Daddy’s Sunshine Pt. 02





It’s my 18th birthday today and I was lucky enough to get exactly what I wanted: my Detective Daddy’s fat cock popping my cherry and making my virgin pussy feel too good. Even now, my skin tingles with goosebumps as I think about how hard he fucked into me, how deeply he came inside my needy pussy, and how fantastic it felt to be made a real woman.

“Sunshine, stop it.”

I glance over at my Daddy on the driver’s side of his 2018 Dodge Charger. “What? Stop what?”

He smirks, the engine purring when he stops at a red light. “Thinking about sex.”

I blush to the roots of my hair and glance at him shyly. “How do you know what I’m thinking?”

He chuckles, his hand settling on my thigh and giving it a squeeze. “It’s written all over your face, my beautiful baby girl.” he whispers sexily, his hand smoothing up my thigh toward my core; my pussy and stomach muscles clench in response making him smile. “Your face is flushed, your breathing is rushed, your tender little nipples are pointing through your top, and you keep rubbing your thighs together as if you’re desperate for relief plus you keep licking those thick ass, cock-sucking lips making me hard as a fucking rock in my jeans.”

I gasp at his words, my pussy drenches, and my eyes drop to his crotch; I moan when I see he’s hard for me. “Daddy…” I whisper, my eyes returning to his before he breaks the look to watch the road when the light turns green. I melt into my seat and place my hand over my jeans where my throbbing pussy creams with need. “Does this need ever go away, Daddy?” I whisper and lick my lips, again. “Will I want your cock in me all day, every day?”

He chuckles as he makes a left onto the nearby highway. “It’s new now. You’ll get over it.”

I scoff. “No way.” I swear with a shake of my head. “I’ll want to fuck your cock forever.”

He chuckles, again, then reaches across the armrest to take my hand; he links our hands together and drives that way all the way to the exit closest to the hospital. Once he leaves the highway, he sighs and kisses the knuckles on the hand he’s holding, then he lets it go. “Sunshine…” he begins as he turns down the street where the hospital is located.

I deflate a bit, my shoulders sag. “I know.” I say as he approaches the official entrance and lowers his window. “It’s back to Shayenne now.” I whisper as he reaches into the armrest for his official detective placard to leave in the window once he parks. “Your perfect little girl, polite and shy. No intimacy.” I grumble and cross my arms over my chest. “This sucks.”

“No, you do.” he teases, then bursts out laughing when I gasp. “I’m Detective Soleil from the 6-2 Precinct. I’m going to park in the official bay.” he says to the parking booth clerk, then he shows them his badge, ID, and parking placard. “Thank you.” he says as he receives a parking ticket that he has to leave in the windshield, then he drives toward the official vehicles only area.

“Daddy, that’s not fair.” I pout, then smile when he laughs, again.

“Sunshine…” he warns as he puts the car in park, then rolls up his window and turns the car off. He turns in his seat to face me and examines my face for a few seconds before leaning forward to cup my face tenderly. “What we just shared was better than anything I’ve ever had. Don’t speak.” he warns when I would have cut him off. “I enjoyed every minute of it and desperately want to turn this car around so that we can spend the rest of forever with my cock spreading that tight little pussy apart or filling it with my cum…” he admits with a smirk. “But we have to admit the truth here, Sunshine…it’s illegal. I could get in to a lot of trouble if anyone were to find out and I’m a cop to boot…my life would be ruined.”

“Our lives…” I whisper, my eyes wide.

He nods. “Right. Our lives would be ruined. We have to be careful with this.”

I nod. “I’ll be good.”

“You are definitely that.” he growls, then he leans forward and presses a soft kiss to my lips before releasing me like nothing happened. He climbs from the car, then walks around the back of it to get my door like the gentleman he is. “Enough of that now…” he warns as his eyes survey the empty parking lot; it was stupid of him to risk that kiss, but it’s done. “Behave.”

“Yes, Detective.” I say with a salute, then I move toward the entrance. I shiver with foreboding as I walk into the chilly lobby; I wait for Daddy to appear beside me, then follow him when he walks toward the night receptionist’s desk. I glance at my watch and am surprised to find that it’s almost two in the morning, but smile to myself when I remember how I spent the majority of those hours beneath my Daddy. I sigh contently.

“Knock it off.” Daddy growls in my ear, but he smiles as if he’s thinking the same thoughts. “This way.” he instructs me with a smirk as he walks down a long, empty corridor; he reaches Escort into his hoodie and withdraws his Detective badge so that it now hangs outside of his sweater. “Behave now, please.” he whispers with a quick Fatherly kiss to my temple. “Boss.”

I glance up at the burly man standing to shake my father’s hand; my head tilts as I take him in, this old man with almost-white gray hair, then I glance into the room he’s guarding and see her. “Mom.” I whisper, my eyes wide; I step forward toward the room, then pause to glance up at my father for permission to go inside. I see his nod, then walk into the room; I’m floored by how different this woman on the bed looks and shake my head in disbelief. “Geez, Mom…”

The entire left side of her face is bruised and swollen, her bottom lip is split by a red gash. Her left shoulder and arm are in a cast that is wrapped around most of her chest. I take a careful step closer and am immediately assaulted by the smell of alcohol as well as gasoline. I glance down and see that her left leg is also in a cast and now I shake my head at how much damage she has done to herself; I vow never to touch booze in all of my life and to get my bestie off of it, too.

“Took you long enough.”

I gasp in fright, then turn to see my Mother’s one good eye glaring at me. “What?”

“I said took you long enough.” she mumbles, her jaw barely moving. “Where’s Charleston?”

“He’s…he’s right outside speaking with his boss…” I say softly. “I’ll get him.”

“This is your fault, you know.” she growls when I would have walked away; she waits until I turn back to her with wide eyes. “Yeah. You heard me. All your fault!” she hisses softly, the beeping on the monitor quickening to indicate an increase in her heartbeat. “I was against that damned party. Who needs an 18th birthday party? A simple dinner would have been enough, but no. Not for you. Not for his precious Sunshine. Must pull out all of the stops for her.”

“Mom, please…” I say, my eyes drifting to the monitor as it beeps even faster. “I’ll get Daddy.”

“Daddy.” she scoffs and glares harder with her one eye. “18 years old and still calling him Daddy. It’s disgusting!” she hisses, then she winces as if she had moved something that hurt her. “Don’t you touch me!” she growls, her voice shaky with pain. “Don’t you fucking touch me, you spoiled little brat. It’s your fault I’m in this damned bed. I wouldn’t have had to drink if it weren’t for how upset I was about that damned party. Spoiled little shit!”

The monitor is going haywire at that point.

“Mom, please-” I try, but she cuts me off.

“I hate you!” she cries, tears falling from both eyes despite one being swollen shut.


I turn to my Father, my eyes brimming with tears, then I try to run from the room.

Daddy stops me. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” he hisses at his wife as nurses come bustling into the room to check her machines and medication. He waits for the nurse to leave, then glares at his wife. “You drink because you’re a drunk. You’ve always been a drunk, but never this seriously. It has nothing to do with Shayenne!” he growls as he steps closer to the bed.

“Don’t you mean Sunshine?” she spits venomously.

“You’ve needed rehab for years, but I’ve been turning a blind eye to it.” he states matter-of-factly, his eyes narrowed on her face. “You’re laying there banged up from head to toe after nearly killing a baby as well as a family of four in that oncoming car and you’re blaming your daughter for it?” he scoffs with a disbelieving shake of his head. “Shayenne didn’t put the beer in your hand or the fucking whiskey shooters in your beers!”

“If you didn’t spoil her, I wouldn’t be so damned unhappy that I need to drink!” she growls back.

He shakes his head, his face full of disgust. “Did it ever occur to you that I spoil her the way that I do because I have to make up for the way her mother mistreats her?” he explains, all of the anger gone from his voice. He examines his wife from head to toe just like I did. “Look at you, Luna. So jealous of your own daughter that you drank yourself stupid and now look at you. Broken arm, dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, broken thigh bone, and broken shin bone…” he lists off her ailments with another shake of his head. “And to top it off, there’s not a damned thing I can do about how much trouble you’re in now.”

She pales, her heartbeat taking off, again. “What do you mean?”

“You drove drunk, Luna!” he hisses, then glances over his shoulder at the officers gathered there; the paid detail making sure his wife, their prisoner, can’t escape. He turns back to lock gazes with his wife’s one wide eye. “You tested at double the legal limit and caused a near fatal car accident; you broke a kid’s arm, Luna. Busted another kid’s eye and totaled the car that hit you because you were driving on the wrong side of the road. I can’t get you out of this one!”

“I want to go home, Charleston.” she whispers Escort Bayan worriedly, her heart rate going nuts.

He shakes his head. “There’s nothing I can do about that, Luna.” he states firmly and shakes his head, but then he runs his hand through his hair in frustration. “You fucked up royally this time. I could work forty years on the force and still not have enough clout to get you out of this. Face it now. You’re here for a few days and then they will take you to central booking.”

“No!” she shouts, her voice gritty. “I want to go home, Charleston! Take me home!”

“I can’t!” he shouts back. “You’re in too much trouble this time!”

I’ve had enough. “Daddy.” I warn and drape my arm across his midriff to pull him away.

“Don’t leave me here, Charleston!” she pleads hysterically. “Shayenne, don’t leave me here!”

A nurse hurries in carrying a needle full of some clear liquid.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” I call to her, then pull my father out of the room toward the other officers. “Daddy, calm down.” I command him, though I’m shaken by the entire exchange; I never liked my mother as soon as I was old enough to understand that she was an alcoholic, but that didn’t mean that I wanted her in that bed hurting or that I wanted her locked up for more than a night.

I gasp when my daddy pulls me to him and hugs me tightly, but then I hug him back.


Daddy releases me instantly and I’m immediately cold, again; like when he had pulled away from me in the bed after we had fucked. I glance up at him, watch his face as we hear words like “two injured minors” and “kid on oxygen.” I watch my Daddy switch from emotionally distraught Husband and Father to full-blown Detective mode, detached and unfeeling.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I must have because suddenly Daddy is shaking my shoulder. I blink a few times before my eyes clear enough to recognize his face; I look around and can see through a bunch of small windows up near the ceiling that it’s morning. I look back at Daddy and accept the cup of coffee from him; I want to ask him if he’s okay, but he’s already back with his co-workers. I glance toward Mom’s bed and find her still sedated; I sip my coffee.

“Ready to head home, Sunshine?” Daddy asks a few minutes later.

I glance up at him, my back stiff from sleeping on a pleather loveseat. “What about-”

“I’ve been ordered to stay away until transport date.” he explains through clenched teeth. “Apparently I aggravate your Mother to the point where she popped a stitch, or some shit, so Sarg asked me to stay away for a few days to give her time to heal.” he continues, then he rubs his tired eyes before glancing down at me. “Finish up your coffee. I need sleep.”

I nod, chug the last of the warm brew, then toss the cup in the trash and follow Daddy toward the exit. I wave goodbye to his co-workers, some of which I recognize from some of Daddy’s work events and patrols, then I rush to match my father’s almost angry stride; I know better than to say anything to him, but immediately miss our closeness.

Not as the woman who gave him her virginity, but as the little girl who loves her Daddy.

In the car, he’s still silent and so am I. The entire ride home through bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, not a word is spoken; not even the radio is turned on. It’s complete silence the whole half hour ride home, then he’s pulling into the garage and turning off the car.

I feel like ants are crawling along my skin, I’m so on edge; I don’t even wait for him to get my door, but I exit the car when he does and we head inside the house together. I lock the door as he heads straight for the stairs; I follow behind him, but he’s already in his bedroom. I pout, but head toward mine only to freeze when I see my bestie still knocked out and snoring on my bed.

I roll my eyes, head to my dresser for a clean pair of pajamas, then close the door and head to the bathroom; my back is so sore from that rock-hard couch I slept on, maybe from the first bout of sex I’ve ever had, that I’m going to take another hot shower. In the bathroom, I run the water and strip; I wince when there’s tenderness between my legs and again when my ab muscles feel sore. I smile proudly at why I feel these pains, then sigh when I feel a pang of loss.

Daddy didn’t even look at me once the whole way home.

I climb into the tub, the hot water instantly making me moan in pleasure. I lean my forehead against the cold tile, the heat pouring down my back along my aching muscles. I stretch my neck to release the tense muscles there and gasp when I feel hands on me; I turn to glance over my shoulder and see my daddy standing there massaging my shoulders. I hadn’t even seen or heard the curtain move; but I smile at him, close my eyes, and rest my forehead against the tiles, again.

“So tense, Sunshine…” he whispers, his hands really digging in to my shoulder muscles in an attempt to get them to relax. He leans forward, Bayan Escort his chest pressing to my back and his lips at my ear. “I know how to fix that.” he whispers hotly, then licks my earlobe before sucking it into his hot mouth and bites down on it softly.

I gasp, then shiver and moan before resting my body against his. “You do?”

His hands drift down my biceps, then beneath them to my ribs before he reaches forward to cup my breasts. He lifts my tits in his palms, then pinches my nipples. “Yeah, baby girl. I sure do.” he growls, then he steps forward to press his already stiffened cock against the crack of my ass. “I have the perfect fix, Sunshine, now spread for Daddy.”

I whimper, then spread my legs for him.

Daddy reaches between us and then I feel the tip of his cock rubbing at my aching pussy.

“Oh, Daddy…” I whisper when I feel his cock easing into my still swollen cunt hole. I take my lower lip between my teeth to keep from wincing at the spreading of still-tender inner muscles as he slides deeper and deeper into my newly-fucked core; my pussy canal pulses and creams despite the pain as I bend a bit at the waist to allow him easier access to penetrating me.

“So tight, Sunshine…you’re so fucking tight…” he moans, his lips pressing to my neck.

I shove my pussy down onto his length and moan, again.

The bathroom door suddenly bangs open and we both freeze. The sound of the toilet seat being put back down echoes around us a moment before the sound of someone using the toilet echoes around us. There’s a loud moan and a cough before the sink is turned on.

I wince as Daddy pulls his cock from my pussy and then he moves to the far side of the tub; the dark shower curtain hides him as I move to the edge to peek. “Hey, McKenzie.” I squeak, then clear my throat as I watch her chug a glass of water. “Kenzie?” I call, again, a bit louder.

McKenzie winces and waves her left hand in the air as if slap my words away. “Hush.” she whispers as she continues to use the bathroom while refilling her glass of water from the running sink. She moans, rubs her temple, then chugs the full glass of water down in three gulps. “Can you turn the shower off until I’m done peeing, please?” she moans as she, again, rubs her temples. “It’s so loud…” she moans as she reaches to refill her glass, again.

I bite my lower lip and reach for the knob to turn it off, then glance back at my bestie. “Kenz-”

“No, no, no…” she moans and puts the glass down, then reaches for the toilet paper. “Too much noise…” she whispers, her eyes still closed. She finishes using the bathroom, flushes, moans, then washes her hands. “Pills…” she hisses, then opens only one eye to access my medicine cabinet; she reaches for the pain killers and refills her glass, takes the pills, then puts them back. “Night…” she whispers, then wipes the back of her hand across her water-wet lips.

I watch her leave before hearing my bedroom door close; I almost scream when I feel my Daddy’s arms wrap around me from behind and feel his mouth at my ear. My heart takes flight in my chest, my eyes wide with the same surprise of almost getting caught.

“That was fucking hot.” Daddy growls, his tongue licking up the column of my neck.

I giggle softly, then turn to him. “What was?” I whisper carefully.

“Almost getting caught, Sunshine…my dick is so hard.” he growls and rubs it against my hip.

I smirk at him and reach down to grasp his thickness. “Daddy, you’re so naughty.”

“Let’s go to bed, Baby…I need you.” he moans as he rubs his cock through my hand, again.

My eyes widen. “But, Daddy…what about McKenzie?” I gasp softly, quietly.

Daddy just smiles in a way that makes my pussy muscles clench. “You’ll just have to be quiet.” he commands as he reaches down to caress my ass before he pulls the shower curtain open. He steps from the shower and reaches for a towel, then he hurriedly dries off before passing it to me. He watches through eyes dilated with desire as I dry off, then he extends his hand to me; he helps me from the tub, then we sneak into the hallway and listen for a few seconds. Once he’s sure that we’re clear, he pulls me along the hallway toward his bedroom; he yanks me inside, closes the door, and locks eyes with me as he clicks the lock into place.

My heart takes off in my chest and I lick my lips, my pussy creaming with need. “Daddy…”

He moans, then leans forward to claim my lips; he presses his rock hard erection against my stomach as his tongue dances with mine. “I need to be inside you, Sunshine.” he growls against my lips, his hands gripping roughly at my naked hips; his hands sweep backward to squeeze my ass, then he’s lifting me against him. “Take me inside you, baby girl.”

I reach between us and take hold of his rock hard dick, the tip moist with need. I rub my thumb across his leaking cockhead, then stroke down his length as he positions his body closer to mine. “I want you, too, Daddy…” I whimper, then aim him at my dripping opening; I don’t care that I’m swollen and tender, either. I want this. I want my Daddy to fuck me, again. I gasp when he thrusts in, his entire length sinking straight into my core. “Daddy.” I whimper.

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