Dana’s Surprise


“Close your eyes, I want this to be a surprise” she said, pushing me down onto the bed. We were in Dana’s dorm room, the wall above the bed covered with movie posters and magazine cutouts. Leah, her roommate, had left for her Friday chem lab15 minutes ago, so we would have some privacy for the next hour and a half. I settled my head on her pillow, which always smelled of vanilla, like her hair, which made me think of our first shower together after an early Saturday practice, which made me smile.

She pouted at me. “C’mon, close ’em. Don’t you wanna know what it is – the surprise?” Her pout turned into a wicked smile that was gone in a flash. The pout came back. “It’s your loss, whatever” she said as she turned away, the hem of her white eyelet skirt floating up to mid-thigh.

“Ok, I’ll close my eyes. Here, see?” Behind closed eyes, I imagined my hand on her thigh and my cock stirred in my shorts. It was early October, but still warm enough that the students could wear shorts and tees during the day. I had on just that, and Dana wore a vintage U2 tanktop, ribbed and braless, that clung to her breasts. I hadn’t noticed if her nipples were hard. If they were, I might be in for a good surprise, I thought. We had only been dating for a month, but that was long enough to learn to read her nipples. I risked a peek, but her back was to me, as she scrolled through the songs on her iPod. I’d have to wait and see.

Heavy guitars poured out of the speakers on her dresser. I could feel her move to the side of the bed, and her flip flops made a dull thud as they hit the floor. Her words were hot on my face as she spoke. “You know how I went with Leah when she got her nails done?” I nodded. Leah was big on manicured nails, a Thursday ritual, but didn’t own a single bottle of polish. “Did you know they did other stuff, too?” Dana climbed onto the bed next to me, but her body didn’t touch mine. Her voice was further away now. “Leah told me one night, after a party, how great they are, and how much she likes it.” Her foot nudged my left hand. I took hold of her ankle and caressed the smooth skin of her calf, sliding higher, past her knee and up to the hem of her skirt. My other hand did the same, almost involuntarily. Dana inhaled sharply and stood so her feet were outside my shoulders.

“So, anyway, when she told me, I was like, hmm, Cal might like that.” My fingers had gone as far as they could reach, halfway up the outside of her thighs. “But I didn’t know. I mean, I didn’t even shave until this summer, and never like this.” Her hips came down slowly, agonizingly slow, and my hands rose along the swell of her hips to the curve of her ass, then on to her waist. No panties, not even the thongs she bought “for my eyes only.” I was finding it harder and harder to keep my eyes shut, with her bare bottom hovering over me. She shaved her bikini line, but had never gone totally bare. Dana also thought that anything other than my hands or cock near her pussy was gross, no matter how hard I tried to convince her.

“Leah convinced me to try. She knows these things, somehow.” Her hands grabbed my elbows and pulled me out from under her skirt, and I frowned.

“So what is this surprise, then?” I played along, already having a pretty good idea. Leah was more sexual, and far more experienced, than Dana, so what she said about sex usually became gospel. I hadn’t complained yet; she had been right every time so far.

Dana crouched further, almost sitting on my chest. Reaching out, her hands took mine for support and she lowered he knees to the pillows surround my head. The hem of her skirt lay across the bridge of my nose. My eyes stayed closed, miraculously. She released my hands and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Bending backwards, her hips pushed forward, bringing her pussy yenibosna escort just above my mouth. “No hands, no eyes. Just…” She was reluctant to say it. Her breathes came faster, and I wore a pained expression on my face. The anticipation was going to kill me if she didn’t say it – or anything. “Be gentle. Just tongue, and no biting.”

I wanted to see her, the look in her eyes, pursed lips, straining nipples. But more than that, I wanted to taste her. It was the only thing I wanted but wasn’t allowed to do, until 3 seconds ago. I inhaled the musty scent of sex, and could tell she was excited. With my tongue I traced the line where her thigh meets her crotch, and it tasted like her scent. I realized she had been excited about this probably since she got waxed yesterday. It must have killed her to wait until I had finished a paper for this morning’s class before we could see each other. Slowly I moved from one side up to the other, leaving a U-shaped trail and avoiding her clit.

“That’s… nice” she whispered.

I moved my head from beneath her and said, “Are you ready?”

“Uh-…” was all she could muster before I had her entire clit in my mouth, sucking lightly in between flicks of my tongue. She panted, and the faintest moan escaped her mouth. Dana was near-silent during sex, so I was encouraged. Her weight shifted forward, and she braced herself against the wall behind my head. Her clit shifted away from my tongue, and I was greeted with her bare pussy resting on my mouth. Smooth and slick, I had never felt a pussy so wet. Gently I licked as far as I could and repeated, increasing in speed and pressure, and eventually adding pressure from my lips and whole mouth. Dana was still stifling moans, and her thighs shook lightly when I pushed my tongue in her. I looked up at her, and her eyes were half closed, mouth open, and one hand was eagerly twisting a nipple through her tank. Not wanting to disrupt her pleasure, I slid down the bed so my feet rested on the floor, and pulled her hips down to me. She moved willingly, now on all fours with her naked ass in the air. Once covered with whispy red pubes, Dana was now bare from lower abdomen to her asshole. My saliva had mixed with her wetness, as it slowly dribbled down her thigh.

“Please, don’t stop” she pleaded. “Not yet.” Her thighs spread apart and her pussy came down, and I raised my mouth to meet it. I took her clit again, and ran a finger along her slit quickly before entering her. It slid in easily, and I added another, then a third. While I sucked Dana’s clit, she started panting quietly, and I knew she would cum soon.

“Tell me when you want me to stop” I said in between tugs on her clit with my teeth.

“But I’m gonna, ooh… right there… ahhhh…” Her ass clenched above me, and I felt the first twinges of her orgasm on my fingers. Using my thumb on her clit, I eagerly lapped at her pussy, and was rewarded with her orgasm. Her pussy quivered over my open mouth, and she suddenly ground against me, alternating between clenching and mini tremors. I met her grinding with eager licks, keeping her in orgasm as long as I could. Her breathing slowed, and when she was still, I moved out from under her and stood at the foot of the bed. Directly in front of me, Dana’s heart-shaped ass tapered to a pink and glistening pussy that I had thoroughly eaten for the first time. Seeing her hairless and waiting made me realize that I couldn’t remember ever being harder than I was right then.

“Was that ok?” I asked, only half-teasing. I didn’t want her to regret her first orally-induced orgasm.

“It was so ok,” she said turning and smiling at me, “that I think you should be rewarded likewise.” She stretched her petite 5′ frame its full length, and zeytinburnu escort rolled over so she was looking up at me. In one quick motion, she slid her skirt down past her knees and wiggled in over her ankles. Dana kicked it at me, but I didn’t take my eyes off her body. “I’m only half-dressed. Shirt,” she emphasized with a pointed leg and arched foot, “off.”

I complied wordlessly. Her knees were now bent at 90 degree angles, and pushed together. Dressed only in tie-front cargo shorts, I pushed my way in between her legs and bent down to kiss her. Dana’s thighs caught my midsection in a scissor hold, and she held me halfway to her face. I put my arms out to support my weight, but her pressure did not let up. She played soccer for the club team on campus, and she might have had slender legs but they were strong. Our current position left her naked pussy literally inches from my throbbing hard-on, a fact she did not miss. She traced her fingertips down my chest, across my abs, and settled on the strings that held my shorts in place.

We were silent, except for heavy breathing, as she untied and then loosed my shorts. One hand slid beneath the waistband and grasped the base of my cock. Dana’s eyebrows arched with mild amusement. “My little surprise has really got you hot and bothered, huh?” Still locked between her thighs, I pumped my hips against her hand, and within seconds she started to jerk my hard-on. After only a moment, she withdrew her hand, relaxed her thighs, and touching me with only her feet, slid my shorts down to my knees. My cock sprang free and hovered directly above her smooth, soaked pussy.

Again her hands reached for me, but instead they both went directly for her own crotch, where I could hear her rub herself. Slick with her own cum, one hand played with the swollen head of my cock, while the other snuck beneath her tank and tweaked her left nipple. I was so enthralled with watching her play with her tit that I missed her position my cock against her pussy and use her heels to pull my crotch into hers. She took all of my length in the first plunge, and held me there while she grew accustomed to my cock.

“I always forget how big you feel inside of me,” Dana whispered. Her eyes fluttered momentarily, than opened wide as I slowly pulled out and thrust back into her completely. Lips closed, she gave me a sexy smiled. As I continued my slow, steady strokes, Dana bit her bottom lip gently, and twisted first one, then the other nipple through her tank.

“We’re back to being uneven” I managed in between thrusts. “Let me see you do that.” Dana pulled her tank over her head and freed her hair from its small ponytail. It radiated around her head on the pillow, strands of red laced with amber highlights. On her face she wore an expression of complete and total relaxation. Still leaning on one arm for support, I pulled her head to mine and drank in her kiss. She licked my lips, tasting herself on my mouth and chin.

“That’s what you wanted so bad? Was it worth it?”

“Ab-so-lute-ly” I replied, punctuating each syllable with a deep thrust. Dana wrapped her legs around me, seeking to regain some measure of control. Alternating slow and faster pumps, I placed one of hands back on her breast, and began to kiss and lick the other. It tasted like her sex, and I fought to control the urge to down on her again.

The attention to both her nipples, as well as my cock plunging in and out of her sensitive pussy, became too much for Dana to withstand. I first felt it deep inside her, the walls of her pussy contracting around me, trying to catch me in a spot that would provide maximum pleasure. Her moans began softly, but grew louder and longer. The music in the background quickened to match mecidiyeköy escort our pace. She pulled me down to kiss, and as soon as out tongues entwined her body was wracked with the convulsions of orgasm. What were moans became stifled cries, she held my face against hers, and her hips and thighs clamped around me when I was the deepest inside her I had been. She bit my lip, drawing blood.

Buried within her, I lightly ground the base of my cock against her, continuing her orgasm. Dana’s finger dug into the back of my neck. She had never cum like that before, for such a long time and so intensely. She released my head and sank into the pillows. Her body calmed as suddenly as it had started shaking.

“I don’t know what you did, but from now on, it’s your only job.”

For the rest of the song that was playing, we stayed right where we were, me buried deep in her. It ended, and silenced took the room.

“How did you not cum?” Her look was envious. “You always do.”

“I was busy with something else, I guess.” My shoulders were burning, so I sat back on my quads. I slipped from the folds of her pussy, cock slick with her cum. Dana swung one hip onto the other, and pushed the swell of her ass into my crotch. I spread my knees to lower my hips and give her more room. With one hand she spread open her lips, and with the other guided me back into her. Motionless, I watched as I slowly disappeared inside her, and every time she rocked her hips, I sank deeper. For a while she kept a steady pace, settling on less in-and-out, more up-and-down friction.

I leaned back slightly, and the look on my face told her I was close.

“You like it when I fuck you, huh?” I nodded, watching her ass swivel and sink. “You like not having to do all the work?” Another nod. My balls started to swell, a sure sign. “Tell you what, after what you did for me, I’ll give ya one last surprise. You can cum anywhere you want but in me.” That was music to my ears. I learned early on that Dana wasn’t a swallower, and I never asked her to do it again. Usually, I came on her stomach or on her ass, depending where I was.

“Your tits… I want… Suck me, make me come on your tits.”

She smiled another wicked smile at me, and rolled her hips away so my cock left the warmth of her pussy. I sat upright on my knees and she turned to face me, tugging gently on my hard-on. Dana laid on her side, back against the wall, and she pulled me up to her. When I was level with her face, she licked the base of my cock, inching slowly up to the tip, and then swallowed the entire head. Dana gave the best head I ever had, all self-taught. And everything she learned, she did so with me in her mouth. Best of all, she knew that a little visual stimulation made everything better. While she sucked half way down my cock, jerking me with one hand, she played with herself with the other, slipping one finger over and around her throbbing clit.

My breathing increased, and when I took one last gasp, Dana popped me out of her mouth and pumped me with both hands. My fist shot landed squarely on her nipple. The rest were more poorly aimed, landing on shoulder, arm and even wall, as Dana went back to rubbing her own clit vigorously. When my cum had slowed to a last lone dribble, she took me back in her mouth and licked every inch she could reach. Her fingers were a blur, frantically working for a third orgasm. My cock stiffened, responding to her sucking and the sight of her. Dana’s eyes were closed in concentration, and she began to pump faster on my cock. Unbelievably, I felt another orgasm approaching quickly. Her mouth full of my hard-on, Dana cried out as, simultaneously, her body shook with a third orgasm and I sprayed my cum down her throat while she jerked furiously my cock and her own pussy.

I softened quickly while her body recovered from the convulsions. She licked her lips first, then the fingers she had used to pleasure herself so expertly. When she had calmed, she turned to face the wall and moved up against me. As I filled the space behind her, she sighed gently.

“I’ll need a shower soon. Can you help me with that, too?”

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