Dahlia and Darren


Author’s note: Fictional story, all characters are 18 and older, wrote from imagination/what turns me on. Editing thanks go to Todger65.


Chapter 1

A pair of large, round, milky-white breasts descended onto the dark-chocolate six-pack abs of a hulking, African-American bodybuilder. Silhouetted by the moonlight coming through the window in Ronnie’s hotel room, Dahlia’s nipples barely grazed his abs. They trailed upwards, over his muscular chest, making their way to their desired destination. Ronnie’s tongue flicked against a nipple, circling around it, causing Dahlia to moan. His large black hand rose to grab one of her massive pale orbs and guided it to his open mouth. He wrapped his big lips around the erect nipple, dragging them over her areola, and proceeded to suck it. Dahlia reached around behind her, grabbing his veiny, pulsing cock and guided it to her salivating pussy. She lowered herself on it gingerly, as Ronnie continued to suckle a tit. She shivered when his cock landed against her cervix. Ronnie, with his free hand, grabbed her meaty ass and released the nipple from his mouth.

“When is your flight tomorrow morning?” Dahlia asked looking down at Ronnie, his cock pulsating inside her, so ready to begin their final fuck session.

“Six am,” he replied, with a single thrust of his hips, causing Dahlia to wince from pleasure.

“I’ll leave in a few hours then.”

“As you wish,” Ronnie replied with another hard thrust.

“Mmmmm,” She moaned. The two had been sleeping together for the past week of Ronnie’s two week trip to Los Angeles. Every night after they first met, a week prior, she was at his hotel room riding and cumming on his cock as much as possible.

“Can’t believe I’m the first black man you’ve had sex with.” Ronnie said. “You got a thick, juicy, body that a lot of us like. Thick thighs, big titties, big ass; you’re not a petite little thing.”

“Believe it.” Dahlia said flatly, grabbing his face and sticking her tongue into his mouth. What a week it had been. She met Ronnie at a strip club near downtown LA. Dahlia had a friend who worked there that she and her boyfriend went to watch occasionally. Except on this night Dahlia’s didn’t have a boyfriend anymore. She had ended their tumultuous two year relationship the previous evening.

Victor slapped her during a ridiculous argument. That was the final straw that ended things. She was tired of arguing with him, tired of listening to his whiny, possessive attitude, and tired of persevering. The slap was her answer. She slapped him back and kneed him in the groin and then kicked him out. She struggled with everything she had, not to snap that scrawny twerp in half while he gathered his things. She could handle arguments and getting through to his thick skull that she loved him, but once he struck her face, that ended all reasoning, negotiating, and trying to make things work with him.

Dahlia felt liberated as she watched Victor drive off. The next few days would be so great. She had it planned out. She would go to watch her good friend Sandee dance, stay until closing, meet up with Sandee after and have sex with her. She knew Sandee was bi-sexual and that there was enough playful flirting between the two over the years that she assumed a few drinks would escalate into a lovely night of pussy eating and scissoring. It’d been five years since the 37 year old Dahlia fooled around with a woman. She figured that night was as good a night as any, to have some female fun and release the built up tension from the break up.

This plan ended the moment a 6’6″ tall, huge, black man named Ronnie sat next to her at the bar. He nodded and smiled to her as he turned around to watch the ladies dance. Dahlia went weak in the knees when she smelled his cologne. She couldn’t help but glance over at him, feeling that her 5’9″ height was dwarfed compared to him. He must have seen this in his peripheral vision, turning to her, he said “hello.” The conversation was awkward at first, but eventually the two weren’t even paying attention to the dancers, as their friendly banter evolved to be more flirtatious.

Three hours later, just after midnight, Dahlia stood before a sitting Ronnie in his hotel room. He had nonchalantly pulled his cock out when Dahlia went to the restroom. Upon her return, her eyes widened as she stared at the long, thick, monster. After a moment, she smirked and pulled the front of her dark red dress down, revealing her own massive gifts.

“Nice dick,” she said, going to her knees in front of Ronnie.

“Nice tits,” he replied.

Dahlia plopped her breasts on to Ronnie’s thighs, engulfing his shaft with them. “Big tits for a big cock.”

“You got that right,” Ronnie replied, laying his head back, staring up to the ceiling.

The moment she tasted the pre-cum that was oozing out of his bulbous cockhead she knew she’d be

there in that hotel room as often as she could for the rest of his trip. She sucked on that fat tip, while she massaged Escort the shaft with her breasts.

“Delicious,” she said after several minutes. She grinned, and then proceeded to suck, lick, service, ride, grind, and fuck herself silly on Ronnie’s pole for the next week.

Fast forward a week and Ronnie had his hand in Dahlia’s thick, long, dyed black hair while he made her scream from his powerful thrusts behind her.

“Ahh fuck!” Dahlia cried out, Ronnie’s tree-truck thighs, slamming into her butt, sending ripples and making loud slapping sounds.

Chapter 2

Darren lay naked in his bed idly stroking his cock. He was picturing her again. Her long red hair, big blue eyes, luscious lips, gorgeous tanned body. That’s when he heard it – the shouting, crying, slamming, and finally the next door neighbor’s vehicle speeding off to who knows where.

“I was just thinking of you,” he said to himself, rising from his bed and peeping through the blinds. He saw her in her backyard next door. She was wearing a long white bathrobe while dipping her feet into their swimming pool. Darren surmised her dad and stepmom were yelling at her before they left for the weekend, leaving her home alone. Darren slid on some cargo shorts, grabbed a t-shirt, and headed out the back door.

“Hey,” Darren said, startling Leanna a few minutes later. The 18 year old redhead jumped slightly and turned to him.

“Oh hey. So I guess you heard some of that?” She asked.

“A little yeah. I just heard some shouting and them leaving. Is everything ok?”

Leanna sighed, looking out onto the pool. “Not really. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore though.”

“Yeah. So when are you leaving?

“At the end of this semester. It kinda sucks I have to start at a new school on the other side of the country for my last semester in high school. But whatever.” Leanna explained, shrugging her shoulders.

Darren just nodded, smiling softly, looking her over. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine, you’ll make friends easily.”

“Yeah maybe. Anyway enough of that.” Leanna said, turning to face Darren with a smile, and then removing her robe. “Ready?”

“Absolutely, it’s been a few weeks,” Darren answered. The 20 year old followed a nude Leanna into her home. He smirked as he watched her hips sway from side to side.

They made their way to the hallway and Leanna turned around and began kissing and taunting Darren. “You gonna give me some good hard cock tonight?” She said in between kisses.

“I’ll do my best,” he replied as he helped Leanna remove his shirt. They continued down the hallway arriving at the last closed door on the left, her dad and stepmom’s room, stopping to make out a bit. Darren reached down to grab her plump little butt. “I want in here tonight,” He said, kissing along her neck.

“My stepmom has plenty of lube we can use.” Leanna said, helping Darren remove his pants. She went to her knees in the hallway, grabbing his cock and swirling her tongue around the tip. “Mmm yummy.”

Leanna stood, pulling Darren by his cock, turned to open the bedroom door.

Dahlia opened her unlocked front door and entered her home, placing her keys on the key rack. She barely had enough time to enter the kitchen when she was slammed against the wall. She was struck in the face several times before being kneed in the gut and then collapsing on the floor, coughing and trying to catch her breath. The baseball bat to the knee caused her to scream in agony.

“Ahhhh! I said more lube!” Leanna screamed when Darren entered her anus. “Here. Put more on me and then on you.”

“Ok! I’m sorry! Here we go,” Darren said, squirting the bottle of Astroglide lube on Leanna’s puckered hole. “There, that should be better,” he said, slowing sliding his cock in, and getting to work.

Dahlia watched the man turn over a large bookshelf, spilling photo albums, DVDs, books, and magazines onto the floor. He began dousing them with what smelled like lighter fluid. She stood as his back was turned to her and limped toward him, tackling from behind. She began hitting and clawing his head, causing his black ski mask to come off.

“You piece of shit!” Dahlia screamed down at Victor as she attempted to gouge his eyes out with her long fingernails. From his squirming and blocking she was only able to scratch his face, drawing blood. Victor was able to push her off him. While straddling her, he landed several more successful punches to the face.

“You dirty girl,” Darren chuckled down at Leanna. He was straddling her, running his cock in between her tits. She licked and sucked the tip of it as it arrived to her waiting mouth.

“Hey I clean myself thoroughly I’ll have you know.” Leanna said, winking up at Darren as she cleaned his cock.

Dahlia lay on her stomach crying and struggling as the bat hit her few more times, the last blow landing on the back of her head.

Leanna lay on her stomach as she slid a hand down to her clit, massaging it as Darren pumped in and Escort Bayan out of her pussy from behind.

Dahlia, groggy and struggling to stand, attempted to get outside as the fire that was started grew hotter. Sweat was dripping from her chin as the temperature rose.

“Is it hot in here?” Leanna asks. She was on top of Darren, bouncing up and down on his cock.

“It’s a little warm, yeah, but I don’t care.” He said with his hands on Leanna’s hips, watching her perky little tits bounce as she rode him.

Dahlia was able to drag herself out of the burning home, just in time to receive one final blow to the head by the assailant’s baseball bat. As she lost consciousness the last thing she saw is Victor running away as sirens approached.

“Ahh yess! Yess! Fuck me!” Leanna cried out in the shower with Darren, wrapping her arms around him as he slammed her against the shower wall.

“Ughh, love this pussy!” Darren cried back. “It’s tighter than your ass.”

“Shut up.” She rolled her eyes as the steam rose.

The EMTs were tending to Dahlia as the firemen successfully put out the fire.

Leanna and Darren were sitting nude at the kitchen table eating leftover pizza. “Of course I’ll keep in touch; you’ve been a great friend these past few years.” Leanna said; placing a hand on Darren’s, but his attention quickly went elsewhere.

“You see that?” Darren asked as a flicker of blue light caught his eye. He stood and walked toward the window over the kitchen sink.

“See what?” Leanna asked, turning around and joining him. “Is that coming from – “

” – my house?” Darren finished her question, peering through blinds of the kitchen window. “It is!”

Chapter 3

Darren covered his mouth and tried to maintain his composure as he looked in on the hospital room his mother, Dahlia, was in. It was an intensive care unit and the nurses were just finishing up checking her vitals before their shift change.

“You can go in if you like. The doctor will be here soon.” A nurse said as she was leaving. Darren slowly nodded. He took a deep breath and slowly entered her room.

Darren shook as he sat in the chair next to her bed. Her face was beaten badly. There was a large bandage over her right eye and forehead, bruising on her cheeks, and a smaller cut on her chin. Her left knee was wrapped and in a sling.

He looked on in shock and felt tears welling up but was interrupted by a knock at the door. “May I come in?” the polite doctor asked, already knowing the answer.

Darren cleared his throat, sniffed, and stood to face the doctor. “Hello,” he said with a nod.

“Hello I’m Dr. Decker,” he said, extending his hand to Darren. “You are, the son, correct?”

“Yes sir. I’m Darren,” he replied, shaking his hand.

“Ok, I’m just going to grab this chair here and sit with you for a few moments.” Dr. Decker slid another chair in the room next to Darren’s. The both sat, Darren watching the doctor flip through various MRIs and charts.

“I understand you’ve given a statement to the police and they were able to retrieve some blood from under her fingernails?” The doctor asked.

“Yes, they think they may find something in the DNA.”

“I see, well I offered to provide any medical statement if need be. With that said, your mother’s vitals are all great and normal. Circulation, breathing and so on. IV units are in place here,” the doctor explained, pointing to various devices nearby that were plugged into Dahlia. “However, she did sustain some head injuries in addition to her knee. Right now, Darren, she is in a coma.”

Darren nodded, slowly turning to look at his mother. Dr. Decker continued on, “Our MRIs show there is brain injury and brain swelling. We are doing what we can with medication, but a lot of this is simply waiting. It could be several days before she wakes up. It could be several weeks.

Darren nodded again, not taking his eyes off his mother as the doctor talked, “When she wakes up there may other issues to work with and treat. Luckily no parts of the brain were injured that control major organs. However, I’m concerned about some of the injuries to the frontal lobe and on the side here, the temporal lobe,” The doctor explained, pointing down to the MRI. “Injuries sustained there could have a negative effect on attention span, motor function issues, sensory problems, problem solving skills, memory loss, and personality.”

“Personality?” Darren asked, turning to face the doctor with a look of concern.

“Yes. I have seen brain trauma that has caused a person to have a totally different personality. I didn’t know them personally, but their family told me they would be easily angered or aggravated after they went home. I’ve heard through colleagues that some of their patients became shy and awkward. There is a chance that this could happen with her.”

Darren didn’t say anything; he simply turned his attention back to his sleeping mother.

“We will monitor everything Bayan Escort and continue constant care. We won’t move her out of ICU until she wakes up. When she does we will do more thorough tests to see what, if any, issues remain from the injuries.”

Dr. Decker rose to his feet, followed by Darren, they shook hands again and the doctor left. He was alone again with his mother. He sat back down by her side and did something he hadn’t done in probably over 10 years – he wept.

Resting his hand on her forearm, Darren cried, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I should’ve been there, I should’ve protected you. I could’ve stopped this from happening. Please forgive me, please wake up. I still need you!” The tears spilled from his eyes as he placed his hand gently on his mother’s. “Please wake up. Please,” he pleaded just above a whisper, resting his head on railing on the side of her bed.

Chapter 4

“Ok, remember what I said?” Dahlia asked her 10 year old son, Darren, as she knelt down in front of him. “If that little twerp lays a hand on you, you hit him and keep hitting him until a teacher pulls you off him.”

“What if I get in trouble?” He asked his mother.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Yeah but I could get suspended for fighting.”

“You may get in trouble with the principle or a teacher, but not with me. If you get suspended I’ll see what options I have to challenge it since you’d be defending yourself,” Dahlia explained. She leaned in closer and whispered in her son’s ear.

“I may not challenge it and then you’d get a week off school. We could go to the beach. What do you say?”

Darren smiled and nodded. Dahlia gave him a hug and handed him his lunch. “But don’t let that be a reason to start a fight with that kid. Only attack to defend yourself, understood?”

“Yes mom,” Darren took his lunch and headed outside to catch the bus.

He was exhausted. He barely slept all night in her hospital room. He’d go in and out of sleep, remembering their past, remaining right there next to her; always holding her hand, always listening, watching, and waiting for a sign that his mother was waking up. He saw none. He was so hungry, but didn’t want to leave her side. He was wracked with guilt, beating himself up over what happened that night. He was next door having sex with Leanna, when his mother came home. He knew she was out that night and would be home shortly after midnight. He didn’t know Victor would be waiting nearby for her. Darren reasoned that perhaps he snuck into the house after he saw Darren leave. He had a headache from lack of sleep, water, and from stress. “I could’ve at least locked the door,” he told himself over and over again.

Later the next day, Sunday, Darren made a few phone calls. He called his employer to let him know of the situation. He was given as much time as he needed to take care of her. He then called some family members and alerted them as well. They lived far away and they rarely saw each other. Darren didn’t think they would fly out to visit her. He assumed a card or flowers would be delivered from them and he was right.

That night back in his mother’s room, Darren was caressing her forearm, lightly trailing his fingers up and down its length with a concerned expression on his face.

“Dude, your mom is so cool.” One of Darren’s friends told him four years ago, just after receiving his driver’s license. “My mom won’t let me drive alone until I’ve had my license for 6 months. It’s lame.”

“Yeah that is lame,” Darren replied, making a left turn, heading toward the mall.

“If your mom lost like 20 pounds, she’d be smoking hot, too.” His friend pointed out.

“Ok that’s enough of that,” Darren chuckled and shook his head.

Dahlia did lose the weight. She lost around 40 pounds over the course of the next two years. It was slow going, but she was able to do it.

“Well what do you think?” Dahlia asked her son about two years later as she entered the kitchen. He was standing at the refrigerator, peering inside. He turned around and his eyes widened.

“Wow,” he said, staring at his mother standing in a few feet away in a black bikini.

“Wow as in, ‘I can’t believe you have the guts to wear that,’ or wow as in, ‘You actually look good in a bikini?'”

“Um, I’d say a little bit of both.” Darren looked her up and down as she slowly turned in a circle. He was visibly impressed with her weight loss. She wasn’t toned or muscular, her thighs were fairly thick, her butt was shapely, her breasts were huge, and her midsection had a small amount of weight left, but overall she was voluptuous and gorgeous. Her long thick black hair, extending down to her middle back, and her spider web shoulder tattoo she had recently gotten looked awesome. She did a full circle and smiled softly at her son.

Darren took a sip of water the nurse brought him. He gently squeezed his mother’s hand, then ran his fingers over hers hoping it did something, anything, but there was no movement from her. Tears began to well up again in his eyes.

“Your hand is so soft, so warm. ” He leaned down to kiss it gently, resting his head on the bed railing, whispering “Please wake up” over and over, each utterance further apart and quieter until he was sleep.

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