Not to forget, the balls hanging between their legs. They were relinquishing the sight of absolute visual pleasure.

Ana kept walking around their back and poked her fingers into the muscular Steven’s asshole. He tightened his sphincter and his hamstrings in the reaction making his striations visible even through his hairy brown body. There were more laughs.

Now all eyes were on Chris. It seemed as if he had no body hair at all. His ass and legs were as smooth and glowy that they could see a reflection of the light. Two, in fact, one on each butt cheek. Ana gave a light push on his ball sack. They started swinging from side to side like a pendulum.

More gasping followed. Most girls had their hands on their mouths, seeing the hottest guy in the room exposing his asshole and balls for the girls to play around. They started getting wet inside. They wished they could put their fingers in right away but not as long as the other clothed boys were there. There were a few unfortunate ones who had worn cotton briefs. They started regretting already, as it is now just a matter of time before the wetness in their privates will be visible to all.

Zach and Aaron had a hairy backside. And their thick body fat helped them not to overexpose the butt hole and the balls. On the other hand, Jack was tall and so lean that his pinkish butt hole was on display.

The girls were discussing it with Rachel.

“How cute, his asshole is in your favorite color!”

Cyril interrupts, “Ok, now get hands on your head and turn around.”

More excitement from the girls. They can now see their batchmates’ bare cocks. The boys again were reluctant but had no choice but to follow it. They turned around with hands on their head and penises on full display. Most of them were half erect. Now Ana took off her top and pants as promised. Now all girls were in their bikinis and the five boys nude, except for the underwear on their ankles.

Ana was quick to point it out.

“I don’t think you are supposed to wear it that way. Get rid of it. Be in your birthday suits.”

More laughing and giggling from the girls, mainly on the ‘birthday suit’ comment. They bent down to take it off their ankles.

This time George interrupted

“It’s not nice to take it off like that. Let your partner do it for you. That’s what makes it sexier. Move over to them just like this.”

The ‘ love expert’s ‘ comment was received with cheers, not by the five nude ones, of course. They walked over to their partners, wearing their undies on their ankles, hindering their movement, making their nudity more felt. They passed the only clothing that remained on their bodies to their partners. And they went back to their positions.

Now Jim (the lead sophomore) goes,

“We are nearing the end of the session. We will have some quick activities. First, I guess we will have to have some physical activities to get those boners under control.”

“So, jump as high as you can till that happens.”

Boys blushed red as they heard them talk about their exposed boners. The erections restrained the motion so much that most of them didn’t even jump 3 inches off the floor. Girls had the gorgeous view of the erect and semi-erect penises flopping around from one thigh to the other and sometimes hitting the stomach and back. After some 2 minutes, most of the erections subdued. But the penises were still longer than usual, and the veins visible all over.

“Before winding up, let’s give the girls a chance to show their moves. After all, we are dancers. Let’s see how hot it gets.” Jim said.

(To be continued)

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