Dad’s Boss


When Eric Malone was told by his parents back in 1976 that while they were very willing to throw him a party to celebrate his graduation from high school, it would be primarily an adult affair with relatives and friends of the family because they had no intention of sponsoring a melee full of drunken teenagers like had happened elsewhere in the neighborhood in recent years.

Eric feigned a bit of annoyance but didn’t really care since he didn’t have all that many friends and the ones he had were eggheads like himself who were hardly that type. Eric was interested in the guest list however, and when he asked his father who was invited Ed Malone ran down the roll call of aunts and uncles that Eric barely knew.

“That’s it?” Eric asked when his father paused after a while, because there was a name that he hadn’t heard that he was praying would be on it.

“Let’s see,” Eric’s balding father said as he adjusted his glasses, and after mentioning some other faceless cousin Eric’s mother Peggy chimed in.

“And Mr. Lennox of course,” his bubbly Mom chirped, and then Eric nodded while trying to keep from jumping up and down to celebrate upon hearing that his old man’s boss would be invited.

“Oh yes,” a slightly annoyed Ed Malone said to his son as he rolled his eyes out of his wife’s sight. “We wouldn’t want to deprive your mother out of seeing Rock again.”

“Oh you!” Peggy said in mock anger. “He’s such a nice man.”


“Your father!” Peggy said as she shook her head. “He thinks I have a crush on his employer.”

“Well you just about swoon whenever we end up at a function with him,” Ed Malone accurately noted.

“He’s a handsome man. No doubt about that. Your wise guy father calls him Rock because I mentioned once that he resembles Rock Hudson. You know? The actor?” Peggy teased. “But I’m a one man woman.”

“It’ll give you a chance to wear that new bathing suit you got,” Ed noted. “And who knows? Maybe he’s bring his bathing suit too and you two can ogle each other all afternoon.”

“Silly. Richard Lennox is not going to take a second look at scrawny old me,” Peggy said. “Not when your sister is around showing off her stuff.”

“Well, whatever you two decide,” Eric said as he left them to discuss the matter, and on the way to his room the soon-to-be high school graduate tried to get his heart from racing so fast.

Eric knew his father’s boss from Richard Lennox coming to a birthday party his Mom had thrown for his Dad’s 50th a couple years ago, and while the teen had only seen the man a couple of times very briefly since then, that first day in the backyard was what resonated in Eric’s memory.

It was spending that afternoon with Richard Lennox that made Eric figure out a lot of things about himself, and it had been a struggle not to keep from staring at the man who was about his father’s age but bore little resemblance to his Dad.

Eric remembered over hearing his parents bickering that night when the two of them were cleaning up, and it was obvious to the boy that his Dad was a bit upset at the way he perceived his wife had been flirting with his boss.

“I was just trying to make the man feel comfortable – just like I was everybody else,” Peggy had insisted, although Eric himself had noticed the way his Mom had been staring at the handsome man with the broad chest and muscles that made him look younger than he was. “Silly you getting jealous, just because I said he reminds me of Rock Hudson. I was kidding. Jealous at your age!”

“I’m not jealous,” Eric’s father had said, and it was obvious that the cocktails had an effect on him when he added when he thought his son was out of earshot. “Besides, he’s not that way.”

“You mean he wouldn’t mess around with other men’s wives? I’m not surprised,” Mom had said. “He’s a classy man.”

“No, I mean he wouldn’t screw around with any wives, or any women. Understand?” Ed had snapped, enjoying his wife’s confused look. “He’s – you get it?”

“Mr. Lennox?” Mom had said in a shocked voice. “He’s… that way?”

“He is,” Eric’s Dad had replied, nodding toward his son who was picking up trash a few yards away to warn her to keep her voice down.

“Who would have guessed?” Eric recalled his mother saying softly as she learned too much about her fantasy man.

Eric had heard enough but pretended to have heard nothing, and as he moved around the perimeter of the pool picking up cups and plates he felt a shiver go down his spine.

“He’s that way?” Eric whispered in an imitation of his mother as his parents went inside while his boy replayed the image of Mr. Lennox by the pool in his mind. “What would you think if you found out I think I’m that way too Mom?”

Eric had suspected that he was a little different all along, but until that afternoon when he pretty much fell in love with his Dad’s employer he wasn’t absolutely sure.

That was back then and now a couple years later Eric knew, only now when he would see Richard escort osmanbey Lennox again he would not be a boy but a man, and even though he had no delusions about anything ever happening like he had fantasized non-stop since that day, like his mother he could still dream and here’s how Eric remembers it going down.

*** *** *** ***

“I’m so glad it’s a hot and sunny day!” Mom chirped to the company for the millionth time as she introduced another faceless relative to me, and while I smiled and was the ever-gracious nerd son my mind was elsewhere.

There was somebody missing, and as I looked over the couple dozen adults my heart was sinking more and more with every passing minute. Where was he?

I got the feeling that my mother was also spending a lot of time looking out the driveway for Dad’s boss while we shook hands and hugged people. She had gone out of her way to look attractive and it seemed like Mom had put some extra padding in the top of her modest bathing suit, as if to compete with Dad’s sister who had her jugs hanging out as usual.

He’s mine. That’s what I wanted to say to Mom even though the idea was absurd, but I did want to see Mr. Lennox again. Who knows? Maybe the feelings I had were gone. Maybe he wasn’t like I remembered him at all. Maybe he was bald and lumpy like Dad and no longer resembled any movie stars. Maybe those biceps weren’t still bulging and maybe that broad hairy chest had atrophied.

Perhaps my attraction to him was superficial and I only cared that he was handsome. 18 years old kids were like that even though I didn’t think that I was that way. After all, that was probably why I had spent my teenage years fantasizing about others instead of being loved, because most people were exactly that way and had little use for scrawny geeks like me.

And then his magic Mr. Lennox came up the driveway and into the backyard holding a little bag. He explained that he was late because he had to buy a new bathing suit because he had outgrown the old one, but as he padded his stomach he didn’t look very much different than he had in my eyes. Just looking at the way the black hair peeked out of the front of Mr. Lennox’s open-necked shirt had my dick stiffening already.

“Eric!” Mr. Lennox bellowed as he came up to me and slammed his big paw on my shoulder. “Here’s a young fellow who hasn’t changed a bit. Still a lean and mean fighting machine, just older and wiser, right Eric?”

“Yes sir,” I replied, knowing he was correct in his assessment because I wasn’t much different now that I had been that last day he had been back here.

I was still about 5’9″, a good three or four inches less that Mr. Lennox who outweighed me by at least 50 pounds. The idea that I had once stared at this man and dreamed about being as manly as him someday was absurd now in retrospect, but that didn’t stop me from looking at him.

“Eric, why don’t you bring Mr. Lennox inside so he can change into his suit?” Mom said, and I nodded although as Mr. Lennox walked with me it was more like he was escorting me into the house than the other way around.

“Occupied,” I mumbled as we got down the hall, and then after hearing women’s voices from the other side of my parent’s bedroom door I quickly audibled. “Uh, you can change in my room Mr. Lennox. I have to change too.”

“Swell!” Mr. Lennox declared as we entered to room that was thankfully clean, and as he kept the conversation going I went into my drawer and pulled out pair of lime green trunks.

This wasn’t planned. I wasn’t planning on going to swim at all, not willing to expose my scrawny body to this crowd, but the idea of getting naked with Mr. Lennox was too much to resist. Even something innocent like undressing with him would provide masturbation fodder for years.

My hands were shaking as I tried to reply to Mr. Lennox’s questions about my future while also attempting not to look at him, and that was proving to be a challenge as I tried to match his pace of undressing while he commented on stuff in my room.

His chest was still broad and his arms and shoulders were still muscular, especially for someone a half-century old, and that pelt of black hair on his chest showed no signs of grey like my old man’s did.

Then his boxer shorts came down, and as he stood there and tore of the tags I got my first look at Mr. Lennox in the nude. I had fantasized about his cock hundreds of times, usually imagining some inhuman proportion, and although his was of fairly normal size it still looked gorgeous with the uncut bronze tube surrounded by a jungle of hair with a meaty pair of balls behind it.

Don’t stare, I told myself while I slid my underwear down, and I think it would have ruined this if he hadn’t looked my way but he did, probably helped because I almost lost my balance when I kicked off my underwear from around my ankles.

Mr. Lennox looked alright, and while it wasn’t the long lingering look I had given his gorgeous manhood escort güngören it was more than a glance too and I detected a catch in his voice in the middle of a question about my future college.

Mr. Lennox had seen my cock and I had let him look. I wasn’t embarrassed like I usually was in the locker room at school because knew he wouldn’t make fun of me like those immature jerks, and I had to get my trunks on fast before my cock got hard.

“Ready to roll!” Mr. Lennox announced and I agreed, and while maybe it was my imagination that he was looking at me differently now I didn’t care.

“Uh – gotta go first,” I said of the now-vacant bathroom. “I’ll see you out there.”

Safe behind the locked door I did what I knew I would have to do before going out into the crowd. I climbed into the bathtub and looked out the little window while dropping my trunks, seeking out my Dad’s boss while my fist found my erection.

“Even your back is hairy,” I mumbled as I watched Mr. Lennox talking to my Mom, who had grabbed him right after he came out, and while he might have put on a couple of pounds since I saw him last it only made him look more manly in my eyes. “Nice hairy legs too, and so many muscles.”

I came fast and hard, and was just done cleaning the mess when somebody knocked at the door. I called out that I was almost done and then after I got myself together I rejoined the party for what would prove to be a challenging afternoon.


About three hours into the party I was having a great time, enduring the aunt and uncle chat times and relishing goofing around in the pool. Mr. Lennox and I beat a couple of my relatives in pool basketball, although I would have loved to have gotten to guard him instead even if it would have been a mismatch. Even so there was enough physical contact with him to keep me happy.

I emerged from the pool after the game and after sneaking over to the keg to grab a beer was accosted by my father, although it wasn’t the drink he was concerned about.

“Those trunks Eric,” Dad said as he nodded down to my soggy swimwear. “Don’t you have anything else to wear?”

I glanced down and saw what he meant because the wet trunks, even though they were baggy, clung to my skin and left little to the imagination.

“Oh geez,” I mumbled.

“Your mother asked me to see if I could get you to change or something,” Dad said and then chuckled, “According to her she thinks you’re getting my sister aroused, and that’s the last thing we need.”

“I don’t have anything else – how about if I keep a towel wrapped around me?” I suggested, and Dad agreed.

“Thanks son. Have fun,” he encouraged me and then before walking away he kidded while nodding downward, “Don’t know where you got that from. Must be from your mother’s side of the family.”

I laughed along with him, and while I pretended I didn’t know about what the trunks could look like when wet, I already knew and it was something that Mom had mentioned a couple of times in the past. The outline of my dick was plain to see, and since it had been somewhat aroused for much of the day it was even more obvious than ever.

Did I like the attention it apparently got? Hell yes. I used to be embarrassed at being so ridiculously well endowed but recently had begun to enjoy getting looked at, especially when it wasn’t accompanied by laughter or jokes.

Besides, what else did I have going for me? I was a skinny nerd with features that at best could be considered bland and acne that still showed evidence of existing long after the fact. What else would make people notice me? I couldn’t walk around showing people my certificate for being on the high honor roll or tell them that I missed being Valedictorian by less than a point. Look at my dick instead.

But to keep Mom happy I tied the towel around my waist and only removed it to go into the pool, although I did make a point to go over to where Aunt Linda was sitting and struck up a conversation with her husband who was standing behind my aunt.

I fiddled with the towel, making a production number out of it before wrapping it around me, and by using my peripheral vision enjoyed my Aunt Linda’s eyes unabashedly burning a hole in my trunks while staring at the outline of my pride and joy.

Was I bisexual? That thought crossed my mind as I glanced down at my plump, busty aunt’s cavernous cleavage, and I guess maybe I was although up to then I liked girls more than they liked me and none of them had been inclined to even touch me.

In fact, the only two people to ever touch me intimately were my friend Leo and that man who had picked me up while I was walking home from school and it had started raining. Pretty sad that the only thing I knew about him was that he drove a Dodge Dart, but he was very nice and for a while would pick me up every afternoon.

I pretended Dodge Dart was Mr. Lennox although he looked nothing like him. The hair on the head of Dodge Dart escort çapa was silver and thinning but all I knew that when he leaned down and gave me the first head in my life in my mind it was Mr. Lennox doing it, as it was every other day for that next month or so.

I was so appreciative – curious too – than I offered to reciprocate one day even though Dodge Dart had never asked me to. He enjoyed sucking my dick so much that I figured it had to be fun so after learning as much as I could about how to do it by observing, I offered.

To my surprise Dodge Dart didn’t jump at the chance to be my first – how should I say it – victim? He did let me do it though and from then on we followed the same routine whereas he would give me head and then afterward I would suck his dick.

I figured out that he was shy because he had a little penis, probably no bigger than my thumb when he was hard, but I didn’t cae because I knew how it felt like to be laughed at even if it was for a completely different reason. Besides, I figured him being small made it easier to practice on, and after a while I thought I was getting good at it, but then he stopped coming by to pick me up.

Did he die? Did his wife find out (he had a wedding ring although that’s all I knew)? I didn’t know and never would find out, and while it wasn’t romance or love it was something even if it wasn’t Mr. Lennox.

The crowd thinned until it was down to a small group which thankfully included Mr. Lennox. A couple of people were relatives that would be staying overnight, which meant I would be stuck on a horrible little bed in something Mom called a guest room, although nobody had ever used the cramped area except me because my folks would give anybody sleeping over my room instead of subjecting them to that thing.

It was getting dark, and the last burgers and dogs were gone and the beer keg was getting low. I saw my father and Mr. Lennox talking, wondering whether they were arguing about my mother undressing him mentally all day, but as it turned out it was something very different.

“Eric,” my father said as he pulled me aside. “My boss had a few beers and asked me whether I would mind if he stayed overnight because he doesn’t feel comfortable driving home. I know that means you having to sleep downstairs but if you wouldn’t mind…”

“No, that’s fine,” I told Dad, the prospect of Mr. Lennox spending the night sending a chill down my spine.

Just being under the same roof with this man excited me, and sitting in the living room with my folks and the two cousins watching TV was made bearable by his presence. I had watched his rugged features change as the day went on, Mr. Lennox’s smooth face now covered with a dense five o’clock shadow that would take me a year to grow, and the only hiccup in the evening was when he saw me staring at him and I got a wink in return.

I scolded myself for being so stupid and vowed to try and watch the television, but it wasn’t easy and it was almost merciful when my folks announced that they would turn in and everybody started heading towards their destinations. My folks retreated to their bedroom and my cousins went to my bedroom as I brought the glasses and things to the kitchen.

“Sorry to force you into the basement Eric,” came the deep voice from behind me as I rinsed out the glasses at the sink, and I jumped a little when he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it gently while adding, “I feel a little guilty.”

“No Mr. Lennox,” I assured him. “I loved seeing you again, and besides that guest room bed is murder. At least we won’t worry about you driving home after drinking though.”

“I’m not drunk son,” Mr. Lennox said, his beefy paw kneading my bony shoulder as he got closer to me and the room started to spin. “I stopped drinking beer early in the day and it’s been club soda since then. No, I’d be fine to drive.”

“Oh,” was all I could say as Mr. Lennox leaned against me while I prayed everybody else stayed wherever they were.

“Does your mother know?” he whispered as I looked at the very faint reflection of us in the dark window in front of me, the spider and the fly. “I know your Dad doesn’t.”

It was amazing that even as naive and ignorant as I was then, I knew quite well what he meant and didn’t even bother to insult his intelligence and play dumb about it.

“No sir – at least I don’t think so,” I replied as I felt Mr. Lennox kiss my unkempt light brown scalp that probably smelled like chlorine.

“I didn’t think so, although I was getting nervous that the way you kept looking at me all day would get their attention, or am I wrong about that?”

“No sir,” I said as I put down the glass before I broke it and gripped the sink instead. “Ever since that time you were here last time – back at my Dad’d birthday party – I’ve kinda…” I whispered breathlessly, not knowing what I was “kinda” about him.

Was I in love? Did I have a crush on him? I didn’t know and was unable to find the words but I guess it didn’t matter.

“I didn’t realize that back then,” Mr. Lennox softly replied, his face so close to my ear that I could feel his breath on my love. “Of course back then you were a boy and now – well clearly you’re a man. Very much so.”

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